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Steve Barr
1 Posted 18/10/2018 at 20:04:45

I live in the DC area and went to the game last night. Rooney's goal was fantastic (we were sitting in the end behind him as he shot) and the guy next to me said, "He's never going to score from that range ". Classic.

Not a great game - Rooney himself is reported to have said that DC must play a lot better than last night; and of course, they will have to if they get to the playoffs.

However, he stood out and just oozed class in this company. He ran the game and pulled off a number of exquisite touches.

He is clearly very popular with the DC fans and rightly so. He has been instrumental in getting them to a likely playoff spot with 10 goals, I believe, since he arrived. His impact goes far beyond the goals though as he is obviously their leader and talisman.

I must be Rooney's lucky charm. The last time I saw him was v West Ham on one of my visits back home last December when he scored a hat-trick, including that fabulous goal from around the half-way line!

Stan Schofield
2 Posted 19/10/2018 at 11:08:19
Let's face it, Rooney is a genius. I know that 'genius' is an overused term, but Rooney is a true genius, someone with natural talents way above the norm of even the Premier League. Although he's way past his peak, what is left is still exceptional.
Rob Dolby
3 Posted 19/10/2018 at 11:19:03
Rooney could still play in the Premier League if a system was built around him. When a player has that much ability and is an Evertonian, it was a shame we couldn't get more from him 2nd time around.

He obviously hasn't got the legs that he once had but he still has the football brain. He was a victim of the Koeman and Big Sam shambles last season.

We should have used him like a Sheringham type who links play and plays in the spaces – not have him chasing wingers back, covering Cuco Martina.

Andy Meighan
4 Posted 19/10/2018 at 11:34:11
Is this the same fella who harbours a grudge against the club because of the way he was supposedly forced out? He left too early... came back too late Doesn't fit into the Silva and Brands model. He's at home in a poor league for semi-retired footballers.
Tom Bowers
5 Posted 19/10/2018 at 11:44:10
Rooney probably could have played effectively at Everton for another season if used in the right way by the right manager. His craft and expertise is still there but the legs are not for a 90-minute Premier League game.

I am glad he is doing so well in the MLS.

David Ellis
8 Posted 19/10/2018 at 17:05:41
I'm pleased for him...but he's not good enough for our current first XI and too much of a big ego and wage to be a squad player. He's better off where he is (and so are we).
Kieran Kinsella
9 Posted 19/10/2018 at 17:17:51
The MLS is the league that makes Bradley Wright Phillips look like Gary Lineker. Yeah Rooney is doing well but so did Preki. He couldn't justify his Premier League wages so he found a league akin to the second tier in Scotland.
Steve Carse
10 Posted 19/10/2018 at 17:20:14
David, not sure you can label Rooney an egotist. Many other negative things yes, but as a player he has always been selfless. Of course the guy always wants to be playing but he never made himself unavailable or spoke about his feelings when not doing so.
Martin Nicholls
13 Posted 19/10/2018 at 18:09:56
Andy, Kieran, Sam - I know we'll get a load of flak but I'm with you lads.
Tony Abrahams
14 Posted 19/10/2018 at 18:12:50
What's the atmosphere like at these DC games, Steve@1?

You never lose your ability, but football catches up with everyone eventually. So Rooney has found a level were he can excel again and, if stays off the ale, then maybe Steve might have a cup final to go to soon?

Steve Barr
15 Posted 19/10/2018 at 19:24:43

Their new ground is very good actually. It's a small/compact 20,000 seater and has been designed so that spectators are fairly close to the action, unlike some of the massive bowls they have for the American (grid iron) football stadiums. Click on the link for a bird's-eye view. Audi Field.

DC United has a hard core of fans called the "Screaming Eagles" and they literally drum up a racket throughout the game. Nothing like an English atmosphere, but not bad.

It will be much better if they get to the play offs and get a home draw. A bit like Everton (they have been starved of success for many years now since they dominated US professional "soccer" in the early years of MLS, winning eight of its thirteen titles between 1996 and 1998) so they will be really fired up at the prospect of silverware!

As you say, he has indeed found a level at which he can excel, but not sure he can stay off the ale. A buddy of mine owns an Irish Pub here and apparently Rooney was seen in an Irish boozer in down town DC doing a bit of Karaoke a few weeks ago!

Terry Farrell
16 Posted 19/10/2018 at 19:52:08
Mike I've watched highlights of all DC games with interest and Wayne has pulled the side up by their bootstraps from the bottom of the league – how can any football fan not be pleased for him?

If he'd flopped there, he would have had pelters all round but his talent and desire have shone through. He could not stay at Everton because, rightly so, Marco chose Sigurdsson as our main man.

To those slagging off the USA standard, yes it's not Premier League standard but it's decent.

Anton Walsh
17 Posted 19/10/2018 at 23:49:26
Rooney's wages at Everton were probably equivalent to Richarlison, Bernard, Gomez and Mina combined. He needed gone and got gone.
James Flynn
18 Posted 20/10/2018 at 00:49:00
Good on you Mike for taking the time.

DC United were the bottom other MLS clubs looked down on. That he was going there was a shock. They sucked in big Las Vegas neon light sucked. And had.

To have a player, even as brilliant as Rooney, turn that club around 180 degrees the way he's done, is fiction. Except he has.

They're in the playoffs, bar a collapse the last 2 games. I live here in the DC area. That's what's happening is astonishing.

Mike posted a link to that wonder-goal. Here's one from a few weeks ago I think more astonishing and indicative of how brilliant a player Wayne Rooney remains:

Fun watching his teammates celebrating while he remains up-pitch huffing and puffing.

James Flynn
19 Posted 20/10/2018 at 01:06:55
And, ever a delight to see open dim-bulb statements like Kinsella's (9), regarding MLS.

Like the SPL, MLS is a minor league. No doubt of that.

The SPL's title winner would have trouble in MLS. The rest of that sad-sack excuse for a league would have the shit kicked out of it game in and out in MLS.

Of course, they'd actually be paid a wage over here, so take their ass-kicking with a smile.

Steve Brown
21 Posted 20/10/2018 at 03:54:15
Rooney is doing brilliantly for DC United and making a real impact on and off the pitch. He is a world class player and has a lot to contribute to the club, as he did for us when he played up front in a dire team last season. To infer that Rooney was not good enough for the squad we had last season or indeed this season shows again how deluded some of our fans are - I read on other threads over the international break how Stones and Barkley were not a loss and hadn't improved since they left us. That one nearly made me spill my coffee I was laughing so much.

Rooney would thrive in our current squad as he would actually have more technical players to combine with and a manager who isn't out of the dark ages. He did a good job for us last season, demonstrated leadership on and off the pitch, tried to increase standards and ended the season as our top scorer despite being shoved into midfield by Lardiola for half the season. Good luck to him.

Michael Kenrick
22 Posted 20/10/2018 at 04:37:12
James (#18), that is just an incredible piece of work by Rooney. It was probably offside but what the hell!!

Can't believe the Orlando lad on the break didn't just welly it toward the empty net.

James Flynn
23 Posted 21/10/2018 at 02:11:28
Michael (22) - That sequence was something you'd see in a movie and roll your eyes, "Yeah right, only in the movies."

Kudos to that little DC fucker on his header. Well done.

Laughed at the DC players celebrating with the supporters while Wayne was bent over up-field huffing and puffing.

Agree on the Orlando lad not just hoofing it. They had an away point in their pocket.

The interesting thing was that DC also had a point in their pocket, but the manager sent the keeper forward to try for all 3 points.

That one player, even Wayne, could turn a club 180 degrees around the way he has, is also the stuff of fiction.

Except he's done it.

Jamie Crowley
24 Posted 21/10/2018 at 03:40:26
James, I couldn't agree more about Rooney.

I've been watching a lot of the DC games and find myself rooting for them pretty hard. Not my team DC United, just want to see Rooney do something special here in the Land of the Free.

MLS is what it is. I enjoy it. And it's great to see Rooney come here and completely take responsibility, put a team on his back, and carry them.

Unlike one Stevie Shithouse La who came over and drained money out of LA.

Rooney just plays. He's born to play. No matter the level. Dude could be 70 years old and he'd put a hard tackle in the over 50 division! Love it.

Tony Abrahams
25 Posted 21/10/2018 at 07:07:02
If DC win the cup, I'm sure they will make a movie about their incredible transformation since Rooney joined the club, James?

Looks a good little ground that, Steve, and I'd love to see the winners in America take on the Scottish runners-up, just to see if what James said is true!

Tony Abrahams
26 Posted 21/10/2018 at 07:25:47
The Land of the Free, Jamie? That sounds like Donald playing his Trump card, that one, mate!
Tommy Carter
27 Posted 21/10/2018 at 08:24:39
EFC never saw the best of Rooney. He didn't bestow that privilege upon our club.

Instead, he left and then mocked supporters upon his return and kissed the badge of the Man Utd shirt he was wearing.

I could count on one hand the amount of good games he played for the club. Most of which were before he was 18.

He's not even our youngest ever goalscorer.

In other words, he's nothing to this club. Nothing but a stain and a bad memory.

So why dedicate a story as to his progress at another club.

We don't get stories as to the progress of Romelu Lukaku who achieved and did more for our club than Rooney ever did. (He also provided a bigger profit.)

Tony Abrahams
28 Posted 21/10/2018 at 08:59:22
Tommy, can’t argue with some of your points, but a stain on Everton FC?

He left a very, very sour taste when he left, but it was surely Kenwright’s fault we never made more profit on the kid?

Probably because he needed the money badly, (urgently) and it was the real reason he was sold? Along with Bellefield, and anything else worth money, surely it was the only way a skint chairman could survive?

I hated Rooney, when he left, I’ve never had any real affinity for him since that day, purely because I knew how good he was, and have always felt “EVERTONIANS WERE DEFINITELY ROBBED” the day Rooney was sold. But robbed by who? Who allowed the sale to go through in the first place?

If a picture could tell a thousand words, then Kenwright waiting at the side of the pitch, to greet Rooney, before Duncan Ferguson’s testimonial, told me everything.

The greatest outfield performance I’ve ever seen off any Everton player, was made by a 17 year old Rooney, (Bolton) and six months before he left his mother had to stop him getting a tattoo like Duncan’s, but with the number 18 on it, because she told him he’d soon be the next Everton number nine.

Dave Abrahams
29 Posted 21/10/2018 at 09:11:39
I can't get a picture out of my head, I imagine Mike Gaynes laughing to himself over Evertonians arguing
over Rooney, you've used a very large spoon there Mike.
Ed Fitzgerald
30 Posted 21/10/2018 at 09:22:52
Not another Rooney thread FFS he has gone ! He was a great player for Man U, he is not an Everton legend he could have been but made the choice to go to Man U and that’s fair enough. As he said himself yesterday when commenting about some Man U players (including himself) it was the players that had Man U in them that ran the dressing room - I am sorry if that destroys some misty eyed Evertonians view of Rooney but surely that was shattered when he was sliding around on his knees kissing the Man U badge at Goodison.

Who cares if he is scoring a few goals for DC comics FC or whatever they are called. We have been hearing about the emergence of football in America since the Cosmos in the 1970s - all to no avail as the American public prefer their home grown sports of baseball and American football.

Tony Marsh
31 Posted 21/10/2018 at 09:42:12
The main reason Wayne Rooney left was the Deadly David Moyes effect. Rooney hated Moyes. Deadly Dave preferred grafters over pure talent hence Rooney being constantly dropped used as sub and pushed out on the wing my when he did play.

Say what you like about Rooney jumping ship but playing in Deadly Dave's negative soulless football trams would send any decent player round the bend.

Funny isn't that a player considered not good enough by Moyes for a below average Everton team walks right in to the brilliant Man Utd team and scores a hatrick on his Champions League debut.

I didn't like Rooney for leaving but Wayne's dislike for Deadly Dave sealed the deal.It was impossible for a talent like him to take part in the mind numbing stuff churned out by Moyes.

Michael Kenrick
Editorial Team
32 Posted 21/10/2018 at 22:15:46
Sorry if the story offends you, Tommy, and we always have a few complaints when we feature stories like this about former Everton players who are no longer with us — Barkley only last week.

And posts about former Everton managers are fair game too, witness the thread on Moyes. Although there is one very recent 'manager' I would happily see completely expunged from the annals of Everton FC.

However, part of our unspoken mission as a website is to track those who may adhere to the adage "Once a Blue..." — although despite the protestations of some of our own on here, that accommodation does not stretch to those who want to sully such recollections with adulation for others who never had anything whatsoever to do with Everton FC.

Peter Gorman
33 Posted 23/10/2018 at 09:11:48
Why the hell is there a Rooney article on an Everton site? What on earth is the connection?

There is only finite space on the internet and this article is using up too much. Now I am obliged to comment on it.

Danny Broderick
34 Posted 23/10/2018 at 09:39:19
The facts speak for themselves. Rooney was doing well for us. 11 goals scored before Christmas. Then Fat Sam took over, he was played deeper in midfield with the ball sailing over his head every game, and he never scored a goal for Everton again.

It's a shame he couldn't have been playing in a team with legs all around him (like we have now). I think he would have ended the season with 20 goals if that had been the case. He's gone now though. Let's move on. The MLS is no way to measure a top footballer. A Premier League keeper would have saved the freekick he scored the other day...

Simon Smith
35 Posted 26/10/2018 at 14:23:01
I don't buy into all this Rooney talk on ToffeeWeb. In my opinion, Rooney was a Man Utd legend, he chose to have a very limited Everton career, and I was happy to see him shipped out as I was never one for taking the lad back in the first place.

When he did come back, Rooney would have been better for us up top in place of Lukaku; as a midfielder, he simply didn't have the legs to run the game against most Premier League teams.

Too much time is wasted on talk about Rooney in my main opinion: yes, he was a great talent when he came through; yes, he was fantastic for the Premier League and for Man Utd; and yes, he's a cut above the rest in the MLS... but, as far as his career as a Blue goes, he was a teen sensation who lasted no longer than the hyped Rodwell, Cadamateri or Jeffers did as Blues.

Great career, some sights to behold, but not as a Blue.

People may call this bitter but my stance on it is Rooney said he was our best player at 16, but at 16 all I remember him being was Thomasz Radzinski's 65th minute replacement. Wayne never showed us the respect we deserved for making him everything he was.

Jay Harris
36 Posted 26/10/2018 at 15:29:40
Let's be realistic, lads – Rooney and his lifestyle burned himself out as far as the Premier League goes. There is no point getting all misty-eyed like Bill saying if Koeman or Sam hadn't been here what he could have done.

He was a liability in most games with his erratic passing to the opposition – and all for £150k a week.

He has now found a level where he can play and drink to his heart's content and feel good about himself, so let him get on with it. He sold his soul to the Mancs so let him be remembered for that and not what could have been.

Christine Foster
37 Posted 27/10/2018 at 17:47:03
Lots of revisionist history being stirred up here, Rooney left because his agent was an arsehole, Kenwright saw an opportunity to get the banks off his back and Alex Ferguson told him how he would build a team around him. And the money. For a kid from Croxteth the money for his family would have been like winning lotto every week...

Rooney was a 16-year-old kid in a man's world, he was played by Kenwright, his agent and Man Utd.

But he wasn't stupid, he was brilliant for his age, realised Everton wanted to sell him and Man Utd wanted him.

He loved Everton, Everton sold him out... not the other way around. Returning the second time was a mistake, he believed Kenwright (never a wise move) only to find he wasn't wanted.

His legs gone? Yes... but value for money? Absolutely. Look at what we have now... Calvin-Lewin? Tosun? Lookman?

I wish him well; I am glad he is playing well; I am glad he is enjoying his football; I am therefore glad he is in the US — but the blame cuts both ways, the club and the player.

Too often on this site we see players rubbished, especially when they are gone: Stones, Barkley, Mirallas, Rooney... they are not all Jeffers, Rodwell, Green... so have some perspective. Not rose coloured tints but not as black as some would have.

Steve Ferns
38 Posted 27/10/2018 at 18:00:46
Christine, didn't the court case regarding Stretford reveal that Rooney was sold by Everton because we were on the verge of administration?

Liverpool were in a worse position but no-one looked closely at it and they just get sold quietly whilst everyone looks the other way.

Michael Kenrick
39 Posted 27/10/2018 at 18:53:57
Nice post, Christine. I was thinking of rebutting some of Simon's rhetoric but you did a better job.

One thing omitted was Moyes holding him back. I think that's why Simon only remembers him as Thomasz Radzinski's 65th minute replacement. Rooney was put on as a sub for an incredible 20 games in that breakthrough season, despite scoring 8 goals and two hattricks in the pre-season games.

In fact, his whole relationship with Moyes had badly soured; I believe this was a major reason for him wanting to leave Everton.

Brian Williams
40 Posted 27/10/2018 at 18:57:54
Steve #38.

Is correct, Steve.

Jay Wood

41 Posted 27/10/2018 at 19:51:36
My recall is that the situation was even more nuanced than Christine's own 'black and white' description of events.

Akin to Christine, I certainly don't hold Rooney in contempt or resentment for his move to Manchester United, as much as it hurt at the time. He was an 18-year-old who had just absolutely 'wowed' the world at the Euros in Portugal. He returned – injured – to an Everton in absolute turmoil.

Trevor Birch came and went as the CEO in the blink of an eye; Bill Kenwright and Paul Gregg were at loggerheads over the control of the club (the Fortress Sports Fund debacle followed in the wake of this); Portugal's manager Felipe Scolari was approached to replace Moyes (probably by Gregg), totally unbeknown by Bill Kenwright; Moyes had no funds for the transfer market; the club had not anticipated Rooney showcasing his skills at the Euros and the boy was in the last year of his contract, leaving Everton in a vulnerable negotiating position.

Rooney was but a tiddler swimming in a tank of sharks, including personalities at his own club. Throw into that tank the likes of Paul Stretford and Alex Ferguson and there was only ever going to be one outcome.

I don't recall in the court case (about who held Rooney's agency rights) at which Stretford appeared as the chief prosecution witness a claim by him that Rooney was sold because the club was on the brink of entering administration (although Trevor Birch is believed to have sanctioned the sale for this reason as a means to 'save' Everton – the possible trigger of why he walked away when the board opposed his suggestion).

What is on record that the judge throw the case out of court for Stretford being an unreliable witness, whilst the prosecuting barrister himself denounced Stretford in the same tone.

The FA subsequently brought charges against Stretford who was heavily fined and suspended as an agent, so anything that worm says I take with a huge pinch of salt.

Dave Abrahams
42 Posted 27/10/2018 at 20:04:31
Wayne at 16 and until he left Everton was an incredible player, absolutely unbelievable, Moyes didn't know where, how or when to play him, definitely held him back.

I held no grudges whatsoever when he left Everton, in fact, I believed he saved them financially.

I didn't want him to come back and I think it would have been better for all concerned if he hadn't. I will always remember Wayne Rooney as one of the best players I ever saw playing for the Blues; a shame it was for such a short time.

Christine Foster
43 Posted 27/10/2018 at 20:55:01
Sadly, Wayne made the correct call in leaving, but it was for all the wrong reasons, Steve, Jay, quite correct and my apologies for it being a bit Black and White, but it all added up to the same result, he left and was probably quite bitter about the way he was treated at the time.

A lot of people had vested interests in him, his understanding of the situation was undoubtedly coloured by the club and his agent's half-truths and hand-wringing whilst running to the bank.

What is unforgivable is that the club never once acknowledged they had to sell him to stay out of administration. If they had, then all this would be seen in a different light. It's too late now... his career is almost done, but what a fabulous career; the one who got away... but we could never have given him the stage to excel on.

Yes, we needed the money, but his reputation was tarnished by someone else's ego and others' greed. Honesty would have resulted in the same outcome but with some decency.

Tony Abrahams
44 Posted 27/10/2018 at 21:08:12
Except for “our saviour” Christine, the man who said we couldn't have a better chairman at Everton, during one infamous meeting with the fans.

Kenwright sold the family silver, it's better to rent than own, was his motto regarding the training facilities, and what about his crocodile tears, if indeed Alex Ferguson was telling the truth?

Rooney, never saved Everton, but his sale allegedly stopped Kenwright's club going into administration, which tells me everything I need to know with regards how much Bill really loves the club.

Nothing “decent” about selling a gift from the gods just to stay in charge, especially when you sit back and say nothing whilst the kid took all the stick.

Christine Foster
45 Posted 27/10/2018 at 21:37:31
I totally agree with you on that, Tony. He is still copping that stick and will forever more be tarnished with it.

At the end of the day his legacy is with Man Utd not Everton, even if his heart belongs at Goodison Park. We can all play the "What if?" game, but we were never in the position (at the time) because of the poor management and poor decision-making had left us with the banks at the door. Without a penny of personal investment from any director, we had been pawned to the hilt by the time he was sold. All he was, was a 'Get out of Jai'l card for our saviour.

Moyes? I think he did influence his decision to leave.. he did hold him back and the (obvious) hostility between the two was undoubtedly played upon by his agent – no love lost there..

Yes, you are right, he may have had a great career but I bet that hindsight is forever lost on some. All we are left with are regrets... and I think in his heart so does Rooney.

Oh, and some still think we are lucky to have our saviour...

Tony Abrahams
46 Posted 27/10/2018 at 21:51:20
The man who called Phillip Green, a magician!
Mike Jones
47 Posted 27/10/2018 at 21:57:57
Off topic.

I hope Moshiri has an aversion to helicopters (too soon)?

Mike Jones
48 Posted 27/10/2018 at 22:09:30
Off topic. Philip Green, bullet dodged. Sleazy.
Mike Jones
49 Posted 27/10/2018 at 22:17:34
Off topic. Is this karma for Hoddle?
Colin Glassar
50 Posted 27/10/2018 at 22:22:54
I’ve always liked Hoddle as a player, manager, pundit. I wish him a speedy recovery.
Mike Jones
51 Posted 27/10/2018 at 22:26:07
Really, Colin?
Paul Smith
52 Posted 27/10/2018 at 22:50:04
Good for Wayne... and, while I'm at, it well done, Ross. I'm not sure about the comments but he's improved as a player.
Steve Barr
53 Posted 27/10/2018 at 23:11:40
I for one wish Hoddle a full recovery.

Also, I always look out for any "good news" regarding ex Everton players, particularly the young home grown talent and always hope they do well, regardless of the circumstances under which they left.

I rated Ross very highly and am really pleased to see him doing well.

Phil Sammon
54 Posted 27/10/2018 at 23:21:57
Mike Jones

Showing yourself to be a bit of an idiot here, Mike.

Mike Jones
55 Posted 27/10/2018 at 23:27:04
Cheers Phil. Which bit?
Colin Glassar
56 Posted 27/10/2018 at 23:52:15
Yes, Mike. He was a brilliant player. A great manager at Chelsea and England. And he's one of the best TV pundits around, imo.
Chris Gallagher
57 Posted 27/10/2018 at 23:53:37
Mike, I'm with Phil on that. You're being a dick.

I'd thought us Blues fans were better than that.

Geoff Lambert
58 Posted 27/10/2018 at 00:03:06
Mike Jones.

2 yellows and a red for that.

Karma indeed.

Jim Jennings
59 Posted 28/10/2018 at 00:19:03
Mike Jones,

I wish no ill on the man but must admit that was the first thing that crossed my mind too when I heard about Hoddle.

Simon Smith
60 Posted 28/10/2018 at 00:58:36
Chris, Chris, Chris, 🙈

Not clever, mate. ❗❗

Mike Gaynes
61 Posted 02/11/2018 at 05:27:54
And if anybody's STILL interested, DC was eliminated from the MLS playoffs tonight in a penalty shootout -- in which Rooney missed his pen.
Tony Abrahams
62 Posted 02/11/2018 at 07:39:44
How do those play offs work Mike, do the winners of the league, play the lowest placed team?
Mike Gaynes
63 Posted 02/11/2018 at 14:33:11
Tony, I'm proud to say I haven't the slightest idea. I pay almost no attention to MLS. Just happened to be watching this one because it was quite a dramatic game, played in a swirling windstorm.
Steve Barr
64 Posted 02/11/2018 at 15:17:29

The MLS teams are seeded/ranked in the playoffs based on how they finished the regular season. So the 6 highest-placed teams from both the Eastern Conference and Western Conference play off to see who gets to the final.

The two highest-placed teams in each conference receive byes to the conference semifinals, while the third- through sixth-placed teams play in the knockout round (3rd plays 6th and 4th plays 5th, with highest ranked team at home).

The first round is a single game with the winner advancing. Starting with the 2nd round, the teams play 2 games against the same opponent; one home game and one away game.

Clear as ditchwater!

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