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Steven Jones
1 Posted 06/10/2018 at 18:05:00

Watching this Man Utd team tonight – we would stuff them. Hope they come back and win 3-2 so we can play them with Jose in charge.

James Flynn
2 Posted 07/10/2018 at 14:16:17
Should have got money down, Steve.
Mike Gaynes
3 Posted 07/10/2018 at 15:49:25
Barkley having his first really good game for Chelsea.
Brent Stephens
4 Posted 07/10/2018 at 15:52:45
And Barkley got his first goal for them, Mike. Top-class pass completion rate today for him, some quality passes, and his tracking back is now at a different level. I think some said he was finished.
Derek Taylor
5 Posted 07/10/2018 at 15:54:33
Mike, I'm chuffed for the kid. But think of all the bad ones he had for Everton!
Brent Stephens
6 Posted 07/10/2018 at 15:56:00
I'd rather not, Derek
Michael Lynch
7 Posted 07/10/2018 at 15:57:20
I'm pleased for Ross. Didn't like the way he fucked us around at the end, or any of the shite he has spouted, but he's a quality player and it would be a shame if he doesn't fulfill his potential. Wouldn't even mind him scoring a winner at Anfield in April on his way to a Premier League winner's medal... ;-)
Mike Gaynes
8 Posted 07/10/2018 at 15:57:46
I guess Sarri found the formula for getting Ross's head out of his ass. MotM today. Lovely tackle and pass for Hazard's first, and tapped in the second himself. Good for him.
Derek Taylor
9 Posted 07/10/2018 at 16:03:11
Perhaps he just understands Sari's English better than the total bullshit of Martinez and Koeman!
Michael Lynch
10 Posted 07/10/2018 at 16:08:38
Never mind Ross, though... Eden Hazard is simply a beautiful footballer. He seems to give a masterclass every game.
Brent Stephens
11 Posted 07/10/2018 at 16:12:40
Koeman's accent did for Ross...

"How do you want me to play, boss?"

"Jusht shit."

Len Hawkins
12 Posted 07/10/2018 at 16:13:11
I think all the smoke Martinez blew up his arse fogged his brain.
Simon Smith
13 Posted 07/10/2018 at 16:28:14
Yeah, please stop the Barkley praise. Everything he did in the lead-up to his move had negative impacts on Everton. The guy is a moron!
Eugene McLoughlin
14 Posted 07/10/2018 at 16:31:40
Why the fuck everyone those cunts play... why show them singing that fucking song??? Sky wankers.
David Hallwood
15 Posted 07/10/2018 at 16:34:39
Speaking of Chelsea and looking at Jorginho, perhaps — and it's only a perhaps — this is someone Tom Davies could come to emulate.

Nothing flashy, he just controls the flow of the game, a bit like the old midfield generals, in fact how Schneiderlin is supposed to play and did when he first came. But his passing will have to improve by 10%+. ATM, it's a big ask for a 20-year-old.

Now, I'm watching the RS, am I the only one who puts the sound down when You'll Never Walk A-fuckin-lone strikes up?

Zack Yusof
16 Posted 07/10/2018 at 16:34:57
That’s what the mute button on the remote is for Eugene. Works a treat. Cmon City! Stones to score the winner.
Jim Bennings
17 Posted 07/10/2018 at 16:35:39
Wonder if City will turn up at Cowfield today?
Zack Yusof
18 Posted 07/10/2018 at 16:36:09
David, nope you are not the only one.
Jay Wood

19 Posted 07/10/2018 at 16:38:42
Ehrm... Eugene.

If it winds you up that much, why are you even watching them..?

John Keating
20 Posted 07/10/2018 at 16:40:22
Man City are just totally unwilling to pass long regardless of the position or situation. There appears to be no Plan B.

Playing right in to the RS hands so far.

David Barks
21 Posted 07/10/2018 at 16:47:03
You don't win anything by letting the opposition dictate the way you play. I'll stand with Pep when it comes to football tactics. City don't play long-ball hoof-to-nowhere football that does nothing other than concede possession.
Eugene McLoughlin
22 Posted 07/10/2018 at 16:51:56
Should've been a penalty to Man City.
Eugene McLoughlin
23 Posted 07/10/2018 at 16:53:36
I know, Jay, but I always want them to lose.
Jim Bennings
24 Posted 07/10/2018 at 17:12:41
Sterling having no joy whatsoever against Gomez.
David Hallwood
25 Posted 07/10/2018 at 17:13:07
If someone wants to complain about bad passing, they should watch the so-called best two teams here, the passing is woeful.
Brian Murray
26 Posted 07/10/2018 at 17:16:41
C'mon City, make a good weekend great.
John Keating
27 Posted 07/10/2018 at 17:24:16
Great teams vary their play. Barca, Real even Man Utd at their best. Great keeping the ball if you want to win the stats but possession should be tempered with playing long if needed. City scored a brilliant goal earlier this season a direct pass from the goalie to Aguero.

Today they have looked for nothing long even though both Aguero and Mahrez were both up top with only 2 RS defenders. Needless to say even Everton have scored a couple of long balls resulting in goals. City just seem reluctant to go long regardless.

Tony Abrahams
28 Posted 07/10/2018 at 17:26:12
Lookman, destroyed Gomez, Jim, made him look what he was, a centre-half, playing fullback, so if I was City, I would keep trying to eventually expose this area of the pitch.

I hate Martin Atkinson, snide bastard, who very rarely plays it the same way for both teams imo. I might be a schizophrenic when it comes to this man, but Silva gets booked, then Henderson gets away with a worse tackle, with the man in the middle indicating that it was only his second foul.

David Barks
29 Posted 07/10/2018 at 17:29:32
City pick their spots to go long. They control the play to invite the opposition up field and then play a pass to a player. But away from home, they’ve completely nullified the opposition today while being only one pass away from opening up the defense on multiple occasions.

They keep playing their game with the mindset that eventually it will succeed. Liverpool are sitting back far more than usual, so longballs would do nothing but concede possession and invite attacks which would energize the crowd. It’s the passing that’s been sloppy and hurting the attack, not the lack of long balls.

Colin Glassar
30 Posted 07/10/2018 at 17:31:21
Shatkinson must be the worst, and most biased, ref in the Premier League. He definitely has red-tinted specs.

This is an awful, low-quality game but it's been built up to be some English El clasico. Bloody joke, Sky and their RS pundits.

Jim Bennings
31 Posted 07/10/2018 at 17:38:03
City been too leisurely for my liking, the game is there for them to win.
Michael Kenrick
32 Posted 07/10/2018 at 17:42:04
I was wondering about that, Colin, thinking what the fuck was this I have been suckered into watching? "An intriguing game"? Pundit shite for "boring".

Although Dion Dublin on Radio 5 Live is spot-on "Shouldn't there be 4 or 5 goals by now? Isn't that what they promised us?"

David Barks
33 Posted 07/10/2018 at 17:54:40
City commits 7 fouls, yellow carded on 3 of them. Liverpool 6 fouls, zero cards.
Alan Bodell
34 Posted 07/10/2018 at 18:02:41
It'll be a pen in the 85th min to the shite, it's Atkinson out there.
Eric Paul
35 Posted 07/10/2018 at 18:03:22

Have you not seen the “sick of it” poster behind the Park End advertising a Sky program?

Eugene McLoughlin
36 Posted 07/10/2018 at 18:07:24
Haha, Eric, it's been a while since I was at the Old Lady.
Michael Kenrick
37 Posted 07/10/2018 at 18:14:38
Shocking from Mahrez!
Jim Bennings
38 Posted 07/10/2018 at 18:14:51
That penalty sums up Manchester City today, utter shite!

Premier League best in the world my arse!!

Rob Halligan
39 Posted 07/10/2018 at 18:15:09
Penalty to City. Mahrez balloons it over the bar.
Alan Bodell
40 Posted 07/10/2018 at 18:15:37
You could not write this could you, fucking twat.
Jim Bennings
41 Posted 07/10/2018 at 18:18:45
Mahrez penalty has just landed in my back garden, it’s gone straight in the bin.
Mark Tanton
42 Posted 07/10/2018 at 18:19:55
God, they get every blade of grass going for them.
Christopher Marston
43 Posted 07/10/2018 at 18:20:02
He’s missed 3 out of his last 5. What in God’s name makes him think he’s the right person to take it?!!!!
John Keating
44 Posted 07/10/2018 at 18:24:00
City got everything they deserved, fuck all!

The RS were there for the taking forget the pen they should have had them wrapped up.

Still as long as Pep sticks to his philosophy pass pass pass, what more could we ask for.

Just played into the RS hands. Unbelievable.

Gordon Crawford
45 Posted 07/10/2018 at 18:32:20
Of course it’s the best league in the world. Name me a better league?

How do they get such luck? Between a crap referee and an awful penalty miss, that’s just typical.

Jim Bennings
46 Posted 07/10/2018 at 18:34:33
There was nothing lucky about it, Gordon, it was just a twat of a penalty. Mahrez shouldn't have been on it and, as I said, the execution of the penalty summed up the game.

It might be an exciting League but, in terms of the best, La Liga still rules the roost for me!

Anthony Murphy
47 Posted 07/10/2018 at 18:39:26
Not many pens awarded against the shite at their place. Criminal miss. See the panel on SS consists of three ex RS players.
Brent Stephens
48 Posted 07/10/2018 at 18:41:47
Two crap teams. There for the taking when we play them. Well...

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