50 years since the great Cup derby

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The weekend just gone saw the 50-year anniversary of one of the greatest Merseyside derby events there's ever been, with a massive crowd of 64,851 at Goodison Park to watch Alan Ball scoring the winner, putting us thorough to the 6th Round of the FA Cup in 1967.

One of the great undertakings was at Anfield though where large screens were erected for another 40,149 fans to watch the match projected via close-circuit TV from each side of the ground.

Now apparently Anfield had an away end for the match for the many Blues who missed out on a home ticket, and the delighted Evertonians there crafted a new song to I saw the Light, no more darkness no more night, a Hank Williams song made known by Grandma in the Beverley Hillbillies. The words were something about it being dark at Anfield and light at Goodison, would anyone here who went to Anfield that night remember our song and how it went?

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Martin Nicholls
1 Posted 13/03/2017 at 23:47:39
A great night! I was on the Street End terraces and remember it vividly!
Derek Thomas
2 Posted 14/03/2017 at 01:05:16
I remember it like it was yesterday, the Goodison game was sold out /all ticket, but I remember walking across Stanley Park to buy 2 tickets on the morning of the game for my Auntie and Uncle, who had a shop on County Road.

Despite being Reds they still funded my season ticket in advance - in return for a Sat. morning of 'Granville and his bike' type deliveries and other odd jobs, like peeling large tubs of beetroots, stirring black pudding mixture... my young hands became so adept at linking sausages, nobody could keep up with me – a skill now sadly lost, both in general and through lack of practice.

With 104k all piling out at the same time, the buses couldn't cope so we walked into town (with a few stops for light refreshment in the way).We ended up in the Central opposite the station and after a few beers ended up on the rum and blacks, strange what you remember, but hey – it was the '60s – a different world back then.

Keith Edmunds
3 Posted 14/03/2017 at 01:35:55
I would have been 15, and went to Anfield.

When Alan Ball scored on the big screen there was mayhem. The complete stranger standing next to me grabbed me and gave we a big kiss. (I'm pretty sure it was a bloke!)

Patrick Murphy
4 Posted 14/03/2017 at 16:33:30
David one of the few moments in the last 50 years where the Blues had the bragging rights after a huge encounter with the neighbours. However, Everton's league form in this fixture has been getting steadily worse as each season passes, surely we're due an iconic victory at their place next month?

When Liverpool returned to the top division in 1962, Everton's overall league record showed they had the upper hand over their fierce rivals with 36 victories compared to Liverpool's 28 and 22 of the encounters had ended all-square.

Anfield: Everton had recorded 17 wins, 15 losses and 11 draws.
Goodison: Everton had recorded 19 wins, 13 losses and 11 draws.

By the end of the sixties, Everton, following their 2-0 triumph at Anfield in 1970 had extended the difference in victories between the two teams to ten. Everton 42, Liverpool 32 and 28 draws.

Anfield: Everton recorded 19 wins,18 losses and 14 draws.
Goodison: Everton recorded 23 wins, 14 losses and 14 draws.

By the time that Andy King scored his iconic winning goal at Goodison in 1978, Liverpool had closed the gap between the two sides to just four wins, with Everton recording 44 victories to Liverpool's 40 and drawn games numbering 35.

Anfield: Everton recorded 19 wins, 23 losses and 17 draws.
Goodison: Everton recorded 25 wins, 17 losses and 18 draws.

Glenn Keeley's infamous derby appearance in 1982 at Goodison not only signalled a heavy loss for the Toffees, but also had the added insult to Evertonians of Liverpool overtaking Everton in the number of victories achieved. It was the Reds 45th victory and put them one ahead of Everton with 39 matches having been drawn.

Anfield: Everton recorded 19 wins, 25 losses and 19 draws.
Goodison: Everton recorded 25 wins, 20 losses and 20 draws.

Between that ill-fated match and the dawning of the Premier League Liverpool had raced ahead of Everton in the number of league derby games won and found themselves six victories ahead of the Blues with 54 wins, the Toffees on 48 and drawn matches equalling 44.

Anfield: Everton recorded 21 wins, 31 losses and 21 draws.
Goodison: Everton recorded 27 wins, 23 losses and 23 draws

Up to and including the last game at Goodison in December, the derby game record since the start of the Premier League is far from satisfactory for the Blue half of Merseyside with the overall number of wins for their rivals climbing to 75 in comparison to Everton's tally of 57 and 63 matches having been drawn.

Anfield: Everton recorded 23 wins, 42 losses and 32 draws.
Goodison: Everton recorded 34 wins, 33 losses and 31 draws.

In other words, Liverpool has won 21, Everton have won 9 and the number of draws is 20, since the inception of the Premier League.

Anfield: Everton have recorded 2 wins, 11 losses and 11 draws
Goodison: Everton have recorded 7 wins, 10 losses and 8 draws

I'm sure all Evertonians want to see an end to this abysmal recent record and put one over the rivals in April.

John Keating
5 Posted 14/03/2017 at 17:36:55
I was a teenager in the Gwladys Street that night. Great atmosphere and really scary to think it was 50 years ago. Time certainly flies...
Peter Mills
6 Posted 14/03/2017 at 19:29:45
I was in the back row of the Bullens Road stand, and remember watching a conga stream out of the front of the Gwladys Street terracing at the end – was anyone on here a member of it?
Stephen Ashton
7 Posted 15/03/2017 at 12:02:57
I was 11 and bizarrely it was the first game I went to on my own, I had a season ticket for the Paddock and used to go with my cousin. My dad and granddad had season tickets in the Upper Gwladys. My cousin couldn't go my dad said he would keep an eye on me from the stand – some hope – it was bedlam.

Don't remember much about the game except this big bloke saying to me as we kicked off "If we score, la, I'm gonna goose you" when Bally scored, all I was concerned about was what this bloke was going to do to me. I didn't have a clue what 'goose' meant – but it didn't sound pleasant.

John de Frece
8 Posted 17/03/2017 at 13:34:31
Remember it like yesterday! I was a season ticket holder in Bullens. Went to the game with my Dad rest him. He was a red so he was with his pal with the other lot ― I think at the Park end. I had my regular seat.

Never forget Bally scoring. I thought it was the ultimate victory over them. Oh did I gloat! My Dad passed away before he he could have his revenge on me.
Brian Murray
9 Posted 25/03/2017 at 17:48:52
As I've already said, a bit of belief – they ain't Barca, rise above. Obviously 70-30 decisions plus big calls and twat them four-nil, 1964 style.

Then sing Banks of the Mersey song long into Saturday night. In my case all week and then some, plus scarf out car window Monday morning twice round Anfield to boot.
Derek Cowell
10 Posted 25/03/2017 at 19:04:09
Patrick at #4 – great stats.

I have supported the blues since 1966 and I had guessed that we had probably only won about 20 league derbies in that time. Your figures backed up my thoughts so thanks for that. I know that we have had the odd early round FA Cup successes against them since the 1967 game mentioned here (pity we then lost the quarter final 3-2 to Nottm Forest) but the most telling stat regarding their all time 'hex' over us is the one regarding the semis and finals! They have won all 4 semis and all 3 finals we have played since the first one in 1950! (They allowed us 2 draws before winning the replays.)

1950 FA Cup Semi 0-2
1971 FA Cup Semi 1-2
1977 FA Cup Semi 2-2 (thanks Clive!), 0-3
2012 FA Cup Semi 1-2

1984 League Cup Final 0-0, 0-1
1986 FA Cup Final 1-3
1989 FA Cup Final 2-3

I am just pleased to have witnessed the 'famous' Charity Shield win at Wembley in the '80s when the clown threw one in for us. We have to clutch at straws in derby wins as a blue coz I'm sure not many reds would even remember that game, meaningless as such games are!

It looks to me, judging by our long-term derby record, that if the RS where in the Vanarama and we played them in the cup they would still beat us! Didn't they even beat us 4-0 in the first league derby after their 1962 promotion?

They are the fairytale team that everything seems to fall just right for, especially in derbies. It's happening already for this next one with all our key injuries.

I can't believe that there are any blues on here confident of a result, going on our past form in these games, but there are nonetheless, so good on you!

The old cliché about anything can happen in a derby is often trotted out by the pundits but look at the evidence it doesn't does it?!! I would happily take 2 points from 2 boring 0-0 draws in these games every season. That would of course mean the RS missing their usual penalties against us, so there would at least be something to smile about.

Speaking of penalties, that is another statistic which I would like to see. I can only ever remember about 2 for us in my time but they have had loads!!

I won't be watching it as I just can't stand the tension and the disappointment anymore and I fully expect the usual defeat although I am hoping for the draw. Pessimistic a lot will say but look at the evidence!

We have a similarly bad record against Arsenal, especially away with some of our heaviest defeats in recent years.

I am as desperate as any blue for a change in both circumstances but I wont be holding my breath!

Martin Nicholls
11 Posted 25/03/2017 at 19:14:37
Derek (#10) – 1st derby after they got promoted was a 2-2 draw at Goodison Park. I seem to remember a disallowed Vernon goal in that one – maybe the start of the dodgy decisions given in their favour?
Derek Cowell
12 Posted 25/03/2017 at 21:25:50
Martin (#11) – Cheers for the correction but I do seem to remember an early 4-0 to them at some point around that time – or was it a cup game when they where still in Division 2? Even worse, I guess!

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