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Such early confidence has turned to desperation

I have only ever written one article on here before. The gist of it was saying that,, when Chelsea then Man City and others got new owners, it must have felt like dreamland for their supporters as they now shopped in Harrods.

At the time Everton had not really spent that much after Moshiri's arrival and my point was we don't have that same "kid on Christmas morning" feeling. Fast-forward to today and I don't know how I feel.

At the start of this transfer window I started to get excited. I went for a game of golf and was checking the Sky Sports News app between every whole as it felt like we could sign another player at any time.

It looked like the club had a plan, a real strategy and they went out and acquired the players that they wanted. However, everyone knew that Lukaku was leaving so as a fan you can only assume there was a plan for this also.

Early in the window the club got numbers in as we now have Europe. They identified young talent and acted quickly (investments for the future) and they recruited in key positions – goal, centre back, attacking midfielders, and a young striker (who I think will be a great buy).

Now, on the final day of the season, is my assessment still one of confidence, of watching a club with a plan and strategy? No; not at all.

It now looks just like Everton of old. Looking desperately for a striker, all kinds of has-been names being quoted. Why was it left this late?

Changing subject slightly, it has been great to see Everton up there with the big spenders but when you really look at everything that has gone on we hardy have any "marquee" signings.

Yes, Pickford is a lot for a young keeper - happy with that.

Yes, Sigurdsson at £45M is a lot of money (possible marquee signing), but in today's market £20M to £30M is normal.

I remember a few years back, Liverpool where spending £20M on just about anyone. Yet Chelsea spent £40M on Fabregas and one other who I forget – quality not quantity.

I feel we have gone the Liverpool route with these £20M or £30M signings – I would have preferred one less player but better quality in the others – so same budget was spent.

Anyway, back to the question... at the beginning of the window, I was impressed, proud even that my club were acting big. Like things had changed and the future would be different. Today, I feel like nothing has changed and this is typical Everton – I only hope I am wrong.
Paul Harrison     Posted 31/08/2017 at 12:43:58

'Tribute to the Everton Strikers' dinner 1989

In April 1989, shortly after the Hillsborough Disaster, a "Tribute to the Everton Strikers" dinner was held in The Prince of Wales Hotel, Southport. It was part of Kevin Ratcliffe's testimonial year events (the auction takings on the night were donated to the Hillsborough Disaster fund).

The event hosted perhaps the greatest line-up of Toffees striking talent ever assembled in one room: Graeme Sharp, Gary Lineker, Adrian Heath, Andy Gray, Alan Whittle, Tony Cottee, Bob Latchford, Dave Hickson and Roy Vernon being amongst the attendees.

Do any Toffeewebers remember attending the event. I am keen to read/hear your recollections – especially of Roy Vernon. Has anyone retained any photos of the night, I wonder?
Rob Sawyer     Posted 30/08/2017 at 20:16:03

What If? Stick or twist?

Okay, this is slightly provocative, and hypothetical, but going into an international break... why not?

What if Koeman can't get his hundreds of millions of new purchases to gel?

What if we have a new owner who is not a patient man?

What if he looks to change the manager mid-season, as do many of our competitors?

Who is available, and who would you like?

I can't think of anyone better than Koeman at the moment. Do I like his tactics? Sometimes... Do I like the progression that his team is making? Well... kind of, but I would like to see more desire. I am not suggesting we sack him – just wondering what options we have, if Mr Moshiri is a hard-arse, and he seems to be a hard-arse, from an outsider's perspective.

Answers on a postcard, or better still, a post on ToffeeWeb.
Andy Osborne     Posted 27/08/2017 at 16:49:36

Davy Klaassen

What does this lad Klaassen bring to the team? Honest question; me personally – I have no idea. While the lad is still settling in, new country, new league etc etc, I'm struggling to see... urmmmm, anything to get me excited!!

This lad came with a huge reputation: Ajax captain, Europa League finalist, Dutch International. £24 million price tag on his head, a Number 10 that we was all calling for, someone who would dictate play, someone who could link with the striker, someone who could play them killer passes, someone who will score goals. Have we seen any of that yet?

The big question for me is, is he any better then what we already had? Imo, no. Better then Davies, No. Better then Rooney? No. Better then Sigurdsson? No. Better then Barkley? Hell no. Does Klaassen offer pace? Nope. Hell, for a Dutch International, he seems to have very poor first touch.

It is early days though, so I guess we will have to cut him some slack. However, with every other summer signing, you can see the potential and more importantly the ability. Of course some will say, "Oh, did you see that last-ditch tackle last night, or the runs he makes in the box" as some sort of highlight reel. Dowell shipped off to play in a Championship team is mind-boggling when you consider the ability of both.

The other major issue for me is that, when Koeman made the double change last night, we put our £45 million Number 10 on the wing while our Dutch Naismith gets the Number 10 slot? The whole thing is weird. Someone please tell me Klaassen is going to be a worldie.

Peter Larkin     Posted 22/08/2017 at 10:10:32

Give me £200m, and I'll give you 7th!

The title of this post is a little tongue-in-cheek, but it does have a ring of truth about it. I have read numerous posts, and listened to many commentators and pundits who have us down for a "Magnificent 7th" finish in the Premier League.

Seriously? Do you think the new majority shareholder will be happy with that sort of return? As of today, we will have spent nearly £150m, by the end of the window, I expect that figure to be nearing £200! This type of spend is on a par with any of the usual big spenders – who all pay massively inflated transfer fees anyway.

No, I'm sorry, if we do not challenge the usual suspects and match them on their grounds where we have historically struggled, then the manager and players will have failed. To challenge the Sky-invented "Top 6" is our target, and if you can do that, there is no reason you cannot challenge for the title itself.

What's the excuse this time?
Kevin Tully     Posted 16/08/2017 at 13:08:07

Split screen

With 48 hours to go, I can't find a broadcaster who's taken the option for the Split game. If no mainstream broadcaster has it, what are the options?

On a wider point, it begs two questions a) if not, why not? and b) does EFC have the option to broadcast it at, say, £5/£10 a shot?

And to add to the mix, if it looks like we're hanging in the balance after the first leg, how quickly will the rights for the away leg be picked up? Not that I'm paranoid, like...
Guy Hastings     Posted 15/08/2017 at 20:30:07

Left field

Talking point:

Sign Diego Costa on loan till January?

Easy fix, he gets game time till January.

He breaks wage structure.

Destroys team spirit.

He scores 15 goals.

The rest of the country hate us.
George Stuart     Posted 15/08/2017 at 02:46:14

So... what's new??

I once had every weekend made or broken by an Everton result since 86-87, but since 15-16 I have not only seen my interest in Everton disappear, but also in all things football. I’ve paid as much attention to the game as I have student politics, rap music, or Crufts.

But a new season starts today and I’ve just seen Lyndon’s predicted line-up. I recognise a grand total of THREE names! And Rodriguez returns to Uruguay? Umm, who?

I’ll be watching the Stoke game and hope that, for the coming season, the passion returns for all things Blue. But it would help if I had a little context from the previous two campaigns. (I’m not sure where we finished last season. I saw that some crazy pre-season friendly that made it onto TV was actually a start of a European campaign, so… 6th?)

So imagine I’ve just woken from a two-year Martinez induced coma. You’re visiting with a bag of grapes. You can’t wait to tell me what’s happened both on and off the pitch, and of course here on ToffeeWeb. Should I hope for an early discharge or hope to be put back under?

Nick Entwistle     Posted 12/08/2017 at 11:16:06

Hello and Goodbye!

I am fuming!

I just called the ticket line this morning to buy my family's tickets for the Hajduk Split match. At the third attempt I got through at 8:08am and was 83rd in the queue. That's right, eighty-third but I thought it would be worth the wait so I'd sit it out. The numbers went down as you'd expect but when I was around halfway through after an hour and pace was slowing I started to get a bit concerned.

Finally, I was next up. At precisely (the phone tells me duration) two hours, forty-five minutes and forty-four seconds I received the following; "Unfortunately, we are receiving an unusually high number of calls at the moment so please try again later or you can purchase tickets via the website" followed by a dial tone!!!!!

If I could find my customer details on the effing website that's what I would have done in the first place instead of wasting an entire morning and being an hour late for my appointment for no good bloody reason! Now the line is saying they are having technical issues with the line and a maintenance team is working on it.

All of these improvements and investment but still the general basic function of a football club is an utter shambles!
Lee Mandaracas     Posted 11/08/2017 at 12:29:59

Everton... but not as we know it.

Just returned from my summer hols in Italy (yes, very nice, thank you). I must have visited the country dozens of times in the last 20 years, but this is a new one on me: Everton - purveyors of fine teas. I stumbled across a packet in a bar, and further research revealed....

Didn't our lawyers come down like a ton of bricks a few years ago on some farm shop in Yorkshire for using the name?

Mind you, our PR department could take a leaf our of their book (sorry) when it comes to slogans:

"To preserve what is old and golden and to nourish what is new and radical "

Though perhaps not:

"Welcome to Everton- enjoy every moment".

Anyway - if we need an official Tea supplier to USM Finch Farm, the search is over...

Michael Coffey     Posted 02/08/2017 at 11:55:52

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