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The Ancelotti Song

When we're down at half-time
And we win it by 5

When Dom hits the net
He’s the best we’ve seen yet

Because He’s won the fuckin lot
Carlo is boss

It was just meant to be
We’re Everton FC

Conor Skelly     Posted 28/12/2019 at 19:34:43

Team of the decade

Bit of fun here as 2019 draws to a conclusion...

What’s your team of the decade?







Kevin Prytherch     Posted 23/12/2019 at 20:21:35

Santa Rings More Changes for 2019

My elves were working night and day
For Christmas TWO NINETEEN
Everyone was edgy
And things were not serene
The Reindeers were revolting
And this just wasn’t good
They wouldn’t eat their oats and meal
Or even Christmas pud

And then I realized the truth
As I lay in my bed
It’s all about this shocking suit
And this lousy “screaming” RED
We need to change our lives today
And our “point of view”
From now on, we aren’t wearing red
We will change to “Everton Blue”

And Prancer, Dancer, Blitzen
And even Rudolph too
You’ve had these really silly names
Since I freed you from the Zoo
So now's the time for common sense
Grab hold of all the reins.
So Prancer you will be the first

“Rooney” was considered,
But that was in the past
Now he's moved to Derby
His loyalty didn't last.
I have pondered for so long
On names that could be “blue”
Many I’ve considered
But I can’t please all of you

So number two is "PICKFORD
With “MINA” number three
And how about “BIG DUNC”
Of that you must agree
I looked at names from days gone by
Instead we 'll have a "SEAMUS"
A real grand Irish fellow

But how about our “Rudolph”
And his big “red” nose
I’ve always found it far too “loud”
And I’m the one who knows.
But we’ll keep the name of Rudolph
Merely change his hue
I’m sure he’ll be delighted
To change from Red to Blue

Now everything’s much better
“Red” that’s in the past
My brand new suit is “Royal Blue”
A colour that will last
My sled has also been “refurbed”
Yes --- the big red one
It’s taken on a different sheen
Since I named it “EVERTON”

And now a brand new manager
Ancelotti is his name
To clear up all the mess we're in
And take away he pain
So here's to 2020
New hopes are riding high
And we can say to Silva
Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye

John Boon     Posted 23/12/2019 at

What Now For Brands?

In the next 6 months, and possibly sooner, the future of Marcel Brands at Everton will be decided.

After his much-heralded arrival, and somewhat basking in his previous role in Dutch football as an astute spotter of young emerging talent in Europe and further afield, the imminent arrival of Carlo Ancelotti threatens his very existence.

His promotion to the Everton Board of Directors in the last 12 months only reinforced what many of his peer group within the club thought of his talents and expertise. However, the muddled strategy and division amongst board members after the dismissal of Marco Silva has left more questions than answers.

Clearly, there was strong support for David Moyes to fulfil some role at Goodison Park, whether as an interim manager or a permanent position. Only the huge public backlash from the fans prevented this, probably much to Bill Kenwright's displeasure. But the (probable) appointment of Ancelotti and his entourage, fitness coaches, analysists, and probably three more we don't know about, could mean a 'lesser' role within the club for Marcel Brands.

Whilst Ancelotti comes with an impressive pedigree, his calibre of manager, don't normally rely on third-party Directors of Football calling the shots when it comes to player recruitment. Ancelotti will have a pretty clear indication of what he needs and how quickly he wants to replace the non-performers in the squad.

How then does the club's previously stated policy of spotting and recruiting young emerging, but untried young players fit into the new regime? Has this now been thrown out the window with the arrival of Ancelotti? Looks like yet another change of policy direction could be on the cards...

Indeed, the rapid way Ancelotti has seemingly accepted the role at Goodison, normally means the leading shareholder and owner, has pretty much conceded to all his wishes, including a whole raft of self-appointed backroom staff and an immediate substantial transfer budget.

So where does Brands see himself fitting into the new set-up? Maybe his position in the Everton hierarchy has slipped a little of late. The purchase of Iwobi recently (if it was sanctioned and agreed by Brands) looks to have backfired spectacularly. I watched him at close range on Wednesday night, and he was dreadful, truly dreadful, no pace, caught in possession, certainly can't tackle to save his life.

Also, I remain to be convinced about Mina; he looks continually shaky, no positional awareness with a tendency to panic when put under pressure. Of course, it easy to criticise when a team is underperforming and lacking in confidence after an awful spell of results. But I do wonder, how much real improvement in form are those two particular players are capable of?

The golden halo which once was firmly placed on Brands's head seems to have slipped a bit lately; let's hope he can find a pathway into working alongside his new Italian family which he looks like inheriting very shortly.

Steve Hogan     Posted 20/12/2019 at 18:20:16

Playing two up top v Man Utd?

Whatever the debate about who is going to be the next long-term manager of EFC — that is more than 18 months — Dunc will be in charge on Sunday. So, will he go with two up top and follow the tried and tested coaching maxim “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” or will he follow the advice of our in-house tactical expert and play just 1 up top?

I love a tactical debate so I will put forth my thoughts of what Dunc could/might/should do. So here goes!

1) by playing 2 up top we can defend from the front. I thought we pressurize Chelsea really well with the press being led by DCL and Richarlison but backed up by Walcott, Iwobi and Sigurdsson.

2) in attack we are playing to the strengths of both DCL and Richi. Say what you like about DCL but he does challenge successfully for Pickford’s bombs and Richi is quite good at running into balls that go from DCL behind the back line.

3) Despite getting pulled apart by Chelsea we did manage to just about keep our shape.

4) by playing both DCL and Richi up top we can bypass the midfield. Now we might decry this most basic form of attack and say dinosaurs like Allardyce and the infamous Wimbledon team used this direct form of attack successfully. But deep in my memory I remember my guru of soccer tactics Charlie Hughes in the 70s book Tactics and Teamwork talking about how many passes does it take to get the ball into the attacking third of the pitch. With Silva et al, it was often 15 plus. So that makes 15 times when something can go wrong. If you get it forward in 1 or 2 passes and keep possession then you have reduced the number of chances for it to go wrong.

If we consider 442 then then our full backs can do their defensive work in strong back 4 without getting dragged too far up the pitch and leaving us open to the fast counterattack. In the last games of MS I lost count of the number of goals we conceded due to our fullbacks being too far up the field. I Hear some of you saying what about Sidibe’s cross for the 1st goal? Well in 442 there is nothing wrong with 1 full back joining the attack if the other full back stays back and another midfielder covers the attacking fullback. Whatever happens I think it is vital to defend the wide areas, which Walcott understands and maybe Iwobi or Bernard can learn to do.

So those are my thoughts! Have fun pulling them apart!

David Cooper     Posted 12/12/2019 at 16:30:28

A fine line between genius and madness

Ibrahimovic to Goodison?

I don't really have anything else to add, other than I genuinely believe this sort of thing could happen (from Everton side at least). What that says about where we are now, I'm genuinely not sure - there's a fine line between genius and madness.
Chris James     Posted 11/12/2019 at 09:34:38

The Legend

This is the first time I have used this phrase without quotation marks. It was always intended as a pejorative comment on Duncan Ferguson. I have been relentlessly critical of him, mostly as a player, but as coach too.

I stand by much of what I said about him as a player, seeing as I witnessed it with my own eyes. However, I have criticised him as a coach and, on reflection, I must say it is without any evidence. I have no idea what his role has been.

Duncan Ferguson has changed and I am ashamed of my response to that. If anyone can see how change is possible, it should be me, but, by fuck, I am quick to judge.

Also, I saw great Everton teams. The Catterick team and the Kendall team. So I had an idea of what a legend should be. However, many younger Blues didn't and Duncan was their legend. So, it was as a sanctimonious aul shit that I decided he wasn't.

Yesterday was a moment of epiphany for me. It was a day when legends were made. Duncan did something special. I will never forget his joy, neither will the ballboys.

Duncan Ferguson, Everton Legend.

Andy Crooks     Posted 08/12/2019 at 17:08:59

The man who saved Rangers

I lived in Glasgow for quite a few years. My preferred team was Clydebank. I spent some fine afternoons at Kilbowie. I also watched Motherwell, Partick, Killie, Dumbarton. Also, I was unusual in that I watched Rangers and Celtic. I just like football and had no allegiance to either.

The atmosphere at both grounds is electric. Anyone who succeeds there is special. It takes someone special. Jock Stein achieved, in my view, one of the greatest triumphs in British sport. Walter Smith coached the worst team that ever got to the Europa League final.

Brendan Rogers succeeded at Celtic and is doing it at Leicester City. At Celtic, now there is the admirable strong and underrated Neil Lennon. However, there is another success story in Glasgow. It is Steven Gerrard. What he has achieved is quite remarkable.

I have discussed what he has done with many friends who watch Scottish football. He has rejuvenated a failed club. He has restored respect. He has been innovate in his coaching. He has been strong, media astute and is revered by supporters. He will move on soon.

I have loathed him in the past but Steven Gerrard is a winner. Not Arteta, not, no never, Eddie Howe. Let us hurt Liverpool, let us be bold, let us forget the past. Let us show some vision. I know many will hate the idea. But, let us do what must be done to make Steven Gerrard our next coach.
Andy Crooks     Posted 03/12/2019 at 22:07:25

Jamie Carragher

This is a letter I have written to Sky:

I am writing this on behalf of the fans of Everton FC to inform you that Jamie Carragher is no longer welcome inside Goodison Park ever again. We, the fans, are taking action to inform the owners of this fact. They have the right to exclude people.

Sky suspended him for spitting at a child. Why you ever allowed him back on our screens again is beyond words. His behaviour on Sunday when Leicester were allowed the goal after a VAR review was disgusting and totally biased against Everton FC.

The club have the power to act and to inform Sky he is banned and no longer welcome. Please act.
Anthony Batty     Posted 03/12/2019 at 15:46:15

End this nonsense now

I've waited almost 24 hours before beginning to write this article, and most of my anger and frustration is not aimed at Marco Silva, but the spineless and totally inept senior figures at the club.

In truth, Silva should have gone within half-an-hour of the Norwich debacle last week. Instead, we see a forlorn and rather painful figure, shuffling on the touchline clearly and utterly out of his depth.

Do I have sympathy for him? No; he will get a job elsewhere eventually, somewhere at the level of his own ability.

My frustration is aimed at Kenwright and Co who simply lack moral courage and leadership qualities to realise Silva was never going to turn things around at Everton, simply because he doesn't have the ability to do so.

The writing was on the wall pre-season really, when we struggled to score goals against some pretty average opposition. Since then, I think we have averaged a goal a game – not enough to have any aspirations of climbing into the top six.

Meanwhile, the mighty Sheffield United continue to embarrass us by showing what a collective effort and team spirit can achieve by looking distinctly comfortable in mid-table, whilst our collection of expensive misfits continue to flounder.

The last six games of last season merely created a 'false dawn' when a sudden improvement in form indicated to many that at last Silva had found the right combination of players and tactics that would allow us to look forward to the new season with renewed optimism.

His bewildering tactics and continued selection of players such as Gylfi Sigurdsson, who has been hopelessly out of form since the start of the season, simply confirms his ineptitude.

The sight of Everton chasing a win or even a draw with around five or six forwards on the same pitch with 10 minutes left is simply bewildering. Tosun, Calvert-Lewin, Richarlison, Walcott, Kean, Bernard – all thrown up into the air like a pack of cards and hoping there will be a winning hand somewhere in the pack.

Phil Mcnulty of the BBC has already identified the problem today, stating the club “is rudderless and lacking leadership and direction.” You're not kidding there.

It's nonsense and cowardice in the extreme to send Silva into the derby game as manager of Everton. Do the right thing and put him out of his misery... today!

Steve Hogan     Posted 02/12/2019 at 09:55:48

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