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Michael Kenrick
1 Posted 14/04/2019 at 15:55:29
Go City!!! 3-1.
Rob Halligan
2 Posted 14/04/2019 at 16:00:37
Come on Chelsea!!
Christopher Marston
3 Posted 14/04/2019 at 16:03:04
No striker in the chelsea first 11.
Paul Birmingham
4 Posted 14/04/2019 at 16:21:46
Let’s all pray for a good result and Chelsea can do the business, at our old ground.

Jim Bennings
5 Posted 14/04/2019 at 17:49:58
All we can really hope for is City win every remaining game because the Redshite are gonna win the lot they have looking at the fixtures.

I’m seriously concerned about City playing Spurs and United and I’d much rather them be knocked out of the Champions League on Wednesday night so they would go all out for the title.

Let’s put it this way, unless Liverpool bottle it again, I can see them winning one of the big ones this season, a bit like Fulham’s first goal yesterday, you can see it coming a mile off.

Jim Bennings
6 Posted 14/04/2019 at 17:52:43
Liverpool haven’t lost a home league game since March 2017, to Swansea and the goalscorer, Gylfi Sigurdsson.


Gerry Quinn
7 Posted 14/04/2019 at 18:01:40
Bollox, shite, fcuk, crap, it's 2-0.

Been a Chelsea supporter for 2 hours and just as fed up as being an Evertonian

Joe McMahon
8 Posted 14/04/2019 at 18:05:49
Yup, it's great being an Everton fan. It's like we are supporting Notts country between 1979 - 1981 continuesly.
Jim Bennings
9 Posted 14/04/2019 at 18:06:39

I had no real expectations on Chelsea today, their away form is fuckin worse than ours and the Shite are untouchable at Castle Greyskull.

I want City out of that CL on Wednesday night so they can totally focus on the league.

Mike Galley
10 Posted 14/04/2019 at 18:09:49
Personally, if City beat Spurs and United I believe the titles theirs. Won’t matter what the shite do, although I believe they’ll get maximum points between now and the end of the season. Twats.
Rob Halligan
11 Posted 14/04/2019 at 18:15:51
I think Jim is right. If city want to win the league then they have to go out of the CL, although the city hierarchy would probably like to win the CL more. What a terrible position to be in eh.
Kunal Desai
12 Posted 14/04/2019 at 18:29:12
I think everything points to the RS winning it, the amount of luck that has gone there way this season has been unbelievable (Pickford, Lloris) just a few. If you live in and around the L4 postcode hibernate for a few months, it's gonna be grim.
Martin Mason
13 Posted 14/04/2019 at 18:34:15
Kunal, they won't win by luck mate. They are a good well managed side and if they win it they will deserve it. I would sooner they win it than City as the lesser of 2 evils.
Sam Hoare
14 Posted 14/04/2019 at 18:34:19
I’ve always thought City would win. Till now. RS have not slipped and the pressure is on City.

They have a tougher run-in and look fallible to me.

Horrible feeling that last day will see us get spanked by Spurs and RS win the league.

Chris Leyland
15 Posted 14/04/2019 at 18:35:30
Kunal - if they win it, it won’t matter where any of us live as they will be everywhere. Full kits, scarfs, flags the lot. Unbearable but I’m mentally preparing myself for the inevitable. I’m just praying that they don’t win the Champions League too. I can’t see City winning all their games as, whilst they have the ability, I doubt that they have the desire unlike the shite.
Jim Bennings
16 Posted 14/04/2019 at 18:35:45

I’ve already booked my six month hiatus to Antarctica (no doubt there’ll be a Redshite supporters club there dressed as polar bears).

Chris Leyland
17 Posted 14/04/2019 at 18:38:04
Martin - how on earth is Liverpool winning it instead of City ‘the lesser of two evils’? What planet do you live on - I’d say Uranus but I’ve heard that there are loads of Liverpool fans there.
Kunal Desai
18 Posted 14/04/2019 at 18:38:37
Brilliant Jim :-)
Mike Galley
19 Posted 14/04/2019 at 18:42:58
I’m afraid I’m in total agreement with Chris#17. It has to be anybody but them, don’t care who, ANYBODY!
Tony Hill
20 Posted 14/04/2019 at 18:43:18
They wanted Eden Hazard to save civilisation, but now I see another stepping forward: Oumar.

He did it for Hull against Satan's Children. The hand of history is upon his shoulder (or any other part of his body) next weekend.

Karl Jones
21 Posted 14/04/2019 at 18:48:51
sky are giving them a huge helping hand next week by making city play spurs at 12. 30 saturday and moving their game away to cardiff to a 4 pm sunday kick off youd have thought it would be both on the same day at least after a wednesday CL game. Thats what comes of having your so many ex players as pundits.
Joe McMahon
22 Posted 14/04/2019 at 18:51:04
Martin, are you serious? Many-Many of their fans are vile!
Anthony Murphy
23 Posted 14/04/2019 at 18:58:43
RS winning the league now inevitable. I think they’ll slip up and still win it. The Spurs own goal pivotal. RS winning the league I accepted long ago, but winning the CL too would be truly unbearable.
Mike Galley
24 Posted 14/04/2019 at 20:22:51
Oh, and one other thing about our loveable neighbours. What’s with the booing they do when the opposition has possession? They where doing it today early on in the game, and it’s something that’s gone on in big, must win league at that shithole for a few years now.
Sky have never mentioned it? Don’t know why!!!!
Paul Birmingham
25 Posted 14/04/2019 at 20:41:33
I hate and despite the RS for years, increasingly more each year.

I don’t see Pep nor City dropping points or slipping up. They lose one and momentum is lost. They won a tough game well today at Palace ( they softened them up for our visit!) If this EFC squad had 10% of the belief that City have in themselves.

Pep is aiming for immortality, and it may fail, but he will try and win all 4,trophies he’s had in his target this season, and the CL has in recent years by his standards been difficult to win.

Not since he was at Barca, has he won. I’m all out for City and if they win every game in the EPL, Old Nick looses. I’ll take that any day.

Nb, I’ve had my exit visa to deepest Peru, stamped for years, but if the RS, do win, life will nevertheless be the same again.

So City to do it, and the RS get pipped at the post. That will be some day. Living in hope.

Geoff Lambert
26 Posted 14/04/2019 at 23:20:52
Martin Mason You want the Red Shite to win the league?

Are you based in London by any chance? or Norway?

Because you can not live in the Merseyside area!!!!

You are having a laugh.

Jim Bennings
27 Posted 15/04/2019 at 08:53:14
We cannot have the Shite winning the league, we’ve already had them win the Champions League back in 2005 so that would be a lesser evil if it were to happen (but still an evil).

If they won the league then that would mean they have won every single trophy there is to win since we last even lifted the John Moores Senior Cup!

Tony Hill
28 Posted 16/04/2019 at 21:07:24
We can be sure that the RS throwing a flare into the Chelsea end on Sunday will be investigated with full vigour by the FA. We can then expect a hefty fine. Justice is blind.
Rob Halligan
30 Posted 16/04/2019 at 21:24:30
Can we borrow Messi for sunday? He's ripping United apart tonight.
Joe McMahon
31 Posted 16/04/2019 at 21:29:05
Rob, we don't need him we have Tosun and DCL.
Dave Abrahams
32 Posted 16/04/2019 at 21:39:18
Tony (28), going back a bit, to a Boxing Day game at Anfield in the seventies ( I think), anyway Man.City are beating Liverpool 3-1 when a bottle comes out of the Kop hits Joe Corrigan, the City ‘keeper, and puts him down, he is able to play on.

During the next couple of weeks Liverpool do a thorough investigation ( stop that sniggering ) and after the investigation reveal that it wasn’t a Liverpool fan who threw the bottle, of course it wasn’t, it must have been a City fan or an Evertonian fuckin’ fed up because Liverpool were getting beat 3-1.

It’s never their fault and it never will be, all their fans are blameless and faultless, even against Juventus, they were provoked !!!!

Jamie Crowley
33 Posted 16/04/2019 at 21:45:33
Out of left field comment.. . .

People say, "We don't generate enough income to compete, we need a new stadium, blah, blah, blah.. . "

Anybody watching / listening to the Ajax game against Juve?

I'd say they think they can do it, and they're smaller than us with a pretty solid history.

Random food for thought.

Ian Bennett
34 Posted 16/04/2019 at 21:49:46
Come on Oumar👏👏👏
Anthony A Hughes
35 Posted 16/04/2019 at 21:53:37
I'll bet Davy Klassen is thinking why the fuck did I leave this lot to go play mid table mediocrity
Jamie Crowley
36 Posted 16/04/2019 at 21:54:35
Anthony -

Probably and I'd not blame him!

What a great story. I hope Ajax wins the whole freaking thing. Wonderful.

Anthony A Hughes
37 Posted 16/04/2019 at 21:56:53
Yes they play with passion, pace and most of all belief
Kunal Desai
38 Posted 16/04/2019 at 21:58:29
Even without Gomes, I expect us to beat United on Sunday. They have reverted to being shite again. Can seen us nicking this.
Michael Lynch
39 Posted 16/04/2019 at 21:59:13
Did I really read an Evertonian saying they would rather the RS win the league than City as the lesser of two evils? Fucking hell, please explain in what possible way that would be the case? I am genuinely at a total loss trying to work out how City winning the league would be worse than the RS winning it, unless you have bet your house, your children and your dog on it.
Jamie Crowley
40 Posted 16/04/2019 at 22:01:06
Kunal -

It depends on which Everton team shows up.

Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde?

Tony Hill
41 Posted 16/04/2019 at 22:05:04
Having de Jong and Ziyech helps of course. But it can be done, to build a team like that. Two old premier league players in Blind and Tadic there too. I thought they were great to watch.
Rob Halligan
42 Posted 16/04/2019 at 22:05:21
Watching United tonight, I don't think City have too much to worry about next week. Of course, it's a derby match, and nobody likes to lose a derby, but as Kunal says, since OGS became permanent manager they have become crap again.

Also I doubt very much United want the RS to win the league, so I bet even the United fans will be cheering city on next week.

Silently of course!!

Tom Bowers
43 Posted 16/04/2019 at 22:15:41
Anyone else get the awful feeling that RS will win the Prem. and Champions league this season.

They are bound to get Ajax next round and City will stumble against Spurs and Manure in the Prem. I suppose Barca are the only threat in the Champions league.

RS will have no problems in their remaining league games as they have the potent attack and always find a way to get the points

Rob Halligan
44 Posted 16/04/2019 at 22:16:41
Tom, should the RS get through, then they will play Barcelona.
Jamie Crowley
45 Posted 16/04/2019 at 22:20:07
Tom from what I've seen, Ajax will beat the rs.

Just another big team on the menu! Real, Juve, rs. Sounds like one hell of a death list.

Walder Frey
Meryn Trant
Sir Ilyn Payne
The Hound
the red shite

Brian Williams
46 Posted 16/04/2019 at 22:37:27
And you'll probably walk in dogshit tomorrow.
Look on the bright side eh?
And the draw for the CL semi's have already been "drawn" so as someone said earlier, if the shite get through they play Messi plus ten!
Peter Warren
49 Posted 16/04/2019 at 22:53:08
Ajax (and Athletico / Dortmund previously) have shown that possible to challenge big boys without a big budget.

They’ve done it with a lot less money spent on wages / transfer fees than we have.

Tom Bowers
50 Posted 16/04/2019 at 23:32:58
My oversight Brian. Still they have to get past Porto and stranger things have happened.
Lots of surprise results in Champions league this season !

City can establish really establish themselves as something special over the next seven days or fall flat on their faces.

We have seen that happen before to other teams chasing multiple trophies.

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