Let's put the players under the microscope for once

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There are lots of discussions about Marco Silva and his relatively poor performances at Hull and Watford and how that is being transferred to Everton FC. But, if you look closer the majority of this Squad has now been managed by Koeman, Unsworth, Allardyce and now Silva and guess what – they are still letting us all down.

Would a new manager really make a difference? They would surely be let down again by this squad who just seem happy to get paid, turn up, phone it in and go home to their nice little lives. There is never ever any pressure in any shape or form on the players at Everton – they are always blameless – it's always the manager who gets the flack. Well, this is four managers in a row now who have been let down.

Well, I think its about time that this group of Everton players get put under the microscope. Yet another manager has a gun pointed at his head because they have a basic inability to play football and show any kind of desire or heart for the shirt.

They know full well there is no expectation, no pressure, and half of them cant be dropped because there is no one better to give them a challenge for their starting position. Life at Goodison is easy street for any pro footballer. No expectation to win and challenge just a nice cruise along while you earn millions.

We have a Championship-standard strikeforce and a very average squad and loan players who ultimately as it stands have no long term future at the club as they aren’t for sale.

Huddersfield is a crunch match not just for Silva but for this collection of can't be arsed so-called professional footballers who have somehow found themselves playing for Everton FC. I’m sticking by Silva and hope he and Brands can cut out the cancer that taints this club at the moment.

It's the players who cross the white line and they also have to be held accountable for their actions or lack of them. I hope a lot of them are sold in the summer.

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Daniel A Johnson
1 Posted 28/01/2019 at 19:17:53
I hope the players are having sleepless nights but prob not
Dave Ganley
2 Posted 28/01/2019 at 19:31:09
Daniel, to a degree I agree with you. The players don't seem to show professional pride game after game. They turn up occasionally, flatter to deceive then revert to type. However, you say 4 managers have been let down but with the exception of Unsy, these managers, together with Martinez have brought these kind of players to the club. I have a bit more sympathy for Silva but even his signings are not performing. We can blame her the players. As you rightly point out they cross the whitewash and they perform or not but you cannot get away with the fact that all managers since Moyes have not put too much thought into what players are brought into the club. Are they good team players? Do they mix well with team mates? Are they likely to unsettle the dressing room? Will they let their heads drop in difficult times? Is there a plan for where to play them? Etc etc. There is numerous more questions that should have been asked about players but it appears that none of these have been asked. Players have just been bought without seemingly any thought about the above questions. Talented they are but in every other facet they are sadly lacking and that is definitely the fault of the managers and or whatever recruitment team went out and scouted and signed them. Now we are left with a squad full of quiet quitters with no bollocks between the lot of them. Blame the players all you like but successive bad managers brought these players to the club and now we are stuck with them. Silva does have a massive job on his hands and I'm prepared to give him time bearing in mind that he inherited a lot of these sad excuses for professional players, but he also had 4 players starting last Saturday whom he bought who were as anonymous as the rest really. He needs a big second half of the season now to show the fans that he is not in fact Martinez mk2
Daniel A Johnson
3 Posted 28/01/2019 at 19:39:39
Lots of good points, Dave, but it's a cold wet windy night, it's the 93rd minute, and Millwall punt one into the box. The players on the pitch have to man-up, have to take responsibility in those moments. They didn't and now, rightly or wrongly, Silva is getting the blame... in some respect, it's not right.
Dave Ganley
4 Posted 28/01/2019 at 19:51:22
It happened 3 times Daniel, 3 set pieces 3 goals. It's happened too many times this season for It to be unlucky, even the commentators on Saturday were saying that's what millwall would target. Now it may well be the players that are just not getting the message and if so then surely Silva has to find another way of making sure the players stop conceding stupid goals. As I say, I do agree to an extent with your post but I guess we reap what we sow with the type of player we have purchased since Moyes left, no substance, no heart and definitely no pride. Somebody has to be accountable for this squad and the buck stops with the manager. We weren't unlucky on saturday, we lost because we didn't have the heart or temperament to win such a game. Any half decent premier league team would have walked that game rain or no rain. Millwall didn't have any clever ideas, just lump the ball in the box and chances are they would score and they did, 3 times. You are right, the players do need to have a long hard look at themselves but the managers, including Silva inflicted these players on us.
John G Davies
5 Posted 28/01/2019 at 20:05:09
If Angelo Dundee trained Ali but Ali went out and never threw a punch would it be Dundee's fault?

If Nicky Henderson had Altior trained to the minute but Altior lined up at Cheltenham and refused to run, would that be Henderson's fault?

The players have to take the majority of the blame.

Jim Bennings
6 Posted 28/01/2019 at 22:31:18
Too many spineless weak characters with no personality and no backbone to roll up their sleeves when the going gets rough.

I have no affiliation with any of our current squad.

I would not lose sleep if we sold any of them and none are what I would class massively irreplaceable.

I was hurt when we sold Rooney in 2004.

I was saddened greatly to lose Arteta in 2011 and the loss of Lukaku in 2017 was one I knew we’d struggle to recover from.

But none of this current squad does enough for me to value worry or concern about being sold on.

That to me says it all.

Steve Ferns
7 Posted 28/01/2019 at 22:59:19
I agree.

Pickford - very, very poor. The odd good game, some excellent saves. But on balance has cost us a lot of points this season. I still think he will be a good goalie, but he is not having a good season.

Coleman - very, very, very poor. Everyone and his dog seemed to demand he be captain, yet he is a very poor captain. The captain should be a leader, an organiser and someone who makes things happen. Coleman has never been that. He can recover, stranger things have happened, but he needs a prolonged period on the bench and to let Kenny have a go.

Digne - the lad has been a revelation. A few bad games recently, but less so than the rest. a real crowd favourite for years to come.

Zouma - has been erratic. Turns in some excellent performances but then follows them up with poor games. I'd still sign him as I don't think he's good enough for Chelsea and I think he can get better and would not cost too much.

Mina - very disappointing. He was supposed to be the fix to the zonal marking crisis. The problem went away for a few games, but was back in abundance and he did not do his job. I believe he will come good, he just needs a period to settle in.

Keane - another who is erratic. He's cost us at times, but in other games he's been man of the match. Between the three of them, they all seem to need a Dave Watson type to lead them through games. I believe Mina is actually that man, but he needs to be a bit more experienced, to sort his own game out, and then we can think about his ability to captain the side.

Walcott - has not had a good game since Bournemouth. I shake my head every time people say play him through the middle. The lad can only run in a straight line. He can only chase the ball. When it's down the middle he runs out of grass. He's lost a yard of pace, it's affected his confidence and he looks done.

Bernard - I thought he'd be a lot better, I know he can be a lot better. Anyone who has not seen it, watch Bernard score for Shaktar against Man City. This is the player we beat all those teams to sign. He often looks like a boy against men. He's tenacious though. He may come good, but he's only delivering "moments" and not had a fully good game yet.

Gueye - he has played very well. Very few games where you can question him. His effort is always 100%. Wait I hear you say, aren't you the one who would sell him? Yep, I think the player ruins the balance of the side, but judging him on what he does, you cannot fault him.

Gomes - he surprised me. He came in the side and played deep and did what I did not think he could do. Then the oppositions adapted and now those doubts have manifested. The guy is a Rolls Royce of a player, someone we must sign. However, he must play further forward and be afforded adequate protection behind.

Sigurdsson - another whose effort I cannot fault. The lad would run through brick walls for us. It's not his fault we paid £45m for him or that we gave him ridiculous wages. That said, he is not good enough to be our no 10. We can't sell him he needs to be pushed backwards alongside Gomes and try to make a compact midfield three.

Davies - has disappeared. Did not do enough to keep his place early on, and now barely gets a cameo. I'd play him a lot more. But I know I am in the minority on him. Sure, he'd not make my best XI, but he'd still play most games, whether it's from the bench of deputising when injuries strike.

Richarlison - excellent start to the season. he tries hard, and it means a lot to him. We forget how young he is. I feel he is struggling under the pressure and he needs someone else to take that mantle from him and to lead the line and allow him to get back to drifting in from the wing. In my preferred side he'd be on the left of a much more narrow front three, much like he played when he was scoring freely.

Lookman - finally had a few starts. He'll take time to show his absolute best. He is going to be a hell of a player. I do wonder though, does he have enough to really take the game by the scruff of it's neck and make things happen? But that might be a lot to ask of a lad who has yet to cement his place in the side.

Calvert-Lewin - really, really disappointed me recently. Statistically, he's having a much better season. But the performances recently haven't been enough. The no 9 jersey is there for him to win. He seems afraid and at times a bit too casual. I really rate this lad, I think he could be a top class striker, but I am doubting that now.

Tosun - we saw against Millwall that he is the lad for a scrap. If teams want to kick the shit out of us, then you need to play him. He has more fight than any of the other forwards. If we are playing a top class side, then sorry, he's too slow, too small, and not able create anything.

So in summary, yes, the players have been poor, nearly every single one of them.

Rob Dolby
8 Posted 28/01/2019 at 23:44:24
How many of the current crop would you have next to you in the trenches.
Pickford, Coleman, Keane, Gueye? And thats the problem. Even the players I have mention above have been slaughtered on here.

Everyone else in the team looks to the these players to dig them out of the shite each week.

Good job Coleman didn't give away the free kicks that led to the goals on Saturday or he would have had his own thread on this site.

Richarleson gets a pass from me as he does score when played in the right position.

Leicester won the league with 9 players who worked their bollocks off and Mahrez. We are trying to progress by doing the opposite.

If we buy a player like Bernard common sense says that he isn't going to make much difference helping out the full back defending, Likewise Gomes, Walcott, Lookman & Sigurdsson but for some reason we are picking between them each week and the wondering how we are getting beaten.

Let's buy a striker that will solve everything, no it won't as we will have the same lack of defensive cover in the midfield. Is the Silva way the keagan way, we are going to score more goals than you. I have no idea what he is trying to do besides pass sideways, take no risks and defend like the Antony Gormley statues.

Alan J Thompson
9 Posted 29/01/2019 at 04:53:58
I'm sorry but to say that none or little of it is anything to do with the Manager just doesn't make any sense. If that is the case then why have one at all and how dare anyone say that Man Utd are the current exceptions?

If it is just left to the players then we might have eleven or more suggestions on how we should be playing. If the players aren't up to it then who is supposed to tell them that their place in team has been taken by someone else, that is, who has the responsibility for putting the players under the microscope and selling and buying replacements?

How many players were signed by each of the last four managers and what research was done on all aspects of those players? Who has what responsibility, where should the buck stop, at the players or at the man who signs and picks them?

Jack Convery
10 Posted 29/01/2019 at 06:23:46
Its always been about players. Look at the players you have and play to the squads strengths.

Conte took over at Chelsea and in the first few games cocked up - he had a system he wanted to play but the players he had couldn't do it. Simple he changed the system to suit the players he had. FFS, Victor Moses won a Premier Leaguep medal in a system that suited him down to the ground. Victor bloody Moses. How many of the other top six or us for that matter would have wanted Victor Moses? Players in a system that brings out their strengths rather than their weeakness is what its all about.

Mourinho at Man Utd wanted a defensive system – guess what it never suited Pogba and now look at him. Ole has the team pressing, playing forward passes and attacking at speed. The have beaten Spurs and Arsenal away playing this way. Mourinhos MU could not have done that. You would never paint the Mona Lisa with Johnsons Paints, would you?

In my opinion, Silva has a system in mind but the players can't play it week-in & week-out – press, press upfield, win the ball, and attack at speed. Great if you have a 3 forwards, especially someone like Rashford in the middle.

We don't even have a Centre Forward who has the experience to play in such a system and Walcott is finished – Richarlson is the only one. Lookman will eventually do it too. Square pegs in square holes...

Over to you, Marco – you have the rest of the season to discover what Conte took a couple of Premier League games to figure out.

ps: For what it's worth, my bet is Cocu will arrive in the summer if Silva doesn't start winning games and finishes at least 8th.

Daniel A Johnson
11 Posted 29/01/2019 at 08:53:37
My bet is that IF we replace Silva in the summer (which I don't think we should) we will have an initial boost in results and then this lot will just revert to type.

The current squad are not good enough and don't care enough.

Kevin Prytherch
12 Posted 29/01/2019 at 09:10:22
Daniel 2 - I think you summarise perfectly in “a cold wet windy night vs Millwall in the 93rd minute”.

It’s no surprise that players who only come to Everton for the money, and those who are adapting from much warmer countries, play better in the early and latter parts of the season when the weather isn’t as harsh.

Our players have tailed off in the middle of winter, and we’re comparing them to hardened pro’s of previous teams.

Buy expensive foreign talent. And expect a dip in winter.

Jon Withey
13 Posted 29/01/2019 at 16:48:26
The coach has to organise and motivate the team somehow - whatever squad they end up with.

They don't seem organised or motivated.

John G Davies
14 Posted 29/01/2019 at 18:45:31

These are professional footballers you are talking about.
It's their job, one that they are paid lottery winning salaries to do.
I know a lot of them are fannys, can they not motivate themselves?
Have they got to be cajoled to give 100%?

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