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Alan Kearney

Squad number ??
Position Midfielder
Joined on date
Joined from club
Transfer fee None
Signed by David Moyes
Full debut No
Contract duration years
Contract expired 2007
Born Cork, Ireland
Date of birth 22 September 1987
Height x' x"
Nickname(s) v
Alan Kearney had been with the Everton Academy for a long time when he finally left at the age of 19 in 2007.  In February, 2007, David Moyes took the increasingly familiar step of having the player go out on loan for a month to see how he fares with some decent competitive first-team experience.  In his case, it was a month with Chester City.

The young Irishman was out of contract in the summer, and seemed likely to move on as he apparently has no chance of graduating to the senior squad.  The loan move was probably  a way of helping to confirm his true level of attainment in the sport, rather than an attempt to give him experience of competitive first-team football as part of an onward path that would see him making the grade at Everton.

The first mention of him in the Everton Youth Academy was in 2003-04, when he became a regular  for the Under-17s, and made an appearance in the final game of the season for the Under-19s.  He is not included among this list of Everton Youth Academy Players for the previous season (2002-03) suggesting that he may have joined the Everton Youth Academy in the summer of 2003.

He went on to put in a couple of steady seasons with both the Everton senior academy team and the Reserves, where he firmly established himself as a regular


By Michael Kenrick
Last updated December 2007

Academy Record
Season Team Appearances (sub) Goals
Under-17s, & Under-19s 15(2) & 1(0) 2 & 0
Under-18s, YC & Reserves 18(2), 1(0)  & 2(4) 0, 0 & 1
2005-2006 Under-18s & Reserves 16(1) & 8(1) 2 & 1
2006-2007 Under-18s & Reserves 4(0) & 6(1) 0 & 0

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