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Opinion & Articles

Contributions from our editorial team, featured columnists and readers.

Buying and Valuing a Football Club – Everton FC

Paul The Esk

A long read on valuing Everton FC, the issues around valuations and my view on what represents good value to both parties

Everton’s financial position entering the summer

Paul The Esk

A look at the club's financial framework heading into the summer, from a regulatory and affordability perspective

The Future Role of Fans and the Involvement of Farhad Moshiri

Paul The Esk

Now the season is over, it's time to look at how fans use the impetus and positive experience regarding atmosphere in influencing Everton's owner and Board of Directors

Bramley-Moore Stadium, financing options and costs?

Paul The Esk

A look at financing the new stadium a Bramley-Moore Dock, some unanswered questions and the cost of delay. In the absence of an AGM, these questions have to be asked publicly

A deeper delve into Everton’s 2020-21 accounts, new £100m shareholder loan plus Covid impact

Paul The Esk

The scale of our losses over the five complete years under Moshiri are staggering especially when compared to other Premier League teams. Equally, his financial commitment is staggering but the manner in which the club is being run threatens the club further financially.

Everton Report & Accounts – Wholly dependent on Moshiri’s financial support

Paul The Esk

Initial thoughts on the publication of Everton's 2020-21 accounts which reveal a heavy reliance on Farhad Moshiri

Everton, USM, Moshiri and Bramley-Moore Dock

Paul The Esk

The financial events around Russia's invasion of Ukraine have altered the landscape for Everton forever. A look at where the club's new stadium project stands

Everton and the De-coupling of USM

Paul The Esk

"It’s time to recognise that through no direct fault of their own, through the actions of Putin and the people closest to him, the club finds itself in an untenable position regarding its association with USM."

Profitability and Sustainability Rules – Everton’s Position

Paul The Esk

A look at how Everton's combined losses from previous years are impacting our transfer strategy

Everton’s Ownership and Leadership, Part V: A Winning Strategy

Paul The Esk

What choices will Farhad Moshiri make to bring about a winning strategy at Everton Football Club?

27 Minutes for 27 Years

Paul The Esk

The start of the #27minutesfor27years campign saw huge media coverage. It's an embryonic campaign. This is why I believe, respectfully, it deserves your support

Everton’s Ownership and Leadership, Part IV: Finance and Funding

Paul The Esk

How have Everton financed the last 5 years, what Farhad Moshiri’s funding has enabled, and the impact of poor decisions on the club's finances

Everton’s Ownership and Leadership, Part III: The Director of Football

Paul The Esk

What should this role entail and how should we use it?

Everton’s Ownership and Leadership, Part II: The Cost of Poor Recruitment

Paul The Esk

In this the second part, a focus on the club's finances from a different perspective – why have Everton not developed to the extent the investment made in us might warrant?

Everton’s Ownership and Leadership, Part I: The Importance of Good Governance

Paul The Esk

There is an absolute and clear relationship between governance and corporate performance and in recent months there have been growing questions as to the performance of Everton Football Club on and off the pitch

Benitez is right in calling for improvement across the board

Paul The Esk

Last Saturday's humiliation at the hands of Watford has brought into sharper focus comments made in the press by Rafael Benitez and his call for improvement 'in every department' at Everton. The Esk takes a look at where Farhad Moshiri might target those efforts

The Hard Work Starts Now

Paul The Esk

A look at the factors behind this transfer window and the preceding 5 years. A clear call for what must come next to resolve the position we are in

Premier League Profitability & Sustainability Rules: What They Mean to Everton

Paul The Esk

A look at the financial regulations in the Premier League. Is it possible to forecast whether Everton are compliant and the impact if not?

Everton's Biggest Construction Project?

Paul The Esk

What needs to change at Everton moving forward? What does Farhad Moshiri, his board and executives have to do differently... not on Bramley-Moore Dock but on the more immediate issues concerning matters on the field?

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