Everton 2 (0) - 0 (0) Liverpool

21 November 1994

Everton:Ferguson 56, Rideout 88
Yellow cards
Everton: Ebbrell, Ferguson, Limpar
Liverpool: Bjornebye, Ruddock
Everton:Southall 8, Jackson 8(45. Rideout 9), Ablett 8, Watson 8, Unsworth 8, Horne 9, Parkinson 8, Ebbrell 10, Ferguson 8, Amokachi 8 (80. Limpar 7), Hinchcliffe 8
Liverpool:James, Jones, Scales, Ruddock, Babb, Bjornebye (64.Redknapp), McManaman, Molby, Barnes, Fowler, Rush
Subs not used:Kearton (Everton), Stensgaard, Clough (Liverpool)
Referee:D. Gallagher (Banbury)
Attendance: 39,866


I have included three reports, so you can pick anyone you like...

First view

Although the named players were not so far different from predicted (Southall, Jackson, Watson, Unsworth, Ablett, Hichliffe, Horne, Parkinson,Ebbrell,Amokachi,Ferguson), they seemed to play in a 4-4-2 formation with Unsworth back at centre-defence and Ablett left-back, with Hinchliffe playing in front of him in a wide left position, Ebbrell, Parkinson in the centre of midfield and Horne sort-of wideish right, Ferguson and Amo up front..

Very much a containing half from Everton's point of view Liverpool had quite a bit of possession without really threatening to break through a solid-looking Everton defence. A lot of players did well for Everton at breaking up attacks, but we really couldn't put much together up front.

Second half completely different..Rideout came on for the injured Jackson, with Horne moving to right-back and Amo mmoving back into right-midfield..Everton's attack was transformed..

AMo started doing what he is best and happiest at..namely running at players from deep and putting in some decent shots, Hinchliffe was putting in better crosses and corners than we've seen from any Everton wide player for some time (IMHO) and we were unlucky with one whipped in corner that just went over from a bunch of heads..

Anyway another corner whipped produced an absolute bullet header from Fergie which hit the net before James could move.

Unlucky not to get a second when Rideout hit the post after finding himself in space, Liverpool had a couple of attacks but never seemed to believe they could do anything..I even found myself NOT thinking they were going to get a jammy one..which is unusual in a derby. Then of course the icing on the cake when James pushed another good cross onto Fergies head in the 88 th minute where it fell nicely for Rideout to put it away.

Lots of singing and dancing...


I just kept changing my mind, but Unsworth was just majestic.

O I forgot, we also had a streaker, but play just carried on round him (I think it was a him :-))..it was a cold night) (Just listeneing to a Billy and Wally phone-in about 'the streaker' ..caption competition.. some entries from listeners..

  1. "Ron Evans to Ronnie Moran...'I thought we'd sold Don Hutchinson..'"
  2. "Neil Ruddock to John Scales..'You tackle him from behind..'"
  3. "An arrow pointing to his vital parts..with a notice saying 'The best tackle all night.!'"
  4. "Two fans: 'He must be a season ticket holder..I think I can see his stub'"

Second view

What a fantastic game!

I was pretty sure I was going to have to change my underwear at some point, but it didn't happen.

I honestly couldn't fault anyone on the team, they played their hearts out and you could see they wanted it so much more than the RS.

The defence was totally solid, and to be honest I have to disagree with Mike Meadows (sorry) 'cos I thought Ablett was great. He seemed to start so many attacks down the left with Hinchcliffe, who had his best game for ages. His crossing was miles better than usual. What can I say about Watson and Unsworth?Magnificent. Rush and Fowler barely had a sniff. A thoroughly deserved MoM forUnsy, just a pity we didn't see him take the ball all the way up the pitch. Instead he did the sensible thing and stopped halfway.

Horne, Parki and Ebbrell hassled and harried andgave a supposedly world class midfield no time to settle.

Amo was good, but a touch ineffective in the first half, a revelation in the second.

Dunc led the line and ran and chased magnificently and, IMHO, nearly beat Unsy for MoM. Unlucky to get booked.

Rideout made the difference in the second half, and was unlucky not to score twice. I was already celebrating when it hit the post.

In the first half, the RS in the Bullens were singing (to the tune of "go West" by the Pet Shop Boys) "You're shite and you're going down". After we scored three blokes just to my right stood on their seats and started singing back at them to the same tune "We're shite but we're beating you" much to our amusement.

As to the atmosphere, you can't really compare it to the Wimbledon game. That was an emotional roller coaster, with so much riding on it, and I wasn't sure we'd win it. Last night was different. They didn't really look like scoring, it was just a case of could we? Once Dunc had done the deed it was like a party My only regret is that I wasn't in The Gwladys.

Third view

We must all be deranged, but all the problems seem worthwhile just to have nights like yesterday. What a helluva way to have a welcome home party for Joe :-]

I don't know where to start, but a good place is the cover of he latest issue of WSAG, which has an excellent cartoon entitled 'reds take their seats for the derby', showing a dozen bedecked rednoses all sitting in one large armchair watching TV.

During the warm up, I tried to change one of the player-chants to 'one Liam Presland', but my voice was drowned out in the cauldron :-) Never heard his name (or anything else) on the PA, but saw his name in HUGE letters on the scoreboard. I also noticed that wave.. he looked like he was flagging down a bus :-) What a jammy kid.. he will always be THE mascot at THE derby when Joe's Royle Blues gave him a 2-0 win over the 'championship contender' rednecks. Disneytime stuff or what?!

Brief match comments.

{It's very difficut to pay attention to the nuances of football during a derby match when every touch seems hugely important}.

First half was vintage derby stuff, 100 m.p.h. midfield battle, which was effective stalemate, limiting both sides to no more than a long range effort or two. Looked 0-0 all over, but it was clear that the reds were matched & there for the taking if fate was kind or Joe could conjure something (a Limpar tactical switch?).

Second half. Horne fills in well for Jackson, leaving Amo his chance. Dan did start to look as if he might be able to upset the reds, making 3-4 surging runs (some forward, some across), and won the vital corner. Set pieces have been our forte' recently. Happily, since Walker took over, Andy Hinchliffe has learned how to lift a dead ball above waist height! He set up a perfect winner for the reserves at Rotherham, and now served up a perfect corner & several heads were there for it.

Everton beat 12 men. The referee was so obviously a rednose he should have worn Netto-yellow, not green. Particularly after going 1-0 down, he gave EVERY 50-50 decision their way. Every blue tackle was a foul. Every red tackle was fair. Oh, and he blew for half time when it was an Everton corner. git!

The reaction from the (extremely quiet) LFC fans was not one after the penalty appeal which suggested they seriously thought they deserved one.

The GSTS sang a 'go west' song. The words were

	"Dun-can... Duncan Fer-gu-son,
	 Dun-can... Duncan Fer-gu-son,
	 Dun-can... Duncan Fer-gu-son,
	 Dun-can... Duncan Fer-gu-son!"
     {d.c. al fin}

The streaker appeared 10 mins from time out of the Gwladys street, jogged up the empty liverpool left wing, the game continued, EFC attacking up their left. The streaker got to Nev & shook hands, then started back the same way, nearly getting an opportunity to tackle a liverpool player as they had won the ball. Arrested in from of the away section & escorted out to great applause in front of the whole park end.

Rideout's mop-up goal was EFC's first 2-0 lead and 2 goal win since.. (probably) v Swindon.

Player by player


Not a busy night but three kleenies in a row now :-)


Great to see his talent is unaffected by 'big' games.


Still very comfortable with him as left back


Solid dependable Dave. Maybe Collymore really is GOOD.


Coped well against reds' favourite attack.. up the left.

Horne (RB ) 9

Held the position down well. Two great sliding tackles.

Horne (mid) 8

In his element in the 1st half midfield madhouse.


Not very visible, but competent when he was.


Played like he was possessed. His blue heart showed.


Still doing well in that strange left-midfield position!


Looked dangerous for the first time since his home debut.


Still great at holding balls, but that's about it. Noticably jumped 6" higher for every ball after scoring.


Don't deny a gift. PR finds the ball in dangerous positions with Chapman-like instinct. (Just like fergie can't).


A lengthy ;-) 10 minutes saw him spurn a chance to show that fabled flair & magic to Joe.

The Team 10

They won because they wanted it more.

The Streaker 10

An excellent run without holding up play. :-)


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