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A look at Uefa’s FFP, what they mean for Everton and how we solve our problems

Paul The Esk

Given Everton's prospects of finishing in the European-qualification places have improved somewhat under Ancelotti, it’s worth examining how Uefa rules may impact Everton as against just the Premier League regulations

Why having a DoF sitting on the Everton board has never been so important as now

Paul The Esk

Why player trading for Everton is difficult this window and why Marcel Brands's voice is key

Record losses for 2018-19 but future pathway clearer with USM naming rights option

Paul The Esk

First analysis of the 2018-19 accounts plus news from the General Meeting including the USM first right of refusal on naming rights

Questions for and background to the 2020 Everton AGM

Paul The Esk

A look forward to what hopefully is a constructive and informative Annual General Meeting of Everton shareholders

June (or January?) sales

Paul The Esk

A look at the Everton squad, who needs to be moved and the financial consequences of doing so

How will Ancelotti take us forward?

Paul The Esk

Profit and sustainability explained and what it means for transfer budgets

Our Lowest Point?

Paul The Esk

We are a club chained to a habitual way of doing things, habitual at least in the context of Kenwright’s grip over the club this past 20 years and most importantly, Moshiri’s failure to provide fresh leadership, discipline and processes. The dealings of the last few days are a symptom.

Critical Times

Paul The Esk

In the next two months we will get a much clearer idea of where the club stands on many of the issues surrounding this beloved but potentially beleaguered institution of ours.

Thoughts on Bramley-Moore Dock and the current financial conditions at Everton

Paul The Esk

A look at Everton's finances, some projections, the club's business plan and funding options as the consultation for Bramley-Moore Dock draws to a close

The more things change, the more they stay the same…

Paul The Esk

Profit & Loss account situation, it is unlikely in the extreme that we will see significant inward transfer activity involving highly valued players this summer

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