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Everton fans representatives meet the Everton Board, including the Everton Independent Supporters Association, 12 July 2000, but are bound by confidentiality.



* Ian MacDonald, Independent Blues
* Charlie Crosby, Chairman, Independent Blues
* Barry Murray, Secretary Independent Blues
* Jim King, Everton Supporters Club (Official) 
* Kevin Nolan, Everton Shareholders Association.


Today I went with Barry Murray to the meeting with Bill Kenwright and the new Everton board – not knowing what to expect, and armed with some questions from Bluenose fans and some from our members.  It was a unscheduled meeting – the first I knew about it was on Monday, so I was intrigued to know what was the reason for this timing.  The meeting was held in the Dixie Dean suite as the boardroom is currently also being re-furbished (as is the team dressing room – to impress new or prospective signings, according to Bill!).

As I sat down at a full table consisting of the three GFE lads, Kevin Nolan and associate from the shareholders, Jim King and Bob from the official supporters club, Michael Dunford, Sir Philip, Paul Gregg, a board member that I didn't recognise, Bill Kenwright, Terry Ward and Barry.  I knew that this was no multi-agenda, only one: the ground issue. 

We were asked for confidentially, so I will try and give you some pointers.  If it were up to me, I would have these meetings for all Blues, but logistics and business practice prevent such ideals.  A club press release will be forthcoming regarding the meeting.  Liverpool council meetings with Everton in the last couple of weeks were discussed in detail and the bearing of them upon Everton's future.  David Henshaw the city's planner was the main player.


Everyone who wanted to had a say on the matters relevant. GFE on their cumulative works, and in particular Terry Ward the architect.  Terry showed two plans in detail.  One on the existing footprint, another from a extended one.  Both plans were admirable.  If they were not acceptable to the red council then could they be on another site?  I spoke as a Evertonian worried about timescales and not messing about.  The future of our club is to be treated vigorously on all counts. Go for it ASAP!  The fact that happenings on the field are affected by things off the field was endorsed as much as possible.  Let's grab the opportunity and the initiative now!

I had never met Paul Gregg before, but he impressed me.  He spoke as all Evertonians would wish, no kissing the Baby's for votes, just damn good business sense.  The brand name of Everton was high on his agenda for us, I think he drinks from the same cup as Bill, and he will do for me.  For the first time, I think we have a visionary, vibrant board with Everton at heart and a level of expertise we have previously only dreamed of.  

Sure, they will want to make money for themselves at some stage, but to do that they will have to make Everton successful.  The two go hand in hand.  If I was put on the spot, I would say that there is a definite feel good factor coming our way shortly.  The Media deal is, fingers crossed, exceptional.

I'm sorry I can't say more, I feel awkward, not smug.  At the end of this positive meeting, I gave Bill and Co the following script I wrote last night with your help from the observations posted on Bluenose. 

Some pointers to ask at the meeting today:

Barmby (Judas)

Was he tapped, indeed poached?  The scenario: red agent appears on the scene at Euro 2000, the rest is what Barbie wants.  And we got him the ticket to go there!  The reported press comments about how much Barbie will earn if he goes to the reds means that a deal has already been thrashed out between Barbie's agent and the Reds, proving that although under contract, a deal has been done, which I always thought was against the rules. Gloves off with Reds, we're too nice. 

Barbie not only wants to publicly try and humiliate Everton and Evertonians, but also wants to blackmail Everton into selling him on the cheap.  Think like an Evertonian on this one Bill, not a businessman.  Ask Walter to keep Barbie for one game at Goodison, and the first time a ball is kicked out of play drag the little two faced bastard off so that the fans can show what they think of his treachery!  Or let him train with the kids: first kid to break his leg gets a professional contract.  Let him go to work everyday and help paint the top stands with a half inch brush (red in colour to remind him of how small he has made of himself look to loyal decent fans).  A player is only worth what the buying club reckons he's worth £11 million Heskey, £3.5million Barbie, £11 million Heskey, £3.5 million Barbie get the drift cheeky red -------- There's taking the piss Monsieur Who?-llier and there's taking the piss……37 grand a week is a £8 million pound rated player

Please, pull in any favours you can on this one. Get shut on our terms, not his. We have had enough of the Bilics and Barbies taking the mickey out of our hard earned money. We know this is the present day climate, but Barbie is a test of our integrity and of us being a big club again in the football world.

We all liked the "six worst words" spoken by Barbie, more of it please Bill!

What's the feeling in the camp regarding Barbie and Joan Collins transfers?

Is the club going to offer Hutchinson a chance to stay? (Collins and Don never got on is that true?)

Walter – is he fed up?  Three times before each season he has had to shuffle the pack through no fault of his own, I think we all should commend him.  He will get it right, but the fans would like to know how he is feeling and that he knows that we are with him.

The Ground Issue

As a simple layman when it comes to politics, it would appear that when the RS ask the city council for anything, the council seem to reply "how quickly?" but when Everton want anything, it is simply "impossible- cannot be done"  What is your comment?  Does there appear to be a bias?

Last week's developments show that we cannot stay at Goodison with the present council, there are more minefields laid down before us than in Vietnam where Everton are concerned


  • Were do we go?  Hopefully not the sewage farm (Red Echo) 
  1. Gilmoss 
  2. Edge Lane 
  3. Cronton 
  4. Garston

Where is Johnson world's old portfolio?  Where was it to be?

All the above in my mind will isolate us.

  • KING'S DOCK, I'll be on the orange box with this one, home of the Beatle's (big music shows), skyline on postcards: THE CITIES TEAM!

If that is to be our future, will it be a joint venture with the red council or will we own it all?  SFX – could they deliver the dream and the know how?

Will there still be a need for a mandate?  There is probably only one route to follow now.  It's Mosses time Bill – lead us to the Promised Land!

Timescales, a decision soon please, if possible (for the feelgood factor alone)

How long before we move home?

This chapter is the most important part in our future, this decision will dictate were we will be in football for the rest of our lives: it is that crucial.

What goes on off the field determines what level we see on the field, the stakes are high and we must go for all or bust.  We should take all the good things of the new stadiums, and put them in a melting pot for our fans' benefit.

We don't have pots of money, but we could make pots of money with the right location. McDonalds, when giving franchises out, ask three things from you (apart from money!) location, location, location.  There has never been a McDonalds food point gone bust (except in Germany where an autobahn was re-routed).

With some decisions you can't please everyone.  At Sunderland, in the beginning they were fiercely against moving from Roker Park, but look at them now: pleased as punch with their new ground.  A second tier has just been completed giving them a 48,000 capacity.  At Man City, there has been no dialogue on the ground move to the new commonwealth stadium.  They're just going.

Any truth in the rumour that Netherton and Bellefield are to be sold to help finance a joint facility in Knowsley borders/Gilmoss?  Walter is on record as stating a preference for an all-in-one mega-complex.

If, and when, we move from Goodison, a lot of thought will have to be put into what we leave behind, the Ashes of our fellow fans in particular, and what will become of Goodison.

It CANNOT be allowed to be a car park for the RS!


Could we claim Anfield as a heritage site status?  Where the first league championship, 1890-91, to leave Preston was won by Everton!  So they can't knock it down and move to Stanley Park. A blue heritage plaque fixed to the Kop wall stating this would be nice.

Media Deal 

Any news ?


Season ticket sales to date are 19,600 static from this time last season.  Maybe a big money signing may fuel a surge.  We should strive to find formula's to fill the ground (is it too late to extend deadline increase's – a good gesture not, a con).

Straw poll shows that fans are not in favour of the 'premier' price fixing for certain games.  No one else to my knowledge in the Northwest practices such a tiering structure for games, the fans will pick their games accordingly.  All the games should be the same price, with more concessions for less attractive games, i.e. more child seats available.  We only sold out twice last season.  How about a couple of stubs for Category C games guarantees a premier game ticket ?

We were the only Premiership team to show a fall in home attendance, apart from maybe Villa. This was a backlash from continual increases in match ticket prices.  We are paying more for the same old facilities.  I know we are doing our best to do the house up, but the fact remains that the views in the ground are not what they should be for up to 20% of the ground.  In the last two years, we have had nearly a 33% price increase.  It's a difficult situation, but the big money earners are missing the boat with us (not jumping ship) apart from 'Super Kev', and until the fans see a big-money buy, we won't fill the ground consistently.  I hope to be proved wrong on this one.

Why has the Fans trust not been used to provide additional cash for the club, at the same time as giving the long suffering fans something tangible in return – a share in Everton Football club?  Is a broader share ownership base considered beneficial or not?

How can we help?  Maybe a 'think tank' on a certain subject given as a exercise to help every so often.

Supporters club within the ground, a meeting place for travelling blues around the country to meet their favourite players after the game, and to give the megastore more business.  Speaking of which, is it true that the store ran out of stock on kit launch day in the afternoon?

Some ideas for stock in the store: 

  • Barmby voodoo dolls. 
  • Everton Great's – Where are they now?  Not at Anfield...
  • Bayern Munich matches Videos. See Mark Owen of Granada if he can help. 
  • The 'Golden Vision' BBC video. See Bill for that one
  • Everton legends from archives at the Beeb and Granada.

Players Comings and Goings

  • Duncan...
  • Tommy Mhyre; 
  • Abel 'give that man a bonus' Xavier – putting Everton on the map in Euro 2000 
  • Larrson 
  • Alexandersson 
  • Alex Nyarko...

If Ollie recommends him it's good enough for me (see Barmby for different kinds of pro's) Realistically how many more new faces to come considering how small the squad was and the players going?

Ring Ken Rogers to get him to put Sharpie opposite Smithy in letter's column.  So many blues won't write to him: Red Echo

I would like to endorse on behalf of all Evertonians around the world a big thank you to the new Boardroom members and existing staff for not allowing us to slip into First Division obscurity and possible liquidation.  It's been a close shave in the past but the future looks bright now. These meetings are a sure indication that we won't be taken for granted again. 

Yours thankfully 

Ian Macdonald

Everton Independent Supporters Association


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