Wilfried Zaha – should we go back for him in January?

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To be honest, I was pretty devastated when we missed out on Deadline Day for Zaha it felt like a massive let down, as I felt we had missed a player of genuine quality and got that typical Everton Deadline Day feeling of the past we all used to feel.

The final insult to injury was the signing of Alex Iwobi, that seemed to just come from absolutely nowhere and after missing out on Zaha it felt like a panic buy. I can't confess to watching Arsenal, week-in & week out, and felt like he was a typical average Everton signing – plus, if he was that good, why did Unai Emery let him go?

But, after seeing him play in two matches and scoring twice no less, he is obviously a quality player – one that has gone very much under the radar. I know it's too soon to say if he will be an Everton great but he looks promising... and now, armed with this fact, do we go back in for Zaha in January?

Despite my initial disappointment, is he an expensive bullet that has been dodged?

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Tony Hill
1 Posted 05/09/2019 at 21:34:22
No, I wouldn't have him come to us now. The cost would be too high and I'm delighted with Iwobi, who is going to get better. The moment has gone.
Steve Ferns
2 Posted 05/09/2019 at 21:40:51
No, not unless the price is lowered considerably and his wages demands are in line with, and do not surpass, our top earners. But I trust brands will not make a silly deal.
Brian Williams
3 Posted 05/09/2019 at 21:43:07
Phil Bellis
4 Posted 05/09/2019 at 23:15:40
As we all have seen, some players just need a change of club and coaches, perhaps.

My Arsenal mates were mostly sorry they lost him but... let's hope he's found, like so many before him, a good place at our club... From his interviews, it sounds like he's happy.

Conor Skelly
5 Posted 05/09/2019 at 23:17:01
I would like to see it. You can't have too many good players and it's not my money.

However, I would wait until the summer. Palace won't let him go until they are safe from the drop, anyway.

If he has a quiet enough season, the price may fall and with less competition for his signature, his wage demands will deflate accordingly.

Jamie Sweet
6 Posted 05/09/2019 at 23:26:44
Although I felt a bit like you at the time Daniel, I'm starting to believe that perhaps getting Iwobi over Zaha could turn out to be a good thing.

Iwobi is clearly a far better footballer than I had previously given him credit for. He may not be quite as dazzling as Zaha can be on his day, but I think his overall game is possibly better suited to our team.

I think Iwobi is more likely to give us consistency, rather than blow hot an cold like Zaha. The highs with Zaha would be higher, but he's also more prone to go missing in games.

Iwobi appears to be a great addition to the dressing room too. Seems like a genuinely likable chap. I am not sure if the same has even been said about Wilfred, although it may have been.

Zaha or Iwobi plus £50million? I'm thinking we might have got the better deal.

And in reply to the OP, we almost certainly won't be going back for Zaha in January. I saw an interview with Marco Silva where he quite clearly said he was only ever looking to buy one winger, i.e it was only ever going to be Iwobi OR Zaha.

Danny Broderick
7 Posted 06/09/2019 at 00:40:58
“But, after seeing him play in two matches and scoring twice no less, he is obviously a quality player“

Bit early to be judging Iwobi if you ask me!

Yes, he’s made a good start, but we haven’t seen enough of him yet to know what impact he will have on the team.

As for Zaha, the numbers do not justify the cost. I think he had 5 assists and 10 goals for Palace last year. That’s not enough for an £80 million plus player who would probably be earning £200,000 a week. Plus, he is free to do whatever he wants on the pitch with Palace, he wouldn’t have that luxury elsewhere.

I predict Iwobi will have 6 -10 goals by the end of the season, and 6 -10 assists if he stays fit. He will provide what Zaha would without compromising the team ethic.

Steve Brown
8 Posted 06/09/2019 at 01:26:24
Go back in for him at £40 million, have it rejected and then sign a centre-back.
Ajay Gopal
9 Posted 06/09/2019 at 03:38:11
I think Steve Parish and Daniel Levy are too caught up in the media created image of being ‘tough negotiators' and end up letting the moment go. The time to let Zaha go was this summer, as his contract runs down (plus I suspect his performances), his value will plummet. His value was no more than £60 million, for which Palace could have got 2 quality players.

Similarly, Eriksen was being touted as a £150 million pound player, if he had been sold last January. Now, as he winds down his contract, Spurs may not get more than £40-50 million, if someone wants to buy him in January, else they get zero!

ps: Of course, something similar happened to us with Barkley, he was once touted as a £50 million player, I think we ended up getting £15 million. His injury set us back by at least £30 million.

Jay Harris
10 Posted 06/09/2019 at 04:42:45
Forget Zaha.

We now need another goalscoring CF and get rid of Tosun and Niasse and then a more experienced CB.

We don't need big egos at FF. Iwobi and Bernard look just fine and Richy and Walcott will get the other flank covered.

We have Sidibe and Bainesy as full back cover and once Gbarmin is fit should be able to switch between 4-2-3-1 and 4-3-3.

Onwards and upwards.

Brian Williams
11 Posted 06/09/2019 at 07:43:57
“But, after seeing him play in two matches and scoring twice no less, he is obviously a quality player“

"Bit early to be judging Iwobi if you ask me!"

"Yes, he’s made a good start, but we haven’t seen enough of him yet to know what impact he will have on the team."

?????Er yes we HAVE seen enough of him to see what impact he not only CAN have but HAS had on the team, he's scored twice. How in the name of Mike Gaynes can it be a bit early to judge.

A strange assessment you make Danny.

Jerome Shields
12 Posted 06/09/2019 at 07:59:15
I never thought he was worth the money. Iowbi is a far better fit for the Brands and Silva plans.
Kunal Desai
13 Posted 06/09/2019 at 08:04:14
I imagine if we'd got Zaha then Iwobi would not have been needed.
Can see Zaha going to Chelsea once their transfer ban has been uplifted.
David Graves
14 Posted 06/09/2019 at 08:12:49

"Bit early to be judging Iwobi if you ask me" But then you predict 6-10 goals and 6-10 assists. In predicting such a positive return, you have judged him haven't you?

I agree with others that it looks like there is no need to go back for Zaha and that he has been a really positive addition.

Michael Lynch
15 Posted 06/09/2019 at 08:50:59
I was very happy with the Iwobi signing (despite the Gooners telling us we'd bought another Theo), partly because he was their best player when he came on as sub at Goodison last season. When I say "best player", I mean he was the only one in their team who actually gave it everything, played with intensity, and showed a desire to win. He gave us more problems than all of his expensive and highly rated team-mates.

His decision making is not always the best, and he's going to frustrate at times, but he is generally a good fit for us right now. Yes, Zaha will dazzle, and he ties up two defenders whenever he's on the pitch, but he's much too expensive and not really a team player.

Derek Thomas
16 Posted 06/09/2019 at 09:21:11
Maybe, but not for anywhere near the £80M mooted and no £120,000+ wages either... Richman's Bolasie? been there, done that.

So for that reason - I'm out.

Ray Roche
17 Posted 06/09/2019 at 11:58:25
No way. As Jamie@6 states, Iwobi and £50M or Zaha? No-brainer.

I'd also like to see Tosun given a chance now that we have players who can play intelligent balls into the box. His knock-back for Iwobi's goal was intelligent and that of a player with a football brain. Giving him 15 minutes as a sub does him no favours.

Laurie Hartley
18 Posted 06/09/2019 at 12:39:58
I think our days of spending foolishly are over now that Brands is our director of football.

I also don't think we need any more forwards and like Ray Roche @ 17 I think we may not have seen the best of Tosun yet.

The only position I am concerned about is centre-half - I think we need cover there.

Dennis Stevens
19 Posted 06/09/2019 at 12:53:31
I was relieved that we didn't get Zaha. It seemed the classic Everton transfer – too much going out for far too little coming back in return!
Brian Harrison
20 Posted 06/09/2019 at 12:55:22
Steve Parish was quoted the other day as saying if a club in the January window offers the same money as Everton then he would let Zaha leave.

Now I know that Brands has stated that they are looking to recruit younger players, and the model is not to spend big on older players. But somebody at Everton must have authorized the £52 million we offered for Zaha in the summer. Will they go back in Jan, I don't know but as another poster said you can never have enough good players in the squad. I also think that Silva has hinted he would like to play a 4-3-3 system, now if Richarlison or Iwobi get injured would he be happy with Walcott and Bernard as replacements, given their poor goal return records.

Chris Gould
21 Posted 06/09/2019 at 13:03:33
Silva said that he wanted both Iwobi and Zaha. If that's true then maybe we will be back in for him. Whether he'd still be interested is another matter. If Silva wants him then I hope we get him. No idea where everyone would play but we'd certainly have a lot of quality options.
Jamie Crowley
22 Posted 06/09/2019 at 13:51:51
Chris @21 -

When and where did Silva say that? I don’t recall him saying he wanted both players, but rather only saying he wanted a winger / outside mid / dude on the flank / whatever correct English term for that position is supposed to be used, under penalty of death?

Brian Williams
23 Posted 06/09/2019 at 14:09:35
Brian #20.

I thought Parish said he can go if someone "meets their valuation."

John Pierce
24 Posted 06/09/2019 at 14:22:01
When you miss out on some one, especially a high profile figure, I think it's best to leave it alone. I'd say the same for a Zouma too.

The expectation you store up by going back and the added pressure make it inevitable that a signing would struggle.

Even in six months the team, tactics etc. will have evolved in some way. It doesn't make it impossible but just unlikely the transfer would be successful.

I'm firmly of the belief Palace will be relegated even with Zaha. They have ducked the drop for too many seasons without evolution relying on one player. Whoever gets him will do so for a much reduced price. There is no way they can sustain his wages in the Championship and have him that unhappy.

A good player, but for me just not to be.

Dave Abrahams
25 Posted 06/09/2019 at 14:46:21
I would agree with Michael (15), Zaha is not a team player while Iwobi looks like he is. I'd spend the money on a centre-back, preferably Zouma, as well as another forward.
Brian Harrison
26 Posted 06/09/2019 at 14:50:53
Brian 23

I cant remember which paper it was in but Steve Parish definitely said if a club offers the same as Everton in the January window, he will let Zaha go.

I am guessing maybe to make sure he gets the best out of Zaha till January, he has promised him, if a club meets Everton's bid, then he can go.

Maybe a bit like we may have done with Gueye, promised him provided he kept his head down, if PSG came back with the same bid, in the summer he could go.

Brian Harrison
27 Posted 06/09/2019 at 15:09:03
Dave 25,

I don't know how you and Michael can say Zaha isn't a team player, he has virtually kept Palace in the Premier League for the past 2 seasons. He said he would like to leave in the summer, but is still putting in a shift for Palace and you have heard nothing from him since the move didn't happen.

As for spending the money on Zouma, I was disappointed we didn't get him in the summer but he hasn't had a good game for Chelsea since returning. So do we really want to sign a player whose confidence might be shot to pieces come Jan. Also you arent going to keep all 3 of Mina, Keane and Zouma playing on a regular basis. Maybe time to look at options nearer to home... like our Under 23 centre backs as back-up to Mina and Keane.

Brian Williams
28 Posted 06/09/2019 at 16:22:13
Think this is what Parish actually said. He said: "We didn’t have a bid of the value we place on the player. But if that top club comes along and the money’s right, he’s an extraordinary talent and it’s going to be very difficult for us. I’m sure it has a happy ending for everybody."

Think all the confusion has arisen over the shite that was written regarding Everton's MANY bids fore Zaha: there was one!

Everton bid £52m in early August and that was that, the rest was media shite seemingly.

Dave Abrahams
29 Posted 06/09/2019 at 17:42:26
Brian (27), yes you are correct, Zaha has done well for Palace, he is most probably the reason he stayed up last season, but he is an individual player, plays for himself more than the team, bit of a sulker.

You are right again, Zoumahasn’t done well since he went back to Chelsea, don’t know why, I haven’t seen any of Chelsea’s games, I have seen Zouma play for Everton and I’ve seen Keane and Mina, so, for me Zouma is best out of the three, and I don’t rate Michael Keane at all, that’s the main reason I would sign Zouma in January.

Peter Neilson
30 Posted 06/09/2019 at 18:47:56
Zaha is a team player in as far, with Palace, that he is the entire focus of the team with everything going through him. I've never watched such a one-man team as Palace, when any player gets the ball immediately looking for Wilf. As good a player as he is, Brands and Silva will hopefully work out if this is what we want and need.
James Hughes
31 Posted 06/09/2019 at 19:03:23
Zaha is not worth the figures that have been quoted. He is not worth more than Iwobi and we should avoid him.

He's a big fish in a small and struggling pond.

Paul Birmingham
32 Posted 06/09/2019 at 23:13:54
For me, definitely no. I sense the spirit and banter in this squad would be impacted adversely and his temperament when chips are down, goes into self-pity mode.

A very good player on his day, but at this time not for me. He will end up staying in London but not Selhurst Park.

Let's build on what we have, now.

Tony Everan
33 Posted 08/09/2019 at 07:56:52
Absolutely not.

He will be 27 very soon. 28 before he has a full season with us.

He will want a 4- or 5-year contract.

Greatly diminished resale value.

At his age he is one injury away from a dip in form.

He is more of an individual than a team player.

He wanted to sign for Arsenal, he would not be ever fully committed to Everton.

The fans would hold him at arms length because of it.

Steve Parish gambled and lost. He is now touting him to all and sundry, proving he was massively overvalued.

We dodged a bullet with this one, I'm not saying he isn't a menace of a player [when on form], I am saying if we have £70-80M to spend on a forward there must be better options for the club.

I think that Mr Brands will put that money to better use than signing Zaha.

Nitesh Kanchan
34 Posted 08/09/2019 at 10:39:45
What's the point now? We already got Iwobi. It was between him and Iwobi, not both of them.
Mark Dunford
35 Posted 08/09/2019 at 15:46:59
No. History now. Same almost certainly goes for Zouma, I’m afraid to say. Centre half has to be priority in next transfer window, even if youngsters are good. Expect Martina and Niasse to leave on free transfers - assuming suitable clubs can be found! Other than that, I think we’re probably ok till next summer when we can regroup and possibly go for the centre forward we may need if Kean doesn’t live up to promise he has shown.
Jack Convery
36 Posted 08/09/2019 at 18:09:16
In my opinion CFC have a gentlemens' agreement to buy him for £80m.
Paul Tran
37 Posted 08/09/2019 at 18:38:30
No for me. Always struck me as a 'statement' signing in price only. Iwobi & Kean for a bit more than half Palace were asking was the better value.
Sam Hoare
38 Posted 08/09/2019 at 18:43:03
I'd love Zaha but the moment has passed. Unless they suddenly felt like selling him for £35-45M which I can't see.

Get Zouma (or another fast centre-back) and then maybe a young gem like Jesus Reinier.

David Ellis
39 Posted 09/09/2019 at 11:52:29
Nope. Agree with Tony #33
Stan Schofield
40 Posted 09/09/2019 at 14:21:12
Yes, for around £50M. If Everton offered that in the summer, and were prepared to offer it again in January, why not? If Brands and Silva believe he'd fit with the setup and its permutations, then it makes sense.
James Stewart
41 Posted 09/09/2019 at 22:17:43
Yes! Think the Zaha ship might have sailed though.
Sam Hoare
42 Posted 09/09/2019 at 22:45:52
Mark@35; very different situation with Zouma who is only 24 and probably has his peak 5-7 years as a CB about to start (whereas Zaha is probably halfway through his).

If Zouma gets replaced by Rudiger (or Christensen and Tomori) then he will definitely be wanting a new club in January and Chelsea might be more inclined to take a £30-35m bid for him. He knows Silva’s system and seemed to enjoy his time here. I’d not be at all surprised to see him come back in January or even next summer when Chelsea can buy again. Silva clearly liked him and the feeling was mutual.

Mike Gaynes
43 Posted 10/09/2019 at 01:19:31
Sam #42, I think by January, Mina will have proven himself to be a better player than Zouma. If he and Keane have both managed to stay healthy and Holgate has shown well in some Cup ties, we may not need to spend that much on a CB.
Martin Berry
44 Posted 10/09/2019 at 13:03:02
He is not needed and would be a waste of money that could be used elsewhere in the future, that is not to say he is an excellent player "on his day".
The one we definitely go back for his Rojo at Utd, I think both player and clubs are waiting until the January window to sort this out.We also need additional cover at centre back.
Whether you rate him is up for the usual debates.
Paul Kennedy
45 Posted 12/09/2019 at 11:13:27
See the comment from Woy Hodgson, says there was no offer for Ivory Coast winger Wilfried Zaha, 26, from "the sort of club that he would want" in the summer. (Mirror)

Suppose he is entitled to a view, even if he is a prat!

Steve Ferns
46 Posted 12/09/2019 at 12:00:22
News today is that Zaha has sacked his agent for failing to secure a move this summer. What impact this will have now remains to be seen. It all depends on Chelsea I expect who may make a move for him in the summer.
Ray Roche
47 Posted 12/09/2019 at 12:15:23
Steve, Hodgson says in today's press that “no offer came in for him from the sort of club that he would want”

What an arsehole.

Steve Ferns
48 Posted 12/09/2019 at 12:53:30
Ray, I wouldn't expect any less from "Woy", Liverpool's worst ever manager.
Ray Roche
49 Posted 12/09/2019 at 13:27:32
Aye Steve, shitbaggery of the highest order.

I'm in Spain. It's pissing down.☹️

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