Is Carlo Ancelotti the man to break the spell?

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Looking at how the fixtures are falling... after Saturday against Crystal Palace, we might be in 7th place for 6 days! That’s if my math is correct!

Three points against Palace will jump us above Wolves and Man Utd onto 36 points. Due to our wonderful Winter Break (think I will be going skiing in Aspen, Colorado... or not!) there is no-one who can stop us – except ourselves and Palace – until Wolves play Leicester later in the week!

Now I am sure many of us have been here before with Everton in the last 5 years. All we needed was a win to jump into 4th, 5th or 6th place in the Premier League but we always failed miserably! Was it down to the players or could the blame be laid squarely at the feet of our managers who could never get us to win that important game?

Now, here we are again! A win against Crystal Palace at home and we are in 7th place for at least 6 days! Unbelievable based on where we were at the end of November! But is Carlo Ancelotti the magician to wave his wand and get us to 7th place? I thought maybe I should keep my fingers away from my iPad just in case I jinx it! We shall see...

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Alan J Thompson
1 Posted 04/02/2020 at 13:39:30
Didn't Mr Ancellotti get young Walcott to explain that it is all down to Uncle Bill not coming good with the Panto tickets again and Wayne unavailable to organize anything so the players had a quiet Christmas get together of their own?

Shortly, Mr Ancellotti will arrange that Chinese restaurant in Southport that has raised players' spirits in the past. No good watching videos of our recent games as Mr Ancellotti, like Mr Catterick, would have told us if it was some training ground secret, wouldn't he?
Derek Thomas
2 Posted 04/02/2020 at 14:03:41
Too late mate you've already jinxed it... unless you are correct and Ancelotti IS the many to break the spell.

You're right though to focus on the one game versus Palace, because these... 'the next 5 games are easy and should see us with 13 points' articles are pure temptation to Murphy's Law.

One game at a time... let Ancelotti do what he does and let the others do whatever they do, then see where we are in May.

Steve Brown
3 Posted 04/02/2020 at 14:45:52
Everton are second in the form table based on the seven games Ancelotti has been in charge, behind Liverpool but ahead of Man City. Duncan did a brilliant job in the games against Chelsea, Arsenal and Man Utd, so the challenge for Carlo is to match that in the equivalent fixtures.
Richard Duff
5 Posted 04/02/2020 at 16:48:21
Lets try and win 10 : 0 so we go sixth!!

Seriously though, 1 game at a time is the only approach we should have now that our season is in one competition, and I think Carlo will be saying so.

My fear is that we will ultimately lose out on a couple of places due to our goal difference. We have too much to claw back against the teams around us and I can't see us getting say, a 14 goal swing with Spurs.

Tony Everan
6 Posted 05/02/2020 at 12:09:31
We are in better form than Crystal Palace, we have better players and and a better squad than Crystal Palace. We are scoring more goals than Crystal Palace. We are at home and have a better manager.

Same facts as for our last home match against Newcastle, to get the win we will have to start well, be full on and focused for the full 90 mins. [or 96mins as the case may be]. I predicted on here we would beat Newcastle 2-0 ! how wrong can you be ?

But David, I can see us winning it 3-1, and you will be in 7th heaven.

Tom Bowers
7 Posted 05/02/2020 at 12:34:44
We can but hope as we all have seen so many times Everton fail to deliver when expected. After the Barcodes collapse and the woeful first 40 minutes at Watford who knows what to expect even against Palace.

We are favored of course being at home and with Carlo slowly getting his act together we shouldn't fall at this particular hurdle as their are some toughies coming up.

Dave Abrahams
8 Posted 05/02/2020 at 14:05:51
Yes David, I think Carlo Ancelotti can be the man to break the spell and take us forward, but not this season, not with squad of players, and definitely not with these centre midfielders, just not good enough.

Give the manager and Mr.Brands another year together, hopefully, and we might start seeing the club moving upwards and continuing in that direction, season after season, we fans have shown, more than most fans how patient we have been,under the two above I think that patience will be rewarded and prove that patience is a virtue. One step at a time.

Jason Wilkinson
9 Posted 05/02/2020 at 14:20:11
You are so right. Every time we need a win to climb the table (significantly climb the table) we pull an absolute stinker. It always seems to be against teams we think we should beat too.

We have away trips to Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs, Sheff U and Wolves. All teams above us. Not losing will determine where we finish, provided we can beat the teams below us at home.

Five away draws or better in these fixtures along with results against Palace, Norwich, Villa, Saints and Bournemouth

That leaves Leicester, Man U and The shite to get decent results from. We could, maybe, with other results. Be in 4th!!!

Whisper it quietly though. We don't wish to anger the footie gods or Sky/BT/Amazon prime. They don't like their top six being raided by plucky little clubs with proper stadiums. Wankers.

Are we good enough to achieve it? In my opinion NO. But the rest of the league, The shite apart is average to say the least. So why not?

Derek Thomas
10 Posted 05/02/2020 at 14:47:02
You can throw a blanket over 6th to14th - 6pts. Why? Because they're all inconsistent. We're a lot less inconsistent now since Silva left.
So there's a good chance we can move up, except, except, we've seen this all before.

Lets wait and see...we live in hope.

David Pearl
11 Posted 05/02/2020 at 15:24:32
We should be looking up to 4th, not 7th. The points we’ve dropped this season is typical but Carlo is here to change the mindset... of the players. Ours should never change.

We do have some hard games left on paper but who apart from the top 2 have really been consistent? Our central midfield has been poor this season but we have Gomes back soon, along with (and brace yourselves) a certain French misfit that’s coming back into form.

So scoff if you like but our players are picking up a head of steam. Watch this space!

David Cooper
12 Posted 05/02/2020 at 16:16:59
What do you think it is that has held us back every time we have an opportunity to move into the top positions?

It has happened so often with different managers and players. Is it more than our lack of technical and physicality that has let us down. When we talk about coach education we look at four criteria that a coach must understand - the two I have already mentioned plus social (team spirit) and psychological (what goes on between the ears). We can all name players over this period who have shown this, but who will show this winning mindset on Saturday? Who will be our leader regardless of who wears “the captain's armband”? It's easier to say who probably won't step up than who will. On current form only Calvert-Lewis, Holgate and Richarlison come to mind. So let's hope everyone turns up on Saturday with a winning mindset!

Brian Williams
13 Posted 05/02/2020 at 16:20:19
I've got us finishing 10th on 48 points, I think it was. Interested to know others’ forecasts, predictions?
Tony Abrahams
14 Posted 05/02/2020 at 16:53:19
David Moyes, was a flat-track bully, and nothing more. All his best victories came at Goodison, roared on by a very passionate crowd, and although you can’t take his 4th place position away from him, he left behind a legacy of fear, which still needs to be broken, if Everton are to ever get back to where they belong!

No more free-hits, is what we need to strive for, it’s going to be a long road, but loads of heart, loads of fight, and loads of belief, is the only thing that will get us keeping right on, to borrow a phrase from the Birmingham blues!

Michael O'Malley
15 Posted 05/02/2020 at 21:35:19
Long time reader and new TW member. As a 50-year-old die-hard blue, I was a teenager in the 80s and seen us lift trophies. I've also walked out of Wembley in tears after losing to the RS.

I'm praying that Carlo can give us the good times back, the players seem to be becoming a tight-knit unit, it was great to see them all celebrate the winner against Watford. If any set of fans deserve a bit of success, it's us Blues.

Danny Baily
16 Posted 06/02/2020 at 12:02:04
Brian 13, sounds about right!

There will be no turning point. This or worse is our lot, enjoy it.

Tom Bowers
17 Posted 06/02/2020 at 12:48:22
Moyes, like many managers who have been here since the Kendall glory era, was average at best, just picking up a fat paycheck and then getting a golden handshake after failure.

Now I have to say some of the failure wasn't helped by lack of funding which goes a long way into making the current RS squad or Man City, Man Utd and Chelsea who have dominated the scene for many years, but these past managers have not won anything for the Blues and many below-average players have pulled on the Royal Blue much to our dismay.

Every new manager is viewed somewhat as a Messiah in the beginning but that title quickly disappears after the first run of disappointing results.

The same can be said of Carlo who has a great track record in the past and like some players his best achievements may be behind him. Nevertheless, we are all hoping he can deliver something and his first couple of months are showing signs despite the cup game and the Barcodes late disaster.

Moyes has proved to be nothing more than a journeyman who has achieved nothing since his lower league Preston days.

Mark Guglielmo
18 Posted 06/02/2020 at 13:40:52
I've got us finishing 8th with 59 pts, missing 7th to Man Utd by goal difference. I also never pick enough draws, so overall points may be a touch higher all around. That said, nearly every team we're fighting with has a significantly easier schedule here on out.
Dave Abrahams
19 Posted 07/02/2020 at 15:52:15
Mark (18), you've got us winning 26 points from the 39 on offer. Most of us would be more than happy with that; I hope it turns out that way.
Jerome Shields
20 Posted 07/02/2020 at 16:52:14
Jason (#9),

This was my concern as well, but Ancelotti has got three results in a row. Normally it's two results and a stinker as we try to push on up the table. In Newcastle, we saw firstly a more positive attacking initiative starting due to Bernard and better running from the forwards attacking space. In the Watford game, we got better quality ball in from set-pieces and the defence improve at clearing their lines.

I am sure that Ancelotti will be working on the midfield and will probably change personnel. Delph is probably out due to fitness, though he looked unfit against Watford. So change will have to take place. If you win against Crystal Palace, Ancelotti will have broken the spell!

Bill Watson
21 Posted 07/02/2020 at 23:43:47
Delph is suspended so is not in the frame. That leaves any two from Davies, Sigurdsson and Schneiderlin.

I'm already starting to feel depressed. May as well just lump it up to Calvert-Lewin!!

Tony Everan
23 Posted 08/02/2020 at 15:26:20
#6, David — 3-1!!!

I should have put some money on it!

David Cooper
24 Posted 08/02/2020 at 16:36:07
Well, we tried very hard to screw it up but, thanks to Bernard, Richarlison and Calvert-Lewin, we failed... or we didn't fail — because we won!

We are sitting pretty in 7th place for a few days! Maybe, just maybe, Carlo does have the magic touch!

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