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The Ballot

By Anthony Newell :  02/08/2007 :  Comments (5) :
I have reached the point of exasperation with the discussion on the stadium move. I've also become quite disheartened by the split it has created amongst what is essentially a very faithful group of fans. There are deeply entrenched opinions on either side so it appears fruitless to try and change them. The middle ground will come to their own conclusions based on what has been ably said and presented so far. For these reasons I've vowed for the sake of my own sanity to restrict my future postings to what matters most - what happens on the pitch

However, there are a few final points that have been niggling away at me and I would be grateful for opinions:

1) In the interests of balance and fairness do you think it is right that the club has involved the players and manager in endorsing this move? The club is enduring, the players come and go. There are no doubt some fans who will pick up the brochure accompanying the ballot form and think: "Oh, the manager and players support this so it must be the right thing to do". Is this on? Should the current players and manager stay out of this and concentrate on what happens on the pitch?

2) If moving to Kirkby was a sound strategic decision for the club why put it to ballot? As one contributor has said, when the deal is right, there will be no need for a ballot. Is the reason for a ballot because Mr Kenwright wants a fans mandate to fall back on if the move proves ultimately to be unsuccessful? "Well, the majority of fans wanted this move so that's what we did."

3) The business case for this move is that we require additional revenue from the ability to increase our attendances and corporate revenue. No problem with that. However, given the TW poll suggests there will be some natural season ticket 'wastage' if this move goes ahead, has the club performed some break-even analysis to identify what the minimum attendances required would be to sustain their revenue projections? If they have then can we see them? If they were convincing I may change my viewpoint on the move. If they haven't done it, why not? Just ASSUMING that attendances will rise by 10-15k in the LONG TERM and that extra corporate boxes will be fully patronised are just assumptions.

4) Those who challenge scepticists like me, say in relation to alternative proposals "show me the figures". A natural enough question but just because there is nothing else on the table currently or financial details to elucidate it (there might be tomorrow) is that a good enough reason to say yes to Kirkby? Hobson's choice = No Choice.

5) Would it hurt for EFC to attend the meeting arranged for tomorrow and at least give their assessment on the viability of the plan B that will be proposed? If the figures don't stack up the club will be in a position to say as much. Any sensible business should explore all contingencies as there is no guarantee they will get the fans approval to go ahead with Kirkby

6) Finally, given that there is still a lot of middle ground to make up their mind I think it would be very informative if each of the Toffeeweb columnists/staff stated whether they are for or against the move with a simple "Yes" or "No" and a few reasons to explain why. This would be a very interesting and informative article in itself and like it or not you guys wield some influence in making up people's minds.

All the best to everyone in the Everton family and here's hoping for a good season. Onwards and upwards. NSNO

Reader Comments

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1   Posted 02/08/2007 at 19:20:48

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Like you Anthony I’m absolutely chocca with the whole saga.
I also the share your fears
I’m driving myself nuts wondering how the questions you raise - which, to me are so obviously relevent - are’nt being put to the board by EVERY true blue.
I am quite prepared to listen to anyone explain to me why, the alternatives wont work, or prove to me that no investor would be interested in say, Scotty Rd, but I can no longer stomach is these pompous prats who sigh at the very mention of alternatives to Kirkby, role their eyes and whine " another red herring" or "its undeliverable" or the most pathetic whine of all " LCC dont want us " when they have no clue what it is they may be dismissing.

If BK just hinted that he would be interested in listening to the people trying to find a solution, or that he was prepared to give potential investors the opportunity to at least declare an interest - or not - in these imaginative proposals, we could all believe he truely does have the best interest of the club at heart. The fact is he is isnt.
He seems terrified to take that chance. if he did and they all proved - as he as claimed - undeliverable. Then Kirby it would be

BK + KW believe the deal is done, that they are home and hosed, but they may be in for a very rude awakening when the vote is cast

Kirkby represents a massive gamble, I wonder how many of us - even the most convinced of pro Kirkby toffees - will be able to take that gamble without that awful nagging regret that we could have fought a little harder for something much better
chris taggart
2   Posted 02/08/2007 at 20:44:55

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its spin nothing more and nothing less, the players are paid by the club to act as their mouth piece when required they are doing their job and what their boss tells them, the club as a whole are hardly going to act indifferently to the proposal are they?

our fans moan at the poor administration of the club whine when season tickets prices rise etc, yet bemoan any attempt by the board when they attempt to be inclusive, they cant win can they
It would be suicide of any board member to give the monster raving toffee party any further oxygen in which to continue their infantile name calling and ire, BK knows what they are proposing because it?s based on the GFE plans which he paid for (or at least contributed to the cost of)
The loop site is a pipe dream it is a logistics nightmare and is obviously a ploy by bestway to secure a good deal elsewhere by emperors new clothing it in front of LCC and KEIOC, Bradley can then piss and whine that he did everything in the council?s power to provide an alternative if the Kirkby deal goes through

you know what i think im falling on the kirby side, how about you?
Dan Masters
3   Posted 02/08/2007 at 21:09:20

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One more nagging doubt: Where is Kenwright? Shouldn’t he be championing this? I’ve suspected all along he’s not so sure this wil work and hence is keeping his head down and letting Wyness take the stage.

You can argue a vote is an unprecedented show of fan power or as is suggested here, you could suspect it’s a scapegoat if all goes wrong in the end.

Sorry Bill, but I just don’t trust you and this move is wrong. Would LFC consider it? No. Would Newcastle go to Gateshead? No. Would Villa move to Sutton Coldfield? No. Would any big Club with history move away from its locale leaving it to a major rival? No.

So, just why are we even considering this? Coz Big Keith has got you running scared with talk of Goodison falling down and dangling something else in front of you that will make the ’nightmare’ go away. DON’T FALL FOR IT!
4   Posted 02/08/2007 at 21:45:36

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put me out of my misery, tell me where I can read what you have, so at least I’ll have your confidence.
By the club being inclusive are you referring to the exclusivity agreement used by BK to strangle any proposals made by anyone other than TT ?
The loop is a pipe dream ? please tell me, coz its escaping me, how the f..k do you know ? Have I missed something ? Besides just about everything that has ever been built or invented, began as, just a pipe dream
You direct your frustration at Bradley, KEIOC and LCC, who gives a shit about any of them ?
I’m an Evertonian who see’s disaster in the Kirkby move if we dont go unified
Who’s to say Bestway havent looked at Tesco’s deal and thought, they would like a similar deal for themselves, in the City ? would that be so unbelievable ? You Guys who dismiss everything coz you know better, please, I’m going bananas, let me in on it

Ed Fitz
5   Posted 03/08/2007 at 14:05:05

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Dan Masters

Could not agree more, Kenwright is not to be trusted (how many times have we heard his promises and platitudes - no one loves goodison more than me - (I dont fucking thing so pal)

All I hear is about the project being deliverable well lets be straight about this what has BK delivered during his tenure? As far I am concerned if he such a true blue he should have made sure that we attracted the investment we have needed during his time at goodison and stopped being so defensive and acted in a more progressive fashion. His leagacy will be the fortress fund trust debacle, the Kings Dock broken promise (s) and moving one of the most important clubs in the history of football away from its origins to a retail park in Kirkby. What a leader! I would trust his judgement every time. Please dont put the blame on others e.g. LCC, its his job to the best for EFC. Our lack of transfer activity this summer speaks volumes no doubt our free stadium (ho ho, 50 Million at least according to KW) is affecting our ability to purchase players.

To be honest im sickened by the whole debate, I cant really believe that we are contemplating moving out of the city.
The invisible man has a higher profile that Kenwright, where is he?

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