Howard is still a keeper!

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Tim Howard has been a fantastic servant to our club! The man has single-handedly won us football matches time after time over the years and yet we ridicule him for a substandard performance this season?

Trust me, being a goalkeeper myself I question his performances the last couple of seasons. Lest we forget though, he did manage to salvage us a draw at Manchester City earlier in the season, so is he past it or is this just a matter of form? Personally I believe the former. However, now that we have all got our wish that big Joel Robles get his chance, and now that he has taken it with two open arms, why do we as Evertonians still feel the need to take our frustration out on Tim Howard?

Martinez showed true faith in him even though we begged for Robles to get his chance, myself included. Personally looking back now, I think he earnt his right to keep his place in the team or at least fight for his position just a little bit longer than what was expected. I agree that Robles's opportunity was well over due, but let me put it to you this way... For a good part of a decade, Tim Howard is the reason why our defence was so fantastic in the Moyes era. It happens in every player's career that, at some stage, he has to step aside and let the young blood take over, but let's not be too harsh on Howard.

Let's celebrate his career at the Toffees and thank him for his terrific service to the club. Should he move on in the summer, let's wish him the best of luck and make him feel welcome whenever he wishes to visit The Grand Old Lady, because that is the Everton Way!

I'm calling out to all Evertonians to drop the whole social media epidemic of ridiculing the man who defended our goal with such passion for so many years. We have got our wish, Robles is now the Number 1 choice, so let's show the quality that we are as supporters and get behind one of our greats.

I would like to praise our away support once again at Bournemouth yesterday. Absolutely fantastic! Poor first-half performance rescued by a fantastic penalty save by Robles. Second-half performance was different class. A special mention to big Rom and our Diamond Ross for the two goals.

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