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John Pierce
1 Posted 19/01/2019 at 12:44:27
Wolves playing with tempo and intensity from the off against a poor Leicester. 2-0 already.
Jamie Crowley
2 Posted 19/01/2019 at 13:41:42
Leicester playing with tempo and intensity from the off.

Of the second half. . .

John Pierce
3 Posted 19/01/2019 at 13:46:41
A very good game, JaC
Jamie Crowley
4 Posted 19/01/2019 at 13:50:00
Excellent game, Sir John, for the neutral. Wolves fans will be pissed not being able to defend a lead. Leicester fans pissed they didn’t show up first half.

The rest of us should be loving this.

Think the ref missed a red first half...

Derek Knox
5 Posted 19/01/2019 at 13:55:04
Jamie and John, yes a good game to watch and a draw at the final whistle would do us a favour, but only if we can get the three points at St Mary's!


Michael Kenrick
6 Posted 19/01/2019 at 14:44:05
I see Oumar Niasse starts for Cardiff at Newcastle.
Brian Williams
7 Posted 19/01/2019 at 15:16:59
Yeh Michael and just wait for the "experts" to vent their spleens on here should he score!
Michael Kenrick
8 Posted 19/01/2019 at 18:38:16
No goals for Cardiff or Niasse.

Man Utd roll on with their 7th win under that Norwegian bloke.

And I'm not gonna even mention those jammy unmentionable bastards.

Tom Bowers
9 Posted 20/01/2019 at 16:20:48
Fulham one-up. Yet another goal from a corner with no-one on either post. Another Pocchetino coaching blunder??
Michael Kenrick
10 Posted 20/01/2019 at 17:12:53
Spurs playing much better now, with Dele Alli getting a good leveller.
Michael Kenrick
11 Posted 20/01/2019 at 17:41:42
Llorente misses a glorious chance to head Spurs into the lead...

And Alli does his hamstring. Not happening for Spurs. Is this the end of their title challenge??? Or did it end last week?

Michael Kenrick
12 Posted 20/01/2019 at 17:50:57
Or am I spouting bollocks?

A winner at the death from Winks.

Time to take the hound-dawg for a walk in the forest!
Stan Schofield
13 Posted 21/01/2019 at 14:48:14
Michael @8: Not only jammy, but cheating bastards.

In the World Cup final last summer, football hit a new low with all the diving that was going on. In particular, Griezman's clear dive led to a free-kick that resulted in a French goal and changed the course of the game. In other words, France winning the trophy wasn't really winning in the 'traditional sense' of winning, it was simply cheating.

Similarly, we're seeing consistent cheating this season, with the authorities doing fuck-all about it. Salah does it all the time, gets away with it, and it influences their results to their advantage. If they win the Premier League, it will be similar to France 'winning' the World Cup, in that it won't be 'traditional winning', but cheating.

It is definitely putting me off football. The only games I can be bothered to watch are Everton's. It's not worth watching other games as a neutral, because the cheating is just ridiculous. I'm not saying Everton aren't immune from it (Richarlison falls to the ground at the drop of a hat), but the scale of it across football and the apparent bias of refereeing decisions towards the top clubs has become intolerable.

Michael Kenrick
14 Posted 21/01/2019 at 16:20:09
On the nail, Stan. After a brilliant start to the World Cup in Russia, with VAR making crucial calls, it seemed we might be heading in a new direction.

But it all went downhill, ending in that awful final, for exactly the reason you cited. I effectively switched off at that point.

I try to avoid watching Liverpool at all costs because they epitomize the cheating mentality, always have. But it clearly is ruining things, the Niasse punishment just rubbing salt in... The Everton Way.

Chris Gould
15 Posted 22/01/2019 at 09:11:58
There are genuine concerns that Cardiff's new record signing was on board a plane that has gone missing overnight. It's feared that it may have crashed near Guernsey!

Absolutely shocking.

Chris Gould
16 Posted 22/01/2019 at 11:37:44
Bloody hell, it's confirmed that Cardiff City's new £18M record signing was indeed on the plane that is missing since last night. Very little chance that this story ends well. It puts all of our troubles into perspective.
Duncan McDine
17 Posted 22/01/2019 at 11:50:47
My God... I heard something briefly about it on the radio CG. Football is a big part of most of our lives, but things like this make you realise how pathetic that is.
Jay Wood

18 Posted 22/01/2019 at 12:34:36
On the biggest and saddest story of the day, it looks like Cardiff were going to get a very good player, judged by this highlights reel:


Pace, strong, good header of the ball, good anticipation, and he knows how to thump a penalty.

What a tragedy.

Mark Wynne
19 Posted 22/01/2019 at 12:36:36
Agreed, Jay.
Russ Quinlan
20 Posted 22/01/2019 at 14:08:08
So can anyone tell me why the Wolves Manager gets charged for his celebrations (off the pitch) while Klopp got nothing for an even worse incursion onto the pitch against us AND by the same referee??!!

Just proves the RS have all the Refs in their pocket!

Michael Kenrick
21 Posted 22/01/2019 at 14:12:09
Sounds terrible, Russ. You got them banged to rights...

Oh, wait a minute. What's this:

Klopp fined £8,000 for derby celebrations

Musht be shome mishtake...

Kieran Kinsella
22 Posted 22/01/2019 at 14:15:41

Klopp was fined but in all honestly, I think FIFA have gone way over board with limiting "celebrations." Yes, I could see having a rule in place to stop Klopp running down to the Gwladys Street end, bare his arse and flipping the Everton fans the bird. But, kicking over water bottles, running to hug a player, throwing your shirt in the crowd – these seem pretty reasonable emotional reactions.

Matthew Williams
23 Posted 22/01/2019 at 14:23:41
Yeah,things could be worse, Blues... we could be Cardiff City fans.

Life eh ?... fucking hell.

A sad day indeed.

Rob Halligan
24 Posted 22/01/2019 at 14:40:08
Russ / Michael. Dermot Gallagher said on SSN yesterday that the referee never took any action against Klopp because "he'd never experienced anything like it before", but surely the referee must have known that any manager is not allowed to leave their technical area? Are all referees not briefed on such circumstances prior to the start of the season?

Gallagher went onto say that he didn't know what the punishment would be for the Wolves manager due to being sent off, but he could face a touchline ban. Klopp has had his punishment dished out, i.e the £8k fine, and as we all know, you can't be punished for the same offence twice.

So don't be surprised if Santo gets a touchline ban, while yet again the RS get off virtually Scott free.

John Pierce
25 Posted 22/01/2019 at 14:50:50
Any law needs to be applied with sense, how did either incident impact the game in any way? Both should face no action.

This is refereeing at its poorest. At no point has this referee used his personality to handle the situation?

Straight to a sending off. Kavanagh hopefully will handle it differently next time.

Phil (Kelsall) Roberts
26 Posted 22/01/2019 at 15:39:04
There are a few here who pointed out that we should have sold Niasse as Cardiff had the money to by Sala from Nantes.

Very sadly, the news today is that Sala was being flown from Nantes to Cardiff in a light aircraft after saying farewell to his team mates and the plane has been lost near Guernsey last night. Nobody is expecting anyone on board to have survived.

There are no further comments that can be added. It is just sad.

Jay Harris
27 Posted 22/01/2019 at 16:08:42
Very sad that, Phil.

On another note, Sam is reporting this morning that we could have got Aubameyang but Everton would not pay the £56M.

Kieran Kinsella
28 Posted 22/01/2019 at 16:27:28
Jay Harris,

That is a bit misleading. Sam was asked how transfers were handled if the price was too high and he said:

"For instance, if we wanted Aubameyang, we wouldn't have had that much money to have bought him."

He didn't say he or anyone else DID want him, he said IF we wanted him. He also went on to say that he doubted Aubemeyang would have wanted to join Everton anyway.

Brent Stephens
29 Posted 23/01/2019 at 09:30:35
Nuno Espirito Santo fined £8k for running on pitch.
Paul Richards
30 Posted 23/01/2019 at 17:06:29
The story about the sad loss of Emiliano Sala just gets worse and worse.

It seems his agent, who oversaw the transfer from Nantes to Cardiff, arranged the private charter flight, rather than having him deal with the added time and inconvenience of commercial airports and airline schedules. But most astounding are these final messages:

He says: 'Hello, little brothers, how are you crazy people? Brother, I'm really tired, I was here in Nantes doing things, things, things, things and things, and it never stops, it never stops, it never stops.

'I'm here on a plane that looks like it's about to fall apart, and I'm going to Cardiff, crazy, tomorrow we already start, and in the afternoon we start training, boys, in my new team.'

He later sent another message saying: 'How are you guys, all good? If you do not have any more news from in an hour and a half, I don't know if they need to send someone to find me... I am getting scared!'

Just utterly bizarre... and underlines perhaps some of the pressures these guys are put under. People making foolish decisions for the wrong reasons.

You hear folk snipe mercilessly about health and safety but, in my business, I've seen a massive change over the years — and now, Safety is paramount. Keeping people safe is all about thinking ahead, anticipating what might go wrong, and taking sensible steps to reduce the risk. This poor kid appears to have been shown none of that by those who were responsible, or assumed responsibility for him.

I puzzle over the trite phrase trotted out by rote at these times about "perspective" — as if the sudden and unexpected loss is a catalyst for some change in viewpoint or new reality that comes out of the blue, that could not have been anticipated, could not have been avoided. The very worst (thankfully we don't get it on here!) is "Everything happens for a reason" — which absolutely makes my blood boil.

Accidents can and must be avoided. The record of the commercial aviation industry in tackling this problem has been incredible.

Stan Schofield
31 Posted 23/01/2019 at 20:15:53
Paul@30: That's true, there's a lot of nonsense talked about 'Elf & Safety gone mad, innit', from people who know very little about it. That's until one their nearest and dearest is affected.

There's an old saying in the aviation industry: If the crash doesn't kill the pilot, the public inquiry will. After many crashes, there's often an apparent tendency to blame it on pilot error, thereby trying to divert attention from serious mechanical failures and their possible root causes in negligence of those at the top of the relevant organisation. Of course, the job of the accident investigation is to seek these out, towards reducing the chances of future recurrences.

On the subject of 'perspective', yes, accidents like this tell me nothing in terms of perspective. And it's simply an entirely separate and unrelated matter from me getting pissed off with bad performances from Everton.

Darren Hind
32 Posted 31/01/2019 at 06:24:39
I heard that the shite had one penalty area cleared of snow at half time last night . .but left the one Leicester were attacking under the white stuff.

I questioned a Kopite neighbour who was there and was answered with the usual "as if" response . . I've just seen the evidence with my own eyes.

Proof (if it was needed) that kopites are indeed gobshites

James Hughes
33 Posted 31/01/2019 at 06:39:29
Darren the bbc are talking about it now and not being nice to the RS for a change, whatever next !
Darren Hind
34 Posted 31/01/2019 at 14:15:13
HaHa James just seen their take on it.

Looks as if the BBC may have a new start who hasn't yet read the Fawn-all-over- kopite passage in his job description

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