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Everton Players' Appearances, 2002-03

This page lists statistics for Everton players during the 2002-03 Season,
including Appearances, Goals and Cards received

  Appearances, 2001-02 Appearances, 2003-04

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No Player Appearances Goals Cards
    League Cup Total League Cup Total Yellow Red
 <%=oRs("Num")%>   <%=oRs("Player")%> <%=oRs("PlayedLeague")%>(<%=oRs("SubLeague")%>) <%=oRs("PlayedCup")%>(<%=oRs("SubCup")%>) <%=oRs("PlayedTotal")%>(<%=oRs("SubTotal")%>) <%=oRs("ScoredLeague")%> <%=oRs("ScoredCup")%> <%=oRs("ScoredTotal")%> <%=oRs("Yellow")%> <%=oRs("AllRed")%>

Figures in brackets indicate substitute appearances
Yellow cards exclude double-yellows
Red cards include double-yellow dismissals
Greyed-out players are no longer with the club
Excludes loan spells away from Everton

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