Another bleeding international break

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I ain't one of those 'I ain't bothered about international football' fans, like most, I love the world cup, and the European Championships and usually get swept up in 'In-GER-LUND' mania like the best of us, and as such I agree that friendlies are necessary to try out new systems, players and the maintain a certain level consistency.

BUT blimey, is it just me or has this season had a ridiculous number of international breaks already? The next allotment of games will be the 5th and 6th England games of the season. That's 50% of the number of Premier League games up to now. If you stretched it over a season that'd be 18 games.

Surely at a time when a). Players already complain of fatigue b). Players had shorter pre-seasons due to the World Cup we should not have had such a large number of international games in such a short period.

Added to the fact that it is another break of momentum for our team, just as we were building up a good run.

Affff, I bleeding hate international football.

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Andy Crooks
1 Posted 14/11/2018 at 23:14:54
So do I, Fran. Meaningless games, caps, which have been for a generation, awarded to nonentities. It is as dull as the Champions League and that is really, really dull. The European Cup that Celtic won was special; a proper knockout cup.

Northern Ireland play the Republic this week. What on earth for? Utterly pointless nonsense.

Anton Walsh
2 Posted 14/11/2018 at 23:36:55
I hate them not only for the reason you state but also because the national teams will grab anyone who visited their country.
Lawrence Green
3 Posted 15/11/2018 at 00:33:48
Surprisingly it's been a minimum of five International games played from August to November for the last 15 years and it's very often six games. Twenty years or so ago it was normally three of four games played during the same period of a season.
Eric Myles
4 Posted 15/11/2018 at 04:03:32
And Lawrence, 20 years ago, the internationals were played mid-week and didn't interfere with the league. (Or am I thinking of even longer ago?)
David Pearl
5 Posted 15/11/2018 at 06:01:14
They do seem more frequent. Maybe because I've been looking forward to us playing more these days. This time however we needed it to rest and recharge a few players, I hope they do.

I only have an interest in watching England if there are Everton players playing (and no reds), plus I don't feel any great allegiance and pick any of the home nations to watch depending what blues are out there. I cheered both goals when Lineker and Sheedy faced off at the World Cup. Then there was Wales with Big Nev, Rats and Pat. Scotland with Sharp and Gray etc. There was a time to even watch Belgium not so long ago...

John Raftery
6 Posted 15/11/2018 at 06:44:43
This season is exactly the same as previous seasons. It leads to a huge imbalance with a reduced Premier League schedule over the first four months followed by a glut of fixtures in December and January when the weather and travelling conditions are often at their worst.

One positive aspect for me is that I can attend lower league games during the blank weekends.

Geoff Trenner
7 Posted 15/11/2018 at 07:31:09
You miserable lot. I’m REALLY looking forward to going Xmas shopping with Mrs T!!
Ray Roche
8 Posted 15/11/2018 at 09:23:21
Mrs Thatcher?

Have they dug her up?

Geoff Trenner
9 Posted 15/11/2018 at 09:29:52
Ray @ 8, you are confusing the two most important women in my life!
Ray Roche
10 Posted 15/11/2018 at 10:12:05
Steve Ferns
11 Posted 16/11/2018 at 22:01:46
Just watched Brazil v Uruguay on ITV4. Richarlison came on. He looked fit, but he was not at his best. He could have scored but he couldn't get his shot on target after a good run on to a brilliant ball from Neymar.
Lawrence Green
12 Posted 16/11/2018 at 22:22:31
I only saw the game from when Richarlison came on, it was a good chance and he should have scored, but he did enough in the short time he was on, plus he doesn't look out of place in the Brazil team. I hope that tackle he received in the last minute isn't too bad, as he was holding his ankle. I'm a little bit worried that Neymar seems to be a big pal of his – we may struggle to hold onto him for too long.
Steve Ferns
13 Posted 16/11/2018 at 22:30:36
Neymar might be a bit of a pal, but Mina is his “bro”. Check out the handshake on the latest Everton Unseen.

It is also very clear to me that Richarlison is loving being the “star man” at Everton. Sure, he might not be the best player, but he's he favourite amongst the kids.

In his interview in the Brazilian restaurant, he makes it very clear he watches all the videos on YouTube and loves seeing the fans singing his songs. He says he sings them himself around his house.

This is clearly a young man in love with his first taste of superstardom. He didn't have it in Brazil, he didn't have it at Watford. He has it now and he will want to cherish it.

Sure it could change in a couple of years or so, but I can't see him getting too big for his boots as quickly as Lukaku did.

Lawrence Green
14 Posted 16/11/2018 at 22:35:46
Steve #13

I agree, the lad himself seems a humble and happy chap. However, we all know that players aren't always the masters of their own destinies – but I do think he will spend a couple more seasons at Goodison for the very reasons you state.

Chris Leyland
15 Posted 16/11/2018 at 22:41:40
Lawrence- maybe Neymar can get a spot on our bench if Richarlison puts in a good word for him with Narco?
Andrew Keatley
16 Posted 16/11/2018 at 23:07:23
Steve (11) - Come on. “Not at his best.” Yes, it would have been great if Richarlison had scored from the Neymar cross but controlling a volley when running at full pelt is about the most difficult skill in the game – and he nearly managed it.

His all-round display in his 25 minutes on the pitch was very good, and his energy, pace and movement were excellent. He tried a couple of through balls for Neymar that got cut out but, other than those, he barely put a foot wrong.

Jay Wood

17 Posted 16/11/2018 at 23:30:33
I watched the entire Brazil-Uruguay game here in Brazil with, of course, Brazilian commentary.

Brazil were far and away the best team in the first half, but with very little penetration. Uruguay stood off them high up the pitch and Brazil played out from the back very easily.

In the 2nd half, it was a different story. Uruguay forwards were on the toes and heels and the Brazilian defence a lot more and really threatened as a result.

The Brazilian commentators started calling for Richarlison because they considered he currently offers the best penetration and option with Neymar.

For most of his time on the pitch, he was very peripheral, playing wide right, because the ball kept being channeled down the left with Neymar, even though our boy took up some good positions.

Neymar finally pinged a long diagonal over the top which Richarlison timed his run to perfection to both stay onside, but get in behind the defence. It was a difficult shot to get away, but he did get a clean contact on it, under pressure from the full back and the keeper to beat but put it wide. To put it into context, at the end of the first half Uruguay's Cavani had an almost identical chance... and he scuffed it into the turf for Allison to gather in easily.

As Andrew @ 16 mentions, Richarlison almost put Neymar clear a couple of times, but the pass was cut out. Even the Brazilian commentators praised his attempt at the best option and the right thing to do. They continue to like him a lot. Because as Lawrence @ 12 said, Richarlison does not look out of place in a Brazil team.

He's doing more than fine with them.

Steve Ferns
18 Posted 16/11/2018 at 23:39:57
I didn't say he was crap, Andrew. He made a good run onto a brilliant ball, as I said, and could have scored, not should have scored.

Richarlison has been fantastic this season, and if he was at his best then he'd have done better than he did, that's the quality of the boy. He's only 21 and he can't be amazing every game.

Shane Corcoran
19 Posted 16/11/2018 at 23:49:55
Andy (#1), how are these games meaningless? Do you expect teams to just have their players ready for competitive games without having the option of trying them in less-competitive games. And what do you mean by nonentities?

The only problem I have is that Ireland have a caveman for a manager following on from the previous caveman and a generation of our players have missed out on playing decent international football.

Tony Everan
20 Posted 19/11/2018 at 18:16:02
There has been too many! Soon it will be an International season, with Premier League breaks.
Steve Ferns
21 Posted 20/11/2018 at 13:57:33
Very interesting to read this on the BBC website about our former manager:

But the Dutch implemented a tactical switch - that manager Ronald Koeman was originally unaware of - with Quincy Promes' 85th-minute goal initiating their revival.

The Dutch boss passed on handwritten directions, penned by his back-up team, to full-back Kenny Tete which prompted Van Dijk to press forward.

"I got a note from [my assistants] Dwight Lodeweges and Kees van Wonderen," Koeman said.

"When we were 2-0 down they asked me if we should change things around and I said 'yes'.

"Next thing I knew I had the note. So I gave it to Kenny. And in the end it's fantastic that the equaliser came from the guy who was told on the note to push up front."

Tom Bowers
22 Posted 20/11/2018 at 14:33:33
Well, if it wasn't for the Worldwide TV coverage and the enormous revenue, there wouldn't be so many games interrupting the Premier League games.

All it serves to do is cause inconvenience for travelling players and for some and more importantly, injuries that are sustained which may keep them out of the Premier League games.

From the national team's managers view, many games give them opportunities to see many players who otherwise may not get a chance to perform at the ''World'' level.

What this does is basically lessen the achievement of getting an international cap as many are getting caps for a 15-minute appearance and after only a handful of games at club level.

Gary Russell
23 Posted 20/11/2018 at 18:05:15
Lawrence, the 21st century lost all sense of proportion long before we even entered it, with corruption getting grander and more omnipresent. 'Tis how the world functions and our ownership of the last two decades are a perfect example. Meanwhile, Harry Redknapp has the nation in stitches...
Lawrence Green
24 Posted 20/11/2018 at 18:13:40
Gary #25
Completely agree with you and a programme I watched last night about the pollution of water in the USA by a company who manufactured 'Teflon' using a chemical known as C8 shows that money and power are far more important than the quality of human life, perhaps it has always been the case, never mind in our current brave new world.

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