Passing and Shooting

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A match between Newtown and Everton Combination was played in Newtown in November 1895. The Montgomeryshire County Times reported on the game. The following is an extract from that report from which I trust that the present Everton management will take careful note of the passing and shooting element.

The way they [Everton] passed and made tracks for goal was a great treat. Every man seemed to be in his proper place and few of the passes failed in their purpose. The half-backs did not kick hard. They kept their eyes well on the forwards and fed them to a nicety. The backs were never in doubt as to what they should do and Hiles in goal was as cool as possible. This old Chirk and Oswestry player has developed into a rare goalkeeper and is a first rate under-study for Hillman. One good lesson the Everton men taught the Newtown players and that was to shoot at every favourable opportunity. They did not fiddle and pass backwards and forwards across goal as some teams do too much but let fly at the mark and it was surprising how this game paid.

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