Marco Silva: Whose fault is it anyway?

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I have not been impressed with the appointment of Marco Silva as Everton Manager, compounded by his ability to identify team weaknesses, his coaching development of players, and his tactical awareness.

But Silva didn’t ask for the job; he was approached. According to Watford, it resulted in a drop in performance for them, resulting in him getting the sack. Watford are still going on about it and seeking compensation.

Everton weren’t allowed to approach him, maybe if they had done it the right way, they would have been allowed to. They then appointed Big Sam.

The unemployed Marco Silva was the only candidate for the job, after Big Sam left. There were no other candidates for the job. His contract was agreed before Marcel Brands started and Brands started a week early to gave him the once-over. But the lower wages than Allardyce and a 3-year contract had been agreed beforehand.

Moshiri was in charge and making decisions, but brought Brands in to take some of the responsibility, at the last moment.

Silva did his players assessment and Brands found suitable replacements and other players were shipped off to reduce the wage bill. Some extra funds where belatedly provided to bring in new players. Big Sam moved out Martinez's players, but had to play Koeman's failures and Brands moved out Koeman failures, but had to keep Allardyce's signings.

So, like Big Sam playing Rooney and Williams, Silva had to play Tosun and Walcott. It turns out neither where worth their place.

When Brands and Silva started the season, some of the signings weren’t fit. The signing of Richarlison was a revelation, until he was easily baited and got sent off. Tosun was obviously not able to beat his marker or get a shot on target. Walcott was increasingly peripheral and the West Ham midfield trio waltzed through Everton's midfield as if it didn’t exist. Everton for some reason never wanted Pellegrini as a Manager.

Then Everton found the midfield trio of Gueye, Gomes and Sigurdsson (a player who had previously gone missing). Everton's right flank was an acceptable weakness and Coleman was clearly identified as the root problem, but was ignored. But Keane and Kouma gelled and Everton were heading in the right direction, with a sort of high press / wing preference. The League Cup didn’t matter, Everton were concentrating on the Premier League. Now, the FA Cup is important, but with little preparation evident.

Newcastle did a job on Silva's tactics and our present direction was mapped out. Brands got on to the board and hasn’t spoken, just saying he is doing nothing till the Summer (as there is no money available). Moshiri has made the statement that 10th isn’t good enough as if he had nothing to do with it and shipped out players are beginning to boomerang back. Mina is looking on in horror, Gomes looking really affordable, and Zouma uncommittedw while Digne now has a career.

So Silva now finds himself alone, trying to Manage a team in a Club that has been mismanaged for years, by an owner who has lost a fortune since he started looking to blame anyone but himself, with the prospect that all his failed decisions could come back home to roost in the second half of this season.

Sure, Silva is responsible for the team's position in the Premier League table, but he hasn’t been helped by the situation he inherited and the Club's ropey decision-making process. Suddenly, Everton should be a top six side and the 3-year rebuild is out the window.

Silva was the only candidate for the job. The next time, there might be no candidates... unless Brands can convince someone he knows.

The problems at Everton are not just confined to the pitch, they go deeper than that. It's the same old wonderful unique Everton, with long-suffering supporters. Can anyone name a similar club? Lucky because, as supporters, we are well used to it. But it never seems to get any easier.

I still wonder how the fan who kissed the centre spot after the Wimbledon game is doing? I still think that not getting relegated that time was a missed opportunity to face reality and rebuild.

Against Millwall, Everton were not a unit; they were poorly organised and poorly coached. They deserved to get beaten – no excuses.

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Jim Bennings
1 Posted 27/01/2019 at 08:50:18
Too many issues are currently the reason that Everton are a disgrace.

Poor managerial choices from men on the board that no little about the playing side of football.

Poor players recruitment; too many players on insane contracts that don't care enough about the club.

I go through the side and my assessment is:

Pickford — Ego inflated after the World Cup and makes far too many errors for me and fails to fill me with confidence.

Digne — Good left foot but a very average defender and I was hugely disappointed with his careless behaviour, giving stupid free kicks away, knowing our inability to defend.

Keane — Good start to the season but nowhere near a vocal enough man to command the respect that a Dave Watson type leader would. Probably not good enough to lead a team in the top six

Zouma — Something good and something bad always in him. Again too quiet and doesn't use his physical strength enough.

Mina — Huge reservations right now. Not the nasty bastard I thought he was gonna be and doesn't seem to relish the battle enough either. Not sure how long he'll be here.

Coleman — Sadly the only way is down and he's not going to reach the heights of his best years again now, needs replacing for a quicker stronger man.

Gana — If we can get a like-for-like replacement then sell him. Again, I don't think he'll ever be a top six player (surprised at PSG's interest)

Gomes — Starting to see why he took so much stick for being a flakey character at Barcelona. Doesn't get stuck in, moves the ball sideways very well but allergic to going forward and runs likes he's in treacle. No way I'd be paying that amount of money unless we see a drastic upturn in his form.

Sigurdsson — Been good for goals this season but another one who is just too slow to impact games enough, if he had Eden Hazards pace and footwork he'd be immense but sadly he doesn't.

Lookman — Not convincingly me at all that he can do much other than step over the ball with one predictable skill. Doesn't take the game to the opposition and run at them enough just runs into blind alleys, not sure he's got many goals in him.

Richarlison — On the periphery of too many games and too much bitching and hitting the deck lately. Needs to buck up his ideas and start being our number one player.

Calvert-Lewin — I've reiterated many times and been shot down, the guy is not good enough to start, impact sub at best but basically for a club looking to play at higher level then Calvert-Lewin is not going to be the answer, not this season nor next.

I haven't bothered to even talk about the rest of the squad because it's basically all just the same much of a muchness with average players picking up silly wages. No leaders on or off the pitch at this club, nobody out there to make really big decisions.

When that game was slipping from our grasp last night in injury time, not one of our players had the nous to do something that ensured we escaped with the replay. Frankly, they are quite a brain-dead bunch at Everton.

Paul Kelly
2 Posted 27/01/2019 at 08:53:05
"The unemployed Marco Silva was the only candidate for the job, after Big Sam left."

The only candidate on Moshiri's radar, it seems, which is a shame as he's about as useful as a one-legged man in an arse-kicking contest.

Ken Kneale
3 Posted 27/01/2019 at 09:57:29
Jim @1. What a great summarisation. This is surely another turning point but sadly yet again in the wrong direction.

We are beginning to look like Aston Villa, a big club with great history but no longer relevant and slowly but surely slipping down the pecking order. The last 30 years of abysmal management of club affairs, lack of ambition and being risk-averse instead of managing risk has left us now grabbing for life belts and driftwood in the player and managerial roles whilst fans look on in bewilderment, despair and real upset.

How many genuine top six clubs would allow the various situations we have witnessed to occur not just once but now being constantly repeated as we spiral down? I really do believe we are in trouble and that in a decade we are going to be where Aston Villa are now without urgent action being demanded by the fans.

Derek Taylor
4 Posted 27/01/2019 at 10:52:24
So the Goodison gates of opportunity open for the likes of Moyes and (whisper it) Benitez. Either would improve our defending and put some steel into our fragile team. Where they would go from there is debatable but it would be a start.

I have no idea as to who is Moshiri's current 'consigliere', although if he leaves his next move to Brands, the odds are we shall be landed with yet another foreign 'no mark' who once got his village team promoted.

In many ways, the Iranian's money has become a curse as every agent in the world knows the man is clueless. The only winners in his arrival here have been Kenwright and Woods who banked fortunes for next to no investment.

Just like Aston Villa before us, we are now a once great club totally buggered !

Pat Kelly
5 Posted 27/01/2019 at 12:20:36
It all goes back to Moshiri. He's a successful business man but football is not his business. He lives in Monaco and flies in to see his new pastime. He probably thought he could run it with Kenwright as his advisor. First big mistake. Kenwright has had fun spending Moshiri's money on self-indulgent and expensive nonsense like the return of Rooney and hiring unproven managers. Moshiri takes the reins and decides he'll have a go at picking a manager himself, next big mistake. He decides to appoint a well regarded DOF but saddles him with Silva. You have to question Brands decision to accept Silva but he wanted the job and will get a pass on Silva as long as he doesn't leave him in charge too long. Brands now has a hold of the reins. Let's see how astute and decisive he is.
Paul Richards
8 Posted 27/01/2019 at 23:06:11
I'm curious how you know these things, Jerome:

1) 'The unemployed Marco Silva was the only candidate for the job. There were no other candidates for the job.'

Is that really true? ToffeeWeb said at the time that "the club's new director of football is also involved in the decision and is reported to be running the rule over other candidates". So that would suggest you are telling fibs.

2) "His contract was agreed before Marcel Brands started and Brands started a week early to gave him the once-over."

That's not quite how I remember things. Brands was appointed the same day Allardyce's demise was announced (16 May 2018). It's more than possible that Brands was heavily involved in the decision, and in the detail of Silva's contract, which wasn't finalized till the end of May. Of course, I don't know this for certain, but I am admitting I'm speculating. Maybe it would help us who are reading this crap you come up with if you cold do the same.

3) "Moshiri was in charge and making decisions, but brought Brands in to take some of the responsibility, at the last moment."

I've read that getting Brands in had been part of the plan from at least a year before, but he was loyal to PSV Eindhoven. So this is another crock of shit you are spouting.

Please stop interpolating things you cannot possibly know. It makes for really annoying reading.

Jerome Shields
9 Posted 27/01/2019 at 00:10:00
Paul #8,

Brands interviewed Silva one week before his contract started. He could not have been legally involved in Silva's contract.

Don Alexander
10 Posted 28/01/2019 at 01:02:12
Derek at #4 hits the nail on the proverbial by citing Moshiri as a football know-nowt taken advantage of by agents, players, managers and God knows who else, but especially Kenwright (with Woods to a far lesser extent) and still BPB sits as his, Moshiri's, chairman.

Why is that?

That said, we just have to hope that Moshiri has the inclination to see it through, just have to hope that Brands shows himself to be a maestro Director of Football (and remains loyal to lil' ol' us if he does mind you), and just have to hope that Silva can turn this horrible squad around and become at least average for the remainder of the season.

Before Kenwright took over, the longest period of ennui the club experienced in my life-time was 1971-83, a mere twelve years that at the time did my head in every fucking year. The stretch since Boys Pen Bill took over now goes to virtually twice that. Shame on him!

Paul Richards
11 Posted 28/01/2019 at 02:07:59
Jerome (#9),

According to ToffeeWeb's own news feed:

1) Brands was appointed Director of Football on 16 May 2018: Everton appoint Brands as new director of football.

2) Brands held talks with Marco Silva, one of the candidates for the vacant Manager position at Everton, on or after 22 May 2018: Report: Brands to meet Silva this week.

In this report, Lyndon Lloyd wrote: "Brands's arrival prior to any new appointment [of Everton Manager] was seen as crucial and the 56-year-old is leading the process of bringing the new man on board as part of his immediate brief ahead of 2018-19 and in a transfer window that will close before the new season kicks off for the first time." [emphasis added]

3) Marco Silva was announced as Everton Manager on 31 May 2018: Everton finally unveil new boss Marco Silva

So Marcel Brands was in place and doing his job as Director of Football two weeks before Silva's contract was enacted. Your inferences of what was going on at that time are completely without foundation.

Jerome Shields
13 Posted 28/01/2019 at 14:44:06
Paul #11.

I am not disputing your chronology of events but, in my opinion, the appointment of Silva was presented to Brands as a fait accompli. As explained in and above posted as Silva was on Moshiri's radar for sometime. Brands did met with Silva one week before he actually started as Director of Football, as was reported on ToffeeWeb. I assume that his contract would have actually started when he started as Director of Football.

If Brands had been fully involved in the appointment of Silva, surely with his reputation as a Director of Football, he would have been able to source a range of suitable candidates? The suitability of Silva was widely questioned at the time on ToffeeWeb, with detailed stats provided to back many of the reasons. . . many of which have proved correct. The only thing that wasn't highlighted was Silva's inability to develop players, as has been mentioned in an above post.

Unfortunately it looks as if Silva is going to take all the blame, though posts to this article and on other threads correctly point to a deeper management problems at Board and Backroom level, which have continued Everton on course to our present situation. Everton have been here before over the last four years.

The appointment of Brands to the Board seems to be the only light at the end of the tunnel. At last, we have someone on the Board who knows something about football, who can possibly change the course that Everton are on. . . Aston Villa Mk ll, as it has now been refered to in the above posts.

If Brands was fully involved in the appointment of Silva, this may not be the case. I didn't like Brands presenting the Moshiri line on January transfers. I do agree that January transfers are risky but, in a demotivated squad like Everton's, new blood can help. I would have preferred that Brands had given an explanation more on the terms of the ‘Regulations and Finances‘ article by Paul the Esk, which I believe is closer to the truth.

The problem that the Everton Management have is that there is no hiding place from the fans. As demonstrated on ToffeeWeb, fans are fully aware of what's going on and where the problems are. The other problem is what manager or player will now see Everton as a good career move.

Over to you, Mr Brands. Let's hope you are as cool as you come across. Good Luck.

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