Everton 0 - 0 Wimbledon

29 April 1995

Yellow cards
Everton: Hinchcliffe
Wimbledon: Jones, Fear, Elkins, Holdsworth
Everton: Southall 7, Barrett 6, Watson 7, Unsworth 8, Ablett 7, Limpar 7 (45. Rideout 6), Horne 6, Parkinson 9, Hinchcliffe 7, Stuart 6, Amokachi 8
Wimbledon: Sullivan, Cunningham, Thorn (30. Perry), Reeves, Kimble, Fear, Jones, Elkins, Leonhardsen, Ekoku (68. Goodman), Holdsworth
Subs not used: Jackson, Kearton (Everton), Segers (Wimbledon)
Referee: P S Danson (Leicester)
Attendance: 33,063


Underground, Overground, Elbowing free..

For entertainment value, you'd be hard pressed to find worse. Only people who enjoy midfield scraps and defensive smothering would have had anything to enjoy.

Amo started with Stuart up front. In the second half Rideout came on for Limpar.

Wimbledon certainly didn't look like a team who have conceded 39 away goals this season. They knew how to stop Everton - close every possession down, hassle, worry & niggle and pack the midfield and defence with bodies. It worked. Luckily the likes of Spurs & Man Utd don't play this way.. and as far as I know neither so any of our four remaining opponents.

The ref (Danson) was no help, as he was not interested in the Wimbledon defenders' style of jumping for every ball with an elbow projecting towards their blue opponent.

The second half saw a big improvement in Everton, and Wimbledon's attacks dried up as they settled for the point early; JR seemed to manage to spread the play and get the defenders to give away enough space to let Blue bodies create chances and gain corners.

If anyone (from the assoc of footy statisticians?) kept count of the number of throw-ins, I think we might have seen the world record yesterday!

Team Performance 6. A second successive spluttering display.

Player by player


One good save, one great save, a couple of dodgy flaps.


Provided a lot of fuel for his critics :-[


OK but poor delivery crossing. Great chip nearly stole 2 pts.


Quiet game by his standards but no problems.


A busy game chasing overhit through balls. Easily outpaced defenders and peppered the Main stand with clearances.


A strangely quiet game.. couldn't get his usual grip.


Great game. Tackled & fought like a demon.


(w45) Looked our only chance of a breakthrough first half.


Was not allowed the time & space to deliver in open play.


Back to the ineffective displays of last season :-[


Had the class to get past spoliers sometimes. Highlight when trapped at the corner flag by 2 wombles he skinned them both, sprinted along the byeline and delivered a great tap-in chance.


(s46) Marked out by close attention.


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