Everton 1 - 1 Arsenal

29 October 1994

Everton:14. Unsworth
Arsenal: 24. Schwarz
Yellow cards
Everton: Jackson, Parkinson
Arsenal:McGoldrick, Merson, Schwarz
Everton: Southall 6, Jackson 7, Unsworth 7 (49. Rideout 7), Ablett 7, Burrows 7, Stuart 8, Parkinson 7, Horne 8, Durrant 7 (70. Limpar 6), Ferguson 7, Amokachi 6
Arsenal:Seaman, McGoldrick, Keown, Adams, Winterburn (89. Selley), Merson (75. Linighan), Jensen, Parlour, Schwarz, Smith, Campbell
Subs not used: Kearton (Everton), Bartram (Arsenal)
Referee:K. Burge
Attendance: 32,003

The match report from the Arsenal home pages.


By Geoff

Overall not a bad performance, much improved from the last home game v Coventry. We started off very well, with Stuart running at the Arsenal defence from the start. The goal came after a well-worked free-kick! The ball falling to Unsworth eventually after a couple of miskicks and his shot even managed to hit an Arse defender on the line before going in..

The best move of the game ended with Joe Parkinson putting the ball in the net only for the goal to be rightly disallowed as Amokachi was in an off-side position. Barry Horne hit a superb pass to Stuart on the wing,he fed Durrant who put an excellent cross which was swept in by Parkinson from about 12 yards, unfortunately Ammo was standing virtually in front of Seaman in an offside position.

The Arsenal goal came when Schwartz has allowed to pick up the ball unchallenged and hit a powerful shot from 35 yards in off the post, which apparently (according to some in the Street End took a slight deflection.

The Arsenal goal was undeserved on the balance of play and seemed to knock the stuffing out of Everton for a bit. Campbell and Merson both missed good chances which Ian Wright would've scored if he was playing.

For Everton, Jackson chose to shoot from a tight angle when a cross would've beenbetter.

Unsworth went off after about 5 mins in the second half to be replaced by Paul Rideout at center-half.

Merson missed possibly the best chance Arsenal had when the ball found him about 8 yards out and he managed to putthe ball over the bar at the St.End.

Amokachi was given a free downward header, but got the direction but not the power to beat Seaman.

Arsenal settled for a draw 20mins from time when Merson was taken off and replaced with Ian Selley..

Anders Limpar replaced Ian Durrant and within a minute made a superb dive to earn a free kick, he also had a couple of efforts, one which he dragged wide, and the other which went over the bar.

Joe Parkinson then seemed to elbow an Arsenal player, the ref never saw it, but the linseman did and Parkinson escaped with a booking.

Graham Stuart then did a terrible tackle on Winterburn,sliding in at speed with studs showing and got away with it, the ref not giving a free kick, when it was probably a sending-off offence. Winterburn was strechered off with his legs strapped.

Good points from the game were Matt jackson giving 100% for the first time in ages as did most of the team. Paul Rideout did very well at center-half and didn't look out of place, ferguson had a great battle with Adams and came out about even

Amokachi looked abit stale to me and could perhaps do with a rest.

Man of the match for me was Barry Horne who had a good game his passing was the best it's been for ages, put some good tackles in and even had a run doen the right-wing!

Another great crowd 32,003 which may have had something to do with the fact that it was the voucher game for the Derby, tho this wasn't advertised in the Echo.

Another performance like sat and i think the first win will come tommorow. no news about Unsworth who went off with a thigh strain.

Another view

If this season does not have a happy ending, I'm going to need therapy.

The free-kick - what a cock up.

Burrows getting dummied by his own man & slipping. Ball bouncing off a blue (Parki?) in the box. Who's bundled it in? It's DU! (the man who looked most pumped up before the game). It couldn't go to a more deserving player. Oh, and Stuart probably dived. I hate cheats, even blue ones :-[

Parki's goal.

What a difference having a '1' on the scoreboard. Blues coming forward in waves.. Durrant's cross was excellent. Parki's strike was excellent, but even better, the fact that he was there at all! Forward! Attacking! Confident enough to have a go!

The first goal had everyone just thankful the drought was over.

The 'second one' blew the roof off.. Evertonians went potty. (When did we last have a 2 goal lead?!). The feeling & noise was only slightly less intense than the equaliser v. Wimbledon.. Everton's aggression was finally paying with goals. It was going to be a win, and maybe the end of the nightmare. [Yes, Ammo was offside].

Steffi stuffs one.

From the St. End: No sign of deflection. Impression of hopeless dive from Nev. Sick feeling that every shot any donkey tries against us goes in nowadays. Disappointment that Nev was beaten at the near post again, but sympathy because of the rocket shot.

From the TV replay:

Now, I know I'm very paranoid at the moment, but I'm still VERY worried that Nev is either sabotaging results or is just crap. Whoever said he 'doesn't seem to care when he's beaten anymore' has a point too.

The first 20 minutes, the support and player commitment were like a derby match. It was great. But 20 mins is no good if the other 70 are garbage. That killed the spirit of the support and the players. Only seconds ago we had been 2-0 up and on the way. No we were 1-1 and I doubt anyone did not in their heart think that it would end up 1-2. Amazingly/luckily/surprisingly (pick one) the remainder of the match was 0-0, but just to make sure, the Boring Ones took off Merson for (defender) Linighan with 15 left.

One news report I saw claimed that Stuart on Winterburn was a revenge attack for Winterburn on Stuart earlier. Parki's elbow incident was more proof that the teams did not like each other much.

Player by player


Still unconvincing.


An overdue good performance.


A first EVER good performance in blue.


Average by his standards. Better (& more goals!) than Keown.


An almost flawless performance in an odd position.




Trying hard but no magic yet. Good 'goal'!


We have come to call these performances by Horne 'good' but if (e.g.) McCall had played like this we'd say he was poor.


That failed physio-check was EFC's best result this season.


When Stuart has a good game, Everton have a good game. Today Graham was dangerous & sharp.


A quiet game. No clear chances. Still goalless. We've got enough strikers like that, thanks - on a lot less cash.


Poor Ammo needs to spend less time chasing hopeless causes and more finding spaces and shooting from them :-[


I get the feeling he tries TOO hard. He seems to think a cross is not worth making unless it's a spectacular one.


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