Everton 0 - 0 Tottenham Hotspur

17 December 1994

Yellow cards
Tottenham: Austin, Rosenthal
Everton: Southall 7, Jackson 7, Watson 7, Unsworth 8, Burrows 7, Ebbrell 7, Horne 7, Parkinson 6 (51. Limpar 9), Hinchcliffe 7, Rideout 7, Barlow 8
Tottenham: Walker, Austin, Campbell, Popescu, Calderwood, Mabbutt, Anderton, Howells, Barmby, Rosenthal, Sheringham
Subs not used: Kearton, Stuart
Officiating Edunburgh, Nethercott, Day
Referee: K Cooper (Pontypridd)
Attendance: 32,809

The other view.


First view

Another Two bite the dust

Everton passed up the chance of a relatively simple 3 points by failing to cash in their great superiority in terms of chances at home to a lacklustre Spurs.

The team, featuring Stuart Barlow getting a start in place of recalled Ferguson had the run of the ball for most of the first half - also working hard to win balls that did not fall to them. But Spurs marked tightly as the Blues worked to adjust to having a speedy partner for Rideout instead of a tall one.

Spurs were restricted to only one weak shot on target in the first half.

Early in the second half JR opted to withdraw Joe Parkinson for Anders Limpar.. a good idea because the wee swede was pumped up and very keen to stick it up the spurs.

Spurs best effort was an overhit dipping volley from Barmby early in the second half.

Later, a Spurs free kick harshly given on the edge of the box resulted in something for the papers to write about - it hit the post - but it was so far off target that the new trajectory took it into the side netting.

The Sunday broadsheet I read also failed to mention the last twenty minutes, when Spurs woke up and started to create dangerous enough buildups that Nev had to put his book away.. yet at the other end, Everton produced three near misses which should have given them the game.

Hinchcliffe was allowed so much space & time that he got to the 'D' unchallenged and beat Walker with a low shot, but the famous Hinchcliffe curve also took the ball past the post.

A candidate for goal of the season also flashed past the post. A high ball was headed on & high by Barlow from the 'D', found Rideout unmarked and perfectly balanced for a diagonal rocket volley.

The third came from a Hinchcliffe free kick close to the Gwladys/Bullens corner flag.. the header was glanced, but too finely and the post was shaved again.

Spurs most cunning tactic (deliberate?) was to concede as few corners as possible. Everton only had about 3 all game. One forced IW to tip over.

Clean sheets, club records, unbeaten runs.... but still in relegation position and not producing open field goals!

Ref K Cooper was very fussy about climbing headers & pushes in the back. How come we never get refs like him when we play push & shove scum such as Pallister & Bruce?!?

Only two bookings - both for Spurs players. The papers' accusations of Everton 'wrestling unattractively to survive' are lame.

Z cars (original version) is back.

All 3 fanzines we on sale; WSAG, Speke from the Harbour and Gwladys sings the Blues. Add a copy of 'The Evertonian' and a match program.. you need a box file to carry everything in nowadays :-}

The Gwladys spotties gave Ian Walker 'E-I-Addio, Your daddy's on the dole'. Ian was cool about this, waved, and applauded them at the end of the game.

Second view

Jackson Watson Unsworth Burrows
Ebbrell Horne Parkinson Hinchcliffe
        Rideout Barlow

Subs: Kearton,Stuart,Limpar (Parkinson,51)

Austin Calderwood Mabutt Campbell
Anderton Popescu Howells Rosenthal
       Sheringham Barmby

Another game,another clean sheet,this is getting boring!! A 0-0 always looked on the cards tho as the game progressed.The game could've done with Ferguson and Klinnsman. Everton started off pretty brightly with Barlow having a shot from the edge of the box tipped over by Walker. After that there wasn't a lot happening,a header from Rideout was kicked off the line by Mabutt,Sheringham should've done better with a a shot and Ebbrell had a couple of efforts.

Barlow was troubling Spurs with his pace but nothing was coming from it.The nearest Spurs came to scoring was following a header from Unsworth The wind didn't help the players,the passing was generally poor,the standard ofrefereeing worse,Rosenthal and another Spurs player (Howells??) being booked forpretty innocous challenges,whilst worse went unpunished. The game itself was of the standard of the Villa game,it was that poor.

Parkinson came close to scoring early in the second half when he did well to get on the end of a cross,walker making a good reflex save. That was his last touchof the game,he was suprising replaced by Limpar after 51mins. Not a great deal happened in the next half hour.The ref was conned by a Rosenthal dive and was going to book limpar,but the linseman indicated that the spurs player dived.

The game livened up towards the end,first Hinchcliffe drove the ball a couple of feet wide after a good run.

Spurs almost snatched a goal when Anderton hit the outside of a post from 20 yards with about 10 mins to go. Nev seemed to watch it go by knowing it was going to hit the post!

We had a couple of reasonable efforts in the last 2 mins, first Rideout volleyed just wide of the far post and then with virtually the last touch of the game, Watson headed(or handled!) the ball just wide.

Overall another disapointing game and possibly two points lost.

The defence has done well to set a club record of 7 games without conceeding a goal,but the midfield needs abit more creativity.

We slipped back into the bottom 4 following West Ham's win against City.Cottee scoring a hat-trick there.

As for man of the match,take your pick,it was another solid team performance,thetwo centre-halves as solid as ever. Rideout also had a good game leading the line well.


[I add this just to stirr things up; compare to the other marks & comments on the player-by-player section -mep]

Southall 6 didn't have much to do really

Jackson 7 solid again,a few decent runs

Watson 8 another good performance

Unsworth 8 see above

Burrows 5.5 caught out of position a few times,passing was pretty poor

Ebbrell 6.5 typical Ebbrell performance really

Horne 6.5 tackled and fought as per usual

Hichcliffe 7 unlucky not to score,corners were dangerous as usual

Parkinson 7 suprising taken off early,one good effort

Rideout 8 another good game

Barlow 7.5 forced a good save from Walker early on,caused trouble

Limpar 6 didn't do a great deal

Player by player


Difficult to rate a keeper who wasn't stretched all game! :-|


Continues to satisfy even his harshest critics.


One positional error, but 1-2 important tackles.


Achilles heel (donkey droppers) showed, but otherwise he was average (for him - i.e. superb).


Is forming an understanding with Unsworth - making them a team which is breaking strikers' hearts.


Confident but not brilliant.


Competent but not brilliant.


To be honest I never saw him until he got subbed :-[


The man at his best? At last!?


The born-again hero missed Duncan.


That miss of a dream chance will haunt him for a very long time.


Works hard but needs Rideout's Midas touch of being able to find (or create) scoring positions instinctively.


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