Everton 1 - 1 Leicester City

24 September 1994

Everton: Ablett
Leicester: Draper
Yellow cards
Everton: Southall 8, Watson 6, Unsworth 7, Ablett 6, Holmes 6, Burrows 6, Snodin 6, Stuart 6, Samways 7, Angell 6, Amokachi 6
Subs not used: Parkinson, Barlow, Kearton (Everton)
Attendance: 28,003



          Watson           Unsworth           Ablett

    Holmes                                            Burrows
                 Stuart                Samways

                 Angell                Amokachi

First thought was well, though I'm actually quite pleased to see Ablett back in central defence (see previous posting about playing Unsworth slightly in front of defence), bearing in mind that he is facing a 3-match ban with his pre-season sending off finally 'coming to book' as of next Saturday and with Holmes having been sent off in BOTH of his last two matches (for 'A' team and reserves) and therefore bans imminent, even if it's a success changes will be inevitable... (big IF)

Team ran out to Z-CARS...(Big Cheer)

I was surprised in the first half. I thought the formation worked a lot better than I suspected it would..Burrows had an good first half pushing up well and beating players to put the ball across Holmes wasn't that bad, Samways was very busy moving from side to side across the middle trying to spread it. Everton had quite a bit of possession but can hardly remember their keeper having a save to make. Angell would on occasions win the ball in the air and just sort of let it glance off somewhere at random.. Amokachi had one of his quieter games but still showed his strength and determination without really getting a decent chance in front of goal. Big Nev looked a LOT sounder and actually made a good take from a corner.

Shortly into the second half..Leicester supporters go potty as Roberts sticks the ball in the net...However, the linesman closest to them had his flag VERY firmly up..No goal. Everton then take the lead..Poole dives athletically to his left to keep out Watson's powered header from a Samway's corner, only for Ablett to bundle the ball over the line with some part of his anatomy(knee?)....

The thought of being in the lead seemed to strike the fear of God into the Blues and they then completely lost their bottle, and conceded the initiative to Leicester..Southall makes a BRILLIANT double save denying Philpott and Roberts, and three minutes later tips a fierce Franz Carr effort onto the bar and over.

Minutes later, Leicester fans were in a fury as another 'goal' .from a lot of scrambles,in/out,back in , back out, ..etc. in our box....was disallowed by the same linesman..I think for a foul this time as he flagged furiously rather than stood with flag outstretched. 81 Minutes..an Everton Corner, booted clear to Joachim,who shrugged off the attentions of Holmes before passing to Draper who coolly placed it wide of Nev and just inside the post. Nev then saved a header and Everton had a vociferous appeal for a penalty turned down with 2 minutes to go.

In my opinion only (if you don't like them you can have Groucho Marx's) ... Snodin in midfield looked EVERYTHING a midfield player should.. Confident, Demanding the ball, Experienced,playing the ball around, long and short passes with ease..finding his man every time..UNFORTUNATELY the man he was finding was wearing the yellow of Leicester not the Blue of Everton.

Angell..I'm sorry..but he MUST go..I feel sorry for the bloke, he is very keen and tries hard but he has less 'devil' in him than in Fashanu's little finger...and for a big bloke he is NOT good in the air...he gets up to them (because he's half way there) but cannot direct them to his team mates and when it has the misfortune to come near him in the box it inevitably gets nodded either very softly at the keeper or way, way over the top (still softly)..

Man-of-the-Match: Definitely the linesman with the plain flag.

Runner Up: Big Nev (But we still need a replacement)

Player by player


I thought he did pretty well . Got in some excellent saving headers and scored of course.


Not awful. Could do well somewhere like Tranmere.


Faded after a good start.


Played well throughout, probing and trying to set people off. Takes better corners than we are used to.


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