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Everton takeover?

Hello, fellow Blues.

I am a Hackney driver in the city. Last Thursday Liverpool played Rubin Kazan and that afternoon a Russian guy got in my taxi at Lime St station.

He wanted to go to the Hilton to meet his friends who owned Kazan. He asked if I was a Kopite and I said, no I'm a Blue.

He then told me that Everton would be sold in 3 weeks.
John Powell     Posted 28/10/2015 at 13:19:01

Are two DMs really the problem?

A lot has been made of the McCarthy/Barry axis being a problem for the team and the style of play it necessitates.

While I am not in complete contradiction of that view I look at the top sides and they nearly all have 2 defensive midfielders.

The major difference being they get up the pitch more in support. One goes the other covers and they are capable of contributing goals.

I have long since been lamenting the loss of Fellaini who not only pestered the life out of the opposition but weighed in with a good contribution of goals.

I feel the problem with our two is they are short in certain areas.

Gareth Barry is now slower and cant cover as much ground as he used to andin addition to being late in the tackle(i.e. free kick and yellow card) doesnt contribute any goal threat.

McCarthy cover plenty of ground but gets goosepimples if he goes over the halfway line and also doesnt contribute any goal threat.

For now (until we get that coveted playmaker) I would push Barry much further up the pitch (I know some of you would push him off the pitch) where his ability to link up play and spot a pass will improve us and it will take the team further up the pitch and support Lukaku more..
Jay Harris     Posted 26/10/2015 at 16:36:52

Meet the new boss; same as the old boss

Get used to it, lads; we've come full circle... nothing is going to change. Better get used to it, baring one of four miracles, two of which are of a dubious "be careful what you wish for" type. Martinez is here for as long as he wants:

1) New owner.

2) A Walker-esque meltdown. We dipped our toe in that pool last winter, so don't discount it.

3) A fairy godmother "Moyes to United" move; we won't get lucky twice.

4) Somebody pulls a Suarez out of the hat.

Let's face it, #1 or #2 are more likely, well less unlikely really.

If you laid the fingerprint of Moyes's, all too numerous to mention but well documented (done to death in fact), failures, mistakes, blind spots etc over one of Martinez, you would get enough points of commonality for this juror to say "Guilty!"

Going to the match in 13-14 was by-&-large a decent day out football-wise. There were the exceptions but, on the whole... OK.

Now, as it was in the post-2006 Moyes years (with the odd exception), we have Dross, Zombie Football. Most games, the ground is a graveyard. Yes, we upset the odd decent team at home and even they recently turned big City away a few times before they got their act together.

What we have now is Groundhog, game, result, season, manager 2.0.

The "pass them to death" has been (easily) countered. All the poor-to-average teams know not to try to take it to us... "Two banks of four, lads, keep it tight, these are shite."

With the added bonus of, if you have somebody who hasn't scored for a long time, stick him up front he's nailed on to get given a freebie or two.

The really good teams, unless they are in Chelsea mode, won't worry much home or away.

So this is it for the foresee-able future. Have an afternoon or evening out; see your family and or friends as you do every game, have a few beers before or after... just don't bank on too much decent football from this Everton.
Derek Thomas     Posted 20/10/2015 at 01:41:36

Specialist Subject on Mastermind

Not sure if you all already know this, but tonight (Friday, 16 October on BBC2 at 8pm) one of the contestants on Mastermind is answering questions on the specialist subject of Everton FC.

I'm sure some of you would do rather well...
Les Green     Posted 16/10/2015 at 16:41:37

Tough start - well and truly

Little bit of maths and fun for you all while the boring International games take place.

The first 10 fixtures as we all knew at the beginning of the season were rather cruel to Everton, with 8 out those fixtures against the Top 10 finishers last season. On an equally boring rainy day I did some good old arithmetic and looked to see just how tough a set we got vs other teams. I gave 1 to Chelsea for finishing 1st last season and down to 20 to Norwich for getting promoted in last position from Championship.

After 8 games to date, poor Newcastle have been given the more difficult start by some margin from us , with Chelsea just behind us. But looking at the first 10 games we shoot into the lead by an enormous amount with Utd in 2nd place and Newcastle 3rd.

For interest Ive put the 5 teams for hardest fixture in games 1-8 , and the easiest 1 -8 and did likewise for first 10 games.

Games 1-8

Hardest Easiest
Newcastle 56 Bournemouth 113
Everton 61 Leicester 100
Chelsea 69 Sunderland 98
Arsenal 71 Stoke 96
Spurs 74 Liverpool 94

Games 1 10

Hardest Easiest
Everton 68 Sunderland 126
Man Utd 90 Stoke 123
Newcastle 92 Bournemouth 120
Watford 96 Norwich 120
Chelsea 98 Leicester 117

So looking at these we have been dealt a huge disadvantage particularly after 10 games, so hopefully things should get better but I might just repeat the exercise for the 10 - 20 fixtures taking into account this years league placing after first 10 games.

Whatever way you look at it if we do well in next 2 games , Man Utd and Arsenal it should set us up for a great season hopefully, fingers crossed, salt over the shoulder, and any other wish charm you may want to use.

Mike Oates     Posted 08/10/2015 at 17:39:10

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