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Can England win the World Cup?

The United Kingdom will never win the Eurovision song contest again. It is out of our hands and sadly, no matter how talented our entry, and I think you will agree that we have entered some belters recently, politics just ruin it for us.

However, this World Cup seems fair and I believe England can win it. Two wins against shite teams have not triggered euphoria. It seems incredibly low key. If the Luxembourg jury were voting now on the England performance, it woukd be maximum points.

I am Irish and after the Ireland, Scotland and Wales teams, it used to be anyone but England. Simply because of the Spice Boys, Engerlund, and the appalling sense of entitlement. I believe that we will see the World Cup winners tomorrow.

I will have a significant financial gain if it is Belgium but I will have compensation if it is England.

It can be done. Kane is a remarkable player with a top temperament. Stones is starting to look as if Man City robbed us. The spirit is good, the coach is doing and saying everything right. The formation and tactics are right and the press have not yet printed the window stickers.

We have poor Spain, Argentina, Brazil, and France sides with an okay England team. An okay team – not a great team – will win this World Cup. It can be England. I am backing them as a saver with Belgium.
Andy Crooks     Posted 27/06/2018 at 21:14:01

Royal Blue Mersey

I've been singing this since I first went to the game in the 1960s. I'd love to know who penned this masterpiece that is ours and ours alone and has stayed the course and will forever, I'm sure.

'Oh, we hate Bill Shankly and we hate St John, but most of all......'

Eddie Kavanagh will never be forgotten and whoever is responsible for this should be lauded also.
Alan Bodell     Posted 15/06/2018 at 11:00:37

A Bigger Job Than We Think

Like every Evertonian, I have been doing my research on Marco Silva since the day we appointed him as first team Manager (or Head Coach). That includes his preferred style of play (which has been well documented) and the types of players he likes to employ in the system.

The upshot is a little concerning — what we seem to have at Everton is a lot of players who do not fit the mould of the type of player Silva likes to use.

Working on the assumption that some of the more obvious departures do indeed take place (Sandro, Mirallas, Tarashaj, Rooney, Besic, Garbutt, Galloway, Browning, Martina) we can realistically start the season with a more manageable number of players but, even after this cull, there is a worrying lack of balance to the remaining squad.

Goalkeeper and Right Back are less of a problem than any other position, so we will skip past these two areas.

Centre-Back — Silva likes to play 4-4-2, but he also likes to switch to 3-5-2 on occasion. Holgate fits in either system; Keane needs to improve, but he is young and would be an excellent fit at the centre of a 3, so they are no-brainers. Jagielka still has game and we have 3 promising youngsters in Pennington, Feeney and Lewis Gibson, but I imagine at least 2 of those will go on loan, with maybe Pennington hanging around for his make-or-break season.

The worry comes with Williams, who lacks the pace to play in a high-press 4-4-2 or to either side of a 3-man defence, and lacks the discipline to play at the centre of a 3. Funes Mori looks to have one foot out of the door, but he is our only left-footer (other than Gibson) and would be a natural to slot into the left side of the 3.

In short - we have to keep Funes Mori and find another centre-back who can be the long-term replacement for Jagielka.

Left-Back is an area that has been well-documented. Antonee Robinson has a lot of potential and impressed on his international debut recently, but he may get another loan next season, leaving us desperately short again. We need one more to come in here.

Midfield is where the largest amount of surgery needs to take place. Silva likes a commanding central defensive midfielder, with box-to-box, high-energy players alongside that can pass and score. Schneiderlin is the most natural player in the existing squad to take up that role. Gana could do it (and would be my preference) and Baningime may be that sort of player eventually, but Schneiderlin is the most obvious candidate. I don't like what he did last season, but selling him might set us back too far, with all the other changes going on.

Alongside, we need two of these high-energy type players. Davies and McCarthy are the most obvious examples, while Gana could again provide that energy; but where are the goals and creativity coming from? Is Joe Williams ready? Will Davy Klaassen be at the club? Gylfi Sigurdsson lacks the high-press energy to play there. We need at least one more and to clear out some of the high-earning talent that no longer fits.

Our front 3 (which becomes a 2 in a 3-5-2) also presents a problem. Tosun was a great buy and can play with Walcott, Lookman or Vlasic alongside. Calvert-Lewin will be great competition for the Tosun role, but again we are asking where Sigurdsson fits.

If Silva wants to play with a No 10 style player as 1 of his 3, Sigurdsson would be perfect (with Vlasic and Dowell as other options), but would that stifle Lookman's chances of making the first Team? It puts him in a straight fight with Walcott for the other role.

In short, there is only really right-back that we don't have to worry about. There are problems and a lack of balance across the entire first-team squad.

I think we have the right men at the helm now, but it is far from a quick fix. The fans (that's us) need to be patient. There will be a cull and then a slow re-shaping of the squad. I think it will be 3 very strong windows before this team is ready to play the Silva way.
Alasdair Mackay     Posted 10/06/2018 at 14:25:05

Man Utd 4 - 4 Everton

I watched that game again last night (drink was taken) It was at a time when I was calling for Moyes to go. We were good, really good. Fellaini was magnificent. We went 4-2 down and tried to win.

It was a brilliant performance from a team that didn't cost a lot. Yet it wasn't enough for me. We pressed, attacked and most of all battled.

The point I am making is that it was a million miles better than last season but not enough. How my expectations have been so utterly lowered is appalling. Last season was as bad as it has ever been for me. What I am saying, and I never thought I would say it, is, let's get back to what Moyes had and rebuild from there.

This is no defence of Moyes but a condemnation of the custodians of our club who brought in Martinez, Koeman and Allardyce. The three worst coaches in our history.

I knew Martinez was shit. I thought Koeman was the man and defended him. Then we had the shameful appointment of Allardyce.

I would urge all Evertonians to view highlights of this game. The only conclusion, in my view, is that the new management team be given time and patience. Mismanagement has taken us back 15 years and millions of pounds. We are back to the day Moyes went.
Andy Crooks     Posted 09/06/2018 at 20:53:54

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