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ToffeeWeb — Frequently Asked Questions

Why "ToffeeWeb"?
OK, we'll answer this question for the non-Evertonians and, presumably, non-football fans among you. Everton Football Club's nickname is "The Toffees" so while that doesn't make for the coolest of monickers for a website, it means something to us Blues (the team plays in blue, to answer your next question). Why "The Toffees"?

How long has the site been running?
ToffeeWeb started out as a nameless information resource in 1994 when Marko Poutiainen, an Finnish Evertonian, decided to put his knowledge of the early Web to use and start a site about the Blues. He recruited Michael Kenrick whom he "met" online to assist him in translating his content into English and the relationship flourished to the point where Michael eventually took up full editorial and publishing control.

In 2001, (as it had come to be known) merged with, another large site that had been running in parallel with TW since 1996 and had garnered a similar-sized readership. The new site moved to and the rest, as they say, is history.

Why are you always so flippin' negative?
We're not always negative and anyway we prefer "realistic" because we call it how we see it. We are old-school Evertonians who believe in adhering to our club's famous old motto as closely as is practical. If that means whingeing that the team's style of play is dull or we're not scoring enough goals even if we're winning, then so be it.

For us, until Everton are winning the Title year in, year out — stop laughing at the back! — there is always room for improvement. Everton FC is built on the traditions of excellence established by the likes of Dean, Lawton, Sagar, Catterick, Young, Labone, Harvey, Ball, Kendall, etc, and we expect the current custodians of the club to do their utmost to uphold them in every respect.

Why is the ToffeeWeb Forum not hosted at
Running the site and the forum simultaneously is just plain too much work for our small team so we eventually out-sourced it before eventually ditching the idea altogether. With the inclusion of reader comments below all articles on the site, we feel there is ample forum for discussion without the need for a dedicated message board. If you're interested in the message board format, our forum partner is

Must you carry all those adverts?
In short, yes. This site is run by a very snall team who juggle their responsibilities to ToffeeWeb with regular 9-to-5 (ish!) jobs. What advertising revenue we glean from those ads helps cover our running costs – be thankful that the ads are so unintrusive, it could be a lot worse, believe us! Luckily, you have the option of browsing ToffeeWeb ad-free while supporting the site at the same time!


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