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Mind games

By Lue Glover :  04/08/2007 :  Comments (10) :
You've got to hand it to the board at EFC, they really do know how to play mind games and have us eating out of their hands. That might sound a little like I've been taking Richard Dodd's happy pills (no offence Richard) but think about it for a moment.

BK comes out and says that there's money to spend and we promptly, well, after a lot of fussing, buy Jagielka. Happy days. The promise of greater things to come. Then we have the Nugent, Koumas and Richardson affairs. The mailbag is full of "is he worth it? Nah, not really, unproven or Man U reject" etc etc, so as the days wear on, we effectively happily talk ourselves out of seeing any of the above mentioned, in Royal Blue.

For the Board, well that's job done ? we didnt need them anyway did we, we've got a good enough strike force, midfield (we've got Arteta), defence and in any case, we've got bigger and better signings on the horizon...

So the horizon is now pretty well with us, a week before the start of the season and each and every one of us is praying for us to sign a left back. Yes, a pretty good one but a left back for around £6 million or possibly less and a squad player. If Baines signs we'll all be chuffed and happy because we've signed someone. Again, job done. A sense of relief all round.

Ever been really hungry and got nothing in the house? So hungry you'll just eat whatever's on offer and be grateful? That is what is happening to us right now. We are all desperate for someone, anyone, to sign because we've been fed crumbs time after time over the past few months. I'm not suggesting that Baines won't be a good signing but with what's happened to Vaughan and Cahill should the money be spent on yet another defender? Beattie has gone so it seems... how many strikers does that leave us with?

If the Baines deal involves a player too, who will it be? WE are down to the bare bones of a team unless something happens soon. We are being linked with yet another defender and I agree that building on a firm foundation of a strong defence is good. What if the opposition do manage a goal against us though? Will we ever manage to play football with enough flair and skill to actually score goals?

I have nightmares about Arteta getting injured, he is head and shoulders above the rest and our game plan consists of hoofball without him. I havent got the foggiest idea what is happening behind the scenes, no one will tell us anything, so who knows what team will be put out next Saturday. One thing is certain, it'll be jam-packed with defenders and other than AJ, no seasoned striker.

Please let me be wrong but I can just hear those "we tried to sign **** and ***** and **** but couldnt so we'll have to soldier on with the excellent squad and fantastic team spirit that will see us through to the January "'Manny's not worth £12 million, Nugent is unproven so not worth £6 million" etc ? and it's all masked the simple truth that we haven't got the cash despite all of those false promises. We have talked ourselves into accepting a diet of mediocrity when we were promised much, much more.

I can understand the fact that we have very little cash compared to others but what I can't understand is why BK lied to us. He should hang his head in shame. Poverty I can cope with, lies and deceipt, no.

Reader Comments

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Steve Taylor
1   Posted 04/08/2007 at 14:16:00

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Another window passes by, with little or no activity. It’s shambolic - we needed 5/6 players this window to get a squad size capable of competing on all fronts this season.

But a combination of dithering, arguing the toss over fees / wages & a lack of available funds from Billy Bullshit - have combined to leave us in the shyte - AGAIN! Remember 2005?

Never again? yeah whatever.
Gavin Ramejkis
2   Posted 04/08/2007 at 14:53:04

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Well said Lue and all the apologists who shoot anyone who dares to criticise the management calling us doom merchants when we foretold the shambolic transfers and the failure yet again of Everton to take the next step after the players have bust a gut qualifying for Europe with a tiny squad, don’t give me we have time yet rubbish, just think for one moment; if we didn’t have £1m to secure Vogel an acknowledged target of DM or Fernandes as £8m was too pricey then what in the world is a £10m bid if not another smoke and mirrors charade from Panto Bill? If you continue to believe in this liar and charlatan then more fool you.
Brian Waring
3   Posted 04/08/2007 at 15:47:28

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With Beatties transfer to Sheff utd gone through.Surley we must have a replacement striker lined up?
Tony Hawkins
4   Posted 04/08/2007 at 18:29:49

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I’m sorry to say I am extremely suspicious of the Gonzalez bid.

It’s a bit "left field" compared to the other noises we’ve heard coming out of the Goodison rafters that it don’t ring right.

But I hope it is true and we get him.
5   Posted 04/08/2007 at 18:39:38

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This Gonzalez bid is just another smokescreen to divert criticism away from the failure to sign Smith etc. etc.
Everton’s management are pathetic,
inept and useless (DM excluded)
This coming vote on the Kirkby
issue will turn the "don’t knows" into voting against the move as a protest vote against BK. So the whole state of Everton FC both on the playing field and off it will be a complete and utter shambles unless BK moves over or finds a rich benefactor willing to revive this once great club.
6   Posted 04/08/2007 at 18:31:41

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BK’s consistant inability to deliver on any promise he’s ever made - count them chaps - is whats got half of us lying awake at night

I dont subscribe to the views that he’s a scheeming liar, I believe him to be a true blue, but the man is complete fantasist, he makes these promises, but rather than do all in his power to see the come to fruition, he closes his eyes in an almost childlike fashion and hopes they come true

It saddens me so much to think, dispite all the broken promises,there is still Evertonians out there prepared to trust this, Walter Mitty character with our future
7   Posted 05/08/2007 at 01:30:48

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Dave, Kenwright is a liar. Remember the £30 million that was ringfenced for the Kings Dock? How come when that hairbrained scheme went tits up, the money wasn’t spent on strengthening the squad.
Anyone who has a vote on the stadium reffferendum must vote no. He can’t be trusted. It is his train set and no one else can possibly have a say in how he plays with it!
8   Posted 05/08/2007 at 11:16:42

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Well said Lue. This summer has been embarrassing, shambolic and as Walt Disney used to say very disappointing.

The hope and fervour built up from the end of last season has snowballed into one of discontent and anger amongst supporters. The stadium, the squad, the budget, transfers etc.

For me, the most annoying thing has been the constant lies and bullshit we have been subjected to. Of course its hard to make judgements on some aspects without all the facts, but lets face it, when was the last time we ever got all the information on anything?

If we’re skint then what can we do? The only problem here why we have no money, why we can’t attract investment and why the supporters keep getting put through the ring when all we want is some information and a bit of honesty
Ian A
9   Posted 05/08/2007 at 13:33:16

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How stupid does Kenwright and Co think we are? Gonzales, 11 million?? Not a hope in the world!

Granted, these are the types of players we should be looking to bring in, but this is just an empty and useless gesture so that once again the club can come out with the old "We tried to sign them....honest!!"

Unless a minor miracle happens over the next week or two and we bring in the (at least) 4 or 5 QUALITY players we need, I think its time we really started to make our feelings known to Kenwright and his yes men! We are Everton and it pains me to see our lack of ambition. Whilst we have come on in leaps and bounds under Moyes, we do have to remember how bad things were and there is only one way to go when you hit rock bottom!! So improvements have been made and we had some better times, but is that it? Are we now all to be content and happy to stay as we are? Is the ambition there? Are we really striving to become great again? Or will ’not bad’ do?

Its time we realized that under kenwright, this is as good as it gets and as Evertonians, its time to get greedy. We want more!!

We are all disollusioned, so what about the likes of Arteta who surely must have been promised that the club is moving forward and that he is going to be playing alongside players worthy of his talents! I know he’s only just signed, but players can change there minds very quickly if they don’t like what they are seeing and lets face it, Arteta could easily grace many a stage with bigger ambitions than Everton.

Word does travel and kenwright must know how we feel. Of course he does! That explains the 11 million bid joke! So Bill, if we are out of order with our comments, come out and explain why we have stood still this summer. Explain why perfectly suitable additions have slipped through our fingers. Explain why Vogel would be a good choice to steer us to european success and why Fernandez,Reo Coker, Nugent, Wright-Phillips, Darren bent, Smith,Koumas etc... would not be?
We are waiting.........
10   Posted 05/08/2007 at 19:50:32

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With regards to Arteta leving, did anyone see his interview, he basically said he is very worried we have not signed a few class players considering the season we have. I really can see him going at the end of the season if we don’t pull our finger out, and to make matters worse, Beneathus really wants him!

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