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Order Your Everton-in-Europe T-Shirts Today!
We're almost sold out of our limited-run series of T-shirts so to get your hands on one you have to order now!

You can join the Euro fever with the special ToffeeWeb European Tour T-Shirt emblazoned with the proud slogan, "Everton Are Back!" We still have a few of these shirts left in stock in either elegant navy blue or traditional royal blue.

Numbers are limited, especially in navy blue, so order now!

DESIGN 2 - £17.00 / $25.00*
Navy or royal blue
DESIGN 3 - £17.00 / $25.00*
Navy or royal blue

"Everton Are Back!
European Tour, 2005/6"

"Is this the way to Barcelona?
Everton FC European Tour, 2005/6"

NB: The colors shown are merely representative of navy and royal blue and may not match the final product exactly. Designs will be screen printed in white on high-quality Hanes 100% cotton, pre-shrunk garments.

Shirts are available in the following adult sizes while stocks last: S, M, L, XL and XXL

*Prices and Payment

Ordering from the UK
All shirts are offered at £17.00 (including postage and packaging for domestic UK addresses) for customers paying by cheque, money order or PayPal in Pounds Sterling.

Ordering from the US
Because of the unfavourable Dollar to Stirling exchange rate, all shirts are offered at $25.00 (including postage and packaging for domestic US addresses) for customers paying in $US by PayPal, by cheque or money order.

Ordering from overseas
International customers can provide payment in either Pounds Sterling or $US by cheque, money order or PayPal or in Euros if paying by PayPal. Note: Orders shipped internationally (outside the US and UK) will carry a small surcharge to cover the extra postage.

You will receive a confirmation request of your order and a billing invoice by e-mail prior to shipping so please ensure that the e-mail address you provide is typed correctly.

Place Your Order

Step 1 - Create your order
Design 2 ("Everton Are Back") — Navy Blue   Design 2 — ("Everton Are Back") Royal Blue
Small    Qty:    Small    Qty: 
Medium    Qty:    Medium    Qty: 
Large     Sold Out   Large    Sold Out
X-Large    Qty:    X-Large    Qty: 
XX-Large   Qty:    XX-Large   Qty: 
Design 3 — ("Is this the way...") Navy Blue   Design 3 — ("Is this the way...") Royal Blue
Small    Sold Out   Small    Sold Out
Medium    Qty:    Medium    Qty: 
Large    Qty:    Large    Qty: 
X-Large    Qty:    X-Large    Qty: 
XX-Large   Qty:    XX-Large   Qty: 

Step 2 - Your details
First Name:  
Last Name:  
Address (line 2):   
City / Town:   Post Code:
E-mail address:  
Confirmation of your order will be sent via e-mail so please ensure you enter your address correctly
Anticipated method of payment:  

Special instructions / Comments:

Remember, no payment is due now. We will bill you prior to shipping. Note also that we may not be able to provide you with your first choice of design, color or size depending on when you order and how high demand has been before you placed your order. We will contact you with alternate options in that event.

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