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Fans Comment

Articles penned for ToffeeWeb by Everton fans, Season 2003-04

23 June Hang on or let go? by Richard Parker
21 May No quick fix by Richard Parker
19 May Too soon to panic? by Tom Hadley
19 May Looking on the bright side by Emma Caulfeld
16 May Is it really this bad? by Stephen Burton
16 May Nil Satis Nisi Optimum by Declan Burke
15 May Cashing in the Golden Boy by Peter Fearon
9 May Not all doom and gloom by Rob Fox
8 May Medicocrity by Mad Dog
8 May Still believe in Moyes by Chris Arellano
7 May Opinions by John Hughes
6 May Keep your nerve by Mike Iddon
Date #59 by Nick Armitage
Date #56 by Graeme
Date #55 by Evans
Date #54 by Ted Neeson
Date #53 by Peter Fearon
Date #52 by Steve Thompson
Date #51 by Author
Date #50 by Paul Traill
Date #49 by Mann
Date #48 by Sweeney
Date #47 by Ng
Date #46 by Nick Armitage
Date #45 by Flynn
Date #44 by Jennings
Date #43 by Nick Armitage
Date #42 by Holme
Date #41 by Nick Armitage
Date #40 by Barry
Date #39 by Nick Armitage
Date #38 by English
Date #37 by Daly
16 February Curse of Walter still lingers by Sebastian Hassett
13 February All Moyes needs is a chance by Matthew Barry
13 February Dj vu, Anybody? by Nick Armitage
13 February Who's to blame? by Mark English
13 February As Low as it Gets by Joe Daly
5 February The night I stopped supporting by David Flynn
23 January A Frustrating State of Affairs by Dermot Corrigan
18 January Brickbats for the Board by Nick Armitage
13 January Your Share in Everton by Guy McEvoy
12 January The Fulham Experience by Shaun Cox
11 January Contracts: End in Sight? by Brian Shackley
4 January Ring any Bells? by Pete Scoffield
10 December Moyes is not Infallible by Peter Fearon
2 December Back him or we really are in trouble by Andy Rowlands
2 December Respect the manager by Ken Stewart
2 December Moyes: The best man for the job by Chris Cornell
2 December Moyes deserves loyalty by Mick Quirke
1 December Losing the faith by Nick Armitage
26 November Hidden Agenda? by Martin Fricker
18 November The Rooney Part Pooper by Paul Jones
18 November Never Again by TDK
16 November One Game at a Time? by Ant McKewon
16 November Savouring the unexpected by Gary Keey
14 November A view from Down South by Chris Peers
12 November A Nervy Path Forward by Peter Fearon
27 October Ten Games, Ten Points by Nick Armitage
24 October The Unthinkable by Andy McNabb
8 October Boy with the thorn in his side by John Coyne
27 September Duncan Ferguson by Nick Armitage
23 September Team Changes Urgently Needed by Matthew Barry
11 September Rooney needs media persona by Richard Ewart
2 September Inspiration or Desperation? by Julian Cashen
24 August The Space Jam Syndrome by Andy McNabb
7 August Show me the money! by Peter Fearon
3 August Manager in a million by Patrick Hart
25 July These blues are no brothers by Peter Fearon
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These articles were submitted to ToffeeWeb by Everton fans for publication on this website.  Each piece is the intellectual property of the respective author and may not be reproduced elsewhere without their permission.  The views expressed in these articles may not correspond with those of the ToffeeWeb site owners or Everton Football Club (see full disclaimer).


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