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Become a Patron of the Site

Online advertising is annoying but in order to justify the many, many hours of work it takes to provide the current level of service, ToffeeWeb has traditionally relied on advertising for revenue.

For around the cost of a pint a month, however, you can upgrade your membership to Patron status and you browse the website free of all third-party* advertising, sponsored articles and links.

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ToffeeWeb has always been free but it's also incredibly time-intensive so the site has, for many years, used facilities like Google Adsense to deliver banner ads to the site. Online ads get in the way, however, slow pages down, can pose security risks and advertisers have been forced to go to greater lengths to grab your attention.

While some other news sites have become almost unusable because of the amount of pop-up ads, layers, auto-play videos and surveys that they throw onto your screen, we at ToffeeWeb have consistently rejected all but the least obtrusive types of ads, despite the fact that we might be able to significantly increase revenue if we just gave in and accepted them. One of the primary goals at TW has always been to make the viewing/reading experience as easy and uncluttered as possible.

Rather than force our audience to put up with ads or compel them to block them, we want to give you the option of supporting the website while browsing ToffeeWeb free of third-party* ads while still contributing to its maintenance by way of a small fee a month (or a discounted annual price).

It's quick to set up and you can get started right now. Once activated, your new subscription will renew automatically unless you decide to cancel. You'll get to browse ad-free and know that you are helping keep ToffeeWeb going. You'll also have our undying gratitude!

* By "third party", we're referring to advertising delivered via scripts and algorithms as opposed to simple picture banners we deliver locally like those for deCoubertin Books that we think would be useful for our Evertonian audience.

To get started, you'll need to create a basic, free membership with ToffeeWeb (which will also allow you to comment on articles on the website). Once that is activated, you can open a Patron subscription that will allow you to filter out third-party ads from your Profile page.

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If you're happy to keep browsing the site with ads enabled, here's what you need to know:

ToffeeWeb relies on third-party algorithm-based online advertising, mostly through Google's Adsense delivery system. Which ads are delivered to a particular user are based on a combination of factors relating to the browser with which the website is being used – e.g. geographic location, browsing and search history, etc. Google uses that information to tailor many of the ads to a given user; we at ToffeeWeb play no role in selecting which ads you see, although we are able to filter out ads that we deem unsuitable to our readers.

If you see an ad promoting either a rival club or inappropriate material, please contact us so that we can make an assessment and take measures to filter the ad in question out if we deem if to be unsuitable for our viewers.

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