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Just for a bit of boredom relief I started looking at games left and a possible end-of-season points tally for our beloved Toffees.

We all have our own opinion on the outcome of any given game. Some people just look at the team on the fixture list and say “we should beat them”, even if they are above us, just because we traditionally finish above that same team.

Some people look at statistics and try and reason the result, but we know footy is a bugger for letting yer down!

Some of our fellow Blues just see red – literally – for some games and demand a win regardless.

Now I concluded a 53-point tally but everyone that knows me looks for the black cloud above my head and puts up a brolly when talking to me!

I then thought, don't look at the fixture, forget the stats, just look at all the teams and think “who is the best on paper” (before any wannabe Boardmans come back with the “we play on grass” routine, please don't). Again it is all down to personal opinions, and I know we all can say “well if we dropped him, or hadn't sold him, etc”...but clear that from your minds.

Forget earlier results. Forget bogey teams. Forget how teams have performed. Forget how good the manager is. Just look at first elevens at the start of the season.

Teams I believe (that is I, me, nobody else) we are better than on paper: Villa, Sunderland, Newcastle, Norwich, Swansea, Bournemouth, WBA, Palace, Stoke, Watford, Southampton, Westham, Leicester. Ok, so that should mean we finish at least 7th (if there's 13 listed there... maths was never my strong point).

Now I also believe we are better than the chaps across the park....just my opinion and not based on any seething hatred. That puts us 6th.

The rest are probably as good if not far better than our boys. Again, on paper: Chelsea, Man U, Man City, Arsenal, Spurs.

So I would be happy for us to finish 6th, anything higher would be a great achievement, anything less is a disappointment.

Of course teams have injuries and some have Kone :)) but over the season I think it evens out. So was I right to expect a top 7 finish? Can we still obtain a top 7 finish?

If we do, I for one, won't be complaining.

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