Bugger! We missed 2 goals!

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I really must find something better to do with my time!

Again, putting aside any natural disinterest in all teams wearing red and who play their home games in the Liverpool area, I listened with mild interest to the 77th minute shenanigans across the park.

“It's pricing us Norwegians out the game!”(Ok, I made that quote up...sorry!)

The thing is, will a club like them (Boooo!....stop it!) be able to sell the seats? Answer: Yes. We have to assume it is not a random finger-in-the-air price? Let us assume a marketing company has done the work for them.

Now the capacity will be somewhere around 54,000 morons (apologies...couldn't help myself). There is a joke in there about which way the new stand is facing, but let it go people.
This capacity is a long way from that of Hades Trafford so they probably are confident that where United charge from £40 to £55 for a seat, the greater demand for a seat in (our discarded old ground, dammit!... another cheap jibe. Again, sorry) will allow them to charge more. This, I believe, is a very simplistic price-versus-demand thing?

Now, the owners are looking at a very simple business model, loadsa money equals greater success. They could be looking at money in their pockets OR buying better players (I don't particularly care), but again let us assume it's to buy more expensive players. Better players, more wins, more success.

So we get to the point of this talking point. Where do your priorities lie?

  1. Everton win at all costs (game or trophies)
  2. Everton win but we must play like Brian, Howie, Alan and Colin
  3. Everton try and do a Leicester/Nottingham Forest

My preference is the number “2” – please forgive me, I'm an oldie – but even that is not the cheap option of number “3”.

And therein lies the dilemma – we all want success and let us be honest, the players and agents are black holes to money. If we get taken over by foreign investors we may get the glory back, but what is the cost? The board across the park are looking to maximise profit to achieve success. Is that wrong? If the trophies roll in, do the fans then complain? We need to understand that the fans do not figure in the plans of these men of riches. If they know someone will buy the seat, the shirt or the scarf, they care not who that fan is.

I think we are lucky (so far). We are a big club, we fill our beautiful (and she is beautiful even if I know she must go) ground, we have a mass of octopus tentacles stretching through local communities (far more than the other lot). The club has a soul and I, like you, love her to bits.

But when the money comes (fingers crossed) will we be walking out at 89 minutes? (I'm not suggesting £89 for a seat in a new ground in Kirkby but buggered if I'm leaving at 70 minutes – I sodding paid for 90!)

My point: I appreciate the fans making a statement, but I doubt anyone was listening.

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