Crisis not Catastrophe. Keep Calm

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May I sound a note of optimism amid all the gloom and doom? Contrary to many fans whose posts I have read I do not believe for one nanosecond that we will be relegated this season. So pervasive is the negativity that I read one post today that seemed to imply that we are going to be relegated from the Championship NEXT season. Bit soon for that, surely.

I would remind everybody that somewhere hidden in the chaos of the first team squad is a quality line up capable of driving up the table. Yes, this is a crisis, yes, our league position is humiliating and unacceptable. But look at where the problems began. The original error was trying to assimilate too many players too quickly into a squad that already had the makings of a successful team.

We should have signed three outfield players - yes one should have been a marquee striker - and taken the time to ease them into the team. Instead we tried to bring in too many players at the same time, disrupting both the existing squad and the already truncated preseason. no wonder the result has been chaos and disharmony and defeat.

What David Unsworth, or his successor, must do is choose a starting XI he believes in a give it the time to gel, not chop and change and assign blame. This starting line-up should include Rooney, Vlasic, Sigurdsson and Davies, and NOT Ashley Williams, Schneiderlin or Mirallas. Rooney must lead the team on the field - if only because he is probably the only one all of them respects. I believe Sandro will ultimately come good once this crisis has past and he has been given time to adjust. Klaassen, well the jury is still out. I don’t believe we have seen enough of him to judge.

Meanwhile, the talk of drifting to disaster and listing ships and free fall is only adding to the atmosphere of imminent catastrophe, which in turn is arming those misguided souls who think dishonest Sam Allardyce, who was prepared to sell his football soul for £400,000 is the right person to take Everton into the future. I don’t think so.

We are just as close to mid table as we are to the bottom. I have every confidence we will beat West Ham - a club with much more deep rooted troubles on Wednesday. There are many winnable games ahead. Keep Calm.

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Jim Burns
1 Posted 28/11/2017 at 14:29:04
Dear Peter ,

Phew! Some calm water at last – amidst the raging waves. I'll take any port in a storm at the moment ,and I for one, am relieved to hear a more reasoned voice.

The problem you'll have my friend , is trying to be heard above the ever increasing shrieks of despair and panic.

There is no doubting our current predicament and the all round sequence of dire mis-management that has brought us here the route to this point has been well and truly explored, explained and wailed over.

But we are here and now – and the only route out of this, is to look forward with as much rational calm as we can muster clear heads required all round and a steely determination from the key players.
I've already given up on some of them ever being capable of the attitude and effort that will be required – they've been found out – but we have enough in there to take the first steps to sanity – surely?

It seems that a positive outlook is about the only hope we've got – so let's grasp it and paddle like fuck.

I agree that for some fellow blues to be predicting a relegation dog fight to stay in the Championship – never mind the Premier League – is beyond rationale belief... but I would balance that with a realistic and honest view of the situation we are in.

Thanks for the hope – we desperately need more of it, and I too believe we could be mid table by the end of next weekend. Underlying problems not solved of course by a long way – but at least in calmer water and away from the edges of the whirlpool threatening to drag us down to the depths.

Thanks for the life raft – I'm hanging onto it for all I'm worth.

Yours sincerely Corporal Jones

Tony Hill
2 Posted 28/11/2017 at 14:36:58
I disagree entirely about the extent of the threat which faces us this season and your complacency and that of others is extraordinary given the level of performance which is being delivered, and has been delivered for a long time now.

But I agree that we have the seeds of a good side. That is precisely why we need to be clear-sighted about the danger: so we can preserve the potential.

Darren Hind
3 Posted 28/11/2017 at 14:42:10
Is right Peter.

I know you will provoke the usual "Leeds/Newcastle/ Sunderland thought they were too good to go down" cry, but you are right.

Those claiming we are doomed will be given a very warm reception down the bookies.

Michael Lynch
4 Posted 28/11/2017 at 14:49:46
Yes, the article is absolutely correct on paper. But I've watched every minute of every game we've played so far this season, either live or on a dodgy link, and we have been uniformly dreadful. It isn't simply a decent team under-performing, it is so much worse than that. We've allowed the team to age without having back-ups in key positions, and we've recruited very badly indeed – it does seem incredible that every single one of our new recruits except Pickford has been 100% worse than expected.

The only points we've picked up recently have been down to our good luck, whereas we can't cite bad luck in any of our defeats, they've been comprehensive and deserved.

I can't understand how anyone can watch our recent defeats to Atalanta and Southampton and see any glimmers of hope whatsoever.

John G Davies
5 Posted 28/11/2017 at 14:50:10
6/1 to go down.
Bookmakers don't make mistakes like that.
Top half minimum finish for me.
Michael Lynch
6 Posted 28/11/2017 at 14:52:54
The bookies? They had Silva as odds-on favourite for the Everton managers job, just after they had Sam as odds-on favourite, days after they had Unsy as odds-on favourite, a week after they had etc etc

The bookies set the odds based on the bets coming in. They haven't a scoobie about what will actually happen.

Gavin Johnson
7 Posted 28/11/2017 at 14:59:18
All very good in theory, Darren, but if you've been watching the games our position of 16th feels like an over achievement. We're the worst team in the Premier League by a country mile. Every team that's let in 28 goals before Xmas has been relegated. I've watched Everton for 30 years and this season has been the worst football I've seen. Worse than anything under Mike Walker.

I know you nailed your colours to the good ship Rhino but it's not working and the players aren't giving him the respect as a rookie interim manager. He's got the best intentions but he's completely out of his depth which is no fault of his own.

Out of interest what would you do you think we should do now, Darren? Would you appoint Unsworth full time, Big Sam, or Fonseca?

Darren Hind
8 Posted 28/11/2017 at 15:07:18
Michael @6

Notice anything in there? They are all ridiculously short odds. They will often offer skinny odds, but seldom do the offer generous odds.

You are right about us being crap all season, but even now there is four teams worse than us and they wont get much better. Then are teams like Huddersfield who will falter, not to mention relegation certainties Newcastle.

Fireman Sam must be loving this panic.

Brent Stephens
9 Posted 28/11/2017 at 15:15:23
Peter, I agree about trying to integrate too many new players at once. I posted last year that I wanted a gradual transition in terms of new signings replacing old. But I wanted that because I wanted Everton to still feel like my team, not a bunch of new recruits bought just because we had the money and just to "buy" success. As it turned out, and what I didn't anticipate at the time, was that so many new players was to provide that lack of continuity.

Unfortunately Rhino has been no great shakes. Pity. But we need to move on, as I don't think he's our saviour.

Paul Tran
10 Posted 28/11/2017 at 15:55:10
We have good squad, other than the missing striker. A squad who will blossom under an organiser, a motivator who can explain what he wants clearly. A proper coach that drills the players and gets them fit. We'll stay up. I got 4/5 last week and 1/1 after the Soton game. Good value. Buying money.
John G Davies
11 Posted 28/11/2017 at 16:22:09
It is indeed Paul.
It's free money.
I'm going one step further and backing a top 10 finish.
All covered by the bet you suggested.
Don Alexander
12 Posted 28/11/2017 at 17:14:00
I'm one of the many who see we're in real trouble mainly because of the poor attitude of too many players, not to mention the physical unfitness of the squad as a whole compared to just about every other team in the league.

I hope the new manager has the will and ability to get them fitter because regardless of the chosen system no team succeeds whilst harboring out-of-condition players.

And that brings me on to "our" Wayne. He epitomizes "out-of-condition" and that's why Mourinho got rid. Allied to his massive wages when compared to the rest of our squad it may well cause resentment, not to mention his penchant for getting royally pissed when an international break arrived recently. Some role-model/captain – not.

He also seems to think that by abandoning his forward role whenever he's been given it this season in favour of trying to do the work of whoever he deems isn't playing up to scratch (and in fairness he's had a lot of choice) he's doing right by the team. Well a few years back he had the energy to maybe have succeeded but these days he definitely doesn't have any sort of necessary engine, and his skill is diminishing too, like Jags, Williams and Baines.

In fairness he's still got an eye for goal and that's why it disappoints me that he hasn't maximized the team's chances by sticking to playing up front. His presence there may just have caused some defences to re-think their strategy of having a nice easy time of it as the boy Calvert-Lewin or the pinball-wizard Niasse do their hopeless impression of holding and using the ball in a reliable way and, you know, creating a threat and things. And before anyone jumps down my throat it isn't Calvert-Lewin's, or Niasse's fault. There's nothing they can do to transform into what we need now.

Obviously the failure to sign the CF, CB and LB that Koeman wanted bolloxed the season so I hope Moshiri forks out for signings in those three areas minimum but if we get Allardyce we can expect big, big units above big, big, skill. Muscle and effort is the proven way to escape the drop after all. It'll be shit and, as a result of the hopeless conduct in the boardroom, we'll just have to put up with it, again.

Kevin Tully
13 Posted 28/11/2017 at 17:28:23
Jagielka, Williams, Kenny & Holgate (if fit) our back four for tomorrow night. No other team has stayed up after conceding this many goals after 13 games. Does anyone think we are going to suddenly start keeping clean sheets? No chance. That means we have to outscore the opposition every game. Without a recognised striker or a midfielder who can even go past a man.

We may well avoid relegation, but it won't be because of a miraculous recovery on our behalf, it will be because three other teams are slightly more useless than ours.

Yep, no bother, top half finish. Ha.

David Levin
14 Posted 28/11/2017 at 19:26:22
Kevin. Jags AND Williams? Recipe for disaster. Carroll v Williams? Their left flanker – Freddie – way too tricky and will exploit those yawning gaps down our right side.

Kenny is no left back but I don't know who else. Who is our regular left back in reserves and U23s? Give him a chance. At least the attitude and desire will be there.
Peter Fearon
15 Posted 30/11/2017 at 05:03:57
I think tonight's performance underlines my point. Unfortunately it has come too late to help Unsworth keep his job.

Everton pressed the panic button too soon with a manager whose ethical failings disqualified him from managing England but not apparently Everton. Hide the cutlery.

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