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Cannon Fodder Fans

By Kevin Latham :  17/07/2007 :  Comments (52) :
So we're going to have a vote are we, with 'no plan B'? Am I missing something? Didn't we used to see a similar thing with the likes of Idi Amin and Mugabe at election times? The club have put their cards on the table at last, although we all knew from the off what their position was, of course, despite all the bluff and bluster.

No matter what we say, we're off to Kirkby because that's what the club wants. We fans, well, screw us. It's just our job to pay and turn up every week ? hey, we're the People's Club after all. No plan B, well doesn't that say it all. The club consistently tell us bugger all, and when they do it's that we really don't have a choice! (By the way, I've nothing against Kirkby before anybody gets the hump ? we were the first and biggest club in the city, so why should we move?)

We have a Chairman who is patently incapable of moving the club forward and a Chief Executive who, let's face it, has no real feel for things Everton, it's just his job. You may argue that's not a bad thing because emotion has no place in business, however where football is concerned the whole thing trades on people's emotions. If it didn't then we wouldn't settle for the shite we've had to put up with over the last few years, both on the field and off.

As for the Chairman, well, was it not on his watch that we lost the golden opportunity of the Kings Dock, a new Everton stadium on one of the world's most famous (and photographed) waterfronts?

And as for Rooney and Fortress Sports, well let's not even go there. Great Evertonian, yes, blah blah blah, but then again aren't we all? Delivered us from Agent Johnson, yes thanks, but let's remember that he was also on the board at the time. I've nothing personal against Bill Kenwright but you've got to call his leadership into question, to put it mildly.

You'd think that with Bill's feeling for the club and Keith Wyness' business skills then you'd have a perfect combination running the club. But how wrong you would be. Oh, and Robert Elstone's American savvy too ? nearly forgotten about Rocky's mate and what he's brought to the party!

And now they are telling us that the only deal in town in in Kirkby and that we really have no option but to move out of the city. And we will go, they'll see to that. So give it 10 years ? if that ? down the line and more and more kids in the city will drift towards the red shite because they'll find it easier to identify with them as the 'city' team.

Like most of us, I have to accept that the Old Lady's shelf life is coming to an end, but I don't believe that it's unfeasible to stay within the city boundaries. If the club say it's too expensive then let them tell us why we can't afford it and where the money has gone, because we all know that it ain't going on players.

One of the ironies of this whole situation is that we're told that the new ground won't cost us much so that will leave more money to strenghthen the squad. Really? Well, Goodison costs us fuck all right now so why are we shopping in the bargain basement again?

It's hard to get away from the idea that those running the club cling to the view that once we move for as little cost as possible then we become an attractive proposition for a big bucks investor and they walk away with a big wedge apiece. But the fans who really keep this great club going ? well, what do we matter, we're just cannon fodder. If you want to go down in history as the guys who shut down Goodison Park then you should be 100% certain that you're taking us to a place fit for a club with the greatest tradition in the English game.

Christ, no plan B ? and plan A is just a crock of shit.

Reader Comments

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John Breen
1   Posted 18/07/2007 at 02:40:13

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Another great article ,lets put my cards on the table here right away I?m one of the stay Goodison brigade or failing that stay with in the city limits at least ,nothing against Kirkby what so ever , I know deep down we have to leave the old girl which makes me sad , I don?t want to go down memory lane as its been done so many times and we all have strong connections with Goodison that?s not in question here ,but really do we have to go anywhere right away ,and what will we be moving too ? Some macano set stadium out in the sticks and how will we as Evertonians benefit from this new shell we will call are home for many years to come I personally don?t see any benefits at all what will be the real differences from a current match day expierence at Goodison apart from the obstructed views and shitty parking that we have all put up with for over a century, We all know the club will railroad this through till its conclusion no matter what we say or do that?s perfectly obvious to me and many other like minded blues .Judging by the sounds emanating from Goodison?s so called hierarchy it?s a done deal and as for this referendum its sound like we need to bell the UN to get some observers over to watch the count, but why they are carrying out this vote/scam is beyond me as we all know they have already made up there minds ,but they certainly haven?t made up my mind until they show us what other alternatives are available to the club then we can have this vote, but there wont be anything fourth coming, what?s the ballot paper gonna say tick this box for Kirkby, or tick this box for Kirkby the choice is yours, I don?t think it is!
Sean Long
2   Posted 18/07/2007 at 04:31:35

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Conspiracy theories abound, no noise from the local elected member of parliament Peter Kilfoyle (Liverpool Walton) its deafeningly quiet, whilst 4 miles away, Knowsley North MP George Howarth whole heartedly supporting the move into his constituency even though there's some vociferous local opposition.

And after a quick Google search interestingly both named MPs were reportedly vociferous in 2002 when EFC applied for EU money set aside to alleviate poverty to help fund the failed Kings Dock project. All after our media savvy Chairman Mr Kenwright made an undisclosed donation to the Labour party, maybe he?s getting some free ?spin? lessons from Alaister Campbell??????????Agent Kenwright anyone?
Neil Alecock
3   Posted 18/07/2007 at 08:28:08

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I too dont want to leave the city boundary and am dissappointed about the Kingsdock. I do think though, that Wyness has done the job asked of him. He has found a deal for a stadium that has low costs in terms of pounds, but high costs in terms of goodwill. As a business deal Kirkby looks a snap and is all it says on the tin - except it wont feel like home for a long time. However many clubs moving to new stadia feel the same.
To be fair to Wyness though Kevin Latham says goodison costs nothing so why havent we got £10 million each year to spend? EAsy answer is that the new stadium with corporate and non matchday activity will supply the extra revenue.
The info that I need is what will the stadium look like? I dont want FC Kolns stadium, it looks crap. Wyness said that fans dont like the bowl type stadium. What fans and when? it was good enough for the Kingsdock and everyone agreed that was great! I think that the 4 sided stadium is cheaper to build and my suspicion is that it is a meccano build. We are likely to be offered a second best solution which will be dressed up and spun.
If I am wrong and the stadium design is ’world class’ then I will have to think very hard - putting my emotion to one side - as i cant see another alternative coming our way. Remember Everton couldnt come up with the £35m to put a deposit on the Kingsdock let alone fund a stadium on its own!
I look forward to Wyness and Kenwright presenting their stadium plans as that is the crux of this deal for me, as well as whether there really will be ’state of the art’ transport links as this will be crucial to long term sustainability. Over to you Bully.
Peter Singer
4   Posted 18/07/2007 at 09:18:06

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I don’t want to dig deep into alleged conspiracies but there’s something here that pisses me.

There’s no plan B says Mr. Chief Executive. Just like that. No plan B. It’s not our fault, there simply isn’t one.

Well, why aren’t there any other plans, ffs? Because you agreed to a stupid exclusivity deal, that’s why. And Mr. Chief Executive keeps blabbering away on the official site without mentioning this small yet important detail, that he himself was the one who had set fire to the bridges.

Sadly I’m not in a position to vote so this isn’t about should we go or not. But I hate being treated like an idiot.
Kevin Tully
5   Posted 18/07/2007 at 09:19:00

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I think the club has made it’s position crystal clear on the move. We are skint. The cost to E.F.C for the Kirkby option is 10mill to fit out the new stadium, they haven’t even bothered to look at any alternatives because of these numbers. Be honest, how many blues would be opposing this move it was within the city boundary? I reckon maybe 10%. Have you stood in a queue at Goodison lately for a pie and a pint? Even when there are no queues you have to wait 10 minutes to get served. I don’t want to take any shit from the darkside about being the only team in the city but we have to move just to stay where we are now in the pecking order. I wish we were staying in Liverpool but unless we are saved by a some sugar daddy we are going to Kirkby, there is no other option.
Andy Mackenzie
6   Posted 18/07/2007 at 09:24:44

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I think this hits the nail on the head. Conspiracy theories or not, I struggle to find one tangible good piece of business done by the current board. My god does Bill have to be grateful for Davey distracting us from the workings of this great club. I dread to think were we would be without his ethos on "the team" and what I gather, determination to do it right. I just wish it would rub off on the board. I also accept we have to leave Goodison and she will be missed. What I don’t accept for one minute is Bully’s "deal of the century", and "its Kirkby or bust scenario". Stadium sites within Lieverpool are well documented and if Tesco are intersted in Kirkby they will be interested in Liverpool, it clearly makes good business sense to be tied up with them in some way. What I can’t believe is the message, its delivery and as previously highlighted, lack of debate... if ever heads needed to be banged together it’s now.
Steve Syder
7   Posted 18/07/2007 at 10:05:11

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Tesco won’t fund a site within the city boundaries because they already have a site for a super store there.

What do you think Goodison Park will become when we’re in Kirkby?
Paul McGrath
8   Posted 18/07/2007 at 10:33:44

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to all those not wanting to leave liverpool, get a grip! get real! or go and get a season ticket for the new RS stadium, which incidentally, they cannot afford to start building!!!!

everton is forever, not a stadium.

Patty Henderson
9   Posted 18/07/2007 at 10:40:18

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I have supported Everton for over 60 years, starting as a six year old but I am not allowed to vote.... hardly seems fair does it but then I live in South Wales now and don?t hold a season ticket, and can only attend a number of games a year, as can my son who is also an die-hard blue, and he?s not allowed to vote neither. So where are the 33,000 votes going to come from

Get real guys the vote is only being held to appease the fans and won?t be taken note of at all and whose to say what the for and against figures will be when the vote does take place. Again these probably will be issued by the Club and can be changed to their advantage.

I really am getting very disillusioned with everything and I am usually one of the ones who say "Oh ye of little faith".
Alex Quigley
10   Posted 18/07/2007 at 10:45:35

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I agree with Peter about being treated like an idiot by the silver tongued ones leading the blues. The hobsons choice election really is a joke that is patronising to all fans. I happen to be one of the fans not being able to vote (I live in York, and haven’t had a season ticket for a good few years) but I can’t help think the fanfare surrounding the vote is all smoke and mirrors - the decision is made. We can’t afford a real stella site because the board has no money, is happy to accept mediocrity, as well as bungle as many attempts at investment as possible. We are beholden to a supermarket chain and other entertainment vampires (Planet Hollywood in kirby anyone?!) who are looking to bleed fans dry, but who haven’t put a penny to getting us some decent transfers which will make the difference to this club way beyond a ground move.
"Deal of the century"??? - a stadium in a cheap area with a long-held dodgy reputation that is miles away from the city centre, causing travel headaches for all. I happen to shop in Tesco but the purist in me says a supermarket should not be part of our stadium.

The Kings Dock miss makes me so frustrated it makes me feel sick

"Nil satis nisi optimum" - never has our motto looked so hollow. Thank you Bill and keith
John Sheron
11   Posted 18/07/2007 at 10:30:20

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Like many others I think it?s important to state your position from the outset; I am in favour of the move to Kirkby.

Emotionally I do not want to move from our family home at Goodison or re-locate outside our city boundaries. I sense we will forever miss the history, the emotion and personal attachment we all have for that part of Walton that is Goodison Park; but we can not survive in this new football era without dramatic change.

My brain tells me that to stay at Goodison will eventually destroy the club as our failure to compete both on the pitch and financially will generate an inevitable spiralling decline on a par with clubs such as Sheffield Wednesday and Nottingham Forest.

The chance of a move to a 55,000 new stadium for a relatively small financial outlay may well be our saviour. Let?s remember that our current financial plight meant that we could not afford our contribution of £35m to Kings Dock so the prospect of a new stadium for an initial outlay of £10m plus refurbishment costs is very attractive.

I am encouraged by the potential ground design on offer; hopefully not for us the boring Lego bowl shaped stadiums like the Riverside or Reebok but more a proper traditional 4-sided football stadium with character and a resonance based on Everton history. We should appoint a fan-based co-ordination committee to oversee the refurbishment to ensure that our Everton history is embedded in the new stadium.

Finally, I like so many will forever miss the terraced-housed streets, smells and banter of yester-year around Goodison Park but the future for Evertonians will not be for just me and you in 2007 but for our children and grandchildren who are the Evertonians of the future. Remember as residents in the city of Liverpool we have moved-on from our docklands heritage and seen it replaced by a vibrant city who?s economic stability is not based on one industry locked in history but the new economy of the 21st century. We as Evertonians now need to face the future full-on as well.

So, please let?s look to that exciting future, get involved in defining the external stadium design, the internal facilities and refurbishment and ambiance of our potential new ground and move-on. Everton have successfully moved once before, if my history serves me correctly, and we made a success of that so let?s do it again.
Rupert Sullivan
12   Posted 18/07/2007 at 11:35:55

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Great article Kevin, I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment - EFC combines shambolic management with piss poor media savvy. Those two together with an apparent contempt for the fan base makes me a very frustrated Everton Fan. Alas, I have no vote so I will have to content myself with writing to the club as an individual. There is no reason that the fans should be forced into accepting something that they do not want.
Damien Kennedy
13   Posted 18/07/2007 at 12:09:10

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I too will state my position from the outset. I am in favour of a move to Kirkby ( Outside the city boundaries it might be but lets be really honest Kirkby is one of the major heart beats of Liverpool, you’d think it was in Crewe listening to those whinging KEIOC people!!!!)

I have spent 35 years watching my beloved team at Goodison park and I am still not 40 so nearly my whole life. But I have watched the ground decay for years now. I love my walk through the terraced streets on my way to the ground but come on its not that nice !! I know I would hate making that same walk in 3 years time with the monstrosity of a stadium that will grow in the park. We will be a laughing stock.

I want to see us build a new home , build a future that will see my one year old son love to embrace as his own and provide a club that his children will want to follow. we cant do that at Goodison. And to be fair, Liverpool City Council have left it very late in the day to work with us positively in locating suitable sites in our fair city. They have had 8 years to do that and even now they are not coming up with a deal any where near as favourable. So lets vote and go with a heavy heart but with optimism for our future a ’New Dawn’ for the Club we love..
Robbie Shields
14   Posted 18/07/2007 at 12:05:23

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Kevin Tully makes a great point when he writes ’... Have you stood in a queue at Goodison lately for a pie and a pint? Even when there are no queues you have to wait 10 minutes to get served...’, which I think clearly demonstrates why we should be VERY WORRIED INDEED about leaving Goodison, and here’s why.

I don’t believe that by changing the stadium and it’s infrastructure the Everton Board will suddenly work out how to treat it’s ’customers’ (God I hate calling myself a customer.. but bare with me, I have to use their terminology to make this point) and maximise their matchday revenue. I, like most Evertonians I know try to spend every penny on a matchday at Everton so that they can maximise the amount of money they get from me, but I have lost count of the number of times I’ve queued up at half time for 15 minutes and seen 3 people in front of me get served. It’s so bad that I now don’t even bother going to queue up. For God’s sake we have the guy who runs Tesco assisting the board and yet we can’t serve more than one customer every 5 minutes during the peak half time window! Give me a break. Why will this change if we move to another stadium? Will the staff suddenly become competant? Will they suddenly be trained and managed properly? Will they suddenly become helpful? If so, why can’t you do this at Goodison now?

I think the above example clearly shows that the Everton board have not done anything to Maximise the revenue that can be generated at Goodison on a matchday, if every fan spent just £5 in Goodison buying food and drink this would generate £200,000 per match! or around £4,000,000 a season! I desperately want to spend my money at Goodison and if I could buy descent food and drink there I would and if I knew I could get served at half time I’d by more drinks (Especially as my son is always asking for drinks at half time and I have to say ... wait till were on the way home son, I’ll never get served here!).

The Toffee Shop is the same, if you get there after 2:30 you can’t get in. So why don’t they create some satellite shops around the ground and increase turnover? I simply do not trust this board because of the all too many examples of how they actually can’t run a company profitably. Didn’t we outsource the Toffee Shop because we actually lost money running it? How is this possible?

If we move to a new Stadium I’m not expecting anything to change because the board have already shown me over the last 5 years that they can’t run a business profitably and efficiently, despite having a captive and dedicated customer base for 2 or 3 hours every second week totalling around 40,000 each time.
Steve P
15   Posted 18/07/2007 at 12:40:39

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I agree with Kevin Tully. If the site was within the City boundaries, no one oppose the ground move to a new stadium.

The old lady has served us well but the ground is very poor in comparison with many other smaller clubs.

The sad message at the moment is that Bill K or Wyness do not have the ability (or desire?) to attract any investment to enable a new ground to be built in the city.

There is no point in having the ballot - The deal is done and we will be going to Tesco Stadium in Kirby from August 2010!!!
Steve Mc
16   Posted 18/07/2007 at 13:11:43

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John Breen - Welcome to Doomsville
17   Posted 18/07/2007 at 12:37:16

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The fans have been treated disgracefully by this regime, we have been duped by the board that the fans would be given a democratic vote when the sad reality it?s a done deal. The financial package that Wyness talks about does not thrill me or inspire me. The sad fact is we have been and are being led by people who have little vision, limited business acumen and worst of all little or no respect for some of the loyalest football fans in the country. Kenwright in particular should examine his role over the past ten years, I am sick of his platitudes and rhetoric. I wish he would go to today! perhaps we may then attract some major investment and then club would not be run as his personal plaything. I think it was RUN DMC that spat out the lyric ?don?t believe the hype? this would apply perfectly to everything this lot utter. It is the board that have made this club a laughing stock and consigned to us to playing in Tescodrome, Knowsley.

I can?t remember a start to a season when I was so dispirited; the reason why we have not spent any money on players is that money is being saved up for the new stadium?
(Thought there was no cost!) The UEFA cup campaign looms and we have no new arrivals to bolster an already thin squad. Somehow it is assumed that all those that vote against the move (and the tens/hundreds of thousands that are not allowed to) will simply turn up at the Tescodrome with the same enthusiasm to follow Everton. (will we have a name change? After all does the name matter anymore if we play in Knowsley?) Although many will turn up, I fear many will not. The people who say there is no option will probably say this does not matter, as a shiny corporate supporter will emerge along with new supporters who are handy for the M57 and fancy coming to watch a premiership match. I?m sorry but Everton, as we have known it will cease to be and that?s something I don?t want to witness. The People?s club moniker sounds like a hollow, sick joke, as does the club motto. It?s time for some open, vocal and forceful dissent from the fans. If we want to make a difference we need to let the players and management know what we think, not via a nice quiet vote, that wont be listened to but by a bit of raucous rebellion at the start and end of matches. I am not advocating barracking the players in any way, but what other forum do we have to make our voices heard?
18   Posted 18/07/2007 at 12:31:08

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we all know we can’t carry on at Goodison in its current state, That has never the debate. The choice we have in front of us is do we surrender Liverpool to the red Sh*te or completely skint ourselves finding somewhere within the city. What a choice!

The failer by the board to find any other investment (apart from the tesco offer of ’we’re building a supermarket in Kirkby if you wanna join us’) has left us in this position.
So what do we do? The Kirkby ’choice’ makes good financial sense but i can’t help but feel this will only help in the short term, as to anyone around the world we will eventually be seen as another Tranmere. On the other hand we simply can’t afford what we really want, an innovative 21st century stadium close to stanley park.

My ideal senario would be a state of the art Stadium accross the raod to Goodison in Stanley park, totally different to LFC stadium but just as impressive( if slightly smaller). we could share parking and transport links (as we do now, they can even build a bloody tescos on Goodison if they want! sorry, back to earth now, anyway that would be a ’plan B’, now that is stupid.

When all this is dragged out for the next year or so we’ll still be rail roaded in Kirkby whatever your feelings.

To me it’s gonna be like buying a half price suit from Tesco’s for a tenner. Yeah i got the ’bargain of life time’ but i’m gonna feel like a dick next to me mates.

i think its time we took our motto of our badge.

robert carney
19   Posted 18/07/2007 at 13:13:20

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Deal of the century! No Chance.
Let us look at what has been going on.
A deal of exclusivity, this is formed to keep other interested parties at bay. In buisness this would normally cost a substantial sum of money.

Kenwright has also said he does not want to be the chairman who moves Everton out of Goodison Park.
Do they have buyers lined up ?
Look at the near past for some clues.

North West Devolopment Agency pushing for ground share. Was this a clue to say only one stadium in the city was to have grants. We missed the boat, remember the Kings Dock.

If a buisness worth £90 to £100 million pounds had no other plans the cheif executive should resign.

Look at the figures being bandied about. £75 million for a stadium with a further £10 million set aside to fubish it. On that basis both L/Pool and Arsenal are being ripped off to the tune of £115 million.

Wyness quotes, a worthless piece of land in Kirkby would cost us £50 million pounds to buy elsewere.

Too me, the pair leading our club are being very un-economic with the truth. I urge all voting Evertonians not to be taken in by this consortium and lt us see what lays in wait.

Jon G
20   Posted 18/07/2007 at 13:13:43

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Great oppourtunity in financial terms, great site less than 4 miles away from goodison - what is everyone moaning about?

I’ll agree that this ballot is simply to appease the fans, in an ideal world I wouldent have held one at all. There is one clear option in moving to Kirkby and I hope that even if the voters deide against that BK and KW will do whats right anyway. These are the people qualified to make such decisions.

Dont get me wrong, I love Goodison. What you need to remeber is that the younger generation do not have the great memories of European and domestic glory that some do of Goodison, just a few decent derby’s and the odd Man U match to savour.
21   Posted 18/07/2007 at 13:27:25

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well im in favour of the move, i dont care where the ground is as long as its bigger nicer n better,and makes more money,with hotels and shops ect,.at the end of the day it could be in manchester and id still go,cos im an evertonian,.i go to watch everton it dont matter what post code we play in, as long as we get more money for more players-it seems the people who dont wanna move and talk about the shite being the only club in the city,are the ones living near the ground bar the odd 1 or 2,i live about 10 miles away and dont mind traveling to kirby, as there is trains, or cars to get me there, yano people dont moan when they go to watch the blues at away grounds, or in europe following them anywhere they play just when it means they dont get that nice walk on match day to the ground!
Chris Masey
22   Posted 18/07/2007 at 14:24:18

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I’d settle for a trophy thanks...
23   Posted 18/07/2007 at 14:52:48

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It’s like this as far as am concerned....If we have to move then we move. If Everton put a Blue shirt on then everyone know’s we’ll turn up, no matter where they play. Full stop. I was never fully pro moving or anti moving, until Wyness tried to give it the hard sell with the ground move. If there is no Plan B, why the f**k not? What does he do all day, because he certainly doesn’t search the earth for new investment etc. And secondly, if we stay at Goodison, why will attendances go down? Where has he pulled that pearl of wisdom from? He hasn’t sold this move at all to me and basically put me in the KEIOC camp.
Frank Krentham
24   Posted 18/07/2007 at 15:46:27

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I don?t get it. I?m an Everton supporter but have never lived in Liverpool (I realise that for many this would rule me out of an opinion, but at least I have no sentimental attachment for or against moving out of the city). Every move inside Liverpool that has been touted has been a failure, now there is a solid plan, with investment from other companies to foot the bill. Seems pretty straight forward why there is no plan B? All other avenues exhausted, Kings Dock, Ground share, Liverpool Councillors talking a good talk but little more.
Peter Borland
25   Posted 18/07/2007 at 15:33:08

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Unfortunately we missed the boat with Kings Dock. Great stadium, great site, right in the heart of the City.Realistically I think everyone does realise that we need a new stadium, or we will gradully slip down the league and fall into the Championship, and maybe worse. - Sorry, but that is what will happen.

Goodison Park has been a grand stage for some great football matches and has seen great team and players, but sadly we have to move on. Goodison Park is looking a bit tired, very tired in fact.

It will be a wrench, but after a few games, or seasons, we will all wonder why we took so long over the decsion.Lets make the move, and do it quickly.
Diana Dlozza
26   Posted 18/07/2007 at 16:20:47

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I?m in favour of the move, the city boundary means fuck all, how many of you could say where the boundary was? (I bet the signs been nicked) Its 4 miles, there are sites within the city limits further away than that, which would probably be more difficult to get to and take longer to get to than kirkby just so we can say were still in the city? and thats just the city blues how many toffee?s from outside of liverpool are put off by the ball ache it is to get to goodison then find somewhere to park, get away after the game etc. Yes I arn?t from liverpool (E Yorks) but I would go to alot more games, if it wasn?t such a bastard to negotiate, and then when I get there I?m sat behind a fuckin post. How many other blues (not from liverpool)would go to more games if we could get there and enjoy an unobstructed view? There are 40,000 seats at goodison, 4000 obstructed, we average 36,000 a game, hmmmm, thats alot of money our club and our transfer budget miss out on each season. Get moved.
Peter Sutcliffe
27   Posted 18/07/2007 at 16:39:47

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Besides being an avid Evertonian since 1977 I have never been to Liverpool let alone Goodison but I want to put my tuppence worth forward. I read on Teletext yesterday about the fans vote (33000) about the whole move debate. All things being equal it looks as though our Days at Goodison will be coming to an end with a move to the proposed Kirkby site in readiness for 2010. That leaves about another two seasons were we are by my math. With a current capacity of 41,000 the ground it suitable for large games against hate to say it, larger and (finically) better sides than ourselves. also It is the ONLY british stadium other than wembley to have held a world cup semi-final. As for the directors and management staff above moyes they dont seem to know what do to or the right way forward. Incidentally the way foward I feel is with a heavy heart to move from our home of 1892, and on to pastures new. With the Kings Dock Project now dead in the water, Kirkby looks to be the most likely venue for our future stars and supporters. I like William kenwright and know his heart is in the right place but he is not the man to move us forward. I sincerely hope it all works out for the best and venues aside with the crop of young and talented players coming through our ranks it is good way towards future prosperity. I only hope we dont end up with another rooney scenario. think what james vaughan could be worth in four years time? >One last thing, if stated it is true and that two thirds of people living in LIverpool are indeed evertonians. A NEWstadium with an increased capacity can only make sense. There are’nt too many followers in Kent I can tell you. Its even very difficult to purchase a replica shirt from any retail outlet down here unless you happen to follow any of the "bigger" sides. I hope one day I can get up to the Stadium before it comes as extinct as the dodo and all the memories and nostalgia are lost in the history books.
Marc Roberts
28   Posted 18/07/2007 at 16:45:39

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Peter you say we are heading for the championship if we stay at goodison any longer, that is absolute bullshit mate, we have been there for over a hundred years, and relegated just once (over 50 years ago). Why is that?
Someone else just stated, ?no matter where we play, we will always be Everton?, and I have to disagree.. if we lose even half of the scouse hardcore of fans to Liverpool over the years, then that will have a big effect on the atmosphere which is (generally) generated by the true fans, not a load of prawn-butty corporate sightseers, and then what we are heading for is a half-empty supermarket stadium in the middle of nowhere. Oh yeah, why on earth would these corporations take customers to a Kirkby supermarket when there is a nice (world famous!) anfield closer to town?? Why would anyone in their right mind want to stage gigs or events there when there is a larger capacity stadium (world famous!) CLOSER TO TOWN. Do us a favour and don?t repeat the hype bullshit Wyness is spouting please.
If fans like D say they would go to a lot more games if there was ?better facilities? they are just bullshitting ?TV watching? fans who like the idea of supporting everton, and maybe buy a shirt now and again, but I will bet you will be no more willing to turn up every week and support the team vocally.
What is so wrong with Goodison for a few more years anyway, jeesus we only have to spend an hour a week there - anyone would think we have to live there the way some people go on...bring your kid a bottle of coke in with you if you cant be arsed queueing, and like someone else said if the toilets and bar are not run properly at GP, what makes you think it will be so much better in Kirkby?

I think the whole thing is a fucking disgrace, we are being pushed into this and I will never forgive those who spell out the sad ruin of OUR GREAT CLUB. However, we still have a chance to protest, lets make some noise against this at the Wigan game.

Joey Jenkins
29   Posted 18/07/2007 at 17:21:48

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Article is spot on, Bully Wyness is now claiming he is spendind ½ a million a year on the upkeep of Goodison in tonight's Liverpool Echo. The propaganda machine is now in place & without plan B our Chairman is a complete disgrace. I am disgusted in his silence he is the new Doug Ellis & we know where he took Aston Villa! How can anyone ever belive the vote if it is yes & if it is a NO what will these two clowns do resign for not offering plan B?????
Anthony Doran
30   Posted 18/07/2007 at 17:09:36

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Why only 33,000 votes? I can understand the club not wanting any shite to sabotage the vote but surely any one who has held a season ticket in the past or can even provide proof of support via match stubbs should be allowed a vote. And so we're saving £50,000,000 ah that?s 1 seasons money off the Prem alone. EVERTON for GOODISON (or at the least the city)
Angela Stafford
31   Posted 18/07/2007 at 17:20:12

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I find it sad that our great club is now in the hand?s of people who dont really have the faintest idea of what it really means to be an Evertionian, Yes Bill claims to be a true blue, but I think he is very misguided individual if he believes that he and Mr Wyness can ram this ground move down our throats without us choking on it. They need to be totally tranparent and let the fans know exacltly what is going on and dispence with this cloak and dagger stuff all the time. I was born 4 streets away from Goodison, I grew up minding cars on the street and then going into the boys pen for a tanner to watch the giants of Everton, (Young, Temple, Labone, Gabrial, West). My grandfather died in Gladways Street watching a game. I?m sure he is up there with my Dad watching with shear discust at what is happening to our great club.
Steve Burton
32   Posted 18/07/2007 at 17:23:58

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Jesus Christ, talk about negativity. To answer a few of you questions:

"If the club say it’s too expensive then let them tell us why we can’t afford it and where the money has gone, because we all know that it ain’t going on players"

Remember when we sold Rooney? Turned out we were in debt to the tune of £40m. We can’t afford it because land and the surrounding infrastructure alone costs shitloads of cash and neither we nor the city council can pay for it. The money has gone to pay off the debt and the accumulated interest on the debt. I’m not sure it’s true to say we haven’t spent it on players. We have broke our transfer record twice which is remarkable for a club as skint as ours.

As for the move, I think deal of the century isn’t far off IF what we read and hear is true. I always presumed part of the deal would be that the Goodison Park site would be sold to Tesco in time for the new Anfield opening. That is something I’d like to see cleared up by Mr Wyness. However, I don’t think we should just say no just because our stadium is on the other side of the road or for any reason connected to Liverpool FC (a la surrendering the city). We need to get over this tribal bullshit. They are playing on a world level and we mean very little to them. It’s about time we at least got onto the European level. Scouse pies and Chang on tap ain’t going to get us there for a while, nice as they may be.
John Patrick McFarlane
33   Posted 18/07/2007 at 18:49:31

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Although I am no mystic meg, I believe that EFC will indeed end up in Kirkby with enough support from those who are currently undecided and those who wholeheartedly agree with the plan to move. I also think that those against the move have been cleverly outflanked by the clubs directors. The only other way to influence the board, democracy apart, was to hit the club in the pocket, but even this will have no effect come the end of August. So its go direct to Kirkby do not pass go do not collect x number of pounds.
Gary Clarke
34   Posted 18/07/2007 at 18:59:51

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I am going to miss goodison if we leave but come on lets all face up to reality were skint and we aint got a pot to piss in, with no offers of investment forthcoming.Its time we all got in the real world no one else is going to build us a stadium for virtually f***k all lets get behind it and keep supporting regardless EVERTON TILL I DIE
Jim Lloyd
35   Posted 18/07/2007 at 19:19:03

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Jim Lloyd
36   Posted 18/07/2007 at 19:19:03

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37   Posted 18/07/2007 at 21:23:43

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I was in favour of Kings Dock because it was an impressive project. I’m against this one because it doesn’t sound in the slightest bit impressive. I’m not in the "this is the best offer we have so we need to take it" camp. Simple...
Gavin Ramejkis
38   Posted 19/07/2007 at 09:08:56

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Firmly against the move and the management as they consist of a liar and a thief. Why do people think Kirkby will suddenly be better? More seats costing more with a core fanbase of 33,000 where do another 22k come in do they have proof of 22k waiting to buy? Do they have proof of corporates waiting to buy in the shangri la that is Kirkby? It’s been a hole since it was built and a shiny meccano box won’t improve it. I posted some time ago about how humorous I found the idea of Kirkby hotels; Liverpool is a few miles down the road why stay in Kirkby?

Railroaded by Billy Bullshitter and Dick Turpin Wyness and the gullible swallow it up like its all truth.
Gavin Ramejkis
39   Posted 19/07/2007 at 09:42:29

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I forgot to add this bit too, do you think a new box with Knobhead & Co already running the catering facility at Goodison and thanks to Dick Turpin unlikely to move back inhouse just expect more gormless idiots staring at you waving money at them trying to buy drink and food, shit service wont improve with more of the same idiots running the operation.

Oh and to clarify one thing Kirkby is closer for me to get to but I still don’t fancy it.
Jim Lynch
40   Posted 19/07/2007 at 10:22:38

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I’m not against a move to Kirkby or a move anywhere if we get a good, modern stadium we can be proud of. My problem pure and simple is that for the figures quoted (£50 million plus £10 million fit out) we’ll get nothing but a tin shed.

A cost of a little over a £1,000 per seat is ludicrously low when you compare it with the £3,000 per seat at the Emirates or even what the reds are talking about paying.

I also don’t buy the "we’ll get our builders to build a £75 million project for £50 million" What kind of contractor has that amount of money to throw away in a business where margins are so tight?

If things pan out the way they’re being talked about we’ll have a sub-Reebok box with every corner being cut and the club will become a laughing stock.

Makes me so mad!
Chris Corner
41   Posted 19/07/2007 at 10:14:15

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Regardless of the noises coming from Mr Wyness about the "Pros" of a move there’s only going to be two outcomes, me and the rest of you are either going on a day trip to kirkby every fortnight or we’re going the way of Wimbledon. i’ve heard a few rumours of an afc everton coming to form and it must be said i’d rather go and watch 11 lads that love everton but couldnt stand to see them jump ship and submit to the shite play on walton park, than sit in an atmosphere void pre packed stadium bought by tesco terry from ikea on an industrial estate probably NEXTDOOR to an ikea. It just amazes me how the shite managed to persuade the council to let them build their what bassicly is going to be called stanley zoo on the most famouse patch of green land in the city, the one thing that truely seperated us from them and now they’re creeping closer. And while thats happening we’re getting pushed to the edges of the ship set to walk the plank while terry the tit tesco and his band of merry executives circle below us. We have been truely abondoned by our council and mostly our board of not-so trustees.
Tim Lloyd
42   Posted 19/07/2007 at 10:56:17

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I have supported Everton for approximately 76 years. Rather longer than most contributors I feel sure. ’Dixie’ was our centre forward when I first saw my beloved ’Blues’ We beat Sheffield Wednesday 9 - 3. Dixie scored 5!!!!!

At the time, I lived in Little Sutton on the Wirral, most football fans in those days who lived on the Wirral supported Everton. All this ’hoo ha’ about ’Keeping Everton in the City’ is clap trap. Real followers support the club, not the ground.

Today, Goodison is a relic of a once great stadium. We must move on. For Pete’s sake, Kirkby is not the end of the world. Its only 4 miles from Goodison. In this day and age, 4 miles is absolutely a skip and a jump. For so many Evertonians, Kirkby might well be rather more accessible than is it is today.

Now this continual moaning about Bill Kenwright and the CEO, Mr Wyness. Some of the mud slinging really sticks in my craw. Who are these people who write such twaddle. They may not be perfect, few of us are but how are you moaners so much better. You simply pay your dosh at the gate or have a season ticket and for that, want to own the place. You don’t. You own as much as the cinema goer who pays for his ticket at the desk to watch the film. Get wise to yourselves, you supply, in bulk, the means whereby the club can continue to exist but all the work is carried out by friend Wyness and his team. Personally, I think he’s doing a great job, certainly not helped by the moaning gits who criticise everything yet offer absolutley zilch in the way of constructive criticism.

Wake up, the Blues are on the move. In the past I used to twist and turn in revulsion at similar criticisms of David Moyes. Nowadays, those cretins seem largely to have crawled under the flat stones from which they emerged.

Everton are just so much more exhilarating than say 6 years and so ago. We have quite a fair side and David is building a team of youngsters, no fancy £20M players from distant lands, who have managed to secure 6th place and European football next seasion.

Recent rumours suggest we might be signing Vogel, the Swiss Captain and a European experienced player in a position we badly need strenthening. Pienaar?? Who knows, sounds a likely lad but who knows whether we get him. We are moving slowly but steadily upwards. Its not going to take 2 or 3 years but you youngsters will hopefully enjoy the Everton I have known over so many years, then maybe you’ll be positive and stop this non stop whining with which you afflict all the message boards.
Dave Mc
43   Posted 19/07/2007 at 11:31:31

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"There is no plan B"... is that so.Well how about staying put in our beloved Goodison for now and getting someone in with a bit of vision and optimism for our future!As the motto says Nil satis nisi optimum - nothing but the best will do...No disrespect to kirby, but that is not the best and we all know it deep down.
John Douglas
44   Posted 19/07/2007 at 13:17:55

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If there is no plan B then what is the point of the vote. We are going to Kirkby, theres no two ways about it. Beef and Kenwrong have obviously seen a quick buck to be made somewhere. Beef has said too that there will be 10 million a year to spend on players, whats 10 million these days in the current transfer market when you have players like Darren Bent selling for 16 million?! It would be nice to know where all the money has gone/ is going, personally I think Kenwrong and Beef are just waiting for a buyer to come along so they can up sticks and laugh all the way to the bank.
Steve Leigh-Sinnott
45   Posted 19/07/2007 at 14:02:52

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I’m not sure where I stand on the move but I know that if FC Koln’s stadium is our blueprint then we really are being duped.

I have the misfortune to sit next to a Red at work & he’s shoving their new stadium design down my throat:

Looks like they’re getting Fortnam & Mason and we’re getting Tesco value.........
Robbie Shields
46   Posted 19/07/2007 at 14:40:41

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######### A Very Visual Protest for a Plan B ##########

I would like to propose that those Evertonians against the move from Goodison who feel that they are not being heard by the Everton board stand together and make a VISUAL PROTEST by throwing toilet roles onto the pitch from the stands at every home game this season when Everton walk out to Z-Cars. This would give all match going Evertonians, whether they have a vote on the new stadium or not, the opportunity to create a visual protest to the Board without causing any ill feeling to the team or other supporters. In fact I believe the throwing of toilet roles onto the pitch is very spectacular and uplifting for the players and fans alike. Together we can put pressure on the Board to listen to us and realistically look at a plan B. It will also demonstrate very graphically why Goodison is too special to be left for a £50 million Meccano set with no soul and no connection to Everton FC. The time to move to a new stadium is AFTER we have got investors on board with the cash to deliver a state of the art stadium within the City (Preferably beside the Royal Blue Mersey) not BEFORE. Just like the shower across the park! Ask yourself this question, Why will Everton Football Club need new investors in the future when we are in Kirkby in a free stadium? The answer is we wouldn’t, the only people who would want this investment then is the current board who would be able to pocket the millions by selling the club on with little debt and a new Meccano set chucked in. At this point we would have missed the opportunity for new investment to build a super stadium and be stuck FOREVER in our new home, like it or loathe it!
kev d
47   Posted 19/07/2007 at 14:00:21

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Great artical , totaly agree .
mike mclean
48   Posted 19/07/2007 at 17:53:10

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Nothing in the Wyness plan makes sense. Ten million extra for players in three or four years time? Wouldn’t buy a Sandy Brown let alone a decent player!!!

And how to fill the tin shed? Are thousands extra going to be beating down the gates? Or will it just be a case of lousy atmosphere for the match so that Wyness can pimp it out to concert promoters.

Leave Goodison if it makes economic sense and the proposal is for a good ground that can be filled. This smells of a Tesco & concert promoter’s party.
bee eater
49   Posted 19/07/2007 at 22:47:18

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The proposed move to Kirkby is surreal. It is being met with DISMAY by Everton fans ... and joy and absolute GLEE from the RS. Does THAT not tell Wyness and his cronies anything?
robert carney
50   Posted 20/07/2007 at 10:47:27

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A personal message to Kenwright:

Bill stop this musical farce before it is to late.
Sack Wyness and bring in your close freind David Dein. I am sure he is missing the premeirshhip.
Before long we would have the investment and players to take us bask to the giddy heights of the mid eighties.

Kirkby is so so wrong. Please act before the club becomes a laughing stock.
dave kershaw
51   Posted 21/07/2007 at 13:27:00

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typical of the way the club is being run ,,,,, they announce another game in the states ,, giving us expats only 3 days notice to organise getting there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
52   Posted 09/04/2008 at 09:28:53

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Steve Mc - whats doomsville?

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