Fans Comment — Season 2006-07

Contributions from our readers run the full gamut, from adulation to controversy.

The Leaving of Liverpool
Does it really matter? asks David Bowes 
{18 May}
Our summer predicament
To spend big or not? ? asks Luq Yussef 
{16 May}
Do we need a 'Sugar Daddy'?
A great question... answered by Steve Guy 
{16 May}
Breaking into the Top Four
John Holmes tackles "the next level" 
{14 May}
Season Report Card
Paul Atress hands out grades for the season 
{14 May}
Dear David
Alan Burnham writes his thoughts to the manager 
{13 May}
Is he really Billy Liar?
Pat Beesley's e.mail from Warren Bradley 
{11 May}
Early Season Review
Self-confessed windbag, Jim Potter, gets in early 
{11 May}
Everton on the move...
Peter Fearon's disturbing tale of Bill Kenwright's real objective 
{9 May}
Moyes's Big Chance
David Jones thinks Moyes is on the edge of potential greatness 
{9 May}
A fan's Day Out
Joe Wightman goes the game 
{9 May}
The Rumour Mill
Pete North's handy fold-out pocket guide 
{9 May}
Why we should sign Joey Barton
According to Anthony Evans 
{8 May}
Moyes needs backing
says Andrew Wightman 
{8 May}
Convenient allies and unlikely bedfellows
Dave Roberts contemplates the Kirkby vote 
{5 May}
Alan Ball ? God Rest your White Boots
Steve Green's poignant note on Bally's funeral 
{5 May}
An Accident of History
Mike "Der Ball Ist Rund" Owen explains one of those 'things'... 
{4 May}
Reading about Reading
We must demand better, says Tony Pickering 
{4 May}
Don't look back in anager
Lue Glover writes her season review with two games still to go 
{3 May}
Kick 'em Out?!?
John Holmes questions those labeling half the squad as deadwood 
{3 May}
Viva la Revolution
Shaun Sparke isn't feeling too optimistic today... 
{2 May}
Just count up our Internationals, says Paul Houghton 
{2 May}
Satisfactory Seventh or Superb Sixth?
Michael Roberts goes off on an FM wankfest 
{1 May}
What a waste
Steve Guy reflects on Saturday's game 
{1 May}
Shades of Grey
Tim Button revisits the Rooney saga following the Man United defeat 
{1 May}
We've got the FEAR!
Chris Jones sees a thread running through it 
{28 Apr}
An Evening with Alan Ball
Steven Smith meets his hero and isn't disappointed 
{26 Apr}
Alan Ball: A Tribute
Another tremendous set of memories, this from Rob Paterson 
{26 Apr}
The Ball of Fire
Some excellent memories for Peter Fearon 
{25 Apr}
A reign too fleeting
Ian Macdonald recalls the selling of Alan Ball 
{25 Apr}
In Defence of Moyes
Kudos to Damien Waite for his fresh approach to this hackneyed topic. 
{25 Apr}
Dear Davey... Love, Bill
Rob Williamson ghost-writes an letter to David Moyes, from Bill Kenwright... 
{23 Apr}
Beauty or the Beast?
The perennial question about "good football", answered by Alex Storm 
{17 Apr}
Lessons Learned
Thomas Moore on the continuing education of Moyes the Manager 
{17 Apr}
Incremental Progress
Nigel Gregson provides the definitive analysis of progress for Everton 
{17 Apr}
McFadden stunner caps thrilling finale
As another Uefa Cup place opened up because of the United-Chelsea FA Cup Final match-up, Everton moved within spitting distance of European qualification with a last-gasp win over Charlton. A fantastic goal from James McFadden sealed it in injury time after Joleon Lescott's 81st-minute goal had been cancelled out by Darren Bent's strike a minute before the end of normal time. Despite Arteta's creative influence, Beattie's industry and Neville's leadership by example, the Blues struggled to make the breakthrough until a thrilling last quarter of an hour but another terrific win sets Moyes's boys up beautifully for the crucial last four games. Match report by Lyndon Lloyd 
{15 Apr}
Bolton Disgrace
Robert Carney was not impressed with the Reebok experience 
{11 Apr}
What I want from Everton
Kevin Sparke gets a shot in on the "style vs results" issue 
{9 Apr}
Moyes ? The Great Over-Achiever
A revealing statistical analysis by Jarod Avila.  
{8 Apr}
In Defence... of Our Defence
A small novel from Nick Harrison 
{6 Apr}
In the Blue Corner
Moyes is Great II, from Glen Milb 
{6 Apr}
Midfield Loyalties
Greg Dawson analyses Everton's midfield options 
{6 Apr}
The Professional
Kev Kendall on his favourite subject: The Colonel 
{6 Apr}
David Moyes is a likeable manager...
Dean Critchley says he understands the attraction, but... 
{5 Apr}
In Praise of David Moyes
Rob Paterson naysays the naysayers 
{5 Apr}
Tactics and Players
Jim Hourigan delivers an incisive analysis of the Villa game 
{4 Apr}
Rooney ? 3 yrs on... and no better
An interesting appraisal, posted to BBC 606... 
{4 Apr}
Captain Craptastic!
Kev Kendall ain't all that impressed with the skills of Phil Neville. 
{4 Apr}
Seen it all before
Tony Marsh is not just a little bit exasperated with the game plan! 
{3 Apr}
Move over, darling
Peete Stewart asks "What is the point?"... indeed! A searing analysis that will not be welcomed... 
{3 Apr}
Simon Davies ? key to a European Place
A stunning analysis from Pete North 
{2 Apr}
Last of The Corinthians
The Hall of Fame dinner last Thursday night was a star-studded occasion dedicated to the memory of Brian Labone. In this amply illustrated report, Ian Macdonald does them all proud with his passionate and informative narrative that goes some way to capturing the spirit and the mood of another memorable evening clebrating the history of this great club. 
{31 Mar}
You spin me right round, Warren
Steve McBride lets Warren Bradley have it with both barrels! 
{28 Mar}
Who's going to pay for it?
Asks Derek Thomas... 
{26 Mar}
Yer 'istry Needs You
Steve McBride, one of our mailbag contributors, was down at Goodison Park on Sunday for the opening of Heritage Week, and to see some of the treasures that make up the David France collection. Needless to say, he was very impressed, but heard concerns from the organizers about the limited demand for advance tickets to Wednesday's showpiece friendly between veterans of Everton and Barcelona. 
{25 Mar}
Collaborative Process
Paul Columb has some fresh perspectives from Sitka, AK 
{25 Mar}
More than just a game
Tony Marsh on the traditional matchday experience 
{25 Mar}
Still on the fence
Kevin Sparke can't make up his mind about the proposed ground move 
{25 Mar}
We are not worthy...
Art Greeth has some anti-parochial thoughts... 
{25 Mar}
Negative ToffeeWeb
Every few months, it seems, someone feels the need to take us to task about "negativity". This one is from Charlie Skinley; The Editor responds... 
{24 Mar}
Home Truths?
Quite the rant from Ray Mia! 
{24 Mar}
Daily Income Stream
Jim Hourigan with a stadium imperative 
{24 Mar}
The big blue boundary
A bloke from Leeds tells Blues it doesn't matter... 
{23 Mar}
A done deal ? Oh no it's not!
...says Mark Welsh 
{22 Mar}
Trust me ? I'm a Professor
A powerful comment from Max Levy 
{21 Mar}
Devil's Advocate ? Part 3
More stadium money logic from Steve McBride 
{21 Mar}
Rebuilding Goodison ? Part 3
Trevor Skempton responds to some of the responses 
{19 Mar}
They've all got it in for me! says Steve Guy... 
{15 Mar}
Rebuilding Goodison
Trevor Skempton oultines a cunning plan... 
{14 Mar}
City Regions ? an update
Ray Said said it was going to happen... 
{13 Mar}
Stadium Blues
Is there anything more to say?... Eileen Roberts says there is! 
{12 Mar}
The Spring of Disillusionment
Thomas Moore's thoughts on the pervasive mood... 
{12 Mar}
Pragmatism vs Idealism
Jim Hourigan sees the stadium discussion as polarized and divisive. 
{11 Mar}
The Stadium Distraction
Paul Tran sees discussion of our future home as a 'distraction'!?! 
{11 Mar}
Great Big Club?
A mammoth assessment of Everton FC and her stature, from Steve Williams  
{10 Mar}
Football Managers & Rubber Ducks
Why aren't Everton among the top four? ponders Kevin Sparke... in the bath 
{10 Mar}
The Investment Puzzle
Why would anyone buy a football club, asks Jim Ranch. 
{9 Mar}
The Promised Land?
Eamonn Byrne asks what the new stadium is really expected to bring... 
{8 Mar}
An Open Letter
To Bill Kenwright, from Andy Lynch 
{6 Mar}
Wyness speaks to shareholders
Tom Hughes went along to the Shareholder Forum on Monday night at the People's Lounge at Goodison Park to hear what CEO Keith Wyness had to say to the shareholders on many topics - most notably the hot potato that is the proposed ground move outside the City boundary, to Kirkby. Interestingly, it was the first time that any official of the Club has admitted that redevelopment of Goodison Park *could* be possible. If only we'd the money and the will, no? 
{6 Mar}
Top 4 Mentality
Mentalist analysis from Martin Roberts 
{1 Mar}
Nil Satis Nisi Midtable
A sensible, balanced discussion from Alex Quigley 
{25 Feb}
Moyes: Stay or Go?
Barry Cass debates the week's big question 
{25 Feb}
Progress ? or Same Old Same Old
Pithy quotes compiled by Steve Callaghan  
{25 Feb}
Everton cannot punch above their weight season after season, says Steve McBride 
{25 Feb}
Lest we forget
Jim Hourigan's tactical analysis of the Spurs game 
{25 Feb}
Dave-Dream Believer
James McPherson says they both have to go! 
{24 Feb}
Murky Memories
Ecxcellent writing from Ed Bottomley: Name "the John Major of football"!!! 
{24 Feb}
Plan ahead, initiate, monitor, react
More than just word-association, by Andrew Bulmer 
{24 Feb}
CAUTION: Banana-skin Substitutions!
Matt Wiley, coming to grips with the utterly bizarre... 
{22 Feb}
Surrender of Points and Self-Respect
Lots of mailbag angst about last night. This from Alan Burnham. 
{22 Feb}
Hobson's Choice
... the Death Knell for EFC? asks Steve McBride 
{20 Feb}
Does it actually matter?
... if we move out of the City? Asks Jim Hourigan 
{18 Feb}
Agonizing about a new site
Tom Hughes with more thoughts about you know what.. 
{18 Feb}
Don't do it, Bill!
Ian Macdonald thinks Kirkby is the wrong location with this long and empassioned plea to Chairman Bill Kenwright. 
{17 Feb}
Urban Mists...
The transport/dispersal arguement gets personal... 
{17 Feb}
The Stadum Debate
Sean Rothwell says "Yes" to a move to Kirkby 
{17 Feb}
Notes from a Londoner
Nick Entwistle on moving to a new stadium 
{16 Feb}
A Woolyback View
Tony Miller on the stadium and other local issues 
{15 Feb}
First Impressions
Kevin O'Regan comes to Goodison... and the City of Culture 
{15 Feb}
Different perspectives, same view?
Historical recollections from Matt Traynor 
{13 Feb}
Sack Moyes
Comment, laced with thinly disguised irony, from John Holmes. 
{13 Feb}
Some answers, more damning questions!
Luq Yussef with more Qs than As... 
{12 Feb}
Big Club ? Small-thinking Board
Ged Dwyer sees a conspiracy behind that 'small club' jibe. 
{12 Feb}
The leavin' of Liverpool
Steve Guy reckons a move to Kirkby might actually be a good thing 
{7 Feb}
Sad Anniversary
John Patrick McFarlane looks at the events of 6 February... 
{6 Feb}
Nick Armitage wades in on the theme of the day... 
{5 Feb}
Stubbs: One for the Hall of Fame
A superb tribute from Alan Burnham 
{4 Feb}
In Praise of Harry
A word of appreciation from Mike Berry  
{4 Feb}
Dixie Dean, by David Dean
The great man's grandson says thanks to Ian Macdonald.  
{3 Feb}
The Spur to Greater Things?
Paul Trans sees an example to follow 
{3 Feb}
Habits are for Nuns
The last word on this Habits nonsense from Stehen Guy 
{31 Jan}
Where do I find the School of Science?
An honest enquiry from Andrew Lynch 
{31 Jan}
Patience... for now at least
We're doing fine, says Tom Griffiths 
{31 Jan}
The Seven Habits of Highly Ineffective Management
Phil Lupton's only reached No 2! 
{30 Jan}
An open letter to Blue Bill
Jim Hourigan seeks an audience with our Supreme Leader... 
{28 Jan}
Don't forget your history...
Craig Heywood provides a compulsory creed for Blues fans 
{27 Jan}
Good... but not top drawer
Brendan McLaughlin provides his assessment of our quality players 
{27 Jan}
Teach your children well
Chris Williams on lessons from the 'Prozone Clones' 
{25 Jan}
Strengths & Shortcomings
A trainer's view from Tore Fredlund 
{25 Jan}
Oh Brother!
Shaun Sparke (Kev's sibling) gives a different perspective 
{24 Jan}
The 60s Team ? the Greatest of them all
A superb history lesson from Rick Tarleton 
{24 Jan}
Poor Form
Steve McBride provides the standard excuses for rubbish football 
{23 Jan}
How good were we in the 1980s?
Kevin Sparke remembers... 
{23 Jan}
Ashburton Grove
Arsenal fan requesting feedback on The Emirates Stadium 
{23 Jan}
The Dean Index
This is a couple of years old but adds something unique to yesterday's centenary celebration 
{23 Jan}
Bill Dean - Simply the Greatest
On 22 January 1907, the most remarkable of Everton Greats was born. William Ralph Dean, the greatest goalscorer the game has ever witnessed. Ian Macdonald from the Independent Blues looks back at the life of the Great Man in this touching tribute to a larger than life character, the man known the world over as, simply, "Dixie". Was he the greatest player ever to play football? We don't know but the record books confirm his legend with 60 league goals in one solitary season ? a proud achievement that will surely never be matched.
A fine piece on Dean at Football 365 
{22 Jan}
Yesterday's Man ? That's Me
Tony Marsh is proud of his personal heritage as an Evertonian 
{19 Jan}
Why do we bother?
Kevin Sparke and his story of rat experiments... 
{18 Jan}
A Decade for Moyes
Yes... Will Mitchell is Serious! 
{18 Jan}
Mr Moyes
A view from Phil Hamer, in the Valleys... 
{17 Jan}
Hold on tight...
Andrew Keatley says it's going to be slow and monotonous...  
{17 Jan}
Weir all going to miss him!
Stephen Hale pays a great tribute to Davie Weir 
{17 Jan}
Everton FC ? 2007
Tom Collie provides his assessment of what Everton is today 
{16 Jan}
Survival? or Pass & Move...
Kevin Latham asks why the more attractive alternative is not possible 
{16 Jan}
Another Squad Analysis
Dan Coultas provides his assessment of the Everton roster 
{16 Jan}
Supporters: Be supportive!
Paul Smith gives a player's perspective 
{15 Jan}
Honesty Matters
Lue Glover has taken the tough decision to protest with her feet! 
{14 Jan}
Squad Summary
Richard Mansell gives brief views on each player 
{13 Jan}
Absence makes the heart grow fonder
Jim Hourigan on Cahill's return 
{13 Jan}
What's next?
Will Hanrahan looks at what is needed for Everton to build on recent progress 
{12 Jan}
There is No Way Out
David Bowes provides a considered and eloquent alternative view 
{11 Jan}
No steps forward, two steps back
Brian O'Regan sees the problem as Bill Kenwright 
{10 Jan}
There is No Way Out
Yet another "know your place" piece ? this one from Kevin Jordan 
{10 Jan}
Hoodoo? What Hoodoo?
Nick Wall thinks this barrage of stats will convice us Everton's Cup record under David Moyes isn't really all that bad... 
{9 Jan}
Moyes's Predictable Play
It's League 2 youth level, says Alan Clarke  
{9 Jan}
If you know your history...
Art Greeth provides context for Sunday's disaster  
{8 Jan}
Cup Ambition
Sam Fearon on the passing of an era when Everton were the great cup-fighting team. 
{8 Jan}
Moyes's Mentality: My Perspective
Gavin Ramejkis on Sunday's disaster at Goodison 
{7 Jan}
It's All Relative
Liam Milsom offers his thoughts on David Moyes's "slightly above average" transfer record 
{3 Jan}
Chris Platt is not too impressed with the latest survival target 
{2 Jan}
Jim Hourigan was not impressed with Monday's showing. Gary Carter responds 
{2 Jan}
Stagnant and stale...
Chris Platt has a theory about the need to freshen things up... 
{2 Jan}
Moyes: Here & Now
Neil Pearse has changed his mind about Moyes  
{1 Jan}
Vision way past his years
David Moyes is wonderful, says Cian Long 
{31 Dec}
Myth Making
Kevin Sparke delivers a lengthy treatise on the cunning psychology of modern myth-making, and applies his findings to the case of current perceptions regarding Everton striker Andrew Johnson, in realtion to perceptions of 'simulation' and the non-award of penalty kicks. 
{30 Dec}
Window of Opportunity
Ray Robinson sees the January Window differently than Moyes... 
{29 Dec}
Transfers: Heaven & Hell
Rob Sachro assesses Moyes's buying record 
{29 Dec}
Lies, Damn Lies...
Simon Birsey goes mental on the Opta stats 
{29 Dec}
Five-Star Service!?!
Goodison is not the place for a pie and a pint 
{28 Dec}
Moyes = Stability!
Brendan Fox thinks Moyes will come good 
{27 Dec}
Please don't spend any money!
Not a plea that will be adopted by player-hungry fans...  
{26 Dec}
How will this make us money?
Paul Johnson asks some pertinent questions abouit the Kirkby option 
{26 Dec}
Movement & Ambition
Simon Birdsey wonders why Everton are so loath to do the obvious 
{23 Dec}
Money, Money, Money
Phil Lupton ponders the money that now feeds investment in the Premiership 
{23 Dec}
Everty Little Hurts
Salvadore Allende(!) chimes in from Vi?a del Mar... 
{21 Dec}
Football is Dead
So sit tight and enjoy the ride... says David Randles  
{21 Dec}
Player performance
and the factors affecting same... from Keiran Fitzgerald. 
{21 Dec}
Let's Go!
Chris Owen is for moving on... 
{20 Dec}
Ground Move?
More thoughts on the subject, from John Steadman 
{20 Dec}
Follow the Money
Neil Pearse offers his insights on the War of Bradley's Jaw 
{20 Dec}
Blue Storm Brewing
For John McCabe, some things are worth keeping 
{13 Dec}
Holding Back the Tide
Steve Guy sees a move as inevitable, so there's no point in fighting it! 
{13 Dec}
The children are our future...
Kevin Murphy cites the loss of future supporters from the City 
{13 Dec}
Negativity Gets You Nowhere!
Karl Masters urges patience support and positive thinking for David Moyes  
{13 Dec}
Blame the Council
Adam Bennett names and shames Liverpool City Council for the Kirkby debacle 
{13 Dec}
There's bad news... and good news
David Cooper sees bad on the field, and good off... 
{13 Dec}
Chronic lack of goals and ideas
Scott Edwards sees fundamental limitations in Moyes the Manager 
{12 Dec}
Simon Birdsey sees lessons in the untimely demise of the Hammers manager. 
{12 Dec}
The Big Four
Brian Baker analyses the 'Big Four' 
{12 Dec}
Sometimes love just ain't enough
Chicago's Phil Watson thinks GP can be redeveloped. BK says it can't. Period. 
{12 Dec}
Can't make it tonight
Guy McEvoy, who has provided us with many reports on Everton AGMs over the years, can't make it tonight, but he has some sound advice for those who are going. 
{11 Dec}
Paul Tran new definition for the meek acceptance of mediocrity 
{10 Dec}
One Year On
One year on from "the best financial results in Everton's history", Gary Crumley summarizes the accounts for Everton FC Co Ltd for the financial year ending 31 May 2006. The Annual Report & Accounts will be presented to the Everton Shareholders at Monday's AGM, and no doubt a positive spin will be applied by Mr Wyness, whose massive renumeration package (?466k) has recieved a lot of attention. He has overseen a bottom-line swing of over ?34M, from a widely trumpeted ?23.5M profit in 2005 to a dismal ?10.8M loss in 2006. Does this confirm thoughts expressed by some that the Club has already been spending the ?28M windfall in TV rights money due next year? 
{10 Dec}
Everything under one roof...
Kevin Sparke outlines the future of media-driven footy. Response 
{10 Dec}
Alex Wilson makes a reasoned plea for redeveloping Goodison Park. 
{9 Dec}
Ghosts of Christmas Future
A seasonal respite from reality, provided by John McFarlane 
{9 Dec}
Golden Vision to Blind Alley
John McFarlane bemoans the marginalization of EFC. 
{7 Dec}
A positive spin
Joe Wightman sees a silver lining to the injury cloud... 
{6 Dec}
Sow's Ears and Silk Purses
Peter Laing presents a somewhet Dickensian view of our lot in life. 
{5 Dec}
On track for a 4th-place finish?
Three points against West Ham continues the trend of turning last season's losses into this season's wins. Steve Flanagan's statistical comparison shows Everton nosing ahead of the curve with a differential of +8 points over the same games last season. If the trend continues, that could see us finish on 61 points ? which was enough to secure 4th place in 2005!  
{4 Dec}
Time is up for James Beattie
Jamie Armstrong thinks it's time to cash in on Beattie. Responses 
{30 Nov}
Farewell to Wayne
Shaun Sparke has finally given up on Wayne Rooney 
{30 Nov}
Just the way it is
Luq Yussef questions the motives of the Everton Chairman 
{30 Nov}
Count your blessings
Frank Tomlins has no sympathy for them Mancs. Responses 
{30 Nov}
I've had it with James Beattie
Paul Traill has reached breaking poiint with Everton's star 'striker' 
{30 Nov}
A Moving Debate
A lengthy discussion from Matt Traynor in Singapore 
{28 Nov}
And it all came tumbling down...
Peter Fearon does a nice scare-job on the costs and rewards of building a new stadium 
{27 Nov}
Know your history? Kirkby is Liverpool
A rant in defence of scousedom 
{27 Nov}
City-Regions: Kirkby's future?
Urban planning... or change for the sake of change? 
{25 Nov}
What if you don't know your history?
Another viewpoint on the need to preserve our 'organic' connections 
{25 Nov}
The Kirkby Effect
Will new fans choose to follow Everton in Kirkby? Steve Ferns has the answer 
{23 Nov}
Unlucky? I think so!
A painful history lesson from Shaun Sparke. 
{22 Nov}
La Bombonera
Peter Laing looks at a potential stadium role-model 
{21 Nov}
I love Everton
Nick McCann on what it means for him. Response from Rob Heaton  
{20 Nov}
The New Goodison
Greg Dawson provides some design criteria 
{17 Nov}
Mrs Referee?
This Fans Comment article by Shaun Sparke ventures into the delicate area of women officials and 'political correctness'. 
{16 Nov}
Selling our souls, Part 2
Craig Heywood and another installment on the Old Lady, Goodison 
{15 Nov}
What is Success
Nick Entwistle takes a sobering look at what is and isn't possible. Responses 
{15 Nov}
Memories Lost
Dave Lynch spends a moment reflecting on old glories... 
{14 Nov}
The soul lives on...
Chris Jones on his Goodison memories 
{11 Nov}
Selling our Soul?
Fantastic piece of writing by Craig Heywood 
{11 Nov}
Being forced out of love
Stephen Hale on bad refereeing. Response from Ged Simpson  
{10 Nov}
Make or Break
This one from Stefan Tosev came in late... 
{10 Nov}
The Problem with Money
Kieran Fitgerald asks about the buisness of EFC. 
{10 Nov}
Raising questions
Where are Everton heading? Liam Reilly responds. 
{7 Nov}
Toffs in Tweed and Robin Hood
Ed Bottomly reflects on another defeat at Craven Cottage 
{6 Nov}
The Big Blue Yonder
Joe Woods sees the move to Kirkby as inevitable. 
{5 Nov}
Patience is a (Blue) Virtue
Advice from Gary Joyce on attaining new glory [2 Nov] 
{2 Nov}
Fortress Goodison?
Come on, fear the noise, says Phil Lupton [2 Nov] 
{2 Nov}
I want it now!
Steve Guy gives an 80s retro analysis of Everton 2006 [31 Oct] 
{31 Oct}
My First Goodison Trip
A hommage 20 years in the making for Woo Kian Hoon of Malaysia. [PDF] 
{31 Oct}
Gary Lineker
Or more correctly Wes Burgin, for this is all about him! 
{30 Oct}
My Dad
Philip Howard's moving tribute 
{28 Oct}
Keep it Simple
Another 'vertically integrated' businessman speaks 
{27 Oct}
Where to From Here, and Beyond?
More scaremongering from Ray Mia? 
{26 Oct}
The School of Science
Peter Laing compares Everton and Arsenal 
{26 Oct}
Where to from here?
More discussion of Earl the Investor... 
{24 Oct}
Beattie: The Enigma
Rick Tarleton on structural factors constraining Beattie's contribution. 
{17 Oct}
One step beyond
In this Feature piece, Jim Hourigan provides his personal evaluation of where Everton find themselves now ? riding high in the Premiership, as we all know, on the strength of an unbeaten run the like of which we have not seen in 20 long years... So we should all be happily rejoicing, right? Celebrating the replacement of "Wandering Walter" with the deft management skills of David Moyes, who has turned things around since those dark days and bought much-needed stability to the club. Read on... 
{1 Oct}
The Ugly Step-Sister
Ed Bottomley enters "The Big House" to sample what he calls the ugly step-sister of "the Beautiful Game". 
{29 Sep}
Toffees & Toon ? a comparison
Neil Humphrey compares teams, players and progress... 
{25 Sep}
Shades of Grey
Damian Killikelly bemoans the black-and-white assessments of David Moyes 
{22 Sep}
Optimistic? You bet!
Steve Guy provides an upbeat early season assessment 
{20 Sep}
A view from the armchair
Kevin Gillen tells us about his weekend... 
{11 Sep}
The Derby: Player Ratings
Dutch and Luq together... in perfect harmony!!! 
{10 Sep}
My Goodison Debut
Nick Entwistle's superb narrative, capturing all those unique emotions... 
{22 Aug}
What is Good Football?
Kevin Sparke provides some debatable answers... 
{16 Aug}
Go for the doable double!
Peter Fearon wants more determination in those cup games. [link fixed] 
{16 Aug}
A season to be judged on...
With just two more pre-season games left for the first-team squad, Andy Lea takes a looks at what we have going forward, and how the team may come together into an effective unit that can challenge for a position among the top 8. And the prospect that surely one of Moyes's teams can finally pull something off by way of a decent cup run ? why, we might even win one! 
{4 Aug}
''Our Wayne''
A different and arresting retrospective from Ed Bottomley.  
{3 Aug}
Beatting a Dead Horse?
Peter Fearon investigates the pedigree of one James Beattie... 
{1 Aug}
Reasons to be Cautiously Cheerful
If not in July when can you be? 
{13 Jul}
What's age got to do with it?
Paul Tran on the subject of supporting Good Football 
{13 Jul}
Last Man Standing
Has the stand taken by David Moyes put Everton at risk in the diving stakes? 
{13 Jul}
Materazzi and other assorted 'Everton flops'
Was Marco really a flop at Goodison? 
{12 Jul}
Nil Satis Nisi Optimistic
Peter Laing is feeling good about the approaching season. 
{4 Jul}
No tears for Wayne
Wayne Rooney: They said he would mature at United... Yeah, right! 
{4 Jul}

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