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 FA Premiership (25); Reebok Stadium, Bolton; Tuesday 28 January 2003; 8:00pm
  Bergsson (90')
Attendance: 25,119
Halftime: 0-0

Watson (33', 38')

Referee: Rob Styles

Match Summary

True to form, David Moyes kept faith with the 11 players who started the winning game against Sunderland, with a relatively strong bench that includes Yobo, Gravesen, Pembridge and Campbell; consequently no room for Ibrahim Said or Leon Osman.  

A really lively start to this game from both sides threatened goals right from the off.  Bolton could have scored twice inside 5 mins as Ricketts headed just wide, then Campo wasted a good chance, pulling is shot wide.  

Radzinski and Gemmill both combined well to create chances for Everton.  But Bolton were pretty well matched during most of the first half, and gave Everton as good as they got in a good competitive game.

A fantastic goal from Watson gave Everton the lead on 33 mins.  A superb free-kick drilled into the box by Unsworth was knocked down by McBride, and Watson spun like a ballerina to smash it over Jaaskelainen with a brilliant scissors kick.  

Soon after, McBride was only just beaten to the ball by Jaaskelainen as Everton surged forward.   And it was not long before Everton scored again Watson AGAIN!  Radzinski made the space, Naysmith shot, Jaaskelainen could only parry, and Watson was there to snatch a second inside 5 mins!

No changes fr Everton at half-time, but scouser Kevin Nolan came on for Bolton in place of Pederson.

Everton continued to take the game to Bolton despite some stout defense from the home side.  Radzinski conspired to create and then waste a wonderful chance after getting a great ball over the top, but he could not convert.

Everton continued to press, with Naysmith firing in a superb left-foot shot and Jaaskelainen was alert to the danger, turning it around for a corner.

A corner, with 15 minutes to go, was swung in by Gemmill and Watson rose well to fire in a header that the goalie nervously fumbled.  Yobo came on for th e injured 

Mendy should have got a second yellow after manhandling McBride to the ground, but the ref bottled it and let him off with a caution. 

Everton livened things up in the last 5 mins, with Gemmilll and then Li Tie both going close.  Then, in stoppage time, a real melee in the Everton box, and Frandsen's shot was deflected and Gudni Bergsson got the final touch as ball found it's way into the net.

But moments later, Everton could celebrate what is only their first ever league win at the Reebok Stadium.

Steve Watson: With four goals in as many starts this season, he's relishing playing in his favoured midfield position.

Bolton v Everton:
Prior League Games
 Bolton 23
 Everton 24
 Draws 12
 Bolton 0
 Everton 0
 Draws 3
 Last Season:

Bolton 2-2 Everton 

Premiership Scores
Tuesday 28 Jan
Middlesbro 2-5 Aston Villa
Bolton 0-2 Everton
Chelsea 3-2 Leeds
Sunderland 0-1 Sotton
Brum P-P Man Utd
Wednesday 29 Jan
Man City 4-1 Fulham
Tottenham 0-1 Newcastle
West Brom 0-1 Charlton
West Ham 2-1 Blackburn
Liverpool 2-2 Arsenal

Match Facts
 Bolton Wanderers   (4-4-2)
 White shirts, black shirts, white socks
Everton   (4-4-2)
 Blue shirts, white shorts, blue socks
N'Gotty (75' Facey)
Pedersen (46' Nolan)

Subs not used:  
Poole, Whitlow, Barness

Yellow Cards: Mendy (16'), Gardiner (92')

Red Cards:
Stubbs (78' Yobo)
Weir {c}
Li Tie
Naysmith (83' Pembridge) 

Subs not used: 
Campbell, Gravesen, Gerrard

Yellow Cards: Watson (74')

Red Cards:


(Suspended:) Rooney
(Injured:) Ferguson, Hibbert, Linderoth, Rodrigo, Simonsen
(Left the Club:) Wei Feng
(On Loan): Nyarko
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Match Preview

A nice 10-day break and lots of the walking wounded on the mend...  But this game represents a massive, massive test of ability, perseverance, and commitment from David Moyes's hard-pressed players. 

Having recovered reasonably well from the trauma of Gay Meadow, can they follow through with a much-needed back-to-back win against another lowly team in trouble at the wrong end of the Premiership?  That, dear readers, is the quintessential question. 

With the goal-keeping injury crisis over, and almost all his choice defenders available for selection, expectations of a return to the stingy defence of last November would not be misplaced.  But Moyes faces a challenge in picking his best back-four after dropping Yobo last week, presumably in response to what many people saw as some critical errors against Spurs, despite a very accomplished performance otherwise.  It only takes a moment and ONE mistake... 

So a bet on Pistone, Stubbs, Weir and Unsworth across the back would not be too outrageous.  They represent Moyes's favourite pick.  But who steps down for Yobo?

And what about midfield?  Is Pembridge fit?  Does Gemmill deserve to keep his place?  Will he risk Gravesen?  What about Li Tie?  Surely he is more likely to play Watson and Naysmith, with two of the other four on the bench.

Two from three of Radzinski, McBride and Campbell would appear to round out the squad... leaving no room for Ibrahim Said or Leon Osman.  Who said this was a paper-thin squad?

It would be really nice to see Leon Osman rewarded for his hard work at Carlisle, and his excellent performance last week for the reserves, when he scored a hat-trick against Man Utd.  But you know the chances of him breaking into this first-team squad on the strength of these limited qualifications never mind securing a starting slot is remote, to say the least. 

Leon was injured for much of last season, but he seems to be well over that now, and appears to have worked hard to get noticed by David Moyes, who finally gave him his debut albeit a ridiculously brief one at the end of the Spurs game.  The Moyes method, though, seems to be Slowly, Slowly; he may get 10 mins tonight if he is very, very lucky.

And what of Bolton? They come off the back of an impressive performance at Newcastle where they went down by a single goal to the Bobby Robson's much-improved side. However, the Lancashire side haven't won in seven matches and have only claimed maximum points at home twice so far this season.

Sam Allardyce has Jay Jay Okocha and Per Frandsen back from injury, so Paul Warhurst, out with a hamstring injury, is his only absentee.

Michael Kenrick


Complied from The People's Forum

That was a weird game.  We played well, should have won by more.  Steve Watson said on 5 Live that we didn't really create a lot of chances tonight but we had good chances to create chances - and he's dead right.  A number of times we got into good positions only for a poor-quality final ball, bad choice of pass, panic or falling over the ball to ruin the chance.  And why won't Radz take people on, knock it and run?

I was impressed by the stadium, how warm it was inside compared to outside (it was very cold outside!).  I was thoroughly warmed up by the foxy little blonde cheerleader in front of me.  There was no atmosphere in the stadium though (except at one end).

I was pleasantly surprised by the number of Everton fans there seemed to be around me.  I was sat there trying to keep quiet (it's not easy) and when we scored the bloke next to my Dad jumped in the air!  And a few others round me cheered too, and those were just the brave ones!  I suppose it's because it was the hospitality section.

Watson was great, his first goal was superb.  Pistone looked very classy, very calm but 2 foul throws?!?!  One's bad, but two!!  Jeez.

Li Tie worked his arse off, made a few nice passes, needs to put a bit of bulk on though IMHO.

Wasn't impressed by McBride but I'll reserve complete judgment until he's settled in.  He didn't seem to know where to be and his touch was poor at times; you can't fault his work rate though and I'm sure Moyes will improve him.  He was, inexplicably, named MOM on teletext.

Everyone else did well; nothing particularly outstanding but very solid.

Bolton were dire.  If they don't go down then West Ham, Sunderland and WBA must be awful.  And Campo? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.  Their fans moaned about *everything* aswell.

This won't come over well typed but..... there was a woman sat somewhere behind me that whenever (in French accent) Bernard Mendy got the ball, shouted (in a Bbolton accent) "Come on Bernard (as in Bernard Matthews)"

One more thing, if that guy banging that friggin drum had been sat anywhere near me ... well, let's just say he'd be walking funny.


WRIGHT - 7- relatively untroubled, handling good in bad conditions for a keeper, distribution excellent.
PISTONE - 8 - one soft header back to Wright aside, he was outstanding. Good going forward, and safe as anything at the back. Never wastes a ball if he can help it.
UNSWORTH - 7 - solid, strong, not overly creative. See every other match this season! Everything you'd expect.
WEIR/STUBBS - 7 - apologies for lumping them together, but they almost seem the same player. Both as solid and dependable as the other. Still think playing the two means we have to defend deeper than we need to though.
WATSON - 9 - committed, strong and the only one in midfield to really get in with the strikers. The rebound he snapped up for the second was everything you want Radz doing! Superb.
NAYSMITH - 6 - think he's a good left back and tries his heart out left mid, but was probably the weakest link tonight. Slightly too slow, but some of the vitriol aimed at him from the away end was out of order in my opinion.
LI TIE - 7 - good going forward, prone to dancing with players rather than tackling when defending. Solid along with.......
GEMMILL - 8 - acted as a base to allow Li Tie forward and did the job excellently. Never wasted a ball and harried the opponents to death. Becoming an important player at the moment.
McBRIDE - 7 - didn't have a sniff at goal, but always available and touch was excellent, esp 2nd half.
RADZ - 7 - another to receive unnecessary abuse from our knowledgeable fans, presumably for not being Wayne Rooney?? 100% effort, but a little more composure at times and we'd have doubled the goal tally


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