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Thats just the way it is!

By Luq Yussef  : 30/11/06
'Moyes is out of his depth and the sooner we get rid off him the better!'

That line is the overwhelming pattern of the contributors of ToffeeWeb since Everton mediocre season took a turn for the worst. Can all of us who want this club to be great again be wrong in saying Moyes is as intelligent tactically as Homer Simpson, and Kenwright only hangs on to the club as being a chairman boost his own profile!

I honestly have to query Kenwright's motive about being our chairman. I ask myself - 'after five years would I really hang on to a manager who hasn't moved the club forward?' I, like I suspect most of us would do, would not stand for such tripe. But Moyes is still here and Everton are still average, so does he really care for this club? Or are we so broke we can't afford to get better? I don't believe the latter.

People may compare Moyes to Alex Ferguson in regard that Ferguson didn't win nothing for his first years but the Board stuck with him. But what people fail to realise was that Ferguson was a cup win away from the sack at that time, and was fortunate even by his own admission. So why shouldn't Moyes be under the same pressure to perform constantly, or are we Charlton in disguise!

It is Moyes's comfortable position at the club which I blame for the lack of progress and success, not lack of money. Would a worker work hard if his boss allowed him all the slack he wanted? No! So how can anyone expect Moyes to be 'driven' to take this club forward if Kenwright keeps praising him for absolutely no reason! It is a shocking situation, but a situation we find ourselves in, because of the mis-management from the top filtering down to the manager and playing staff.

Arteta said yesterday he was frustrated about Everton not basically being good enough to be in the top four, and Moyes simply replied to that by saying things will improve if we keep working hard. Now which person has a fire in his belly to succeed and which has simply given up?

Answers on a postcard!

The Moyes era can be summed up by the BBC summary of James Beattie performance last night; He looked uninterested, uninspired and it is a shame he hasn't hit his potential! Damn!


Is Luq Yussef on drugs?  What was he spouting?  Moyes hasn't moved the club forward?  What?! For real?! What???

Err... Scott Gemmill? Mark Pembridge? Ginola? Unsy? etc, etc. Compare the age, quality and resale value of the Smith and Moyes squads, come on. Get real. Who is this idiot and why give him the credence of making his nonsense available to the masses?  Also, just if your still in doubt, compare the points and position finishes. Two bad seasons yes, but the two good Moyes seasons are two of our three best ever Premiership finishes.

Of course, ToffeeWeb is anti-David Moyes and generally negative website so I challenge you to publish this. You'll maintain you are 'giving both opinions and we don't all have to agree do we?' excuses, but, dross, absolute dross..... negative, negative ungrateful bastards!!! — Carl Fordham

Carl, we do have a number of readers who are no longer impressed with the current performance of David Moyes as Everton manager.  They are not so complacent about our current slide down the table and are impatient for more upward progress, based on conditions now — not five years ago.  How long will the 'two out of three best Premiership finishes' keep David Moyes in his job?  It seems a fair question to ask. Or is it better to call people who ask such questions 'idiots spouting nonsense to the masses'? ToffeeWeb Editor

So David Moyes has not taken us forward in his time at the club. where we better off under Smith or Kendall or Walker or Royle ? i beleive we are,1 time under Royle we finished in the top ten, we failed under those managers in every other season, under Moyes we have finished 4th and instead of being a team fighting relegation every season we have moved into mid table and are capable of getting into Europe and while this is not good enough its definatly an improvement.

The team is better but whether we like it or not we dont have the money, The top 4 teams are light years ahead of us in terms of finances so unless we get a russian billionare to invest we will compete against the Villa's Spurs and boltons of the league. Let's be realistic 2 wins and we could be top 6 2 defeats we could be bottom half the league. Moyes has made loads of mistakes most managers do and in thinking that getting rid of him solves our problems then think again, who would actually want them job, Glenn Hoddle or Graeme Souness or somebody else of that ilk of failed manager.

We are improving slowly but after 15 years of shite i'll settle for .football has changed radically and its money that counts and we dont have it. We have a better team than in recent years we actually have some young players who in a couple of years could make a difference, together with Cahill, Johnson Arteta, Lescott, Neville & hopefully Howard we have the nucleaus of a decent team, Yes thats not good enough for a club like Everton but its 20 years since we were a good team at least we are on the way to getting better.

Patience is a virtue that we need right now.
John Martin

Luq, your piece was the biggest load of tripe that I have ever read in my life.

I would take a 'mediocre' season where we are 3 points behind Villa (who are flying) with a game in hand any time over expecting to get beat by the likes of Charlton and Fulham and battling at the wrong end of the table.

Before Moyes arrived we somehow scraped a 17th place position season after season and the players we brought in were either journey men like Paul Rideout, total longshots like Amokachi and Bakayoko or at the wrong end of their careers such as Ginola, Gascoigne and Beardsley.

Atleast now we're bringing in players with genuine promise such as Johnson, Cahill and Lescott. We're also bringing through some of the most exciting homegrown talent in years with Anichebe, Vaughan and Kissock.

Ok, so we're not the most exciting team to watch, but who is in the Premiership these days? Almost any team that is succesful starts with a solid foundation in defence and Moyes has undoubtedly tightened us up. I wouldn't be complaining if we turned into the 'new Arsenal' and won our way to silverware 1-0.

I think that Moyes has got it dead right in calling for the rest of the team to start chipping in with goals and hopefully they can respond. This really is a great opportunity for Mcfadden and Beattie to grab their chances. Personally, I feel that Beattie suffers because we play very narrow and there are no balls coming into the box from the byeline for him to connect with.

As for Moyes not being driven, are you having a laugh?!? You couldn't meet a more determined and thorough manager. he lives and breathes the job and his preparation is meticulous. My one criticism of him would be that he finds it difficult to change the system during a match. We should be able to switch from 4-5-1 to 4-4-2 or even 4-3-3 when we need to press the opposition. He does stick a bit rigidly to just one formation, when it would be straightforward enough to withdraw the likes of Osman and throw Beattie on with Johnson.

I can't really criticise his buying policy though. Ok, so he got Kroldrup, Davies and Van der Meyde badly wrong, but if a new manager came in now he wouldn't have to rip the guts out of the team...just tinker with what we've already got.

I think that Kenwright deserves a break too. He really stuck his neck out appointing Moyes and he's done really well to stick by him when we're on the wrong end of our yo-yo cycle. But, he's nearly always made money available to the manager and in Keith Wyness, he has brought in someone who has really helped to modernise the club and who has woken us up to the commercial possibilities that Man United have been creaming for years.

How many games have we had recently where we've drawn when we should have won? Those points really do add up and if we'd been that bit more clinical then we would be right up there in third or fourth place.

Lay off Beattie and Moyes. If we were at the wrong end of the table you'd have reason to complain. Ok, I'm concerned about our lack of goals while we're without Cahill and Johnson, but this is a perfect opportunity for Moyes to experiment with systems and personnel. Lets see what Vaughan and Anichebe can do. Lets play with width and give Beattie a chance. Wouldn't you be frustrated if you were a big, bustling centre forward and you knew that they only time that you were going to see the ball was from long punts from defence our 30 odd yards out with your back to goal?

Maybe we should go for Sidwell from Reading in January? Where can we get some width from? Maybe Shaun Wright Phillips? I know we don't have the largest of midfields anyway, so that would be a concern, but I think that we could afford an out and out winger if we tucked Naysmith or Osman in on the left. We do certainly need something out of the ordinary to change the course of a game.

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