Norwich City 0 - 0 Everton

5 November 1994

Yellow cards
Norwich: Bowen, Goss
Everton: Unsworth, Burrows, Rideout, Jackson
Norwich:Gunn, Sutch, Bowen, Polston, Prior, Adams, Crook, Milligan, Newman, Robins (65. Cureton), Goss
Everton:Southall 7, Jackson 7, Watson 7, Ablett 7, Burrows 7, Horne 8, Stuart 6, Parkinson 6, Unsworth 8 (85. Limpar), Ferguson 5, Rideout 6
Subs not used:Mills, Marshall (Norwich), Barlow, Kearton (Everton)
Referee: Paul Danson
Attendance: 18,377


The reporters called it a dull game. It was only a dull game to lemons who think goals = entertainment.

Two traditional midfield teams jousted for control for most of the match. Both defenses were strong, confident and positively springing the offside trap repeatedly.

The stalemate was perhaps inevitable between the remnants of a MW team and the makings of a new one. The only times which could have produced goals were Everton's set pieces and Norwich's fast breaks in the last 20 minutes.

Two good Everton chances were a corner which Jackson flicked on from a lowish cross, but at came to Rideout in the awkward thigh-waist region and he could not hit a shot; secondly a dead straight 24 yd Unsworth (for England) free kick which missed the wall and the near post by inches. The best was from open play (gasp!).. for once Ferguson was not outjumped or impeded by a defender, for once his header went somewhere useful.. down the left wing to Unsworth. For once a good and quick cross was swept in and for once three blue shirts were running to meet it.. what a pity it fell to a yellow.

The first half was very even, and 'made dull' by frequent offsides, but the officials kept things exciting with some dangerous mistakes and unfathomable inconsistencies (benfitting both teams). Everton had so much the run of midfield in the second half that it was hard to believe they would not eventually score, but a clever substitution brought on a speedy kid who was an embarrassing sucker for offsides, but managed to give Norwich their first shot at goal of the half after 70 minutes, and insprired them to half a dozen ominous looking attacks in the fianl ten minutes.

But this time there was no disaster, no self-destruct, no miracles by journeyman opponents.. Everton held out to make it 3 unbeaten & successive clean sheets, but knew that they could only be counted as the unluckier of the two not to win, despite being away and 13 points lower.

The Everton contingent were a credit again, the area looked 95% full, totalling 4000-5000. Of course it was the ususal eerie combination of blues with odd accents and hard-core train/coach scousers. This meant that out-of-places songs could surface, and the one that did was one I have not heard for ages..

	The football league is upside down,
	The football league is upside down,
	We should be top, but we're bottom,
	The football league is upside down.

I've only ever heard that before at Bradford when they last went down just after failing in the playoffs, while their hated rivals Leeds were going up. Tune - when the saints go marching in.

Most of the players gave the blue fans a good long ovation at the end. Maybe it was admiration for the long journey. Maybe it was pleasure at the first away point, or the clean sheet (neville gave us the longest ovation i think i've ever seen him give!). Maybe it was seeing how crap this team comfortably in the top half were. Whatever. Morale is very good everwhere except in our strikers. Still very much poised to leap both off the bottom and out of trouble. Bring on the reds!

Player by player


Only took a few soft saves and a high cross.

Worked well and with CONFIDENCE instead of panic in the face of attacks.


At his best. If I try to compare him to Reid instead of McCall, he comes out in a better light!


Ordinary today. Too much hustle and not enough brain.. he completely missed ~3 tackles.


As superb in left midfield as at the back! Unlike LAST year at Blackburn when he stunk there. Getting the feeling he's brilliant EVERYWHERE now!


A day when it did not happen for Graeme, and once again the team performance roughly reflected his.


With one sparkling gem of an exception, he was CRAP!


Never seemed to get near the ball & box at the same time.


Another brief, pointless appearance.


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