Everton 3 - 0 Leeds United

5 December 1995

Everton: Rideout 8, Ferguson 59, Unsworth (pen) 66
Yellow cards
Everton: Ebbrell
Leeds: Palmer, Deane
Everton: Southall 8, Jackson 7, Ablett 7(17. Stuart 7), Watson 8, Unsworth 7, Horne 8, Ebbrell 7, Parkinson 7, Hinchcliffe 9, Ferguson 8, Rideout 8
Leeds: Lukic, Kelly, Palmer, Wetherall, Dorigo, White, McAllister, Speed, Wallace, Deane, Whelan
Subs not used: Kearton, Barlow (Everton), Beeney, Radebe, Masinga (Leeds)
Referee: P Durkin (Portland)
Attendance: 25,897


After 2 days, i have watched the game again, and have become more objective in my observations once the euphoria has died down. here follows some observations that i felt might be thrown open for discussion on the net.

Firsty, we were under to much pressure in the midfield, where McAllister dictated. we cannot fault our midfielders for effort, but there seems to be no one who can dictate play, or even slow the game down in our side. At the game monday, a lot of our fellow evertonians felt that we should put in a bid for McAllister. however, i feel, after having watched him play a few times, and being very impressed by his work rate and intelligent distribution of the ball, that Mark Draper, currently at Leicester city would be an ideal candidiate to fill that role at Goodison Park. We should be able to get him for about a mil 5, and he should be able give us at least six years good service.

Fergusson still has a lot to learn about playing on the ground, and if the club are successfull in their bid for him, he would be under the tutelage of one of the great centerforwards of modern time, our joe. The latest issue of wsag makes mention of the fact that perhaps the greatest contribution everton have made to the english game is that of perfecting the art of the centreforward our defence still has some fine tuning to do, and i feel that joe should continue the interest walker had shown in warren barton. I feel that if jackson was more skillfull, and had run at palmer more, we might have won by a bigger margin.

Our centre of defence does look sound, and as for the future, we have two england u/18 center-backs in our youth team.

Big Nev gave us some worrying moments on monday, and it looks as if he is trying to become the new "clown prince" on merseyside. We may have to start looking for a future replacement for him, and from some of the comments passed on the mail, many feel that Kearton is not that player. Could i then suggest obtaining the services of the son of the silver fox, Ian Walker.

Player by player


Typical Nev. 10 for saves, 6 for punches & deadballs.


OK but lacking ideas missed chances to pressure a shakey Leeds defence consisting of Palmer alone in the middle.


To think he was the worst crosser in the League last year..!


Looked unhappy even before his injury.


His weakness (high, behind, over the middle balls) was badly exposed several times.


Someone ought to put his header-clearences into a coaching vid.


Felt at home in a scrappy midfield game.


Back to normal for Mr Average.


Still no magic despite good opportunities.


One of his better games, but personally I'm not a fan.


The gift of the goals. Talent on the ball. IMO a class better than Ferguson.


Parki got in some good attacking positions, but was a bit anonymous in midfield.


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