Back to Basics… Bring Back David Moyes!

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We have had 4 managers in the last 6 years since David Moyes. Roberto Martinez, Ronald Koeman, Big Sam and now Marco Silva. Fair play to Farhad Moshiri that he has gone in big, spending hundreds of millions to try bring back the glory days of the 80s.

We need to maintain a sense of realism. While we have the cash, we do not have the team sadly. We have a team of pansies and a bunch of unrealistic supporters. Against Burnley, Coleman was trying to drive the team forward and was unfortunate with both bookings. Where was the rest of the team? There is no midfield or attack? Our fullbacks are pressing forward. Why do we need two defensive midfielders?

Most people seem to forget that David Moyes teams were hard to beat. Yes, the quality of football was limited to the personnel. However, in his final season, there were some terrific performances despite the lack of resources. Everton qualified for Europe before Moyes left for Man Utd. It was an opportunity to work at a higher level with more resources to test himself. Yet the same supporters who criticize him would do the exact same thing should such an employment opportunity come their way.

I have been saying the same thing for some time before we hired Big Sam and Silva... Bring Back David Moyes. Give him a short-term deal to see if we can grow together. At least we will see a fighting team out on the pitch. No point having 60-70% possession and losing games. I want teams to know they are going to have a bad day at Goodison and not an easy day when we go to their respective grounds.

David Moyes did not get the funds the first time round… let's give him the funds this time round. He'll get rid of the deadwood and the pansies and give us a fighting team. Who knows that this might just be the tonic we need to make the improvements towards becoming a title contender in the next 3 years.

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Jim Bennings
1 Posted 06/10/2019 at 14:50:24

This is and has been the problem at this club for too long now.

Sentimental moves.

Sell Duncan Ferguson for good money in 1998, let sentimental emotions take over and re-sign him two years later.

Sell Wayne Rooney when he had 10 great years ahead of him in 2004, re-sign him when his legs have gone and his body is fooked.

We have been through 4 managers yet Duncan Ferguson remains as coach, yet more sentimental stuff all great but where is the progressive forward thinking?

Things start going wrong again in 2019, look back to David Moyes.

Trouble is the whole landscape of football has changed now since Moyes managed us, the days of picking up a Mikel Arteta, Tim Cahill, Steven Pienaar, Seamus Coleman have long gone and Moyes stock has fallen greatly since leaving us back in 2013 let’s be honest, he’s now a very exposed journeyman in the Steve Bruce mould.

You wouldn’t see the likes of Spurs or Liverpool looking to make an appointment like that so why, under this so-called ambitious new dawn with Moshiri are we even talking about bringing back Moyes?

Moyes did do a relatively steady job for us but in 11 years at Everton and a further 5 at West Ham, Sunderland and Manchester United combined, he’s never recorded a single win at Anfield, Old Trafford, Stamford Bridge or the Emirates and his overall cup record was abysmal.

We need to start thinking big not just plugging holes in a sinking ship.

Paul Tran
2 Posted 06/10/2019 at 14:58:14
Sorry, this sums up so much that's wrong with our club and fanbase.

Moyes did a good job with us, until he had any expectations placed on him. Then he floundered. I cannot stomach an Everton manager being lauded for never looking like winning anything.

He left us, flopped badly at Utd, West Ham, Sunderland and Spain. Hasn't managed in the PL for years. Hasn't managed anywhere for years.

Are we really so backward-thinking that we can seriously consider this?

Andrew Presly
3 Posted 06/10/2019 at 15:09:08
This is really, really, really grim, Arnez.

Really grim.

We’d be better off liquidating the club saving all our time, money and emotional energy than giving Moyes another go. This being us though, you wouldn’t completely rule it out. That’s how pathetic we are!

Brands is there so that an out of his depth coach like Silva can be replaced with minimal disruption to the overall plan, presuming there is one.

Silva isn’t Brands’ guy so it’s time he and Moshiri pick a new one and we can start looking upwards again. If it’s Moyes I’ll personally take a break as I did under that risible oaf and stain on our history, Allardyce.

Dave Ganley
4 Posted 06/10/2019 at 15:28:45
Have to agree with jim and paul #1 and 2. I totally get where you're coming from in the post but we were looking to move forward after Moyes left not backwards.

However, in that period since Moyes left we have gone ridiculously backwards with a series of unambitious so called up and coming managers that have all failed badly. You're right in as much as the club was in a healthy state when Moyes left, just needing a proven winner taking the managers role. It was an attractive position then, even allowing for the fact that Moyes stayed on probably 3 years too long. Instead we went for a manager that had proven he had no idea how to defend and keep players fit. A manager that had just been relegated, a manager that wanted to play like barca but not actually read the blueprint on how to achieve it. We have lost all sense of identity, any kind of leadership or pride on the field and any kind of leadership from the sidelines.

I'm at a loss to suggest who would actually come to us right now. We are a car crash of a club. I'm not even sure if we are any further forward than we were when Moyes first came. Yes we have more talented players now but do they put in as much effort as Walter's teams did at the end of his reign? I'm not sure. At least we knew we were crap then, now we just cling to the hope that we shouldn't be crap but alas that's not transferring tongue field of play. Just read Silvas comments after yesterday saying we will definitely see a reaction after the Burnley game, ffs where was the reaction after Bournemouth or villa or Sheffield united? How have we come to this point? We are a laughing stock. We have taken plucky Everton to a new low. Pat on the head for actually giving city a game then follow it up with absolute dross yesterday. Yes this wouldn't have happened with Moyes but as the others have said, he has fallen flat on his face since leaving. What we need is a proper manager who actually knows what he's doing. Someone who has a plan b and c to go along with plan a.

Moyes was the right man at the time back in the early 2000s, not now. The only saving grace is that moshiri has money to tempt a quality manager. Who that may be is anybody's guess but we cant be having yet another failure. We as fans can see the issues but why cant the club. Why hire relegated managers with no pedigree? Why burden us with Allardyce? Why grovel to koeman when it was blatantly obvious he didn't really want to be here? Allied to that he was hardly pulling up trees at Southampton.

I'm actually quite depressed at the thought of the rest of this season. I thought that after the back end of last season we could go into this quite optimistic. How wrong I was. How can you not take that momentum into a new season? Why chop and change all the time? It was no coincidence that the good run of results was on the back of a settled team.

I think we all realise that Silva is on borrowed time I just hope that this time we can finally get someone who knows football and can get a consistent tune out of a bunch of Ill motivated over pampered players. I don't know who that may be but Moyes mk2 in definitely not the answer

Trevor Peers
5 Posted 06/10/2019 at 15:33:45
Silva is becoming a very big stain on our history, he's on track to be remembered as the guy who took us down. Let's get things into perspective here.
Dave Lynch
6 Posted 06/10/2019 at 15:35:15
FFS... Is this what we have come too?

We missed a trick big time when Allardyce left, we should have gone for a proven winner then.

Instead we got a clueless journeyman.

Jim Bennings
7 Posted 06/10/2019 at 15:41:29
And to make matters even nicer City have cocked up this week against Wolves, practically handing the league already to that lot.

City didn’t look that good to me last week against us, just as usual we weren’t good enough to take any real advantage.

Michael Lynch
8 Posted 06/10/2019 at 15:43:56
Agreed Jim, at the end of the match I said that City had showed why they were the best team in the league and why they wouldn't win it. The Shite are ridiculous - right now it doesn't matter how they play, they win in the end, either thanks to a ridiculous error, or a dodgy pen.

What a fucking season.

Kunal Desai
9 Posted 06/10/2019 at 15:49:57
Title heading to Anfield. What a dire era to be an Evertonian.
Jim Bennings
10 Posted 06/10/2019 at 15:52:51
It just proves really how relatively easy it is to actually grab the odd win way to the top six sides.

Clubs like Palace get at least one win away to the top sides each season, Wolves have been in Turkey on Thursday night yet manage to go and win at the Etihad.

Yet at Everton we’ve not tasted a victory in 6 years anywhere.

Proper joke club.

Jay Wood

11 Posted 06/10/2019 at 15:54:12
If Everton FC ever again hires David Moyes in ANY capacity - least of all as manager - then they lose forever the last remnants of self-pride the club may still possess.

Any Everton supporter proposing the dour Scot as a possible candidate (and to me it is disturbing how many are doing just that) has already lost their own self-pride in wishing to see him return.

Never mind his capacities as a football manager, for those of you canvassing for his return, do you seriously not recall the conduct and comments he IMMEDIATELY made on joining United about the club that gave him 11 long years as manager?

Alan McGuffog
12 Posted 06/10/2019 at 16:00:25
The title race is certainly not over. They have to play us twice remember. Ha. Ha ha ha. Ha hahahahahahaha.
Nurse !
Michael Lynch
13 Posted 06/10/2019 at 16:02:12
Alan, we'll probably beat them twice this year, 3-0 in each game, but they'll still win the league.

I hate football.

Andy Riley
14 Posted 06/10/2019 at 16:04:47
Jose Mourhino who has a proven track record in the Premier League as a serial winner is available. Just show some real ambition and go for him.
Jim Bennings
15 Posted 06/10/2019 at 16:04:51
There’s a minor miracle needed for City to win the league now.

It’s all well and good saying Liverpool will lose games but that’s not taking into the fact that City are going to lose more too, they play the game far too openly so are always exposed at the back, as I say, if we had better quality going forward last week we’d have beaten them the chances we had, City were pretty average at Goodison.

Pete Hughes
16 Posted 06/10/2019 at 16:05:24
So city loose and more or less handing the title to the devils club!this really is turning out to be the season from hell!
Jay Wood

17 Posted 06/10/2019 at 16:07:56
I honestly think we have a lot more to concern ourselves with right now rather than worrying over the likely destiny of the PL title.
Michael Lynch
18 Posted 06/10/2019 at 16:11:11

No disrespect, but there speaks a man who lives in Brazil!

Andy Crooks
19 Posted 06/10/2019 at 16:14:56
No Allardyce and never in a million years Moyes. Rangers have a good manager.
Dave Ganley
20 Posted 06/10/2019 at 16:16:59
There is no god, only the depth of Hades which the RS has been cosy with for decades. I hate them but I hate us more for having to suffer them. The only motivation we should need is seeing how they're challenging for trophies. It should hurt Everton FC more than anything but it doesn't and that more than anything else makes me want to hate all who are in the corridors of power inside goodison. They don't suffer like we do. Bastards.
Joe McMahon
21 Posted 06/10/2019 at 16:19:15
Jay, with all respect it's going to be Hell.
Jay Wood

22 Posted 06/10/2019 at 16:19:24
And no disrespect back Michael, but once again Evertonians are allowing themselves to be defined by what t'other lot do.

The brutal truth is that they have had the bragging rights over us for three - more like FOUR decades now.

Doesn't stop us from having a ready quip back from my memory of rapier-sharp scouse humour.

Joe McMahon
23 Posted 06/10/2019 at 16:23:35
Jay- there is nothing we can say anymore, its 25 years since we've done anything. Oh I forgot we are good at Everton in the Community, and of course we are The Peoples Club.
Michael Lynch
24 Posted 06/10/2019 at 16:24:03
They may have had bragging rights Jay, but they haven't won the PL title before. If the CL celebrations last season were anything to go by, my heartfelt sympathies lie with any Blue who lives in the city. I live 200 miles away now, so I can suck it up, but the city is going to be hell over the whole of next Spring and Summer for we Evertonians.

Our dire season, and their triumphant one, is going to be the most miserable combination in many years.

Jay Wood

25 Posted 06/10/2019 at 16:30:17
Michael and Joe.

And I'll repeat my original point: we currently have a lot, LOT more to concern ourselves with about OUR club than giving oxygen, column inches or attention to them across the park.

Each to their own, 'n all that.

Jim Bennings
26 Posted 06/10/2019 at 16:35:04
It’s all ok though because Blue Bill can sit in the Main Stand next to laughin’ Moshy clapping his tits off eulogising over what we achieved in the 1960’s.
Phil Greenough
27 Posted 06/10/2019 at 16:35:19
Come on guys, wasn't City 10 points behind Liverpool at Xmas last year? Let's not give it to them before they've actually won the premier league.
Tommy Carter
28 Posted 06/10/2019 at 16:36:46
This is alarm bells time. This well and truly relegation form.

Consider the two victories we have on the board. Watford, who aretaking a hiding every week. And Wolves who were on the back of a very tough European outing.

This fixture list was extremely kind to us, but with a sting expected once some decent teams start coming our way.

Well they are coming now and we are absolutely shambolic. We have virtually no creativity in this side at all.

A defeat to West Ham at home and surely this means the end for Silva. In fact, anything but a victory should result in the same outcome.

I am all for giving a manager time. And I did have confidence in Silva. But these results are simply not good enough and the performances show little hope for improvement. This is an extensively assembled squad, much of it now his and there is no clear indication of what it is trying to do.

Fatally, he is putting a team onto the park each week which cannot defend set pieces and cannot create chances nor score goals.

Is Moyes the answer? Most certainly not. The suggestion alone is embarrassing and cringeworthy.

Who is? That is a task for Marcel Brands. But this club requires a winning manager and I believe a manager that is a huge character.

For me, Mourinho fits the bill. He is a proven winner.

He needs a project to revitalise him. He needs a project where it is not just trying to sign expensive players for big clubs. He needs to show his ability to build a winning team. I think he still has this.

He would provide Everton with a big club mentality.

He would improve our defence instantly.

He would attract a level of player that we may currently be unable to get.

He would take our club to the away grounds of the big 6 and put them onto the park with a way of winning that match.

Andrew Laird
29 Posted 06/10/2019 at 16:49:05
Moyes? He was out of date 5 years ago ffs. Stop, just STOP
Joe McMahon
30 Posted 06/10/2019 at 16:54:28
Do you Moyes boys not look at Moyes record since leaving Everton at 4 different clubs.

I thought everyone was in agreement we don't want another relegation manager.

Paul Birmingham
31 Posted 06/10/2019 at 17:02:25
The worst week amongst many dir3 weeks for Everton over the last 4 decades.

But the amazing spawniness of Old Nick, must surely run out soon. They seem to get the most ridiculous penalties like yesterday and dodgy free kicks like at Chelsea, and are almost immune to yellow and red cards.

But importantly where do we go from here, what really do they feed the players in Finch Farm, but how will we ever be a free scoring team, with a spread of goals, from across this team?

It’s as if we play intentionally not to score and to make scoring as remote as possible. The game management from any dead ball is back to haunt us again from last season.

Leicester, Liverpool, Chelsea, United and Arsenal soon. The reality of being stuck at the bottom is increasingly likely bar a massive mind set change of the manager an£ his coaches and the first team squad.

We need a miracle.

Kevin Molloy
32 Posted 06/10/2019 at 17:08:11
I think it's important to distinguish the circumstances under which Moyes could return, and also the circumstances we find ourselves in.

Clearly Marco needs to go, but also equally now is not the best time to get a good appointment. What we need is somebody to steer the ship home for six months, somebody who gets the club, and is a safe pair of hands, is available and won't cost the earth and try and rip us off the way Allardyce did.

Give it to Moyes, and say "If you do a really good job, you'll be considered for the job permanently in the summer."

Mike Gaynes
33 Posted 06/10/2019 at 17:17:49
Would anyone here... anyone... expend even a fraction of a second considering David Moyes if he hadn't managed here years ago?

That's what I thought.

Kevin Molloy
34 Posted 06/10/2019 at 17:24:39

there are very few reliable fire-fighters out there. I can think of three. one is with Palace, and we've employed the other two.

So, we need one. Which one is it to be?

Eddie Dunn
35 Posted 06/10/2019 at 17:25:10
A crazy article. Moyes was poor at West Ham and Sunderland. He did okay years ago on a limited budget but he has been out of the game for too long and is not the inspiring coach to bring the best out of our pampered pussies.

A big-name manager with a proven track record like Mourinho, who would command the respect of the players is what we need, not some tired old dour man with the charisma of an old Scotch pie.

Kevin Molloy
36 Posted 06/10/2019 at 17:27:22

He's been out of the game for a year, and the last job he did was exactly what he was asked to do: keep West Ham up.

Shane Corcoran
37 Posted 06/10/2019 at 17:28:19
Wayne Rooney as manager — ably supported by Nick Barmby and Franny Jeffers.
Tony Marsh
38 Posted 06/10/2019 at 17:30:09
This article is obviously a wind up. Moyes was and still is a disaster. Ask anyone concerned with Man Utd what damage Deadly Dave did to them. He took the most successful club side ever and tore them apart with his lunacy. Moyes was a fraud and still is.

As for those fans who think we did well only losing 3-1 to Man City last week, look at Wolves' result today. Evertonians are zombies walking into oblivion with Kenwright and friends.

Denis Richardson
39 Posted 06/10/2019 at 17:38:42
This is a wind up article presumably.

Moyes back to Everton? Absolutely not and under no circumstances.

Can we please talk sense.

Alexander Murphy
40 Posted 06/10/2019 at 17:39:49
As if things aren't in a sufficiently shite state already, now we have the Moyseian heretics proclaiming that dithering dave is the answer.

If David Moyes is the correct answer then you are asking yourselves the wrong question.

Stop it. Stop it now.

Alan J Thompson
41 Posted 06/10/2019 at 17:40:59
Saying that Moyes should be our next manager is a bit like asking if Allardyce and Koeman are still on the payroll. I don't think going for someone from the past has ever worked and certainly not for Everton.

We all could come up with a list of managers that we would prefer, in my case Simeone, but the likelihood of a manager presently in the employ of a remotely successful club is just wishful thinking. Similarly, I dislike managers like Benitez who seem to prefer players of his own nationality and whose thoughts on Everton should veto any employment with us, you can't have employees who start from a position of disrespect. Also we must rule out managers like Mourinho who would demand more in transfer money that we are probably allowed or could afford. Even with a billionaire owner we cannot spend all his money and FFP demands we stay within our income limits.

So that leaves us with either up and coming managers from abroad who seem to be playing entertaining and improving football or those presently with mid-table EPL sides.

Alan J Thompson
42 Posted 06/10/2019 at 18:02:24
Sorry, omitted to add or a former successful coach like Wenger in partnership with Silva although who has seniority I don't know.
Anthony Murphy
43 Posted 06/10/2019 at 18:20:12
Not advocating this at all so don’t slag me off, but imagine if

Silva is given a few more games to turn it around (likely I’d say)

Fails to do so, so is relieved of his duties in November (not unbelievable)

Everton look to appoint a stop gap for the rest of the season to steady the ship whilst assessing who should be a long term replacement (again not unbelievable)

They bring in Moyes. Brands ok with this so long as Brands gets to bring in his chosen manager in the summer (a bit far fetched, but not dissimilar to the Allardyce scenario)

Brands tells Moshiri he wants Cocu, so we go and get him - Cocu comes in with his coaching staff currently at Derby. Moyes is out al la Sam (again, a lot of ifs and buts, but possible)

Rooney is back at the club as a coach

Jamie Crowley
44 Posted 06/10/2019 at 18:27:47

Abso-fuckin-lutely not!

Alexander Murphy
45 Posted 06/10/2019 at 18:36:52
Anthony @43.
PLEASE, do not take this as a personal attack, it really is NOT.

No stop gap measures.

We have been in stop gap mode since blessed Joe Royle rescued us. Then of course our shithouses in the boardroom, (including "The Gushing One") declined to back a winner.

James Hughes
46 Posted 06/10/2019 at 18:38:35
No disrespect, but there speaks a man who lives in Brazil!

I could live on Mars and still see Moyes is not, and never has been the answer. I genuinely cannot understand how any fan would want Moyes back, Really please explain.

so we can have another 11 years of finishing seventh ? What the fuck is wrong with you people!

Anthony Murphy
47 Posted 06/10/2019 at 18:51:45
Alexander like I said mate, I was not advocating so no need to frame your response. Was just throwing up a scenario for a bit of fun.

I don’t want Moyes back, but there are scenarios at the club that could lead to this. A stop gap could well happen - Moyes, Unsworth etc. I’ll clarify again - not something I am advocating.

Alexander Murphy
48 Posted 06/10/2019 at 19:01:35
I'd take Raffa the Gaffa before Sulkinho –every single day for a millennia of millennia !

And before anyone says "He called us a small club", YES he did. Get over it.

Here's My reasons why I'd back him 100% from moment one.

2] He succeeded at Chelsea when they openly HATED him.
3] He achieved #2 without a single negative reference by him before or since about them.
4] He defied their animosity and departed with dignity. (Just run that measure alongside Fat Slug allardyce, who still wakes up early to to hate us longer every day).
5] He knows how to win BIG GAMES, and does so time and again.

Now, just suppose, that he became Our manager, then got us winning, then won a trophy, then a few more, then became our most successful manager. Just think who then gets accused of having a pact with Hades ?

Think about ramming that into their faces when they sing "Judas ! Judas ! Judas".

Alternatively of course, you could safely throw us back into the hands of dithersome david who has an allergy to silver.

Anthony, I'd spotted that in your preface and respect your conjecture, but there are some hereabouts when times are shite who can't wait to take a hissy fit, throw up their petticoats and flounce to the wings in sheer horror. (Perhaps this is engendered by having a Pantomime Dame as a Senior Board member for three plus decades, "Oh, NO it isn't !).

Mike Gaynes
49 Posted 06/10/2019 at 19:08:59
Kevin #34, I will leave that to Mr. Brands to determine -- I'm not expert enough. But our resident analyst Sam Hoare posted a list after the game yesterday that offered 15 or 20 ideas.

I would simply point out that assuming Brands is making the call this time, he has absolutely no previous connection with Moyes (neither does Moshiri), so the ginger one's past Everton association is utterly irrelevant.

Joe McMahon
50 Posted 06/10/2019 at 19:21:14
Kevin @32, you may wish to re consider what you say about Moyes salary. His last few years at Everton he was one of the top paid managers in Europe.
Joe McMahon
51 Posted 06/10/2019 at 19:28:45
Shane @37 does that mean Duncan has been relegated to taking Unsworths XXLLLL large suit to the dry cleaners?
Tommy Carter
52 Posted 06/10/2019 at 20:22:19
The bitter pill to swallows about our current situation is... just look at the league this season! Look at it.

LFC and City have the top two wrapped up. But for me, 3rd and 4th are very much up for grabs. Therefore Champions League football.

What aggravates me is that clubs like Leicester and West Ham are in prime position to capitalise.

This could potentially be the catalyst for great future success.

This opportunity will not be ours. The opportunity had been missed.

And I feel quite sick about it all

James Stewart
53 Posted 06/10/2019 at 20:48:12
No, we need get away from this kind of thinking.
Jay Wood

54 Posted 06/10/2019 at 21:04:38
Ehrm, James Hughes @ 46.

Case of mistaken identity..?

Poorly constructed post..?

Read my post @ 11 and my sentiments about Moyes returning to Everton ever again in any capacity.

I couldn't be more categorical in my total opposition to such a suggestion.

Dennis Stevens
55 Posted 06/10/2019 at 22:02:04
No - never!

Who next, Mike fuckin' Walker?

Len Hawkins
56 Posted 06/10/2019 at 22:45:57
The most successful manager in Everton history came back twice — surely that shows why you never go back.

Let's face it, no matter how many £££'s are waved about, which top manager wants a relegation fight???

Brian Williams
57 Posted 06/10/2019 at 22:54:23
Clamouring for the return of Moyes smacks, to me, of panic, a total lack of imagination, a ridiculous and illogically thought out yearning for the "good ole days" and worst of all... cowardice!

Fucking ridiculous!

John Pickles
58 Posted 06/10/2019 at 23:16:38
David Moyes was the best thing that happened to this club this century, but that ship has sailed.

We don't need someone who can perform miracles on a shoestring budget. We need someone who has already managed top players and got the best out of them, a respected proven winner to turn us into the club we deserve to be.

Ian Pilkington
59 Posted 06/10/2019 at 23:26:07
The very thought of Moyes coming back is as appealing as Mr Moshiri giving his shareholding back to Kenwright.

I hope I don't have a nightmare even thinking about it.

Bill Gienapp
60 Posted 06/10/2019 at 23:43:37
Can we put the Moyes crap to rest once and for all? Since he left Everton, he --

- didn't last a single season at Manchester United
- barely lasted a full season with Real Sociedad
- oversaw a wire-to-wire relegation with Sunderland
- was even more underwhelming at West Ham than Fat Sam was for us (and that's saying something)

Also, he'll "get rid of the pansies"? Give me a break. And what, bring in a bunch of carthorses and journeymen so we can grind out a few 1-0 wins over the rabble and get our skulls caved in by the top six? Yeah, no thanks.

Don't get me wrong, something needs to change here, but I can't believe people think we need a firefighter, just EIGHT MATCHES into the season. It's like saying the RS should have hired Allardyce instead of Klopp after they sacked Rodgers.

Conor Skelly
61 Posted 06/10/2019 at 00:02:06
I'm also in the BBM camp. Moyes and Everton are made for each other. It was a terrific appointment in 2002 and, with more money at his disposal, I don't see how anyone who witnessed what he achieved with us could deny him another chance. The timing's right for us and him. Get him back on a 2-year contract.
Conor Skelly
62 Posted 07/10/2019 at 00:20:17
And short short memories some of you lot have. He was fantastic for us. So good in fact that he got the biggest job in football. Okay, it didn't work out at Man Utd but it didn't work out for a host of top managers either including Mouriho and Van Gaal.

I honestly can't understand any Evertonian that doesn't appreciate Moyes. Every manager since has been sacked. I honestly can't remember Moyes's job ever being in danger. A great Everton man in my book and I'd love to see him back. You're all nuts.

Andy Crooks
63 Posted 07/10/2019 at 00:22:49
Connor, yes, he has achieved so much since he betrayed us. He is rich but has the legacy of being utterly shite. Never won a fucking thing, and never will.
Andy Mead
64 Posted 07/10/2019 at 00:36:58
I think we need somebody who has never set foot in Goodison. Never had anything to do with anybody associated with Everton. Never been infected with the plucky little loser mentality that runs deep in the heart of this club. Somebody who can look at all the players and especially the staff at this club and not lose a moment's sleep in showing them the door.

Regardless of how long they have been here, 5 minutes or 10 years. Somebody who doesn't care that nearly 40 years ago we challenged for honours for a 3-year period and still today consider ourselves a big club. I don't know who it could be but he must be out there somewhere.

Conor Skelly
65 Posted 07/10/2019 at 00:49:06
And there is the real issue. "He betrayed us". Nonsense. He left us in great shape for a job nobody would turn down. He did well at West Ham and had Lanzini and Arnautavic playing the best football of their career.

I don't need to know what Moyes did at other clubs. I know very well what he did for us and for 10 years he had us banging our heads on a glass ceiling bringing knives to gun-fights whether we like to admit it or not.

Gordon Crawford
66 Posted 07/10/2019 at 01:02:56
A huge no to Moyes coming back, yes he helped stabilise the club and he did give us some good moments. But he's an ex for a reason.

For years we have been crying out for a winner, so let's make it happen Everton. If not then I can see us drifting into obscurity and becoming another Tranmere.

Oh, and if the Dark Side win the league and build their 70,000 plus extension, then will we ever get out of their shadow?

Crazy times ahead.

COYB grow a set.

Adrian Evans
67 Posted 07/10/2019 at 01:58:47
Has anybody taken a look at the Portuguese Premier League? Sousa, our ex-No 2, Silva's ex-No 2, went to FC Famalicao. Promoted from the second division.

Guess where they are? Top of the flipping league! Benfica, Porto looking down at the flipping lot. We got the wrong end of the team.

Silva looks lost, no ideas, dejected, totally out of his depth without Sousa.

Has nobody worked it out yet? Mr Moshiri hired Silva, but he came with Sousa and others. How has Sousa gone to the newly-promoted side and sit on top of the league? We're left with a manager who clearly can't do it on his own.

Take a look at the Portuguese Premier League. We need to do a full enquiry into how we employed a team of two. One leaves, we're nearly bottom of Premier League and our ex-No 2, now manager, is top of his league with a newly-promoted team.

Questions to be asked.

We need to sort ourselves out and ensure we are not in a relegation battle. I've never been for changing managers like musical chairs, but I am seriously worried Marco Silva can't do it on his own. The evidence is in front of us.

Do it now.

Get David Moyes back here, get us playing our way, ensure we stay in the Premier League, sort ourselves out after 4 years of... what?

Stability, our way, then think about a top-six position.

Adrian Evans, season ticket holder since 1962.

Andy Crooks
68 Posted 07/10/2019 at 01:59:22
I have been reluctant to make this post but here it is. Rangers, after years of disaster are top of the Scottish Premier League. That is down to one man. He has them doing well in Europe, he has taken the underdogs in a divided city and restored their pride.

I don't actually warm to him. In fact I have loathed him. But that is really neither here nor there. He is a winner. Would he come to Everton? Why not. A Premier League job, a challenge.

Of course he would like to be Liverpool manager but Klopp is going nowhere soon. He will leave Rangers. He will go to the Premier League and he will succeed. Can you imagine the response of the RS if this happened?

When we play West Ham, I would like a winner in the dugout. Not the defeated, bewildered, clueless specimen we have now.
Michael Kenrick
69 Posted 07/10/2019 at 02:13:18
Sorry, Connor but you're the one who's nuts. If you can't understand other Evertonians despising Moyes and how he inspired a sense of inferiority that we still can't get beyond, then you need to take a step back and embrace the man's true history as an utter failure of a manager who never won anything (except perhaps the utterly meaningless MLS trophy).
Conor Skelly
70 Posted 07/10/2019 at 02:47:30
He was pragmatic. If we had an inferiority complex, maybe it was because we were inferior on every metric. Moyes gave us some pride after ten years of humiliating, borderline pathetic teams that were consistently among the worst teams in the division. The FA Cup miracle apart we'd been a complete joke shop for the best part of 20 years. Consistently finishing 15th or lower before he came along it was only when and not if we were going down – perhaps never to return.

Out of nothing he created a team that challenged for European places and in four occasions qualified. By the time he left, we'd become the best of the rest, despite negative spends. He bought players for buttons and sold them for millions. He had passion on the touch line, he had a team that fought for us. He had red hair but we didn't care. Davey, Davey Moyes.

Jamie Crowley
71 Posted 07/10/2019 at 03:27:20
Let's get in our time machine.

Let's go back to when times were good. Nostalgia is a safe, happy place.

I want a summer day when I was a kid.


Moyes coming back is as delusional as thinking you'll be 9 again, running through the grass without a care in the world, summer sun warm on your back.

Please stop taking drugs and posting.

Summer! Oh, oh oh! Oh, oh, oh, Summertime Rolls!
Me and my girlfriend, don't wear no clothes. You know, her nose is painted pepper Sunlight.

David Currie
72 Posted 07/10/2019 at 03:30:54
Eddie Howe, experience in the League and plays good football. He is young and deserves a bigger club, has done great at Bournemouth.
Jay Harris
73 Posted 07/10/2019 at 05:09:27
Can we please stop the Rooney calls unless you want training to be held in a titty bar where you can drink till 4 in the morning.

What sort of example do you think he sets for the younger lads.

No to Rooney, No to Moyes, No to Kenwrights favoured few.

Lets have a clean sheet of paper and a proper roadmap to success.

Alan J Thompson
74 Posted 07/10/2019 at 05:25:56
Jay(#71); That sounds like the training routine to me. We wouldn't have Schneiderlin or Mirallas going home early or not joining in.
Drenthe and Shandy Andy would be in their element without the car breaking down and parked around the corner. Gibson could drive everyone home and if the Coach complained that Lookman doesn't put his all in at training it could be said that the answer is in his name.
And with Wayne in charge we'd all be tweeting who he had on the bench, how he plays those through balls and what position to take between the lines.
Jay Harris
75 Posted 07/10/2019 at 05:30:30
Haha Allan J.

Nice one.

Mike Gaynes
76 Posted 07/10/2019 at 05:52:38
Jamie #70, bit of an acid flashback there?

In this case LSD would stand for Let's Sign David.

And it would be a baaaaaaad trip.

Tommy Carter
77 Posted 07/10/2019 at 05:53:14
@67 Andy.

Good one Andy, mate. You posted this looking for a bite. Well you have one.

No doubt that SG is a winner with a winners mentality. His early steps into management do indeed to be planted and firm.

But not in a million years would he join us. He hates Everton Football Club and Evertonians. He has overtly looked down his nose at our club for a long time.

And I for one do not want him.

If we pursued him, he would make it known very publicly that it was happening and would very publicly turn us down in order to further solidify his influence at Anfield. Leaving us humiliated once again.

He is the next LFC manager, whether this be in 2 years time or 10. It’s happening.

I do not want to allow this man any opportunity for yet another dig at my club.

Andy, seriously reflect on your post.

James Hughes
78 Posted 07/10/2019 at 07:16:26
Jay #54 most definitely a case of mistaken identity because it wasn't aimed at you.
Jerome Shields
79 Posted 07/10/2019 at 08:25:59
Moynes first pep talk would be prepare for the championship lads, you know I am right. Everton might survive in the Premier League , but Moynes would get found out like the rest, when money is made available. Moyne s established the two results and defeat pattern that we all know and dread.
Joe McMahon
80 Posted 07/10/2019 at 08:36:45
Andy @67 I'd like him, have warned to him recently as he didn't do the cushy punditry role and taking Rangers is a tough task. He's destined to manage another club we know well. He is a winner though. We have Duncan Ferguson remember!
John Graham
81 Posted 07/10/2019 at 11:34:15
Didn't Eddie Howe get sacked by Burnley?
Paul Saleh
82 Posted 07/10/2019 at 13:33:50
I wouldn't take him back, he has done nothing since he left us and, in my opinion, will do nothing here if he came back.

We need a shift change regarding a manager, we need to be ambitious and go for a proven manager, rather than an unproven (or, in Moyes's case, a past-it) manager.

The owner needs to be ambitious and ruthless, why suffer mediocrity? Have a plan and be ruthless in getting there.

Michael Kenrick
83 Posted 07/10/2019 at 14:30:55
Who is this Moynes person of whom you speak, Jerome?

Is your fertile imagination on overdrive again???

Jack Convery
84 Posted 07/10/2019 at 16:27:55
My fear is that if Kenwright has anything to do with it then a Neville / Moyes combo could be coming our way, when in fact its an Arteta / Cahill combo type we are looking for.
Kieran Kinsella
85 Posted 07/10/2019 at 16:38:41
Jack Convery,

So no to the "old boys" ticket of Neville and Moyes but instead we go for the "old boys" ticket of Arteta and Cahill, one of whom has no managerial experience the other of whom has no coaching experience whatsoever.

Steavey Buckley
86 Posted 07/10/2019 at 16:42:39
No matter who is manager, Everton are shot-shy.
Steve Ferns
87 Posted 07/10/2019 at 16:44:10
Michael, I'd take Moynes over Moyes.
Jim Bailey
88 Posted 07/10/2019 at 17:07:51
Great fun reading all the comments across various threads regarding keeping Silva or getting rid.

For all those who were and still are disgusted with the appointment of Sam Allardyce, he finished 8th. I wasn't particularly impressed with him being here, but he did what he was paid to do. How many of his detractors would settle for 8th right now?

Now, considering Everton are (and have been for a while) something of a basket-case club, who do we want to bail us out this time? Oh yeah… Mourinho, Mancini, Bielsa Simeone... give me fucking strength. I can't in my wildest imagination see any of those even considering the position.

This season as it stands right now, for me and countless other supporters, has 'Relegation' stamped all over it. The club needs someone short term with the personality and wherewithal to drag it through to the end of the season, hopefully retaining its Premier League status.

Not Benitez... why? Oh, he had a dig at us – well, boo fucking hoo. Not Moyes... why? Because he left under circumstances that some people on here and elsewhere cannot forgive – well, boo fucking hoo again.

If they don't get the timing and replacement right, our club will be in the Championship next season; please don't anyone think that "We're too good to go down..." I won't bore you with the clubs that have thought that way and suffered the ignominy of relegation.

So yes, in our present predicament, with the team performing as awfully as I can recall for a long, long time, I would have Moyes back in a heartbeat.

Silva has, unfortunately for us been found out, his pitchside demeanour is toe-curlingly embarrassing to witness, and the body language of the players under his tutelage, even more so.

So if Silva is to go, then it's Moyes for me.

Joe McMahon
89 Posted 07/10/2019 at 17:12:16
Moyes is past. His record since leaving Everton at 4 different clubs ain't great including relegation.
Jim Bailey
90 Posted 07/10/2019 at 17:17:07
Joe @86, agreed it's not great, but he left Everton for Man Utd, where do you think Silva's next tenure will be?
Joe McMahon
91 Posted 07/10/2019 at 17:19:10
Jim the only club that kept him for a full season he relegated after signing ex Everton duds including the awful Darren Gibson.
Jerome Shields
92 Posted 07/10/2019 at 17:22:36
Michael #80,

Just reiterating his Sunderland pep talk, which he was foolish enough to recount in public.

Jack Convery
94 Posted 07/10/2019 at 18:45:13
Kieran – I did say an Arteta / Cahill combo type – what I was getting at was if Bill Kenwright has any input, we will get a hard-working grind out results kind of team as per Moyes or Neville, when what we actually want is classy team with a 'never say die' attitude as per Arteta or Cahill.
Jerome Shields
95 Posted 07/10/2019 at 21:36:45
Michael #80

Sorry, Moyes.

Tony Twist
96 Posted 07/10/2019 at 21:55:08
Bring back Moyes... Ha, Ha, Ha — you're killin me!

Thanks for that, you've cheered me up with that joke.

Some people are complaining that we dare to contemplate getting Rafa in as he made a tongue-in-cheek comment about the club when Moyes played us like a fiddle and was always going to replace Ferguson at Man Utd and who tried to shaft us when he got there! So, no thanks!

David Pearl
97 Posted 07/10/2019 at 22:11:01
I'd take Moyes, Moynes or Sam Allardyce any day of the week if it meant getting rid of Silva.

I have no idea what made him qualified for the job in the first place. I do know what made Allardyce qualified. 8th with the squad he had, rubbish wasn't he.

I've a feeling we will stick with Silva, let him put a run together and finish 8th without a trophy. And then sack him so we can move forwards with a real manager.

Tony Everan
98 Posted 08/10/2019 at 07:28:47
Moyes is not the answer.

Sean Dyche is the modern day Moyes and is does what he does well and Dyche is not the answer either. He is a derivative of the Big Sam school of football.

There has got to be better options for us than these type of managers, whilst they are good at what they do and keep clubs with small resources in the league, it is very debatable that they could deliver with more resources [eg Moyes's abject failure at Man Utd ].

There will be better options than these and there needs to be if we are going to be a progressive club.

Phil (Kelsall) Roberts
99 Posted 08/10/2019 at 08:46:55
Am I the only one who remembers that whilst Silva was the choice of Moshiri (having chased him after Koeman's sacking) that he was not appointed until after Brands had arrived and Marcel was required to vet Silva and confirm he was the right man for the job.

So Brands is not untouched by the latest managerial failure.

And with regards to the Moyes - most hate him for the "plucky Everton" attitude. I would quite happily have plucky Everton right now rather than lie down and die and surrender Everton.

Peter Barry
100 Posted 08/10/2019 at 09:23:36
Bring back Moyes? Now we are scraping the bottom of the barrel. Moyes has been an abject failure everywhere he has been since he left Everton.
Bill Fairfield
101 Posted 08/10/2019 at 11:05:31
Not advocating bringing Moyes back but truth is we haven't had a decent football coach since he left, the man could visibly improve a lot of the players that he signed,unlike the recent coaches were players careers have gone backwards
Dave Abrahams
102 Posted 08/10/2019 at 11:30:58
Adrian (67) if Moyes is re appointed you can have the first chance to buy my season ticket, and I say that knowing he will be in the running if Kenwright has anything to do with it.

Adrian if the move comes off that offer will stand firm, the ticket is for The Upper Bullens, a very good speck.

Dave Abrahams
103 Posted 08/10/2019 at 11:44:07
Oh I just noticed who wrote the O/ P, Desi Arnez, he’s taking the piss out of the lot of us, loved your grandma and granddad Lucille and Desi, you’re carrying on with the fun, well done.
Liam Reilly
104 Posted 08/10/2019 at 12:11:06
And how Jesus wept when he looked on Oddschecker to check out the Favorites for the Everton job:

Chris Wilder 5\1
David Moyes 10\1

How uninspiring is that!

Seriously, how many times have folk on here looked at Chris Wilder and thought; "I really wish he was Everton's Manager or I wish Moyes would come back".

Have some ambition for Christ sakes; pay Mourinho whatever he wants. Even if he'll only stay for a short term. He won the Europa League with United with a shit team.

Stephen Davies
105 Posted 08/10/2019 at 12:19:18
Liam #104.
Brands will have a huge say in whoever is to be next Manager.
Daniel A Johnson
106 Posted 08/10/2019 at 12:30:06
Mouirinho has a massive ego,

He will never come to plucky Everton not even for money. Its all about image and perception with Mourinho, by accepting a job with us it would be like he is admitting he is no longer an elite manager.

Will never happen,

People can name a big list of foreign managers but the reality is our next manager will likely come from the Dutch league due to the brands connection.

For me rather than Moyes, I'd give Dyche two years and let him strip the club and get us into a hardworking, proud unit again that plays for the shirt.

Liam Reilly
107 Posted 08/10/2019 at 13:24:05
Disagree - I think Mourinho would come for the money and the promise of a cash vault so he can launch an assault on the top of the table. None of the top 6 would employ him now and Everton are arguably the richest of the rest in the PL.

It's not like Everton haven't got the squad or the money to compete anymore; it's just that the quality in the squad is being grossly mismanaged.

The biggest concern with Mourinho is that he doesn't favour youth, but who cares about that if he can deliver some silverware.

P.S. A big no to Dyche for me - just more of the same shite.

Justin Clark
108 Posted 08/10/2019 at 14:20:21
What is Latin for “we could do worse than” have been seeing that a lot these days
Tony Abrahams
109 Posted 08/10/2019 at 14:24:15
Jim Wilson
110 Posted 08/10/2019 at 16:06:20
Moyes back to Everton is the most horrendous thing I have ever heard.
There is a big name we can go for who can make us hard to beat and get us winning games with ease, with no poaching necessary
He is a no brainer. FFS
Jim Wilson
111 Posted 08/10/2019 at 16:07:50
Liam - you are right - what are we waiting for.
Joe McMahon
112 Posted 08/10/2019 at 20:08:52
OMG, bookies saying Moyes is leading over other opitions. If he does come back can you imagine the constant piss taking from fans of that lot, allover the f-ing country, It's going to be vile!
Steve Ferns
113 Posted 08/10/2019 at 20:12:27
Jim, Jose Mourinho was on £25m a year at Man Utd, double that of Guardiola. How much would it cost to hire him to come here? He also would want a massive transfer pot. Now FFP would prevent that, but supposing there was a way around it, who would pay for that? You're talking £300m+ probably more like £400m to get Mourinho in, and that's half the price of the new stadium. Is Moshiri going to put his hand in his pocket? Or is Mourinho going to come in on the cheap and go against type and coach the players he has?
Kieran Kinsella
114 Posted 08/10/2019 at 20:13:08

peius facere potuimus Moyes

Steve Ferns
115 Posted 08/10/2019 at 20:16:06
Joe, the bookies react the betting don't they? It doesn't mean he's about to be appointed, Silva ain't even sacked yet. So, is it not just an indication of people having a bet, rather than something about to happen? I'm not a gambler so asking a question here.
Kieran Kinsella
116 Posted 08/10/2019 at 20:19:55
If (when) Moy(n)es returns. I am trying to imagine what kind of team he would pick. I am thinking something like:

Bernard, Kean
Davies Digne Delph
Baines Mina Keane Coleman

He would expect Baines/Bernard to re-enact the old Pienaar/Baines double act. Digne just gets to sit in center midfield because "he is the best player." Kean out wide to run down blind channels like Anichebe did. He'd expect Davies to pick up where Tim left off, and Delph is thee because the other options are too flash. I imagine we would be really boring to watch and create few opportunities. It would be awful

Eric Paul
117 Posted 08/10/2019 at 21:21:33
Joe @89
Relegation seems to be an essential requirement for Everton managers these days
Ste Traverse
118 Posted 08/10/2019 at 23:40:33
It's quickly turned to ratshit everywhere he's been since he left this club and we've a few beauts who want him back here??

Moyes has nothing to offer at this level anymore. I'd call him yesterdays man but he's not even that as he's never really done anything.

Andy Crooks
119 Posted 08/10/2019 at 23:52:13
Dave @ 102, as the finest Evertonian I know, that post is totally compelling. Yet we both know it has been considered. Moyes back at Everton? No, not ever.
Dave Abrahams
120 Posted 08/10/2019 at 00:09:54
Andy (119), just couldn't abide that miserable self-serving man when he was here, the only manager in the premier league who was paid more than any of his players, until Arteta got more on a new contract.

He was well rewarded until Ferguson, a good friend of Moyes's dad, gave the nod to get him to Old Trafford. I wonder if he still regrets it… what a bloomer, I never begrudged him the move, just delighted we were rid of him.

I wrote a letter to the Echo a week after he had gone, "Free at last, Free at last, Free at last" was the headline, a play on Martin Luther King's speech in Washington, what a relief it was to me that he had gone.

Anyway, Andy, I hope you are keeping okay and enjoying life, although I know it will be hard for you the way Everton are performing, see you in the new year most probably if Mike Gaynes makes a return to Goodison.

Steve Ferns
121 Posted 09/10/2019 at 00:16:46
Dave, who was Moyes' Dad then? Just some guy from Glasgow who Ferguson knew or someone in the game?
Dave Abrahams
122 Posted 09/10/2019 at 00:23:17
Steve (121), they were well known to each other, through each other's families. There are plenty of photos of Ferguson and Moyes's dad sitting together at Old Trafford when Moyes was fuckin' it up there as the manager. Aso plenty more photos of the two of them at Old Trafford after Davie was long gone from there.
Steve Ferns
123 Posted 09/10/2019 at 00:44:52
I never knew that Dave.
Steve Ferns
124 Posted 09/10/2019 at 01:01:47
Did anyone find out how the OP got that marvellous name. I bet there's a story behind that, what with him being a blue and all.
Simon Dalzell
125 Posted 09/10/2019 at 01:20:07
This is a joke. Right??
Derek Thomas
126 Posted 09/10/2019 at 01:20:19
Sorry Arnez, but No, just no. If Kendall II & III didn't convince you, there is no magic formula, just keep repeating 'Sunderland' to yourself until you get the message.

I know its the International Break and there's not much on, even so, I haven't got that much time that I am willing to waste it giving you and anybody else chapter and verse on just why not. The Moyes supporters will not be convinced and the veterans of Tony Marsh's MOB don't need telling.

So, for that reason, I'm out... unless somebody comes out with such outlandishness that I can't help myself, which does occur.

Derek Thomas
127 Posted 09/10/2019 at 01:38:04
Steve Ferns @87(?) Would that be the American coach from Iowa, Des Moynes.

Jerome @ 95; too late. 'Moynes' it must forever be when you write on here.

Justin Clark
128 Posted 09/10/2019 at 02:05:07
Kieran, I picture that on a blue tee-shirt with a very angry bird underneath. We are always looking for new revenue streams, right?
Kieran Kinsella
129 Posted 09/10/2019 at 02:21:34
Lol, Justin.
Eddie Dunn
130 Posted 09/10/2019 at 08:24:57
True that we played some great football at times under Moyes and he did wonders with limited resources.
However we failed so often to trouble the bigger sides and our away form was poor. I also saw plenty of us away from home under him. The resluts were often bad and the football quality made what we have seen this season look like Brazil 1970.
Ray Roche
131 Posted 09/10/2019 at 08:57:09
John Graham@81

Howe left Burnley because his family wanted to return to the south coast.
“Personal reasons” it said at the time.

Alexander Murphy
132 Posted 09/10/2019 at 21:56:16
When Dreary Davie arrived at Everton from Preston (a second-level club) We were in desperation. Arsenal were Champions. Liverpool finished 2nd. Man Utd were 3rd. And Leeds Utd finished 4th!!!

Man City weren't even in the Premier League! That's how different the top four was then! The "Big Six" didn't even exist. Not even a Big Four.

So this weird idea that Moyes is our saviour is an utterly crazy delusion. Saying that he'd be better with present money is utter bullshit because no-one had our level of money then.

Roman Sidey
133 Posted 10/10/2019 at 09:31:16
Alexander, I've banged my against that myth ever since it was created. Everton finished 4th in 2005. The so-called "Big 4" finshed in the top four in 2004. Before that, it was 1998 when those four clubs finished together at the top, and I'm fairly sure it would be an even bigger gap in years to find the next season in which they did it.

So, when people talk about Moyes breaking the "Big 4" with Everton I just shake my head. It was a fantastic achievement considering the season Everton had in 03-04, but there certainly wasn't an established top group of the league.

Anyway, back to Moyes returning; I'm a proud MOB man and if he returns I'll probably just concentrate on NBA until he's gone. It's got nothing to do with how he left. I was happy he left and felt justified for not liking him when he acted like a tit once he was gone. I've always said the club shouldn't have caved in 2008 and that was the best time to move him on.

Likewise to Moyes comments after leaving, I really don't care about Rafa's comments about the club when he was at Liverpool. I know some supporters really took that to heart, but really, he was known for saying fairly outlandish things to get a rise out of people every now and then. I think he's a fantastic option for the club.

Michael Williams
135 Posted 10/10/2019 at 19:01:12
Moyes No. Rafa yes. I’ll consider others also.
Mike Allen
136 Posted 11/10/2019 at 11:49:42
I'm not saying I wouldn't have Moyes back; however, "getting stuck in" is a thing of the past. You cant touch some of today's players... referees conned time after time, so the hard-tackling, in-your-face Moyes sides would not bode well with today's game.
Danny O'Neill
137 Posted 12/10/2019 at 13:42:12
No. Just no. Move on. He's gone and failed elsewhere; his brand and style are a thing of the past. As is his stewardship of Everton Football Club.
Drew O'Neall
138 Posted 12/10/2019 at 14:05:25
Yeah, no thanks.
Andy Crooks
139 Posted 12/10/2019 at 20:14:15
Alexander@ 132, I bow to no one in my contempt for Moyes and how he treated our club and I was indeed one of the MOB. However, when he came to our club we were " crisis club Everton", he changed that and deserves some respect for doing so.
Eric Paul
140 Posted 12/10/2019 at 20:24:09
F**k Moyes and the big 4 remember the original big 5
Dennis Stevens
141 Posted 12/10/2019 at 20:24:37
Hear! Hear! Andy - I'm in total agreement, in regard to both contempt & respect for Moyes.
Matthew Williams
142 Posted 14/10/2019 at 13:03:05
Moyes back as gaffer ?... behave.

Jeez, it took me two fucking years folks before I could watch Oldham's winner against us in the Cup years ago, the most pissed off and boiling with rage I have ever been with my club. That night, I wanted Moyes, Kenwright and all the fucking rest of the shower of shite board we had (and still do) drove outta fucking town...

I swear we had one hand on the Cup (Man City won it) and totally fucked it up at home... perennial losers again.

As a British lower league scout with us, yes. As next Boss... No, Never!

Barry Rathbone
143 Posted 14/10/2019 at 17:32:24
Trouble is, we don't do challenging for honours – and neither does Moyes – so if we're going the usual route of avoiding proven winners, the Scot is perfect.

And he knows how Everton works, fnar, fnar

Rob Marsh
144 Posted 16/10/2019 at 19:33:03
It's absolutely guaranteed that at times of crisis like this someone on this site will pull Davey out of their arse, wind him up and unleash him on us.

He's proved at ManU he can't turn an expensive and talented team around even with money to spend!

Allow him near what's remaining of Moshiri's funds?


Dermot Byrne
145 Posted 16/10/2019 at 19:43:03
Is there a game soon? Please. Strangely it is what I long for. Not a great fan of managers in most parts of life but international breaks bring another 30 on here.

Exchange of views or like me, a bit of time to fill and begging for a game of bloody football?!

Jimmy Hogan
146 Posted 19/10/2019 at 18:05:30
Bring back Harry Catterick.
Seb Niemand
147 Posted 23/10/2019 at 21:26:43
Much as I admire the man... and deep as the debt the club supporters owe him is... he's not for us. I don't think he and Brands would be a good mix, either.

What we need is someone who is 33.3% David Moyes, 33.3% Peter Bosz and 33.3% someone who has actually won someone (Rafa Benitiz perhaps). Frankenmanager would lead us to certain glory!

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