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Jim Bennings
1 Posted 16/03/2019 at 15:51:43
Watford in the Semis of the Cup, see they are really missing Silva this season eh!?

Rondon just scored a fantastic goal to currently put Newcastle on level points with us!

Tony Abrahams
2 Posted 16/03/2019 at 16:12:44
Maybe Silva helped some of those Watford players last season, Jim? He might have made them look at the game in a different way, but I'm probably only saying that because of what Troy Deeney said.

I'm watching the rugby anyway, and love it when the Welsh fans are in full voice. “Bread of Heaven” or “Land of my Fathers” and a stadium full of smiling faces!

Michael Kenrick
3 Posted 16/03/2019 at 16:59:55
Lots of goals in the Premier League, 14 in the three games today, big defeat for Burnley at home against 10-man Leicester.

Late equalizer for Newcastle doesn't stop Bournemouth going above Everton, pushing the Blues down to an ignominious 12th place in the Premier League.

Jim Bennings
4 Posted 16/03/2019 at 17:21:28
4 points off 15th now which says it all.

If we don’t start winning some football matches then we are looking at our lowest finish in years.

Alastair Donaldson
5 Posted 16/03/2019 at 21:41:50
Just watching Wolves here against Man Utd and they're a joy to watch. They just strung 20 passes approx together. Everton haven't done that all season...
Paul Birmingham
6 Posted 16/03/2019 at 21:47:04
Wolves are a joy to watch. They done us well over, at home, and no complaints, and play with a style, swagger, manner and camaraderie, that we haven't found this season, nor for a long time.

Fair play and hopefully Silva, will learn, but Wolves are a good side to watch.

Tony Hill
7 Posted 16/03/2019 at 21:48:38
Wolves are a good side. But Man Utd have a shit goalkeeper playing for them tonight.
John Pierce
8 Posted 16/03/2019 at 21:48:44
The knife tiwists ever deeper seeing teams like Man City and Wolves play well. In the last 50 years, not even on the radar as clubs to be bothered with.

We are truly 2nd rate, possibly 3rd rate.

Jim Bennings
9 Posted 16/03/2019 at 21:54:18
Wolves play the game by doing the basics right, that’s the big difference between them and us, it was noticeable at Goodison when they comprehensively beat us 3-1.

Espirito has them playing quite fearlessly and with freedom and whilst not an amazing side they remind me of Everton in Martinez first season, playing with freedom and an almost fearless arrogance of “we don’t give a shit who you are we will play our own game”.

This current Everton team and manager always seems to set up with the sole intention of not losing against the top sides, we don’t possess much of a game plan or any real in-game nous or management.

Paul Birmingham
10 Posted 16/03/2019 at 21:55:23
Tonight, the better team won, and well played Wolves, but we got done by the Mighty Dockers of Millwall. And was deserved, as Everton stunk.

Tomorrow, Everton, must stir and show that they care.

Bare minimum. If they don’t.. Its a bad week so far, all in, let’s salvage a result tomorrow.

Cody has more about him, in terms of leadership, than we have in the 1st team squad.

That’s Life...

Joe McMahon
11 Posted 16/03/2019 at 21:58:24
Pleased for Wolves, they are a proper club! And Robert Plant is a season ticket holder.

Jim B, Everton also played with fear for the many Moyes years.

Jim Bennings
12 Posted 16/03/2019 at 22:00:40
Cody speaks and talks Paul, that’s all you can ask for in a defender.

We have a bunch of defenders that all seem scared to say boo and when a goal is conceded they just shrug and slump shoulders back to the halfway line, it’s like watching a bunch of kids under 11 at times.

Our response when we concede the first goal says it all, only twice this season when we concede first have we saved a draw, not won from behind in 15 months.

Dave Abrahams
13 Posted 16/03/2019 at 22:07:29
What was very noticeable about Wolves was the passion of the players on the field and off it, at the end of the game, looked like they really care about the club and it showed in the two players getting interviewed.

The joy and the pride poured out of them, especially the captain, Connor Coady, an ex-Liverpool player, couldn’t half rabbit, couldn’t he? A well-deserved win.

John Keating
14 Posted 16/03/2019 at 22:18:28
Just proves you don't have to have zillions to get a winning team on the pitch.

Seems the Wolves manager has a bit of Moyes and Kendall in him in the way he is happy to have lesser known players with pride and passion and able to be a good fit in the dressing room with flair players.

Be interesting to see what Wolves could do with the funds our recent managers have been given.

Andy Meighan
15 Posted 16/03/2019 at 22:29:42
I was wondering how long it was before the Wolves love-in started. Yes, they were good in the 2nd half tonight but let's not forget the likes of Huddersfield beat them at home amongst others.

Let's see how they fare next season before we start throwing bouquets at them. I mean, I'm nearly 60 and I've only seen Everton in the top flight. How many Wolves fans my age can say that? Er... none.

Jay Harris
16 Posted 16/03/2019 at 22:37:15
You made the point I was about to make.

Good managers don't need zillion pound players they know how to organize and motivate a team and have them playing and looking for each other.

Our lot play like a bunch of strangers.

We need a good general at the back and a good general in midfieltogether with a proper manager not a fantasist.

Gordon Crawford
17 Posted 16/03/2019 at 22:39:48
Did anyone read that Joao Moutinho had actually signed a contract with Everton only for it to be a minute late. If that's the case then that just speaks of sloppiness.
Brian Wilkinson
18 Posted 17/03/2019 at 02:41:56
Gordon, it was Spurs he was a minute late signing for them. We didn't even get that close, for whatever reason, negotiations broke down.
Jim Bennings
19 Posted 17/03/2019 at 08:27:02
Andy @15,

That's all great and all that but Coventry City once had 30 years in the top flight, achieving basically fuck-all, like we have now for 30 years, before eventually going down.

We are a completely “non-exciting” club that never achieves anything other than boring mid-table finishes, never get any shock results, never win a derby, never win against the top six.

Today's Everton are very much the Coventry of the '70s, '80s and '90s, here to make up the numbers but not much else.

How many modern-day fans of any club can say I've been watching my team 20 years but never seen us win a local derby away from home?

James Hughes
20 Posted 17/03/2019 at 15:55:21
I don't wish to come across all twisted BUT FULHAM HAVE EQUALISED, . makes me feel better anyway :)
James Hughes
21 Posted 17/03/2019 at 15:56:21
Bollox, scratch that, they've gone back ahead

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