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So many questions, no definitive answers; only second-guessing and supposition, probably alternatively known as 'opinions'.

Question 1: Why is Bill Kenwright seemingly still pulling strings?

Question 2: Why do so many fans still labour under the misapprehension that Everton is a "big club"? How much longer are supporters of this club going to be living in the past?

The past is great, our history is great... the last 25 years have been pants.

I hate to draw parallels with Liverpool fans, but they let their owners know when they are angry or displeased. We just seem to harp on about EitC or the academy kids. Either we as a fan base let it be known in no uncertain terms that we are unhappy with the way the club has been run recently (insert your own amount of years) or we shut up.

My take is that, as a club, we have been floundering for a long time but unfortunately the truth is we are basically no more than a mid-table club.

Question 3: Why is the "Legend”, aka Duncan Ferguson, still darkening the portals of Finch Farm?

Question 4: Why does any supporter of sound mind and body believe that Everton have a divine right to be dining at the top table, whatever that may be?

Question 5: Why is it that Everton seem to have become the Premier League’s whipping boys, slagged off by all and sundry, especially by ex-player pundits of our beloved neighbours? It seemed to start with them and appears to have escalated to any pundit who is given access to the media. My theory is that they are running scared.

Question 6: Of what? I hear you ask. They're worried in case the big six, previously known as the big 5... previously known as the big 4, gets infiltrated by Everton. We have flirted with this in the past but not been able to cement that position.

Question 7: Why has the hierarchy at Everton not realised the potential? Well, actually, at one time they might have done... and, if so, why didn't they back that potential with investment?

Question 8, and this is really a curve-ball: Would it be better long-term if Everton suffered the ignominy of relegation in order for the people in charge to endure a reality check?

Question 9: When something goes catastrophically wrong in society, the government or powers that be always instigate a "root-and-branch" investigation and heads generally roll. Well, something has gone catastrophically wrong with Everton in the last few years. Will there be a root-and-branch investigation?

Question 10: If so, who will conduct it?

By the way, I love this club, have done for 50 plus years... but, like many others, I am seriously concerned as to how it’s being run, and by whom.

At the end of the day, football and all it entails and stands for comes a fair way down my list of important things. However, this is my club, always will be.

Someone, anyone please sort it.

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Mike Galley
1 Posted 25/02/2019 at 21:53:36
Lots of questions and I'm afraid that I don't know the answers to most of them.

Question 9. I personally feel absolutely nothing good would come from relegation, be it short, medium or long term. I remember this sort of question being asked during the seemingly endless relegation battles of the '90s. I didn't get it then and I don't get it now.

Question 3. Whilst Duncan was one of the very few bright lights (sometimes!) of the dark days of the '90s, he seems to have become our equivalent of Terry McDermott at Newcastle. How many managers has he seen off now?

I don't mean to be disrespectful to Duncan, but I sometimes wonder what he brings to the team/training set-up!

Alan J Thompson
2 Posted 26/02/2019 at 05:13:18
Jim, I think a lot of the answers lie with those supporters who have forever pushed the line that Kenwright is one of us and all these "foreigners" will sooner or later take their money, go home and leave all those clubs under threat of bankruptcy.

Could they be any more wrong or are we really "plucky" little Everton with a motto in a foreign tongue in more ways than one?

Clive Rogers
3 Posted 28/02/2019 at 10:09:07
I don't think Kenwright is pulling strings any more. He has been taken off transfer negotiations since paying £45M for Sigurdsson and doesn't seem to have any responsibilities. Moshiri has realised he is useless.

He ran the club down for 20 years and it may take the same period to build it back up... or longer — or never! We are a medium-sized club at present, but with a decent fan base.

Peter Rogers
4 Posted 04/03/2019 at 11:43:53
I have asked the relegation question my self but in today's game relegation is financially not something any club would want. We are rebuilding and it will take time – hopefully not 20 years. Moshiri has helped financially but does not have the money to instantly produce a top four team.

Without further investment (Usmanov or whoever), we can't attract the players that would be needed to make an instant impact on a very good top six in this league... so we need patience and belief and hopefully one day we will make those red shite pundits eat their words. COYB.

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