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Match Reports

Accounts from matches by our editorial team and featured correspondents

From My Seat: Tottenham (H)

Our 15th home defeat this season and, looking at the players we have got, you have to wonder why. Today Spurs made us look ordinary.
by Ken Buckley : 24/05/2015

From My Seat – West Ham (A)

Overall a game that took a half and half of a half to ignite but when it did it got entertaining.
by Ken Buckley : 16/05/2015

From My Seat: Sunderland (H)

Overall I thought the better side lost but if you don’t score you can’t win and one or two mistakes at the back and the lesser side has won.
by Ken Buckley : 09/05/2015

From My Seat: Aston Villa (A)

Overall a disappointing day out – not because we lost but the manner in which we lost. It was as though the mental state of the players was that they knew there was nothing to play for, they were safe and could not challenge for anything and put in a display that professional players should be ashamed of.
by Ken Buckley : 02/05/2015

From My Seat: Man Utd (H)

A good day out in good weather, good company and a good display from the team.
by Ken Buckley : 26/04/2015

From My Seat: Burnley (H)

All-in-all, a nice day out, three points but in truth there was more entertainment in the fan zone than on the pitch.
by Ken Buckley : 18/04/2015

From My Seat: Swansea City (A)

A report from the Liberty Stadium where Everton dropped two more points as Jonoe Shelvey cancelled out Aaron Lennon's opener.
by Ken Buckley : 11/04/2015

From My Seat Southampton (H)

Overall I enjoyed the day out and I was enthralled how our style of play has evolved from early season Tikka—Takka and messing about at the back thus giving goals away to today where you could say we won ugly and won with a clean sheet.
by Ken Buckley : 04/04/2015

From My Seat: QPR (A)

Overall not the most entertaining of games yet a thrilling day out but only after the final whistle went confirming we had taken all the points.
by Ken Buckley : 22/03/2015

From My Seat: Newcastle (H)

"Job done. Now for the little matter of progression in Kiev and three more points at QPR. If we show the better bits of today I am hopeful."
by Ken Buckley : 15/03/2015

From My Seat: Dynamo Kyiv (H)

Overall after the first thirty odd minutes of dross a good game ensued thanks to the forceful demands of the faithful and the players for taking advice from the song and did it ‘My Way’.
by Ken Buckley : 13/03/2015

From My Seat: Stoke (A)

Overall a frustrating game that did provide a more intense display but without ever looking as though we had the opponents on the rack or create any real goal bound efforts.
by Ken Buckley : 05/03/2015

From My Seat: Arsenal (A)

Arsenal is never an easy game but neither is any other game in the EPL and we are just not doing well enough against anyone at the moment to rule out a relegation fight
by Ken Buckley : 01/03/2015

From My Seat: Leicester (H)

Overall a disappointing day out as the game reflected the weather –not the best.
by Ken Buckley : 22/02/2015

From My Seat: Liverpool (H)

Overall a bit of a damp squib of a derby that for me lacked that local bragging rights intensity and never really produced a tackle that could be put down as a cruncher or game changer. We did have a few handbags near the end when Besic didn’t take too kindly to a tackle and retaliated which prompted a pushing and shoving session and yellow cards for Besic and Naismith along with Henderson. This insured we won the card count 4-1.
by Ken Buckley : 07/02/2015

From My Seat: Crystal Palace (A)

Not the best of games yet in many ways a thriller and to take the three points was priceless. Although we did revert to the agricultural at times some decent stuff was also played and I thought we looked better for it. The burning question now is can we kick on and what will the managers preferred style of play be. I just hope he gets it right.
by Ken  Buckley : 01/02/2015

From My Seat: Man City (H)

I thought that today we showed we can mix it up and play some joined up stuff as well as having no nonsense clearances when under pressure in the box. First half today we did have a bit of ‘tippy- Tappy’ in the box and got into trouble whilst second half we cut that out and looked that bit more confident and solid.
by Ken Buckley : 10/01/2015

From My Seat: West Ham (FA Cup)

Overall a frustrating night out with the last 8 minutes being the highlight.
by Ken Buckley : 07/01/2015

From My Seat: Hull City (A)

Ken's report from another miserable away day
by Ken Buckley : 01/01/2015

From My Seat: Newcastle (A)

Ken made the cold trip to the northeast to witness a debacle unfold at St James' Park
by Ken Buckley : 29/12/2014

From My Seat: Stoke City (H)

Boxing Day... a home game and we turn up full of expectation after that debacle at Southampton; on receiving the team lineup, most were optimistic with the only debate being who would get the winger's job as we only had Mirallas as a recognised wide man... So who? Naismith or Barkley? By the end of the game, I don’t think we got the answer as players were popping up anywhere and everywhere yet without quite knowing why... or so it seemed from the stand.
by Ken Buckley : 26/12/2014

From My Seat: Southampton (A)

Ken reports on the debacle at the St Mary's
by Ken Buckley : 21/12/2014

From My Seat: QPR (H)

Not the best of displays to watch and I heard many a comment about how our style of play is boring and that is after a 3-1 win.
by Ken Buckley : 16/12/2014

From my seat: Man City (A)

Overall, a better effort than against Hull but McCarthy and Naismith are big misses for us at the moment. The likes of Baines, Coleman, Distin, Barry and Jags plus Mirallas are just coming back from injury, not yet at their peak, and unable to help those who have to come in to cover for the injured first teamers as much as they would like.
by Ken Buckley : 06/12/2014

From My Seat: Hull City (H)

Overall, I was disappointed with the fare on view but I will not get carried away as there is still a long way to go and some good players to get back fit.
by Ken Buckley : 04/12/2014

From My Seat: West Ham Utd (H)

Overall a win with a depleted team and some good performances and a couple not so good, some good joined up moves and some not so good.
by Ken Buckley : 23/11/2014

From My Seat: Sunderland (A)

Ken reports from the Stadium of Light, another draw and more injuries
by Ken Buckley : 09/11/2014

From My Seat: Swansea City (H)

Overall, a frustrating afternoon. Not a lot wrong with the build-up play but, oh, the lack of pace in that last third. It was our manager’s 200th Premier League game and it left him with little to cheer about. Today’s display was fine up to a point, that point being the final third and that I am afraid is a trait that may well leave us short come May. Today was the first game this season we have failed to score and add the fact we kept a clean sheet then there is still room for optimism
by Ken Buckley : 01/11/2014

From My Seat: Burnley (A)

Overall a good day out and the team got the job done.
by Ken Buckley : 26/10/2014

From My Seat: Aston Villa (H)

The win was everything and from a display that just maybe suggest better things are ahead of us with a bit of better luck on the injury front.
by Ken Buckley : 18/10/2014

From My Seat: Man Utd (A)

But for three super saves and two crucial blocks we could have won. Such are the fine margins of football, purely unpredictable.
by Ken Buckley : 05/10/2014

From My Seat: Liverpool (A)

It seemed all over when the board went up with just 3 minutes shown but our captain and centre-back hit what can only be described as a ‘Screamer’. It hit the top corner with keeper helpless.
by Ken Buckley : 27/09/2014

From My Seat: Crystal Palace (H)

3-2. Miracle is on! Didn’t happen.
by Ken Buckley : 21/09/2014

From My Seat: WBA (A)

Ken reports on a ‘boss’ day in the West Midlands
by Ken Buckley : 13/09/2014

From My Seat: Chelsea (H)

An unexpected experience that saw us shipping two goals in the first three minutes and then witnessing a humdinger of a game that thrills neutrals and fans of the winners yet, at the same time, leaving the losers to still have some optimism after a thrashing to the tune of ‘ship 6 – score 3’.
by Ken Buckley : 30/08/2014

From My Seat: Arsenal (H)

We all saw it coming but what a downer as a draw felt like a loss. Final whistle and no ‘Grand Old Team’ as the fans filed silently out of the ground.
by Ken Buckley : 24/08/2014

From My Seat: Leicester City (A)

Overall, a good day out but you wonder how we could perform so differently first half to second...
by Ken Buckley : 16/08/2014


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