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It’s a very over-used quote, but doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome is commonly referred to as the definition of insanity. Whilst a number of people have been credited with the quote, Albert Einstein is perhaps the most well known.

If it made sense to Albert, then it’s good enough for me, so I admit I have used it several times in business and in a brave moment with the wife. In reality, it is a flawed statement because there are many times when doing the same thing over and over does actually lead to a different outcome at some stage, but it is often more down to luck than good judgement.

I wonder if Mr Moshiri or the Everton Board have asked themselves the all-important question: Is there another way? Clearly spending very large sums of money on players in successive transfer windows has not worked. I applaud the investment in young talent, but surely there must be a short-term plan of building a winning team supplemented by an injection of young talent to that winning team over time.

Brands has come in to build that future, but how can we continue to start each season with key positions not filled or filled with future talent whose confidence is cruelly damaged from playing in teams that keep losing? Perhaps a new definition of insanity?

Marko Silva is yet to convince me as he has all the makings of a stubborn man determined to do it his way regardless of us probably having the worst spend-to-points ratio in the last few seasons. Noted that started before he arrived, but lessons to be learned surely?

The one caveat to spending is there is little point in spending huge sums on players if there is not a team structure for them to fit into or if there are key positions that are not filled. There is something wrong within the club if the board and management can’t see we lack an experienced striker along with elements of the defence needing replacing or more competition.

I hate the fact that we are discounted for the elusive top 6 after 8 games, but it would take a braver man than me to question this. I hate more the talk that Everton supporters have too high expectations because, frankly, we should be competing for top 4 or 6 based on spending, heritage, and ownership.

The fact that we are already written off smacks of another disastrous transfer window and something else we seem to have lost. The ability to bring in British talent from the lower leagues who know the game, language, and passion to play for the club.

As I said earlier definitions are flawed. Chelsea seem able to win with an infusion of youth, Wolves have a team of imports who have done well, and we have both but linger just above the relegation zone.

I have to blame the management and only they know if that is their fault or Marco’s. No doubt there will be calls for his head and I would put our inability to defend set-pieces as pretty damming reason to part company or employ a defensive coach.

Sadly, changing the manager has become tedious and expensive as one year's big signings are not fancied by the new manager and are replaced with another bunch of big signings and naturally nobody wants to buy the cast-offs so we lose fortunes. I am sure we must be close to the top of the depreciation league when it comes to selling players on.

I do smile when I read about Moyes being thrown into the mix as a possible messiah and the utter hatred that some fans feel toward him.

Maybe you have to be a certain age to remember the years of utter rubbish that proceeded Moyes or the glorious 4th place finish with the world-class Marcus Bent leading the line he delivered. I am joking about being 'world-class', but Bent did have a glorious season, more importantly supported by a midfield and defence who knew that victory starts with one goal and a clean sheet.

Perhaps that something we have to learn again as the basic building block of future success.

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Ash Moore
1 Posted 08/10/2019 at 19:48:47
Modern life is frustration. The iphone and unlimited information has changed the world so quickly and thoroughly that it's hard to remember what it was like before it all happened and we all lived through it!

Getting up to the minute highlights to my mobile device of choice is certainly better than the pink echo and refreshing teletext to get the scores. But it's important to remember that every time something is gained something else is lost.

Attention spans are so short now it's disturbing. In the age of communication it's fittingly ironic that few people seem to have learned how to communicate. Watching a film or show on the telly from even fifteen years ago you immediately note the lack of people with their head buried in their phones and long for it.

The cheap and widespread ability to disseminate and share information has been amazing. Any interest can now be pursued from virtually anywhere, and it's never been easier to find like minded people to converse on your topic of interest. A good thing. The downside is the rise of the armchair ignoramus. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, they used to say. That's by the wayside as that Gok fool off the telly thinks he's a chef, teenage girls think they're social media megastars, lads grow up wanting to "stream games" for a living and a third of ToffeeWeb think they know more than Sir Alf Ramsey, the Dome and Shankly rolled into one.

Frustration, to me, is a gobshite posting here nonstop as if he's the font of all wisdom, whilst I struggle to remember any statement claim or assertion he's actually gotten correct. That modern attention span strikes again!
Frustration is the modern world, Mr Fisher. I think I'll have a mass made lager, pie and chips and a binge watch of old Open All Hours now. Granville, fetch a cloth!
(It's not all bad then )

Stan Schofield
2 Posted 08/10/2019 at 20:12:09
Both talent and hard work are always required for 'real achievement' as opposed to bullshit 'achievement', and the age of information technology has not changed that fact.

Social media can be handled like any other media, by ignoring most of it, for example unfollowing folks on sites like Facebook when they post drivel, or not reading posts on ToffeeWeb if the poster tends to irritate you.

It's not compulsory to read online news, and often advantageous not to (or certainly to be very selective) given the shallowness and misinformation contained in much of it. It takes work, attention to detail, to understand most things, but many people either can't or won't put that work in. That's always been so, and probably will remain so.

When any team plays badly for too long, folks will demand the manager be sacked. Many Liverpool supporters were calling for Klopp's head only two years ago, following three successive defeats. Many Evertonians are now calling for Silva's sacking, even though there are deeper-rooted problems with Everton. In contrast, when there's a good run the demands are opposite, and the manager can become a genius.

Such changes of perception have always been a part of football, and no doubt will remain so. It's just that social media has made it all more explicit more rapidly. In other words, people have not changed with this technology, but the ease and speed of communication can make it look as though they have.

Ash Moore
3 Posted 08/10/2019 at 20:28:16
Only partially correct Stan. Once upon a time space was a limited thing, so much so that only those with worthy opinions were heard. This interweb nonsense has given a space and voice to those one would normally cross the street to avoid - and by no means are all or even most of us bright enough to spot them all the time!

With a name like Stan I expect that blocking or ignoring social media comes a little easier to you than it does to me, and it comes easier to me than it does to my son. The longer the exposure to this technology, the less able one seems to ignore it, do without it or source information from other places.

I do appreciate your comments sir, they are both sensible and mainly correct. But many of my points stand. The phone or tablet everyone has their head buried in makes that person the star... even it is only the star of one screen. That's the power of them, and why their use continues and will continue to grow unchecked.

It was wisely said that even if you are in a minority of one, the Truth is the Truth. What wasn't remarked upon is how useless and futile it is to be that minority, when it is no longer possible to convince fools of their foolishness.

Kieran Kinsella
4 Posted 08/10/2019 at 20:52:15

The Internet forums such as ToffeeWeb are just a modern alternative to the Pub since we are more actively mobile (move around the globe) and work irregular hours with the 24 hour society. Like any match day pub, you've got your regulars like Jay Wood, Mike Gaynes and Steve Ferns. You have your quiet loner in the corner who occasionally has an outburst -- Tony Marsh. You get some who used to frequent the pub but now drop in now and then like Glassar and Gerald, and you get your lurkers who are generally quiet but listen the conversation and may agree or disagree with the discussion. Every now and then you get a belligerent stranger who comes in just to stir up trouble. And very occasionally, one of the regulars has one too many, mouths off and gets barred.

Stan Schofield
5 Posted 08/10/2019 at 21:05:35
Ash, I understand what you mean when you refer to a name like Stan, which perhaps gives away my age. However, I do know sensible young folk who employ the same strategy as myself, and it seems to work for them as well. It's partly a problem of self-management, and its treatment can be improved with practice. People have always written a lot of shite, but now there is a lot more of it, produced far more rapidly, which itself necessitates the self-management I referred to. Ignoring shite can, depending on the circumstances, be far more powerful than responding to it. Many on social media are mere attention seekers, and ignoring them equates to starving them of the very thing they crave.

Kieran, I agree, with the caveat (discussed recently on ToffeeWeb) that unlike a pub, posts on ToffeeWeb, like many social media posts, cannot capture body language, a thing that's so important in face-to-face communications. Its absence produces much of the escalation that we see, since folks can take written comments in a way that the writer did not intend, and thereby go off on all kinds of tangents.

Ash Moore
6 Posted 08/10/2019 at 21:13:28
Your name betrays your age Stan, true, but your wisdom is timeless. In my experience the young people today who can separate themselves from the technology are as hard to find as - the old saying goes - rocking horse shit. You obviously mix in better circles than I do.

Kieran - a big difference is the loud mouth in the pub who drives all the regulars up the road to the other pub gets barred, or the other drinkers make it known that fella is not welcome in their gaff anymore. Doesn't happen on the internet.
I'd suggest the Glassars and Gerards have not given up the ale, but instead they've found a place more to their liking. Good ale, comparable prices, no loudmouths and where you can hear yourself think instead of just one or two blokes rambling rubbish loudly.

Kieran Kinsella
7 Posted 08/10/2019 at 21:23:51

They definitely haven't given up the ale if they still support Everton

Stan Schofield
8 Posted 08/10/2019 at 21:26:43
Thanks for the wisdom comment. As someone once said, wisdom is what is left when everything you've learned has been forgotten. With my memory, I must be very wise!

I was in Wetherspoons in Bootle about 15 years ago (we went regularly at lunchtime, working not far away). One of the regulars, a retired local guy, an ordinary resident of Bootle with what many would say is a rough Scouse accent, walked in and went up to the bar. He said to the barman, "Pint of bitter Joey". The barman, Joey, began pouring him a pint. The guy said to Joey, "Where's Billy?". Joey said, "It's his day off today". The guy said, "What's up with Billy?". Joey said, "Whatdya mean, what's up with Billy?". The guy said, "When I came in yesterday, he wouldn't serve me!". Joey said, "Do you know why he wouldn't serve you?". The guy said, "No, why?". Joey said, "Because you're a fuckin nark!!"

It was very funny.

Ash Moore
9 Posted 08/10/2019 at 21:56:16
@ Stan and Kieran -

I said to Mike Gaynes earlier I remember when I used to come here and die of laughter from the comments on here. Thanks both of you, you and Mr Gaynes have all given me a laugh today. And the way we're playing I need as many laughs as I can get!

My great uncle Joey was a docker Stan, all the Everton side of the family are originally from out Bootle way. He was the funniest man I've ever met.
Anyway, his wife and great uncle Joey were tiffing, and she packed it in and went to her Mams. Joey did what most fellas did when the other half packed up and left. He went to the Irish club and got absolutely guttered.
The next day my grand dad was waiting for Joey on the corner and he was way past when he should have been there. Grand Dad went down to knock on his door and give him a rouse, but lo and behold when he knocked on it it swung open. On the couch snoring like an aeroplane taking off was Joey. Grand dad guessed that Joey had a big night and tried to wake up but he was out cold. Grand Dad picked him up, dragged him to the bathroom and took his gear off before placing him in the shower. He then blasted him with the icy water, and managed to achieve a minor miracle in getting Joey back to consciousness.
Ten minutes later Joey was in his work gear and they were hauling arse down the Knowsley road so they wouldn't be quartered.
The day passed without further incident, and after the work the lads were back in the Irish having a few jars. Me Grandad was there first, and then Joey walked in.
"Didn't think you'd need a pint after the state I found you in this morning Joe" Grand Dad observed.
"Not my finest hour" Joey agreed.
"I do have a question though lad" Grand Dad said.
"Ask away."
"When I stripped you off to get you in the shower I've never seen so many blackheads in all my life. What are you doing with yourself to get an arse full of blackheads Joey?" Me Grand Dad teased.
"Ah kid. They're not blackheads." Joey replied.
"I've seen them with me own eyes much as I'd like to unsee them. If they're not blackheads then what are they precisely?"Grand Dad needled.
"Oh lad, they're most definitely not blackheads. "Joey took a swig off his ale. "No kid - they're love bites".
Grand Dad reckons he laughed so hard ale his ale came from his ears.

Once again, many thanks again gentleman. It's been a genuine pleasure.

Kieran Kinsella
10 Posted 08/10/2019 at 22:13:14

Match day forum usually causes me to laugh

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