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Comfort and Joy

God bless you, Merry Toffeemen, let nothing you dismay
For Everton have sacked Koeman and Big Sam is here to stay
We may not like his football but this is how we play

In Eighteen we will all forget our cares
All of our cares
This time next year we'll all be millionaires

RS neighbours delusional in everything they say
They`ll have new CDs of red anthems
To blast out Christmas Day
So drown him out with Toffee songs
Don't let him have his way.

Don't let RS neighbours have their way
Fuck up their day
Don't let your RS neighbour have their way.

The New Year looks so promising
Finch Farm produce is good
Young Tom, JJ and Holgate
Have our club in their blood
We have to make sure that they stay
Keep them within our ranks

Don't sell to the Cockneys or Mancs
Cockneys or Mancs
Don't sell to the Cockneys or Mancs

Make next year be a special one
Let's play football we adore
Big Sam must tell his players that
We now play on the floor
Don't just lump it up to DCL
He needs better service than this

Don't turn him into Kevin Davies
Don't take the piss
He's miles better than Kevin Davies

A New Year dawns and we're still shite.
If we don't change this year
Give Dave Abrahams the manager's job and he will bring good cheer
We'll play like Barca every week, win trophies every year.

Drink Red Breast it's not all that dear
Not very dear
Four large glasses and it all becomes quite clear

All the best to you and yours, Enjoy your Christmas. Start early and finish late

Darren Hind     Posted 22/12/2017 at 12:49:27

What impact does Birmingham hosting the commonwealth games have on our stadium

With Birmingham being awarded the commonwealth games, what does this mean for the design of the new stadium ?

I haven't seen any news since and so was wondering if any esteemed ToffeeWeb-ers have heard anything
Dean Johnson     Posted 21/12/2017 at 17:13:50

Who should we buy in January?

I suggest no-one. We are not going to be relegated, we are not going to be top four, we could win the FA Cup with what we have and a couple of panic signings are unlikely to increase our chances.

I would like the coach to continue to give experience to our young players and develop them. I would like him to try different line-ups. Give Sandro a chance; give more game time to Lookman and Klaassen.

I would like Walsh to be keeping an eye on our players out on loan, planning what they can offer when they return and, most importantly, targeting a couple of really quality players in the summer.

This season is to be written off, short-term thinking will not develop our ambitions. Consolidate, plan, improve... I would not be sorry to see some go, in fact spirit might be improved by it. We are taking a step back but we could actually have been stepping over the edge.

I advocated Unsworth being given the job. Had he got it, I would have been pretty happy had the players achieved what they have. I believe that better football will come with confidence. I hope we use the rest of the season well. We spent badly in the summer – let us not do so in January.

Andy Crooks     Posted 19/12/2017 at 19:39:12

Managers v Philosophers

We have heard a lot in recent years about managers who have a 'philosophy'. This is usually an overseas coach who shuns the typical British work ethic in favour of pretty, passing football. Sometimes, they are successful such as Pep Guardiola. Sometimes they are a complete shambles like Roberto Martinez. But what determines this is easily observed.

The successful managers work with the players they have, or can acquire. They play to the strengths of their players and either coach them to be better or they buy better players. Those like Martinez, try to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. They fail to recognise the strengths and weaknesses of their players and as a result have them trying to play a game that is alien to them.

We hear about His Philosophy but, if it doesn't work, the media so often put it down to player error letting him down. But it would surely be better if the manager saw what his players could do and adapted that, rather than try to fit round pegs into square holes.

This brings me to Sam Allardyce. I, like so many Blues, was underwhelmed by his appointment. Man – was I wrong! After years of watching Martinez flail about and speak jibberish, followed by Koeman not knowing a footballer when one stares him in the face, we get straight forward clear thinking. Play to our strengths, not the manager's dreams. Organise what we have and use the resources available.Yet this does not mean long-ball pub football.

The goals against Huddersfield and that penalty at Anfield came as a result of accurate passing. Perhaps Big Sam just hasn't had that quality to play with before. It took me one game to realise that Martinez was an idiot (ask anyone who knows me); it took me longer to grow disillusioned with Koeman. It has taken a couple of games and I am convinced about Allardyce: No philosophy... just good management.
Martin Reppion     Posted 11/12/2017 at 10:36:52

Stayaway fans

Sam Allardyce certainly isn't the answer to all my prayers. But I'm curious: more than just a few fans are declaring that they won't watch Everton / renew their season ticket while he's in charge. Why?

There appear to be three main lines of argument:

1. The appointment shows that Everton are a small-time club / lack ambition

I don't buy this for one minute. Since Moshiri took over, Everton's ambition has grown. Six of our seven biggest money signings have come under his watch. Again and again, new signings have referred to Everton's ambition as a club as a key thing that persuaded them to come. (Obviously much of this money was not well spent, but that's hardly Moshiri's fault.) Further evidence of Everton's ambition lies in the fact that we have a training facility, an U-23 squad and youth development programme which are the envy of many of our rivals, and our commitment to the new waterfront stadium.

The argument hinges on the supposition that Allardyce has been hired to save us from relegation. I believe that a lot more than this is expected of Allardyce, and he'll need to demonstrate improvement in many areas if he wants to be kept on long term.

2. Allardyce's style of football

Various myths are being touted about as fact: he favours a long-ball game; his teams don't play passing football; he doesn't believe in bringing on young players. Running battles with fans while he was at West Ham have contributed to this perception. Allardyce says this is all nonsense: he'll do the right thing at whatever club he's at in order to win games.

My view is let's wait and see what he actually does before passing judgement. I think any manager coming in is going to be excited to see the breadth of young talent that we have and is going to want to give them opportunities. Unsworth is still on the payroll, and he'll be passing on his thoughts about the U-23s as well as the senior squad.

3. Corruption allegations

It can hardly have escaped the notice of anyone who supports a Premier League club that football is dominated by money and greed. It's an inescapable fact of life. The Moyes - Kenwright regime had a reputation for decency, for doing the right thing. But fans wanted more: we demanded ambition and success. Kenwright was castigated for failing to sell the club despite his explaining that he was looking for a buyer who would have Everton's interests at heart.

A buyer though was eventually found, so welcome to Everton, Farhad Moshiri, a financial wheeler-dealer who chooses to live in Monaco, a place where residents don't have to pay income tax. But before anyone rushes to accuse Moshiri of corrupting our morals, the most questionable signing in our recent history, that of Oumar Niasse, was made just before Moshiri's arrival.

The allegations hanging over Allardyce may be unproven but it's good that fans are raising these issues and questioning his character. The fact that fans care about this just as much as we care about being a successful club says a lot about who we are. Everton is a club which has pride in its history and its identity and this will remain the case as long as fans continue to stand up for values of integrity and sense of purpose.

I'm not trying to persuade anyone that Allardyce's appointment should be welcomed. My point is more that it doesn't change anything fundamentally at our club. For me, what's a lot more shameful than this appointment is the fact that Everton carry the name SportPesa on their shirt, but I don't see many fans boycotting the shirt.

Nick Wall     Posted 02/12/2017 at 09:26:57

What's our best team?

Now that the dust has finally settled regarding the controversial Managerial appointment of Sam Allardyce and his backroom staff I for one welcome a return to looking at matters on the pitch.

Allardyce undoubtedly has a penchant for experience and there has already been suggestions mooted from some sections of the fan-base that the younger players are likely to be playing second fiddle in the coming weeks and months.

Given the long-term injuries to Bolasie, McCarthy, Mori, Coleman and Barkley and the prospect of the transfer window opening in just on a month and a transfer kitty quoted in the region of £70 million - does anybody know what is actually our best team and formation ?

Factoring in the returning players I have no idea what our strongest line-up actually is ? Given that we are also going to be playing domestic football following the recent exit from Europa League the size of the squad is going to be less important.

I am sure that each fan will have there own opinions and Allardyce will probably be licking his lips at the prospects ahead. Interesting times indeed.

Peter Laing     Posted 01/12/2017 at 11:43:28

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