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End of Season Run-in

The title race has been decided but quest for Champions League and UEFA Cup qualification remains undecided as we head into the final weekend of the season. Had Everton won at Fulham, they would have secured the final entry into Europe (they would also be two points behind both Liverpool and Chelsea and, with the two facing each other on Sunday in a showdown for the fourth Champions League place, have stood a chance of ending the season in 5th). Now, they must beat Manchester United to be sure of playing in Europe next season.

Blackburn Rovers Chelsea Everton Liverpool
Charlton (H) 1-0
Man Utd (A) 1-3
Bolton (H) 0-0
Leeds (A) 2-3
West Brom (H) 1-1
Tottenham (A) 4-0
Bolton (H) 1-0
Aston Villa (A) 1-2
Everton (H) 4-1
Fulham (H) 1-1
West Ham (A) 0-1
Liverpool (H) 2-1
West Brom (A) 2-1
Liverpool (H) 1-2
Chelsea (A) 1-4
Aston Villa (H) 2-1
Fulham (A) 0-2
Man Utd (H) 1-2
Fulham (H) 2-0
Everton (A) 2-1
Charlton (H) 2-1
West Brom (A) 6-0
Manchester City (H) 1-2
Chelsea (A) 1-2

Fixtures in bold denote a top-six match-up.

Breakdown of European places:

The teams finishing in the top 4 in the Premiership qualify for the UEFA Champions League
The team finishing 5th in the Premiership will qualify for the UEFA Cup.
The winner of the FA Cup will qualify for the UEFA Cup
The winner of the Worthington League Cup will qualify for the UEFA Cup.

The current situation:
If Arsenal win the FA Cup, that UEFA Cup place will go to Southampton because Arsenal are guaranteed to finish in the top 4 (i.e. Southampton will qualify for the UEFA Cup whether they win or lose the FA Cup Final).
Liverpool, by virtue of having won the League Cup, will qualify for Europe (the UEFA Cup or Champions League) irrespective of where they finish in the Premiership, thereby creating an extra UEFA Cup place if Liverpool finish 5th. In that instance, the 6th-placed team will qualify for the UEFA Cup.

Everton's situation:
If Everton beat Manchester United they qualify for the UEFA Cup in 6th place irrespective of the result between Blackburn and Tottenham
If Everton and Blackburn get the same result on 11th May, Everton qualify for the UEFA Cup in 6th place
If Everton draw and Blackburn win at Tottenham, Blackburn will qualify for the UEFA Cup in 6th place on goal difference
If Everton lose and Blackburn draw, Everton qualify for the UEFA Cup