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Shit win over a shit club

As usual, after a dismal win at home against a turgid team we should always be beating, some people think everything is alright. Again. Until the next dreadful performance and result, coming along pretty soon.

Until the real problems at the club are recognised and dealt with, and they truly run deep, the club will stutter along embarrassingly, losing lifetime, die-hard supporters hand over fist, until disaster inevitably arrives.

How people can't see it is beyond me. Where's the next generation of Everton fans coming from? Sitting in a boozer in America?

Last night was meaningless; this team can't win that cup, it will collapse at the first bad draw, you know it and I do.

The club is rotten from top to bottom, a shit cup win against a shit team doesn't paper over the cracks and people who give stick to those like me who won't accept it and can't see past the last result are part of the problem.
Paul Burns     Posted 30/10/2019 at

Holding Out For A Hero

Forgive the obvious pun on the Tina Turner classic (our younger viewers might not have even heard of this song), but I guess the title kind of sums up where we are at, at the minute: someone in the team who can grasp the nettle.

Leaving the VAR debacle at Brighton to one side for a moment, this team lacks 'bottle', and I mean REAL bottle. Going back over 30 years, a young nervous apprehensive Everton team, containing youngsters like Sheedy, Mountfield, Stevens, Sharp etc were going through a wretched spell and as well as losing a considerable number of consecutive games, were regularly being booed unmercifully off the Goodison Park pitch, and fans were calling for Howard Kendall's head.

I even remember a petition asking for him to be sacked doing the rounds.

One abiding memory during this horrible (and it was horrible) period, was the sight of Peter Reid, demanding the ball from Neville Southall and playing from the back, cool as you like.

The easy option for 'Reidy' was simply to turn his back and let Neville boot the ball upfield, rather then run the risk of a volatile Goodison crowd.

I look at the current Everton squad and the way players visibly wilt when the going gets a little tough. The capitulation after the Brighton penalty was bordering on cowardice. This has happened too many times away from home for it to be a single occurrence.

Where were the experienced players when we needed them? Silva only seems to be able to get a tune from them when they're playing in front of a Goodison Park crowd with the sun on their backs.

Where is the dominant centre-half bollocking the 'invisible' midfield when the Brighton forwards were running at will through our desperate defenders with 10 minutes still to go?

Although this is a much younger Everton team we see now, there are at least six players with hundreds of games behind them at various clubs.

Kean, Digne, Gomes, Delph, Sigurdsson, Pickford, Walcott, all quiet as the proverbial church mouse. Silva and his tactics seem to have sucked the life out of them. God forbid, even a half-fit Duncan Ferguson was prepared to put up a fight (quite literally) when the chips were down.

Who can Evertonian's hang their hat on this time around?

Spineless… gutless… if you're going to go down, as least go down with a fight.

They say a team often reflects their manager; if that's the case, the general demeanour of Silva on the touchline doesn't bode well for that future.

Come back, Peter Reid...
Steve Hogan     Posted 27/10/2019 at 20:53:40

The bleedin' obvious

BBC recently published the top 10 teams for Premier League goals (yes, because football was only invented in 1992):

1. Man Utd - 1,999
2. Arsenal - 1,858
3. Liverpool - 1,795
4. Chelsea - 1,789
5. Spurs - 1,562
6. Man City - 1,403
7. Everton - 1,365
8. Newcastle - 1,254
9. Aston Villa - 1,132
10. West Ham - 1,075

With Villa having recently spent a couple of seasons out of the top flight, there are only 6 ever-present Premier League teams, of which we're one. Yet we're seventh, behind a Man City team that went as low as the 3rd tier in 1998, before returning to the top flight in 2002.

Fair enough, Man City have been free-scoring since the Abu Dhabi investment, but Everton are a long way behind the 5th ever-present, Spurs, and this serves to highlight the bleedin' obvious — we don't score enough goals!!!
Matt Traynor     Posted 22/10/2019 at 08:04:48

The Perfect Storm

Can you hear it?

No… neither can I. And you know why we can’t hear anything? It’s because, when you are in the eye of the storm, it’s eerily quiet.

• Zouma doesn’t sign.
• Gueye leaves.
• We don’t sign a proven goalscorer.
• We don’t sign a replacement centre-back in the absence of Zouma.
• Sigurðsson's goal drought.
• Richarlison's goal drought.
• Set-piece fragility returns.
• Gbamin is out for the rest of the season.
• Gbamin's loss (having played 3 iffy games) is seen as a disaster.
• Delph is injury-prone.
• Keane suffers a loss of confidence.
• Kean is an unproven kid in new league.
• Silva never making a sub before 60th minute.
• Silva fixated with 4-3-2-1.
• Silva fixated with zonal marking.
• Silva picking players on reputation not form.
• Squandered arguably the easiest opening fixtures we’ve ever had.
• 8 games played, 6 goals scored, 13 conceded, bottom 3.
• Played only 1 of the “Sky 6”.
• 8 games, one decent performance versus Wolves, one average versus City, six other dismal performances.
• And Liverpool walking away with the title.

Still… it’s too early to panic, isn’t it?

Please, anyone?

Dave McDowell     Posted 16/10/2019 at 19:26:37

From My Ancient Seat...

From My Ancient Seat – Liverpool 2 Everton 2, 20th October 1979

The derby games of the 1970s were not the best for us, apart from the obvious one in 1978. This one was different, on a few levels.

Back in those days, the TV highlights tended to focus on one main game. Normally the Derby would be an obvious choice, but most games in the mid-to-late 70s were so poor that this time, TV left it alone. Their loss this time.

In those days, the Anfield derby consisted of bunking off school to queue at that place for tickets, getting in to see us lose or hang on for a draw, usually in a desperately dull game. This one was different. A schoolmate of mine had a season ticket for their Main Stand and was going on holiday and let me have his ticket for the day.

After two good years under Gordon Lee, where we had our fair share of bad luck and near-misses, we were having a very poor season. As it happened, they weren’t doing too well either, so we took that as a crumb of comfort before the often-fearful trip to Mordor.

I washed and disinfected myself scrupulously before setting off and entered their Main Stand, quickly noticing that their toilet habits were as discerning as they were on the Kop.

The teams came out and the match started in fairly dull fashion, until 8 minutes in. With neither danger nor Liverpool player in our half, Mick Lyons decided on his regular back-pass to George Wood. Mick’s back-passes were often wayward. This one lofted slowly, painfully, agonisingly over George’s head and under the crossbar. As soon as he hit it, I knew, and all those kopites knew. They went mental, I looked at the ground. When it all calmed down, they were at it, “Look at him, the little get’s a Blue” was the most printable stick I got.

The game livened up and miraculously we got a corner, nodded in by Brian Kidd. This time I went mental. Those sporting Reds said various nasty things but my 15-year-old self didn’t give a Donald.

Half-time came at 1-1. All attempts at conversation were rebuffed, so I carried on hoping.

10 minutes into the second half, they swept down the left and Ray Kennedy scored. I remember it as a pretty good goal, but I wasn’t having them take the mickey, so they got a few "Fuck Off"s back from me. 10 minutes later, Andy King was put through and slotted home. I went full-blown mental and got the expected abuse, "Throw that little Bluenose bastard out", etc. Wonderful.

A few minutes later, it seemed like every player on the pitch was fighting each other – a proper derby dust-up went on for a while until the ref sent off McDermott and Garry Stanley, who were probably the two most innocuous players on a pitch with plenty of hard men. A knowledgeable kopite shouted that only Stanley should have been sent off because “He, he, he, he fuckin should”. As it turned out, McDermott and Stanley were good friends and laughed about it in the tunnel. Minutes later, a naked streaker ran across the pitch, briefly uniting us all in laughter and possibly lust.

It ended 2-2. A cracking game, my favourite non-winning derby ever. Four goals, two comebacks, two sending offs, a streaker and the chance to swear at the kopites face to face in the heat of battle. I went home and had a Dettol bath to take the stench of Mordor away and chatted to my Dad about it all evening, as he never set foot in that place in his whole Blue life.

If anyone has any memories of this game, I’d love to hear about them. It was a great game with no TV coverage, so my memory might be a bit hazy 40 years on!

Paul Tran     Posted 15/10/2019 at 22:27:32

In “Defence” of 4-4-2

“Defenders defend”

“Midfielders create”

“Forwards score”

I have to say I’m sick and tired of 4-2-3-1. Sick of it, sick that we don’t defend, sick that we don’t create and sick that we don’t score. I just want simplicity.

Maybe I’m old fashioned (first Goodison game 1969) but now all I want to see is nothing fancy. I just want simplicity.

I want 4-4-2, I don’t want zonal marking, I don’t want my full backs bombing down the wings, I want clean sheets, centre halves winning headers, full backs stopping crosses. I just want simplicity.

I want 4-4-2, I want my midfield to have a defined shape, give me two wide men (we use to call them wingers you know) one hard tackling mid and one playmaker. I just want simplicity.

I want 4-4-2, give me 2 up top, I know it’s radical but I was brought up on usually “one big’un and one little ‘un” playing off each other, creating mayhem throughout defences. I just want simplicity.

I don’t want my players “profiling” or “trending” on Twitter; Facebook, Snapchat or Tik fucking Tok. I just want simplicity.

I don’t want our manager to be a TV pundit, a radio jock, a community care officer. I want a manager who has the balls to make decisions, pick players on form not transfer fee, holds players accountable and moulds a team greater than the sum of its parts. I just want simplicity.

I want my 11 players to know their jobs, what’s expected of them, carry out instructions, to have tirelessly worked on set pieces in training, run their arses off for 95 minutes and be bloody grateful that they have a job all supporters would die for. I just want simplicity.

I’m just a simple guy who simply wants simplicity.

Dave McDowell     Posted 07/10/2019 at 18:25:31


It’s a very over-used quote, but doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome is commonly referred to as the definition of insanity. Whilst a number of people have been credited with the quote, Albert Einstein is perhaps the most well known.

If it made sense to Albert, then it’s good enough for me, so I admit I have used it several times in business and in a brave moment with the wife. In reality, it is a flawed statement because there are many times when doing the same thing over and over does actually lead to a different outcome at some stage, but it is often more down to luck than good judgement.

I wonder if Mr Moshiri or the Everton Board have asked themselves the all-important question: Is there another way? Clearly spending very large sums of money on players in successive transfer windows has not worked. I applaud the investment in young talent, but surely there must be a short-term plan of building a winning team supplemented by an injection of young talent to that winning team over time.

Brands has come in to build that future, but how can we continue to start each season with key positions not filled or filled with future talent whose confidence is cruelly damaged from playing in teams that keep losing? Perhaps a new definition of insanity?

Marko Silva is yet to convince me as he has all the makings of a stubborn man determined to do it his way regardless of us probably having the worst spend-to-points ratio in the last few seasons. Noted that started before he arrived, but lessons to be learned surely?

The one caveat to spending is there is little point in spending huge sums on players if there is not a team structure for them to fit into or if there are key positions that are not filled. There is something wrong within the club if the board and management can’t see we lack an experienced striker along with elements of the defence needing replacing or more competition.

I hate the fact that we are discounted for the elusive top 6 after 8 games, but it would take a braver man than me to question this. I hate more the talk that Everton supporters have too high expectations because, frankly, we should be competing for top 4 or 6 based on spending, heritage, and ownership.

The fact that we are already written off smacks of another disastrous transfer window and something else we seem to have lost. The ability to bring in British talent from the lower leagues who know the game, language, and passion to play for the club.

As I said earlier definitions are flawed. Chelsea seem able to win with an infusion of youth, Wolves have a team of imports who have done well, and we have both but linger just above the relegation zone.

I have to blame the management and only they know if that is their fault or Marco’s. No doubt there will be calls for his head and I would put our inability to defend set-pieces as pretty damming reason to part company or employ a defensive coach.

Sadly, changing the manager has become tedious and expensive as one year's big signings are not fancied by the new manager and are replaced with another bunch of big signings and naturally nobody wants to buy the cast-offs so we lose fortunes. I am sure we must be close to the top of the depreciation league when it comes to selling players on.

I do smile when I read about Moyes being thrown into the mix as a possible messiah and the utter hatred that some fans feel toward him.

Maybe you have to be a certain age to remember the years of utter rubbish that proceeded Moyes or the glorious 4th place finish with the world-class Marcus Bent leading the line he delivered. I am joking about being 'world-class', but Bent did have a glorious season, more importantly supported by a midfield and defence who knew that victory starts with one goal and a clean sheet.

Perhaps that something we have to learn again as the basic building block of future success.

Mike Fisher     Posted 06/10/2019 at 15:24:04

Back to Basics… Bring Back David Moyes!

We have had 4 managers in the last 6 years since David Moyes. Roberto Martinez, Ronald Koeman, Big Sam and now Marco Silva. Fair play to Farhad Moshiri that he has gone in big, spending hundreds of millions to try bring back the glory days of the 80s.

We need to maintain a sense of realism. While we have the cash, we do not have the team sadly. We have a team of pansies and a bunch of unrealistic supporters. Against Burnley, Coleman was trying to drive the team forward and was unfortunate with both bookings. Where was the rest of the team? There is no midfield or attack? Our fullbacks are pressing forward. Why do we need two defensive midfielders?

Most people seem to forget that David Moyes teams were hard to beat. Yes, the quality of football was limited to the personnel. However, in his final season, there were some terrific performances despite the lack of resources. Everton qualified for Europe before Moyes left for Man Utd. It was an opportunity to work at a higher level with more resources to test himself. Yet the same supporters who criticize him would do the exact same thing should such an employment opportunity come their way.

I have been saying the same thing for some time before we hired Big Sam and Silva... Bring Back David Moyes. Give him a short-term deal to see if we can grow together. At least we will see a fighting team out on the pitch. No point having 60-70% possession and losing games. I want teams to know they are going to have a bad day at Goodison and not an easy day when we go to their respective grounds.

David Moyes did not get the funds the first time round… let's give him the funds this time round. He'll get rid of the deadwood and the pansies and give us a fighting team. Who knows that this might just be the tonic we need to make the improvements towards becoming a title contender in the next 3 years.
Arnez Desmond George Fernandez     Posted 06/10/2019 at 12:03:16

Give Dominic Calvert-Lewin a new long-term contract

It won't be universally popular talking about improving contracts when we are 15th on the back of three defeats.

Regardless, I think the club needs to back Dominic Calvert-Lewin now with an improved longer-term deal. I think he has stepped up a gear. He looks stronger to me, more aggressive. I think he is at the very start of his time as a top striker. His heading and finishing is improving. His long-ball winning and fighting off defenders is improving. His determination through a troubled period has never diminished. This shows great mental strength – an attribute that will ultimately override other areas that he is tirelessly working to improve.

Towards the end of last season, when he had a run of games at No 9 in a stable team, we were looking balanced and strong. I know there were other massive factors but we looked like a better team for it against Sheffield Wednesday and Manchester City. If he keeps working at it and keeps getting the support, from both the manager and fans, I am confident Dominic is going to be a great player for us long-term.

Timing is everything with regards to contracts. The board should be looking at giving Calvert-Lewin a new long-term one. He deserves parity with Moise Kean and these two and Richarlison should be backed to the hilt to be part of the current and future Everton strikeforce.

Tony  Everan     Posted 01/10/2019 at 11:39:10

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