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It's all a done and dusted deal

By Craig Dodd :  17/07/2007 :  Comments (2) :
As we already know, the Club have now said that it?s Kirkby or nowhere. I really have to ask myself what the hell is going on within the Club and the Liverpool City Council. I understand that a move away from Goodison is needed for the future of the Club (How I wish we could move the school behind the Bullens Road and turn the pitch sideways and rebuild Goodison!!!), but let's look at the bigger picture here.

Was it not EFC that not too long ago wanted to build a stadium on Stanley Park only for the Liverpool City Council to knock us back on grounds that it was restricted green belt? I don?t need to tell you what Liverpool Football Club will be starting there before this year ends. Is it not also that same club that had about 12 different locations in the City in which to build their new home??? Yet our club can?t find one!!!

Oh sorry, I almost forgot about that wonderful pipe-dream called the King Dock Arena ? don?t get me wrong ? I thought it was a beautiful idea, one that the club was truly worthy of. But did we really believe that LCC was going to give us that one!?! All those postcards from the Liverpool waterfront going around the world with a great big Everton Stadium stuck in the middle of it... I don?t think so somehow.

So LCC have done everything possible for LFC and virtually jack for us. All because some caretaker was a visionary (in giving his team the name of the surrounding City) that he just formed to fit into his empty Stadium does not mean the council can forget about how football all started in this City. It must be great for those in the council to sit there and have all these Irish, Norwegian, Cockney, Isle of Man or whatever they may be filling their Hotels and visiting this City, all because LFC carries the name of the city (Christ, those Paddies still believe Liverpool was a Catholic Club, St Domingos anyone!!). Now I?m not bitter and Blue (as they like to call us all when we stand up for the truth) but it surely can?t be all black and white, can it???

So let's get back to Our club; they have now found ?The Deal of the Century? with some shop that will foot the bill and send us packing up to Kirkby. Forget about the promise they made to the people of Kirkby about consultation. Are we really led to believe that when they do the poll with 33,000 of us, that we will really know the outcome of it. How can we be sure that the so-called independent Electoral Reform Society will not mess about with the figures to please them? We have to run around Goodison and take count for ourselves. It seems to me that the club has already made its mind up and we will soon be forced to watch our beloved club play in Stad de Tescos, and there is not much we can do to stop it.

And here is another thing hitting the back of my head: how come the likes of Aston Villa, Man City, Newcastle, Birmingham etc can all pull in investment yet Our Club with all it?s pedigree does not get a look in!! Something at the Club does not add up.

Now the last thing that bugs me is, as has been mentioned on ToffeeWeb before, what happens to all those kids growing up in the City in years to come? Are they really going to feel connected to us when we are over in Kirby? They will see one great big stadium where we used to be and wonder what the hell happened to Everton to have it pushed to the outer boundaries.

Time will tell... and I really do hope that I have it all wrong. My heart is telling me something different at the moment and my gut feelings have never failed me yet. I close my eyes and dream about what could have been with this once mighty club of mine. Maybe it could be the making of us, but I find it very hard to swallow.

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Michael Kenrick
1   Posted 18/07/2007 at 00:28:13

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Craig, just put yourself in the position of someone from the club and then read that over again and see how you feel. They are having a vote exactly so that you CAN influence the outcome. They are using the Electorial Reform Society exactly so that you DON’T have to count the votes yourself...

Yes, whinge about LCC if you must but the real story, apparently, is that Everton let THEM down, and not the other way round. It’s all very well going on about Our Wonderful Club but that’s really not what you believe, is it? We are getting the just desserts of years of incompetent mis-management that has put us into this woeful situation.

Take a step back and look at the really big picture... Bill and Buster are trying to do the right thing for us... apparently. Or is Bill simply feathering his long-term nest that makes possible the realization is his "investment" via a short-term grocery deal... It all depends what you want to believe. Good luck figuring it all out!
kieran fitzgerald
2   Posted 18/07/2007 at 13:41:46

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The thing about Liverpool’s stadium for me is that they have always had a decent amount of cash floating around. LCC can only do so much and if the club involved ain’t got the cash to fulfill their end of a stadium bargain then tough. It is one thing expecting and getting a suitable site for a stadium squared away by the council. It’s a bare faced cheek expecting them to build the thing too. Right now LFC have the money with their new investment and can go ahead.

To me, we could not pay for our end of any deal with the council over the last number of years and that is why the board’s eyes lit up at the prospect of Tesco’s paying for the vast majority of the new ground.

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